Making the most luxurious keyboard you can’t buy

Evan and Katelyn
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Ever have the strange urge to take an everyday object and make it fuzzy? We did… Go to buyraycon.com/EvanAndKatelyn for 15% off your order. Brought to you by Raycon. Check out the tools we used below! 👇

Check out the Aftershow for:
- What does “old” smell like?
- What are we gonna do with the keyboard/extra keys?
- What else do we want to flock?
- Was it easier or harder than expected?
- Do we like the feel or normal keys, resin keys, or velvet keys the most?
- Anything we would have done differently?
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TOOLS & MATERIALS (affiliate & *sponsor links)
Flocking fiber amzn.to/3zJXg09
Flocker tube amzn.to/3HPUfOS
Flock adhesive amzn.to/3r4t8IX
The keyboard we used amzn.to/3ncb8Ls
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🛠️ All our favorite tools: evanandkatelyn.com/tools/

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🎥 FILMING GEAR (affiliate)

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13 Oca 2022




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Evan and Katelyn
Sorry you can't buy this keyboard... but you can buy some pretty luxurious MERCH
Okay your grandma's approval was so wholesome, everything is automatically worth
Eric Daniels
idea: 3d Print key caps with raised lettering then you can either feel the letters or rub the flocking off the raised part to see them.
my father has some sensory issues, velvet being one of them. hes also a software engineer. i showed him this and his body did the worm in midair. good job!
If you don’t want to paint the flocking stuff directly to your nails, you could always do a Peely base from Holo Taco, or get some glue on nails from the drugstore!
Reminds me of some late 1980's My Little Pony toys that were covered in velvet flocking. It took a lot of play dates for those to eventually rub away. Some other toys were like that too I just cannot remember them all, it was most definitely a Fad.
Carla Cousins
Evan: why are you attracted to cursed things
Penny Underbust
Oh cool! I’ve only seen flocking using an electric current to make the flock stand on its end (fake grass for dioramas and stuff like that.) it’s awesome seeing how easy it can be for small items!
I feel very good whenever Katelyn keeps Jenna's vibes alive with her references. It's so warm and kind of comforting to be honest. We all miss her but find comfort in knowing that she's living better now and in still referencing her (amazing and iconic) content. :')
Meow Rchl
Oh sweet Katelyn, velvet nails were a huuuuuge trend in 2012, I have a tiny tube of flocking I never used lol, just nail polish and dip lol
Susie B
Jewelry box style velvet/flocking is one of my BIG NOPE textures, so occasionally I'd think too much about how it felt and cringe, but I still really enjoyed you guys enjoying the luxury.
Blins for the Win
I need a 10 hour loop of granny saying "that is neat, honey" because that just released so much serotonin in my brain
"You can't overdo it".. The words Evan has always longed to hear
Anjelice Foreman
Died of laugher at the “congratulations you played yourself” 🤣
Evan and Katelyn:
Mathew Stewart
Evan: "I get the job that benefits from chaos"
Your grandmother is so sweet, and it made me really miss mine. She has the same accent! I hope for many blessings for your families in this new year and beyond. -KC ❤
Sydney S
evan: i don’t look at the keyboard when typing 😎😜
I guess they got tired of saying, “It’s not that kind of channel!”…and became THAT KIND OF CHANNEL and I’m totally here for it 🤣
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