Making The Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich At Home | But Better

Joshua Weissman
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And we thought they were unbeatable. This is the juiciest crispiest homemade fried chicken sandwich you may ever eat. Stacked tall with thick-cut homemade dill pickles with a secret ingredient. It's all good things homies.
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28 Şub 2021




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Marble Ink
Marble Ink Saatler önce
M S G~
AJ Pip
AJ Pip 3 saatler önce
this video trash
Erik Alvarado
Erik Alvarado 13 saatler önce
It can be better but it’s called a fast food restaurant for a reason they need to hurry making the food u took 9 mins am not waiting that long for my sandwich
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 14 saatler önce
I make dill flavored chicken fingers by mixing freeze dried dill into the breading before deep fat frying them. Don’t use dried dill, it doesn’t have any flavor, has to be freeze dried
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 14 saatler önce
Or make filets but fry those pickle chips first, tastes better than uncooked
Zachitech 14 saatler önce
OtherLevsta 15 saatler önce
Just made this and holy shit that was the most disgusting fried chicken I've ever eaten... All I could taste was S A L T. No other flavors or complexity whatsoever. The pickles were amazing but I was really let down by how horrendous that chicken was. It was juicy, sure, but what chicken thigh isn't? Besides, breaking the recipe down, it comes out to an entire tablespoon of salt PER THIGH. That's a ludicrous amount of salt!
Elliot Omedo
Elliot Omedo 19 saatler önce
I prefer Chick-fil-A’s anyway stick to something where they actually need a remake
MLG Alcatraz98
MLG Alcatraz98 23 saatler önce
Macaroni with the chicken strips 7:47
TheOutsidersPost Gün önce
If you have to add msg to compete....😂😂😂
TheOutsidersPost Gün önce
“I like simplicity” Goes out of his way to make it overly simplified Brioche or potato buns are perfect for chicken sandwiches. Because they can hold the weight. Milk buns don’t have to be on everything. That could just be your personal preference I’ve made them before and they are okay. Probably better for a loaf of bread
TheOutsidersPost Gün önce
The bread is toasted and some chic Fila is better than others. Do you think people lineup because it’s just basic I don’t see them doing that at McDonald’s or Burger King or even Popeyes.
TheOutsidersPost Gün önce
Thing Chick-fil-A has over most chefs who want to make their sandwich at home is that pressure cooker that adds an intense amount of flavor and short amount of time.
Karl Steeves
Karl Steeves Gün önce
Look, his sandwich is obviously better, but if i had to spend 4 bucks and get my sammich in 10 min, vs spending 30 bucks and getting it tomorrow, I'll go for the 10 min, 4 dollar sammich every time.
TheMouse0201 !!
TheMouse0201 !! Gün önce
Yo you spelled worse in the title.
I made this today and it was a hit!! Thank you! 🙌
Roger C
Roger C Gün önce
Never heard of this channel before today, this was awesome!
Gustavo Carranza
Gustavo Carranza Gün önce
whats msg?
Meme Regime
Meme Regime 2 gün önce
Jesus Sanders strikes again
10A-16-hriday Parmar
is this Jesus
L K 2 gün önce
"We SLAM DUNKED this" **Takes a 3 pointer**
Arvin Mathew
Arvin Mathew 2 gün önce
Do a collab with nick digiovanni
Big Boss
Big Boss 2 gün önce
Every time I go to watch one of these videos and get hopeful about the results, he kills my positive expectations/will to watch the video with his “opinion”. Dude, save your opinion for the end of the video. It’d be overrated if you could pass the place without there being traffic because the line wraps around the building and into the road. It’s evidence of the opposite. Also - get a taste tester that likes the restaurant if you want their opinion to matter, I can’t stomach Popeyes so I know I can’t take that guys word for anything xD having said that, it is a prettier sandwich and I’d be tempted to try it if you just wouldn’t have dropped that opinion in there and then confirmed you were wrong by having a Popeyes fan confirm it. Wurd.
Miriam Saidov
Miriam Saidov 2 gün önce
are you jewish
Daniel Barrett
Daniel Barrett 2 gün önce
I taught my 3 year old daughter to call Weissman Papa, and to say that he makes chicky bois. Now ever time she sees him she says “that’s papa with chicky bois!”
JoseLopez64 Gün önce
Charlie Smithy
Charlie Smithy 2 gün önce
Chick fil-a minus the homophobia
Jennifer Wells
Jennifer Wells 2 gün önce
Trouncing Hate Chicken. Yas. That earned a sub from me. I'ma make this soonish.
Daniel Barrett
Daniel Barrett 2 gün önce
Pickle recipe at 3:28
Cringedestroyer 2 gün önce
There’s no sauce for a reason.
Wolsz Xferas
Wolsz Xferas 2 gün önce
Popeyes and Chick-fil-A are good but he makes a point but Popeyes compared to chick fila is way better but he makes 10x
Mary Wiseman
Mary Wiseman 3 gün önce
You are so entertaining and speak the truth. I have the same conversation with my 50-year-old self everytime I visit Chick-Fil-A. Point is: Your thoughts and comments are timeless.
Yaqub Playz
Yaqub Playz 3 gün önce
Now I just hear *✨m s g✨* in my sleep
Squidgy Republic
Squidgy Republic 3 gün önce
6:15 This is why I'm not a vegan.
Devin Wiley
Devin Wiley 3 gün önce
He just made a Popeyes sandwich
Domi 3 gün önce
That’s why it’s fast food
Robbie Rivas
Robbie Rivas 3 gün önce
I swear thank god someone says this shit is underrated I hate the sandwich it is bread fried chicken and two pickles.
Prem Meyyappan
Prem Meyyappan 3 gün önce
**throws paper towel at trash can and misses.** “WE SLAM DUNKED IT!”
Dio 3 gün önce
The title always says "but better" bro people have different taste. Yours could be disgusting to other people while it could be delicious to some but not "better" than chick-fil-a chicken sandwich. Then there's people who like yours better but you can't say making it better in the title because that's your opinion. I personally hate gourmet food.
Cyber illusion89
Cyber illusion89 3 gün önce
Its funny how people think MSG is bad for the human body
FearMe_ Dj
FearMe_ Dj 3 gün önce
Is there an MSG substitute? Because my mom and my brother gets head aches when they consume MSG and I want to make this and have them enjoy it aswell ;ω;
FearMe_ Dj
FearMe_ Dj 8 saatler önce
@Big Boss hmm interesting, but Thank you for the suggestion :D
Big Boss
Big Boss 2 gün önce
Everyone is supposed to and I know of no substitute. Getting used to MSG by eating it in foods frequently in bursts or counteracting it by consuming water excessively helps. Helps me anyway.
Graan Manely
Graan Manely 3 gün önce
It’s Ramadan, why am I torturing myself
Brandon j Davenport Sr
Chick fil a is for white folks....iam just saying...
Kermeet Dafrowg
Kermeet Dafrowg 3 gün önce
I could imagine a Chick-fil-a account on here saying “We’ll be seeing you this coming Sunday Joshua”
Big Boss
Big Boss 2 gün önce
Nah, cause church ☺️
A-Terrible-Fate 3 gün önce
Yeah the Chick-fil-A sandwich and Chick-fil-A in general is way overrated the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich is vastly superior
Preciouse Montoya
Preciouse Montoya 3 gün önce
tbfy saint
tbfy saint 3 gün önce
Does anyone know his intro musics name
RX 3 gün önce
Everytime pops says ayy papa~ I’m just like Ayy~ 👌 Thanks to Uncle Rog’ now I have another favorite cooking show to watch.
be.an_phan 4 gün önce
Would y'all say that's a 5 qt or a 7 qt pot that Josh is frying with?
Uzonna Mbonu
Uzonna Mbonu 4 gün önce
Where the msg in the Mayo!
Foronda, Jhon Christoffe T.
Uncle roger When eat he this ...
Ma James
Ma James 4 gün önce
I want your fooooooooood please please
Trey Bohanan
Trey Bohanan 4 gün önce
What’s the intro song?
Randdin Erle
Randdin Erle 4 gün önce
Tim Thaloff
Tim Thaloff 4 gün önce
If you weren't such a smarmy little prick, you'd actually be worth subscribing to. But, you're just a dime a dozen TRvid "chef".
Jonathan Cortina
Jonathan Cortina 4 gün önce
only difference is cfa works in a ruhs with 20+ people in line.lmao
Jonathan Cortina
Jonathan Cortina 4 gün önce
Julia Jester
Julia Jester 5 gün önce
I think you forgot Chick-Fil-A's signature ingredient: homophobia.
Meer狼 5 gün önce
Bro can u stfu try working in a fast food they don’t got time to toast or prepare the buns
Aayush Tripathi
Aayush Tripathi 5 gün önce
Why r u so toxic
hudson tunbridge
hudson tunbridge 5 gün önce
Who the fuck is a mask in the car
Masuma Akther
Masuma Akther 5 gün önce
The love for MSG is real ❤️
zainansari2050 5 gün önce
I really hope you see my comment!! Can you tell me how do I make it a spicy version!!
Amy Lucas
Amy Lucas 5 gün önce
Well the CFA you got that from isn't representing. What's makes it the freakin' best? The chicken and the CFA sauce. I've never had chicken so amazingly moist. I heard they brine it in the pickle juice. Course, now I know what it is the most amazing thing about it...MSG! I want to hate MSG, I just can't...cause it's MSG.
Tyler Campbell
Tyler Campbell 5 gün önce
CFA sandwhiches do not have a sauce so you didnt really make one...
Hoji FN
Hoji FN 5 gün önce
im not gonna lie urs is better than nicks
Christine 5 gün önce
As someone who just quit working from Chick-fil-A I am laughing when he said that when we go home and throw up. You have no idea. The stories I could tell...
Sarah Bing’s Kitchen
It's looks great! I like the burger buns, they are look beautiful and yummy!
Takedownccp 5 gün önce
Well done one critique would be cut out the MSG it’s a heart stopper
EpicCookie5000 5 gün önce
its hard to eat tall sandwitches
Ricepow3r 5 gün önce
The Storm
The Storm 5 gün önce
The initial bite into that transition. That is God tier.
Ricky Skallerud
Ricky Skallerud 5 gün önce
Just STOOOOP not that I hate you
Team Crowhurst
Team Crowhurst 5 gün önce
his baking bowl doo look like a dog bowl ttttthoooooooo
Rene Sotelo
Rene Sotelo 6 gün önce
Cloudywolf 6 gün önce
Daniel Laufer
Daniel Laufer 6 gün önce
Alternative Title: *Making Nick DiGiovanni's 'But Better' Chick-fil-A Sandwich | But Better*
noura barka
noura barka 6 gün önce
anyone watching this while fasting
Alex surpris
Alex surpris 6 gün önce
my name is also Joshua and at one point there were 7 other Joshua's in my class
Christian Wilson
Christian Wilson 6 gün önce
The time it takes for him to make 1 sandwhich, chick-fil-a makes 1000.
Esquire 217
Esquire 217 6 gün önce
this ain't the spicy, I'm not interested...
Anthony Urkonis
Anthony Urkonis 6 gün önce
I’m curious to the reasoning behind the blindfold I mean one sandwich is about 3” bigger than the other pretty easy right there to notice the difference between his and chick fil a
Anthony Cimpean
Anthony Cimpean 6 gün önce
McDonald's: *copies Chick-fil-a* Chick-fil-a: *copies Joshua*
Michelle Piñero
Michelle Piñero 6 gün önce
Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is way better and doesn’t taste like homophobia so they win.
Cecilia7383 7 gün önce
You should have used peanut oil. That’s part of what makes the sandwich so good. Also it’s not normally dry the buns are toasted and buttered as well. I’m sure your sandwich was good but there are things that make the CFA sandwich unlike any other chicken sandwich which is why you can’t really do better just different. I worked at CFA for 8 years. The being nice all the time didn’t really get old. I mostly enjoyed my job and went home happy.
walter estrada
walter estrada 7 gün önce
K now mass produce it
Aaron 7 gün önce
but while you were spending 3 days making 10 of them, your local cfa made 100k dolla bills yo
Janet Lee
Janet Lee 7 gün önce
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Laylah Dabney
Laylah Dabney 7 gün önce
popeyes spicy chicken sandwich is way better than the cfa one period. it’s thiccccc and juicy and i don’t like pickles but those thangs are huge
Daniel Mejia
Daniel Mejia 7 gün önce
Omg I have been to that location you went by Edwards I am so shook
Im Bory
Im Bory 7 gün önce
I can promise you, it might look better but you can’t improve the taste of that sandwich by much.
Catherine Shamel
Catherine Shamel 7 gün önce
i put mayo on my sandwich. its just better.
Malykie Kircher
Malykie Kircher 7 gün önce
What’s msg
Nahome Bedasso
Nahome Bedasso 7 gün önce
Ok I love this show i’ve been watching this since you started but I have to stand my ground the chik-fil-a sandwich is the BEST chicken Period
Grayden Varell
Grayden Varell 7 gün önce
Nobody can make a better sandwich then Chick-fil-A
Bernardo Heiremans
Bernardo Heiremans 7 gün önce
Pickles on the lose
Bernardo Heiremans
Bernardo Heiremans 7 gün önce
It has like a cup of msg lol
b sara
b sara 7 gün önce
hello, can someone tell me what is MSG please ?
branavan varathan
branavan varathan 7 gün önce
thats a shitty chic fil a sandwich bruh. you just got a a bad one that time. But what you made still looks better
Neonboxes 7 gün önce
"You know what else is full of big, juicy thighs you want in your mouth?" WHAT DID HE SAYYYYYYYYYYYY????!?!?!?!?!?
flumsy clumsy
flumsy clumsy 8 gün önce
Pizza hut will not comment on this video
Philip Kim
Philip Kim 8 gün önce
Shit looks so beautiful
Es 8 gün önce
Uncle Roger approves of this.
Philip Kim
Philip Kim 8 gün önce
Secret is MSG❤. You can never go wrong with MSG😂👏👏
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