Making real Bespoke hand-welted luxury Shoes

Alexandre Faure
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9 Eyl 2021




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Alexandre Faure
Alexandre Faure 2 aylar önce
Thanks everyone for watching my video, I apologize if you don't like repetitive music (you can mute the sound), I'm not a skilled video maker, just a leather craftsman. Hope to see you on my next videos, Thank you very much for your support.
Woodism Gün önce
My father was a skilled leather craftsman too! He made beautiful shoes!!
Dmitry Grinev
Dmitry Grinev 8 gün önce
This music is fully appropriate as it emphasises the repetitive hard work that goes into producing these magnificent shoes.
Micheal Doss
Micheal Doss 16 gün önce
I am amazed! I didn't even hear a sound, I commend you on your work, I am sure you had a great teacher!
sean riopel
sean riopel 23 gün önce
Wow. Amazing work. That's one done... Time to make them other one.
Maisie Durham
Maisie Durham 24 gün önce
Maybe you could include the making sounds instead of the music?
Chiller 2 aylar önce
It’s comforting to know that true craftsmanship still exists. I hope your business thrives and your able to take on apprentices to keep this knowledge alive.
алвиьа мрлмлс
Спасибо за очень интересное видео,познавательное .Красивое искусство,а ещё и для кого-то лёгкая эксклюзивная обувь.
Jonnells24 2 aylar önce
I think this video perfectly demonstrates why good quality dress shoes are so expensive. The amount of work and craftsmanship that goes into them is incredible.
Robert 12 gün önce
In case any is wondering @Alexey Kuznetsov came to a video about bespoke shoe making to troll the people that enjoy watching the craftsmanship in their creation. His point about making his own was destroyed when one commenter asked to see his work (because he can't do what this craftsman can). He could've spent his time volunteering to save whales, but chose to waste ours with pointless trolling. Sorry that he's wasted any of your time in reading his senseless comments. Please re-watch the video knowing that these are beautiful shoes that will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Instead of the cheap plastic Alexey probably wears and discards into landfills. 😂😂😂
Alexey Kuznetsov
Alexey Kuznetsov 16 gün önce
@Hans Tang solution would be to simple to discuss. but at LEAST do not spend thousands of dollars on luxury items, help living beings around you (people and animals)
Hans Tang
Hans Tang 16 gün önce
@Alexey Kuznetsov And the solution to this is to spend thousands of dollars on tools required to make my own shoes?
Alexey Kuznetsov
Alexey Kuznetsov 17 gün önce
@Hans Tang You only want to see top of the pyramid. To learn what slavery means try your skin on furrier table.
Hans Tang
Hans Tang 17 gün önce
@Alexey Kuznetsov Yes, yes. Slave to money and all that. Fuck it, I am a slave to money. I work a job and get paid and then buy things made by people with the specializations needed to produce goods I need so that I don't have to. We've tried feudalism. We've tried communism. My money works fine, thanks.
S B 2 aylar önce
The cast molding process of the foot and, ultimately, the shoe last made this video a delight and one of the best YT vids I've seen in forever. Loved it! Thanks for giving us a real treat!
Louise Lyons
Louise Lyons 2 aylar önce
I never imagined how fascinating it was to watch a custom pair of shoes being constructed! Nice job!
Eman Aylar önce
Yeah I agree I was actually entertain the entire time.
cobblerama 2 aylar önce
I have been a cobbler for more than 25 years but what you do is high art! Amazing quality and attention to detail. Bravo!
Daniel S
Daniel S Aylar önce
That is so painstaking and precise and elaborate, loved the process. As someone who's just starting leatherwork and looking to learn the craft of bootmaking, this looks so daunting yet interesting. Loved your video, cheers!
VonDa in Wonderland
My grandfather used to have all of his boots handmade. I didn't know that it was still being done. Your work is impeccable ♥
ace baker
ace baker 2 aylar önce
I was completely mesmerized. Your craftmanship amazes.
Ryan Lemons
Ryan Lemons 2 aylar önce
Few understand the great amount of skill and The Incredible amount of work that goes into crafting a fine pair of shoes. It was a pleasure watching it sir! Great job!
Skater Mom82
Skater Mom82 Aylar önce
This is fascinating! I’m a dressmaker, and I love watching other craftspeople do their thing! 🤩 👞
Jorge Santiago
Jorge Santiago 2 aylar önce
¡Jamás pensé, que "hacer" un zapato implicara tal trabajo, esmero y arte! ¡Fascinante! ¡Con cuánto dinero podría pagar un producto así!
Lisa Clarke
Lisa Clarke 2 aylar önce
Wow, I totally appreciate the whole process of getting shoes made to fit your feet. I bet your customers wish they cod have every style of shoe they wear made by yourself.
Diane Lapp
Diane Lapp Aylar önce
I am gobsmacked by all the work that went into one single shoe. The parting shot of a single, solitary shoe drove that point home. Great video, thank you for sharing this.
Baby Rhinos
Baby Rhinos 2 aylar önce
I subscribed not because you need TRvid, but TRvid NEEDS YOU!!! You created molds, patterns, crafted leather and threads, utilized the perfect instruments, all to create a beautiful work of art... AWESOMENESS 💫🌟✨ Sharing your gift is truly appreciated. Thank you.💐
ThePinkBinks 2 aylar önce
Oh man I’d love some tailored boots made by you. It’s a shame boots that actually fit are considered a luxury though. I miss cobblers and leatherworkers being around. You sir have a beautiful craft and skill. (Although if I could send you moulds through the mail… do you take clients that way?)
M. V.
M. V. Aylar önce
Wonderful skills, bless you for sharing with us. I have a new appreciation for how much work goes into customized shoes. They turned out gorgeous 😍!
Marty Reaves
Marty Reaves 2 aylar önce
I was enthralled by the process. I also enjoyed the music. I kept thinking about how much my hands would be hurting, building that shoe. Fabulous work!
gosesnuff Aylar önce
As always it is highly satisfying to watch a skilled craftsman work in their chosen field. Loved seeing the process.
Александр Тотевич
It's great that in our time of disposable things, there is room for people who are able to create such wonderful handmade products. Bravo Master !!👏👏👏
Eric Rickert
Eric Rickert 3 aylar önce
That was very informative! Without saying a word, the whole process was laid out. Nicely presented!
T K 2 aylar önce
What skill and craftsmanship. The hand stitching is lovely! Beautiful work.
looboo 2 aylar önce
My jaw dropped all the way through this video, the Labour of love and attention to detail and the skills involved wow I am blown away 😳
Kelly Knox
Kelly Knox 2 aylar önce
Those are gorgeous shoes! Thanks for sharing what an intensive process that was. I wish women’s shoes could be that stylish without torturing our feet.
Cake vs Fondant
Cake vs Fondant Aylar önce
@Ariane we have plenty of shoemakers still in Europe. they can make size 35 or 36 shoes for you no matter the gender. i just got some made in hungary for the price of zara shoes. made to order, i could pick the leather i wanted, etc. if you are in or near eg. portugal or spain or italy or austria or bulgaria or latvia or hungary i'm 100% sure there are affordable handmade men's shoes out for you in size 36. if you are elsewhere, it might be more expensive than zara price levels. source: i'm size 35.5, and i mostly wear what is traditionally considered men's shoes.
a girl is no one
a girl is no one Aylar önce
If you buy quality (not the same as luxury brand) the shoes are incredibly comfortable and long wearing. I wear a 37
Torka Karshiro
Torka Karshiro 2 aylar önce
@Ariane I admit I have bigger feet (41) and thus less problems. ;-)
Ariane 2 aylar önce
@Torka Karshiro that may be an option for women with larger feet. As a European shoe size 36 (one size lower and I'd wear children's shoes) it's not an option for me 😂
Kelly Knox
Kelly Knox 2 aylar önce
@Torka Karshiro Yes! Foot freedom! 😊
Francine Clave
Francine Clave Aylar önce
How wonderful to own a pair of those shoes! I can’t hardly imagine how good they must feel on! Well done sir, well done.
Adam Bassador
Adam Bassador 2 aylar önce
The artistry and fine craftmenship being exhibited here is inspirational. I'd rather get one pair of these than 5 cheap pairs of mass produced ones. It may cost more but will likely last for years and look great (dare I say it) to boot. Seriously... well done, sir. Excellente.
Alex Koronec
Alex Koronec 2 aylar önce
So true, when I was stationed in Germany in the 70's. I was able to get hand made shoes from German shoe makers. Which lasted a good amount of time.
Lady Anne Aribal
Lady Anne Aribal Aylar önce
I loved witnessing this. Thank you for sharing the BTS of your skillful meticulous craft ❤️ I realized it is only one of the pair! 😳 I really appreciate shoes made as such now.
Rickster456 2 aylar önce
Pure craftsmanship! Having a pair of shoes made for me like this is on my bucket list.
michael rodman
michael rodman Aylar önce
hello Alexandre, thank you for taking the time to share this video, it is helpful to watch the process. I make hiking boots in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California and am transitioning from making a cement bond boot to a hand sewn welted product. I have been building my boots around the plaster last I make for clients and like the idea of making another negative cast of the plaster last and pouring a more durable positive last; can you share what kind of compound you are using for your working lasts? is it an epoxy? I hope you are well and healthy and producing more great looking shoes!
Rizu Aylar önce
This is what they mean when they say, "You get what you pay for" Absolutely amazing craftsman.
AzOutlaw7 Aylar önce
This is amazing! Wouldn't this be wonderful, having shoes perfectly made to fit your foot? Add this to the bucket list. Simply beautiful.
Nick Parf
Nick Parf 2 aylar önce
I've heard talented shoe cobblers saying they could never hope of building a shoe from scratch and never quite understood them until now. There are indeed levels to this kind of things
Toan Hien
Toan Hien 2 aylar önce
right? This is really brilliant.
Russ Jones
Russ Jones 2 aylar önce
I can almost smell my grandfather’s shoe shop watching your video. He primarily repaired shoes, a nearly lost art today, but he did make custom shoes, too. I’m relying on the memory of a five or six year old kid, me, from over sixty-five years ago, and my memory is probably biased by the family connection, but yours look nearly as good as his did.
A Valerie Meyer
A Valerie Meyer 2 aylar önce
Just wanted to say hi from one cobbler's/shoemaker's granddaughter. I am in my 60s as well and all my life I have wanted to make shoes just because of that great smell. . .
Anton T. Wesley
Anton T. Wesley Aylar önce
Incredible degree of precision leatherwork! It amazes me, how few machines are involved in your creations! I have to assume that you were apprenticed to a master leather artisan, from whom you learned your craft. Some of your skills are uniquely yours, of course. I am curious about how long it took you to learn how to craft shoes this way. You have young hands; I would guess you to be about 33 years old. Do you have any early examples to share, even if only in photos? That would display a fascinating glimpse at the evolution of your craftsmanship and artistry- you know, from first clumsy attempts to masterworks. It would provide encouragement to those who are young and just starting out. Just a thought... Thanks! Keep the videos coming.
Jess Maraga
Jess Maraga 2 aylar önce
Solo un artista del calzado como usted logra elaborar estas obras de arte, son una belleza, un lujo para un caballero como lo es usted!
The Silver Surfer
The Silver Surfer Aylar önce
This was amazing! A true art form. Incredible. I admire anyone who has this skill and precision. I would buy a pair of these!
Maverick Aylar önce
What an art, amazing. So pleased that you continue to keep it alive. Wishing you lots of success. Beautiful shoes too!
Missy Dee
Missy Dee 2 aylar önce
You must have the patience of a saint to cut those curves perfectly and for all the steps you have to go through from start to completion! I loved watching this!
Noel Verhoeven
Noel Verhoeven 2 aylar önce
Just like my father used to make... Brings back memories. Well done!
Eileenie 2 aylar önce
I was surprised at how much work and craftsmanship went into these shoes. The process of it all really shows why the cost of bespoke shoes is as it is. Wonderful video. Amazing craftsmanship.
Roger Miller
Roger Miller 2 aylar önce
The patterns, the details, the labor of your craft... would imagine that's at least $1k pair of shoes. Outstanding!
iatsd 2 aylar önce
@Cormac Keenan And Lobb don't use thin shit leather that's then backed onto wear leather like the stuff used in this video. They use a proper quality and thickness from the start.
Cormac Keenan
Cormac Keenan 2 aylar önce
John Lobb make custom shoes at £2500 per pair for the most simple designs.
Siem Aylar önce
What a pleasure to see a true piece of art come true. I spend more time in running shoes than in dress shoes, but I admit that they're beautiful and certainly very comfortable.
Felix G
Felix G Aylar önce
One word should describe it all........." WOW" So very impressed with the amount of skill that it takes to build a custom pair of shoes.
Dystopian Godess
Dystopian Godess Aylar önce
Wow, I’m so glad the algorithm decided to throw this my way, this was amazing! I think this is the very first time I’ve ever seen someone MAKE a dress shoe from scratch
Ras Kolnikov
Ras Kolnikov 2 aylar önce
You are an artist my friend. What a splendid job!! A silly question: how much for a pair like that? I know I should not ask.
M E 2 aylar önce
I was just wondering the same question
Alexandre Faure
Alexandre Faure 2 aylar önce
Hello, thank you very much for your encouragement, I will soon make a video about the price.
Molly H. Johns
Molly H. Johns 2 aylar önce
As a woman I find myself a little bit weird for liking the looks and feel of men's dress shoes, especially the handcrafted ones. And this randomly recommended video does nothing but further treat me to the greatness of the process of making them from scratch. A very rich, pampering video for fans. Subbing 😂 Edit: just finished watching. I clicked for the shoes, and stayed for the shoes 💯 just shocked to see this video as your first on YT. Hope to see your channel expand with more subscribers and quality contents beyond this starting point!
Cadáver putrefato dentro do cu do Anãodo Moura
I'm a man and this horny you women feel for men's shoes, I feel for women's boots.
Plane_guy Aylar önce
There's nothing weird about that at all, and I hear you because I like the look, feel and smell of women's underwear.
Molly H. Johns
Molly H. Johns Aylar önce
@Ana Vigil YES that's the word haha. True!
Molly H. Johns
Molly H. Johns Aylar önce
@Cheryl Smith hey gang!
Molly H. Johns
Molly H. Johns Aylar önce
@J C I don't want to actually wear them, just admire them. It's like looking at paintings or sculptures haha.
sunny jim
sunny jim 2 aylar önce
FAntastic! What a great overview of the process. I'm very curious about the black strip that you put on over the counter & toe puff - would you be willing to tell us what that material is? And it's purpose? Is it to help blend the counter & puff, so they don't show as much through the outer, or is there a structural reason for it? Thanks!
Terry Davis
Terry Davis 2 aylar önce
Wow, that is a lot of work going into custom made shoes. You pay attention to every little detail. Love your work. The final product is awesome looking.
Ray The card
Ray The card Aylar önce
I’m exhausted ! I remember back in the day here in Boston we still had a few real craftsman from the old country (Italy) actually fabricating shoes …… my mother (Italian) would leave me there while she went food shopping , it was truly a learning process and quite entertains watching the machinery in action driven by leather belts , and no extra charge for the “high” ya got from that pungent glue . You’d be hard pressed to find anybody that really knows anything about anything anymore ! Great job sir / Madame . Thank you .
Badá Rock
Badá Rock 2 aylar önce
This is truly amazing and inspiring. Your craftmanship is superb.
Sean Tobin
Sean Tobin 12 gün önce
Like so many others I was engrossed by your video, thank you Alexandre! I recently have started pursuing a long held desire to be able to make shoes. May I ask, when doing to initial sketch of the outline of your foot you have a block under your heel. Why is this and did you make the block yourself? Also, which material do you recommend for making the mould and final last?
Alex M
Alex M 2 aylar önce
Amazing craft 👏 Thanks for making the video. It was a pleasure to watch the luxury shoes making process.
Gerard Soulier
Gerard Soulier Aylar önce
Восхитительно!! 👏👏 Низкий поклон всем, кто умеет работать руками
Brian Lenehan
Brian Lenehan 2 aylar önce
Yikes! Us humans and what we get up to. Mad respect for such skill, dedication and creativity.
Froilan Reyes
Froilan Reyes 3 aylar önce
I been seeing bestspoke hand made shoes but this technique has no comparison... like a glove on your feet. Please make more videos well done.
Chereese Ferreira
Chereese Ferreira 2 aylar önce
A masterpiece for the feet 👣! Beautiful! Excellent craftsmanship! 🏆
FlyingFox Aylar önce
As a retired sailor and self proclaimed pirate of the great lakes. i admire your attention to detail and amazing craftsman ship with your leather work and stitching. I might ditch the sail palm and try my hand at this.
Kris Krumanaker
Kris Krumanaker 2 aylar önce
That was really cool! Also, I wish I could have seen both shoes on the feet of the person they were made for.
Patrick McMahon
Patrick McMahon 2 aylar önce
Beautiful work!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing talents an craftsmanship with us!!
Andrew Passey
Andrew Passey 2 aylar önce
Absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing. How many hours does it take to lovingly produce a pair such a beautiful footwear?
Andrew Passey
Andrew Passey 2 aylar önce
@Alexandre Faure Thank you for your answer. It really is an investment of time and skill. You truly are a master 👍😁
Alexandre Faure
Alexandre Faure 2 aylar önce
Hello, thank you :) It takes about 1 month ...
Nicholas Balasoglou
Nicholas Balasoglou 2 aylar önce
This is one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen, anywhere. How much do you charge per pair? Absolutely superb. Remarkable.
JJ Markley
JJ Markley Aylar önce
@Gonzalo Arriaga I would guess closer to $3500, since it takes about a month of skilled labor.
Alexandre Faure
Alexandre Faure 2 aylar önce
Hello, thank you that's nice;) I'll make a next video to talk about the price.
Gonzalo Arriaga
Gonzalo Arriaga 2 aylar önce
Guess in the ballpark of 1350€
Al gansk
Al gansk 2 aylar önce
I just started video and I am psyched to watch what you do here! I make mens dress shoes for a hobby and I have purchased a couple lasts, but I was actually considering and thinking over making a pair lasts with 3d printer or making a mold, however, I was thinking of putting a mylar type bag in a used pair of dress shoes with great styling & shape and pouring the resin directly into the shoe. This would give you the completed shape pretty much, or you can sand or add leather and shape as required. If the last do not pop out, one can always cut the shoe as needed? I’m also curious to see what type resin material you use? It needs to be hard enough to nail into and (hopefully) be reusable.. I can’t wait to watch the entire video! Thanks for sharing!
Al gansk
Al gansk 2 aylar önce
@Alexandre Faure I finished the video. You seem to be an experienced leather worker, but even still, the shoes came out exceptionally well for a first pair..amazing job! They came out great, one thing I have picked up for the soles, is the use of broken glass to finish the edges, and I use shoemaker wax and a heated burnish iron to make the heel and sole edges crisp and take a high shine. There are so many inside techniques and tricks that shoemakers have from hundreds of years. Many, I’d imagine, have died out with mass production … I learn new things every day.
Alexandre Faure
Alexandre Faure 2 aylar önce
Hello, thank you for your comment. I don't think it works because the shoe won't be "stretched" enough that you can pour resin into it. If it is not to make a custom last it is better to buy some as you already have. I use several resins. They are hard for the nails to hold and I can fill the holes to reuse it even if that is not the goal as the last is bespoke made so rarely used more than once. Thank you.
Klingon Princess
Klingon Princess Aylar önce
WOW! I hope you make more videos. That was amazing! Making a pair of vintage style women's shoes is a dream of mine. Be blessed 🌻🍄
Laugh with Audre
Laugh with Audre 2 aylar önce
This is seriously an art form. Bravo! The little wheel trick to draw seam allowances quickly- genius.
william Thomas
william Thomas 2 aylar önce
Every step of this process seems to take ten steps to accomplish. Amazing to watch
Louise Curran
Louise Curran 2 aylar önce
Wowza, All the moulds, all the different components, just amazing to see all the work that goes into making the shoe, and he has to do it twice per order.!
vibhor madar
vibhor madar 2 aylar önce
Genuinely impressed! Keep up with your work and we would love to see what you are up with these days. Anything new?😉
Alexandre Faure
Alexandre Faure 2 aylar önce
Soon :)
Carloscrow Crow
Carloscrow Crow 2 aylar önce
Parabéns !!!!! um mestre artesão show de ver seu trabalho!!!!!!!
Jbreezybra! Aylar önce
I had no idea how much work went into a pair of quality dress shoes. Your craftsmanship was amazing to watch and extremely insightful. Thanks for the quality content!
Jeannie Llewellyn
Jeannie Llewellyn 20 gün önce
I held my breath and my hands all the time the shoe was being made! I was so scared you'd poke yourself or something would mess up! Bravo! Well-made.
Miguel 2 aylar önce
Mi estimado maestro, exceptuando la música que nunca cambió, todo el trabajo fue impecable; muchas felicidades.
Desumetal 3 aylar önce
Incredible work! I wonder how much a shoe like this will go for, with that insane effort put in
Łukasz Chamier- Gliszczyński
That would vary a lot, 10 000 pounds if you'd commisioned them at John Lobbs
Дмитрий Тарасов
Супер полезное видео! Огромное спасибо автору, вы большой молодец и крутой мастер!!
Nicole Dawn
Nicole Dawn 2 aylar önce
BEAUTIFUL WORK! I would be over the moon to see this process done for a pair of heels, please dear craftsman, I beg of you! ❤️❤️❤️
Danielle Finney
Danielle Finney Aylar önce
This was amazing...a LOT of work for 1 shoe, let alone a pair! I'd expect them to cost A LOT of money too...and we'll worth it. 😉
M B Aylar önce
My question is, although it takes us only 19 minutes to watch one shoe being crafted, how long did it actually take you? I had no idea that I was interested in how shoes are made, but I was mesmerized by your video.
MattTheIdiotBoy Aylar önce
@Nathan Sherman and what would a pair like this, custom made, cost? Ballpark?
Nathan Sherman
Nathan Sherman Aylar önce
I use a different construction method, but it normally takes me 35-45 hours per pair.
Hal Kilpatrick
Hal Kilpatrick 2 aylar önce
Amazing! You did a great job making the shoes and creating the video. Thank you. You are a great craftsman.
Rick Aylar önce
Mes respects pour ce savoir-faire de qualité ! On en apprend beaucoup !
Ricardo_Chile 3 aylar önce
This is a clear demonstration that bespoke shoes start with the creation of a tailored made last. That is to say, not the adaptation of an existing last. Really really awesome manufacturing process. A truly handcrafted shoe. Congratulations!
Karol Keller
Karol Keller 2 aylar önce
Most bespoke cordwainers make a last for their customer off of a pre-existing last by altering it up or down in the required areas or carved from a last blank. This is a very different way of doing this and there are very few makers that would do it this way. Still cool to watch none the less I just doubt the durability of this last compared to traditional and modern last materials. It would be interesting to hear how much abuse a last made from this material can handle. Not at all saying his methods are wrong they are just unique in the cordwaining world
Brad Forbes
Brad Forbes 2 aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful. What fine craftsmanship!
Julio Andres Gutierrez Toro
Grandiosa tecnica para su elaboracion, ha de ser un lujo grande el encargar un zapato asi, muy bien hecho y sobremedida, un arte bien cuidado. Felicitaciones !!!
M Scott
M Scott 2 aylar önce
I've had my shoes made for over 40 years. It is so worth it.
Cali In the Valley
Cali In the Valley Aylar önce
Wow amazing job! I appreciate videos like these because they make me understand why the cost can be high for handmade items. 💞
HLTrizzay 5 gün önce
Absolutely amazing to watch such skill. I hope one day I will be able to afford such a pair.
Dav Good
Dav Good 2 aylar önce
Never have I seen something so gorgeous as this. Thankyou.
Hybrid Life
Hybrid Life 2 aylar önce
Incroyable talent. Je suis scotché par tant d'étapes et de détails soigneux.
cap'n sean
cap'n sean Aylar önce
Whenever I watch such work, I always think the same three things: it must be nearly impossible to acquire 1) the specialized tools, 2) the mentor/master craftsman and time to dedicate to honing the skills under that person, 3) the fee from clientele that would would be worthy of such outlays.
squidmuttly 2 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this. I found it very interesting, and the end result is beautiful. Bravo maestro!
Athif Tsabit
Athif Tsabit Aylar önce
This isn't just a skill that easily learned to all people, this is talent
Sid King
Sid King 2 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing your skill. Love watching a master craftsman.
Giacomo S.
Giacomo S. Aylar önce
Great video! May I ask you what type of resin are you using for the final casting of the shoe last?
Professor R.
Professor R. Aylar önce
The process is so intricate. To remember all the steps and in the proper sequence can't be easy.
Sandy Sjauty
Sandy Sjauty Aylar önce
Great video sir. If you're looking for ideas for more, I'd love to to see one on making mukluks or some kind of cold weather footwear with a heavy liner (duffel) that can be made diy. Thanks.!
index 3 aylar önce
I have seen so many making videos and lectures ( I also learned making shoes). This is the best. Masterpiece.
Saeid Arghand
Saeid Arghand 2 aylar önce
So am I ... This was the best I've ever seen
Alexandre Faure
Alexandre Faure 3 aylar önce
Thank you very much, it makes me very happy :)
Stacey Markum
Stacey Markum Aylar önce
That was amazing to watch! Such a masterpiece 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
benneisam Aylar önce
Yeah. That was incredible. You know that you are a master when you know exactly what the material will do when worked.
Serge Davydenko
Serge Davydenko 2 aylar önce
Очень интересна часть со снятием модели и созданием колодки. Познавательно. Спасибо.
esphi LEE
esphi LEE Aylar önce
Now I know why they cost so much. Fascinating. I would have second thought when I have to abuse these works of art by walking in them, even if I can afford it. Probably I would first ask permission from the master who created it, politely. Awesome work.
C T 2 aylar önce
Real craftsmanship like this is a pleasure to watch and to wear. I love my Cheaneys and the like but I'm guessing yours would be out of my price range!
Fausto G
Fausto G 2 aylar önce
I have seen many videos on shoe making, this one is a lick in the head to all others. Thank you
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Old Soviet motorcycle full Restoration
Classic Oxford Shoes HANDMADE in Japan
Try Not To Laugh #86 w/ Ted Nivison