Making PewDiePie's Invention

Scott Yu-Jan
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Original PewDiePie video (he didn't actually call me): trvid.com/video/video-pLHt1hMVsDQ.html
All music by Cameron Luck: rb.gy/nzcwrw
My Instagram: instagram.com/scottyujan/

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⚙ Tools and Stuff ⚙
• Key Finder Used - amzn.to/3FJRVJ1
• Drill & Impact Driver - amzn.to/2VYmGY1
• Glue Gun - amzn.to/3lADK0H

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13 Eki 2021




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Mr. Ansatsu
Mr. Ansatsu Aylar önce
Sent by our savior, Pewds.
Robert Heat
Robert Heat 5 gün önce
Now build a sink dishwashers.
DW 20 gün önce
Hi pinned
Rodney Slater
Rodney Slater 3 saatler önce
You have white tools and mostly white everything because white is always available?
John Vegas
John Vegas 6 saatler önce
András Kühn
András Kühn 12 saatler önce
Yeah dude, you definitely made me pull the trigger on a 3d printer.
will symmonds
will symmonds Gün önce
Dude awesome concept and great editing, Tunes were on point as well.
Gergely Szabados
Gergely Szabados Gün önce
White just shows how clean it is?
Tomiwa Aina
Tomiwa Aina 2 gün önce
wait I really want on explanation on the white thing!
Linxx 3 gün önce
Ben Deens brother, the inventor
Vaf 3 gün önce
dude younger so creative. please make more videos big inspo
Sharvansh shukla
Sharvansh shukla 3 gün önce
Those are some sick ass tools, my guy!!!!
uTubeStalker DotCom
uTubeStalker DotCom 5 gün önce
If you color everything white, it makes your apartment look uncluttered. Is this why?
Tord Fuglstad
Tord Fuglstad 5 gün önce
We all know they're Ryobi tools buddy 😂 no need to hide
Rackhage 5 gün önce
Jeez the execution is bad.
MoistGoat 5 gün önce
White tools probably cause it looks good, cleanliness aspect, and no free advertising to those companies?
vespid gaming
vespid gaming 6 gün önce
Milwaukee tools have one key and you can track them with it
Amateur Gaming
Amateur Gaming 6 gün önce
Subbed. Like your kind of videos. :)
Christian Woodbury
Christian Woodbury 7 gün önce
1:15 obviously ur racist
K Y L E 7 gün önce
This guy has albino tools
DGAMERBOSS05 7 gün önce
I can tell that you put a lot of effort into your videos, you deserve this subscription
Will 7 gün önce
This shits hard, you gained a sub. 💪🏽
Filip Chytráček
Filip Chytráček 7 gün önce
Damn insane cuts, love it
Ma7mood 3asem
Ma7mood 3asem 7 gün önce
how can i get these stunning paintings
Cai Tudor-Jones
Cai Tudor-Jones 8 gün önce
Now what if you lose the remote? Or charger!!
M Farras A
M Farras A 8 gün önce
Dude doing this just like that but so interesting and the camera movement are great! Keep it up man
Fukuro 8 gün önce
Fam. Do what you like fam. We'll always be waiting. No worries
Lázár Zoltán
Lázár Zoltán 8 gün önce
White for tools so you can't feel emotions from items. True minimalism.
Generic 8 gün önce
This video is soooo cleeeaaan
JR25 G
JR25 G 9 gün önce
This is the first time ive encountered your channel and i love it. DONT QUIT.
I loved when he drilled a hole in the hot glue gun to fit the zip tie
Educatiøn 9 gün önce
Could you tell what spray paint you are using as well as how you make these sticker less labels (like the numbers on the remote)?
T. J
T. J 9 gün önce
you dont like brands so u paint everyting white or you like the white cos over time using the tools they get dirty and it tells a story
Mad Gamer
Mad Gamer 10 gün önce
So you basically did the same thing as everyone else but you painted them white
王斯由 10 gün önce
Shellrockguy 10 gün önce
The colour white is for heat purposes right?
StienoGamez 10 gün önce
No you are definitely obsessed with white…
Revenger 211
Revenger 211 10 gün önce
This channel has a grear future
When Grapes Pop
When Grapes Pop 10 gün önce
Good videography and cuts. However, I’m thinking it should be easier to lose that controller than to just be organized with your tools.😄
M Bischof
M Bischof 10 gün önce
This video was really well made! Super into the style you chose with your editing 🔥 Keep up the great work!
Kevin Bello
Kevin Bello 11 gün önce
How about a remote to find the remote in case it gets lost.🤔🤔
pinkqu 11 gün önce
This is such a nice quality video, I just sub you bro, keep doing the good job!
potatosordfighter666 11 gün önce
Your solution was to basically buy something that already exists but the editing was so good I stayed the whole time lmao
Simon Misyuk
Simon Misyuk 11 gün önce
Your colorblind?
Muhammad Yousuf
Muhammad Yousuf 11 gün önce
iam ALL ABOUT this production quality and editing style
elismart13 11 gün önce
make more vids like this (i hope pewd sees this and even if he doesnt fans of him will flock to this since it was in my home page)
PacJohn 12 gün önce
Every part of this video feels like b-roll, I love it
Yash Thorat
Yash Thorat 12 gün önce
White is easily noticable
BoltGoesPro 12 gün önce
I'm sorry but this is just a key finder, what did you make? I'm not trying to sound rude, I am just actually curious about what you made
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 12 gün önce
fair question. what pewdiepie’s idea was and what i made was a tool charger that has a tool finder on it. if i can make this result just by repurposing existing key finders and combining that with a tool charger, isn’t that enough? i mean... i DID initially try to make the circuit and electronics by myself but i realized how dumb that was pretty quickly since the cost and effort would have been so high and the majority of my viewers wouldn't even be able to recreate that. so if this very lazy but simple approach solves this problem for me and others, i feel like that's good enough.
Irfan IzRalL
Irfan IzRalL 12 gün önce
0:53 - 1:05 dude this littttttttttttttttt
Rylan Brosh
Rylan Brosh 12 gün önce
Thought he was gonna hot glue the tag onto the hot glue gun
NotLanky 12 gün önce
This is great and quality content! Please continue making videos for as long as you enjoy them!!
KyoNas 12 gün önce
damn boy what a great first impression i got from u this is my first time watching ur youtube channel and im already subbed lol
Max Busse
Max Busse 12 gün önce
First time I‘m happy not to see the dislike-counter. Because there better not be a single dislike on this masterpiece of a video. Holy sh*t man!
ssh 12 gün önce
My three guesses for the tool is that possible cooling, but also hygiene, but I think mainly because they stick out like a sore thumb and are easy to spot? I also wanna know how you made them, they're incredible.
Niccolò Betto
Niccolò Betto 12 gün önce
Just found out about this channel and man the editing style is so good and transitions are so damn smooth. I rarely comment under videos but after hearing the last part I felt like I had to leave some good words. Definitely consider keeping your channel open, I'm sure the people who care about this channel don't care if you don't upload daily/weekly/monthly (well at least I don't).
Dhruv Srivastava
Dhruv Srivastava 12 gün önce
Wait so you bought a product, and used it?
Clément 12 gün önce
So you bought trackers, painted them white and stuck them to your tools?
Andrew Kalmar
Andrew Kalmar 12 gün önce
Anyone know what paint he uses (or paint and coating) so that it doesn't get tacky?
i steal memes nicely (goal 420 subs)
bro you are underrated
Connor0404 _
Connor0404 _ 12 gün önce
I love how he just bought something already existing on Amazon and slapped it onto his tools and called it his invention such wow
Adam Rivera
Adam Rivera 7 gün önce
@Connor0404 _ I get you, I'm thinking more of the concept is the "invention" like imagine if it was attached to/ imbedded from the start kind of thing, but yeah I get what you're saying, my argument was (I believe) always from the idea/concept aspect of it
Connor0404 _
Connor0404 _ 7 gün önce
@Adam Rivera But the Product he bought is already designed to be attached to something you have. The Example with the Pillow and Spork i get but those "inventions" were own ideas with a combination of 2 things. He is literally just using the Product for what its designed to do(To be attached to items to be found) nothing else.
Adam Rivera
Adam Rivera 7 gün önce
@Connor0404 _ the "invention" is not the product per say, it's the idea/concept. The idea of a tool charger, with built in tool finder, what he did was make a very basic concept model by combining the two things. Remember pillow pets? It was just a pillow with a teddy bear head attached and people went nuts for em. A spork is just a spoon and fork combo; someone just added prongs to the end of a spoon, nothing special. You get the idea.
Connor0404 _
Connor0404 _ 8 gün önce
@Adam Rivera The thing is it wasnt even new lul it was literally the thing he already bought and he painted it. The Product he bought was already designed to do what hes doing so he didnt invent shit lmao its more like a review of a product.
Adam Rivera
Adam Rivera 8 gün önce
He actually called it PewDiePie's invention. Also how do you think inventions are....invented? Sometimes it really is taking two things that exist and making something new together. Some of the best inventions are things that are such a simple concept were most people go..." Why didn't I think of that?"
201 crunt
201 crunt 12 gün önce
Sick video man!
Simon Barbe
Simon Barbe 13 gün önce
Good video, keep it up
sensationsmoke 13 gün önce
editing is insane
banana bread
banana bread 13 gün önce
At least he said it
Google Seal
Google Seal 13 gün önce
"people go as far as to put apple airtags (trackers) on their tools" *proceeds to put off-brand apple airtags on his tools* before you get mad, yes ik they aren't "off-brand"
that guy being a comment
i lost it seeing the drill bits idk why
Ali Arif
Ali Arif 13 gün önce
Can someone please tell me the song in 0:55
aggressivli 13 gün önce
I'm subbing simply because of the editing style, love it!
Wafflewarrior 13 gün önce
Lol, so much production and such a lame solution
kasper kilde
kasper kilde 13 gün önce
Dont quit please 🙏 you are the reason I started 3d printing. You are my number 1 youtuber for 3d printing❤
Axlefublr 14 gün önce
I'm not one of the supporters, but I really value how hard you tried to pronounce their names correctly. This effort definitely counts
APEX GAMER 14 gün önce
Editing is lit
Pigeon Bricks
Pigeon Bricks 14 gün önce
Good video. :)
Elliot Maynes
Elliot Maynes 14 gün önce
Good old ryobi toold
ncnnj_nick 14 gün önce
So it's just the system that old house phones from the 2010s had
Earlz San
Earlz San 14 gün önce
Love the feel and aesthetic to your works and vid🍷 :))
parshant singh
parshant singh 15 gün önce
Jai shree ram
Golden shat·ter
Golden shat·ter 15 gün önce
Why don't you just build a tool vending machine that auto restock to put it away
Carson Chan
Carson Chan 15 gün önce
Now we have to make a button to find the keyfinder control
Damian Stojanovski
Damian Stojanovski 16 gün önce
i dont wanna sound mean by any means but why dont you put your tools on like one drawer or cabinet or place its so much easier
SamudraJS 16 gün önce
Dude your white minimalist setup looks amazing.
Bryan Harness
Bryan Harness 16 gün önce
Keep it up man. Awesome vids
JÆK 16 gün önce
Do you paint them white because Ryobi don't sponser you?
VCraziii _
VCraziii _ 16 gün önce
White plastic is typically cheaper and picks up better on camera
webbgamers 16 gün önce
Keep this up, you are going places! The production quality is just insane and your ability to turn a fairly mundane project into something that is hard to pull your eyes away from is hard to match.
Koen Welsh
Koen Welsh 17 gün önce
You’re not fooling me. You’ve never misplaced anything in your superbly organized life!
Tomasz Korytkowski
Tomasz Korytkowski 17 gün önce
Ok, I'm waiting for The White explanation video
Beats Beanie
Beats Beanie 17 gün önce
Dayum i encountered this channel today and um hooked. ❤️
Katsuya 17 gün önce
Keep it up i just discovered you
greasy jim
greasy jim 17 gün önce
What if you lost the remote control
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 17 gün önce
So if tracker runs out of battery your going to search for it as usually. Back to square 1 boys.
UnhappyWithoutU 17 gün önce
Keep on TRvid, we love you!
Patrick Klinkenberg
Patrick Klinkenberg 17 gün önce
I love your channel, you should never quit
bobfromholland 17 gün önce
Editing is amazing! Keep going
Trey Stone
Trey Stone 17 gün önce
Man don’t quit I always watching your vids there awesome 🤩 I started 3-d printing Bec of you I have the ender 3 pro love your vids and keep up the good work 👏👏😃
Captain Memer
Captain Memer 18 gün önce
Please never quit
H 18 gün önce
The quality of this video ZAMN!!! SUBSCRIBED.
Matthew Crabtree
Matthew Crabtree 18 gün önce
I dont comment much. But damn man. Some of the best and most well edited videos on youtube. You helped me so much when I first got my CR-10 MAX having never printed before you explained why mods are needed and how we can print them! You do GOAT
Aliens Got The Beat
Aliens Got The Beat 18 gün önce
What a breath of fresh air, the internet never stops to amaze. I really hope to see the channel grow to the numbers it deserves.
Juho Sarvanko
Juho Sarvanko 18 gün önce
Dude! The editing is awesome! 💫
Juho Sarvanko
Juho Sarvanko 18 gün önce
nivedmodo 18 gün önce
this guy gets it. his channels going to have +250k subs this time next year
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