Making My Own Starbucks Pinkity Drinkity

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! You all know that I am absolutely obsessed with Starbucks Pink Drinks, in fact, I order one every single day. In today's video, I decided to see if I could actually make my entire order... from scratch. Enioy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




23 Apr 2019




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Too bad I can’t come to ur tour I live in HK
TheRealMael 41 dakika önce
Is it just me or is james acting rly weird and different in this video...lol this isnt him
Gianna D'Angelo
Gianna D'Angelo 41 dakika önce
Julianna Gonzalez
Julianna Gonzalez 41 dakika önce
Looks like James is running out of video ideas..,
Player 2
Player 2 41 dakika önce
Omfg I just thought of this jamed U should sell pinkity drinkity on your tour
Paris and nova Kappel and cogdill
Now I can't go because I have school
Jessie Rae
Jessie Rae 41 dakika önce
i’m literally tearing up and peeing i crawled into my moms room dying bc i cant stop laughing oh my god i love you
Quaychuletse II
Quaychuletse II 41 dakika önce
He doesn't deserve the name James Charles.
Breanna Jack
Breanna Jack 41 dakika önce
From 4:15 to 5:25 I am dead 😂🥜
Aidan Davidson
Aidan Davidson 41 dakika önce
where is the knife blade ?????????? 15:54
SamCat 12121
SamCat 12121 41 dakika önce
Parents @Me: “That’s so disappointing. All that work and we get ThIs.”
Kaitlin Clarke
Kaitlin Clarke 41 dakika önce
This is what hes been waiting two years to announce? Am I missing something?
Jorge Zuniga
Jorge Zuniga 41 dakika önce
James Charles : *Invents Pinkity Drinkity* Starbucks : *Puts it on the menu* James Charles: Purply Wurply... Starbucks tomorrow: We now have the Purply Wurpl... -UNLEASH YOUR INNER LAWSUIT-
Lindsey Atkinson
Lindsey Atkinson 41 dakika önce
James: We have so many cities we are traveling to sisters!!!💕💕 Everyone on the east coast: yeah everywhere except anywhere near D.C., Maryland, or Virginia.😭😭 I would drive all the way to Pennsylvania for James if I had the money😭😭😭😭😭💕💕💕💕😭💕😭💕😭💕😭
Laleeee0000 41 dakika önce
i feel so bad for all the struggle staff go through when james orders a pink drink
Addi Mooney
Addi Mooney 41 dakika önce
Working at starbucks this was such a cringe like the bread he did good but like oh my god i was literally dying through out this😂😂😂😂💀
Shelby Kate
Shelby Kate 42 dakika önce
this is one of my fav vids ever please make more cooking videos
Mia Mcculley
Mia Mcculley 42 dakika önce
The real question is. Why are you not gonna be in Tennessee
Morgan DeAnn
Morgan DeAnn 42 dakika önce
please tell me how the bowl in James's hand was floating for a hot second at 5:36
maría Avila
maría Avila 42 dakika önce
But if you think about it $47 is way better than buying it from Starbucks eveeey day because that $47 worth of product will last more than one day
Reyna Romero
Reyna Romero 42 dakika önce
Cyber Coco
Cyber Coco 42 dakika önce
Future hack: go to Starbucks and order a trenta strawberry açaí with no ice, no water and no strawberry inclusions. Then take home to make your own pink drinks 😊
Aimelyn Buraga
Aimelyn Buraga 42 dakika önce
sister tour
xX_ABS_Xx 42 dakika önce
Kyra Newton
Kyra Newton 42 dakika önce
am i the only one noticing his kitchen looks like Julien's ? xD besides the color scheme
A Sabetti
A Sabetti 42 dakika önce
At first I was like what is sister james doing in the Aries Kitchen
Crystal Sanchez
Crystal Sanchez 42 dakika önce
I work at Starbucks! I wouldn’t mind at all bringing you all the ingredients to make the perfect pink drink for a video! I’m serious !!!! Dm me on my Instagram for serious inquires 🤣 @ xodiamondz love you sister James
its_ shelby
its_ shelby 42 dakika önce
omg i want to go but no youtubers ever come to iowa lmao🤧😭
Sydney L
Sydney L 42 dakika önce
And there’s no passion tea in the pink drink either😂
EJDJ Hargett
EJDJ Hargett 42 dakika önce
yes i was and still am a classic white girl....i´ve never had a pinkity drink
Stacey Sanchez
Stacey Sanchez 42 dakika önce
Yayayayyayayayaya 🥰 sissy James ily
K-Gacha Studios
K-Gacha Studios 42 dakika önce
For a real one. PERIOD.
simonesquared 42 dakika önce
the way he cut the bread from the MIDDLE
simonesquared 42 dakika önce
the way he cut the bread from the MIDDLE
simonesquared 42 dakika önce
the way he cut the bread from the MIDDLE
simonesquared 42 dakika önce
the way he cut the bread from the MIDDLE
Grace TheTheaterGal
Grace TheTheaterGal 42 dakika önce
I was wondering if his outfit for the tour will be the same kind of thing as Coachella, or if they will be more appropriate cause I want to come but I don’t want a butt festival with James Charles
Alexa Maclaren
Alexa Maclaren 43 dakika önce
Ur drink was purple because you should of used the strawberry refresher not the berry one lol 💗
I am confussin
I am confussin 43 dakika önce
I think it would of been easier just to get in the car and go to Starbucks.
Chris Bechamp
Chris Bechamp 43 dakika önce
I love watching a trainwreck
TheWeirdChannel -
TheWeirdChannel - 43 dakika önce
Omg I’m freaking out every TRvidr I like never goes to my city when they go on tour and know my favorite TRvidr is coming to PHOENIX
Sandra Sandoval
Sandra Sandoval 43 dakika önce
Omg when I said sister shock u said at the saME tIMe I LOVe yOu😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
MiMi Wei
MiMi Wei 43 dakika önce
Purpley Wurpley 😭😭💜
Cyber Unicorn
Cyber Unicorn 43 dakika önce
Shout out to sister Kayleigh for Sharing the love for james Charles I hope she sees this lol
Emily Pitts
Emily Pitts 43 dakika önce
When he put the apron on and the guy in the background started ordering , I died. Good job guys 😂😂😂
Maddie Rivers
Maddie Rivers 43 dakika önce
How much are regular tickets?
Allie May
Allie May 43 dakika önce
When he makes the purple drink from the secret menu instead of the pink... it’s okay sister the bread won. You got the bread
David666 43 dakika önce
Thirsty for content ideas. Lol. Love it!
Jasmine —.
Jasmine —. 43 dakika önce
Damn that drink cost more than his pallet that I low key don’t have😂
Shook Sister
Shook Sister 43 dakika önce
meeting james charles would actually change my life
Briana Zeggane
Briana Zeggane 43 dakika önce
that video title though :)
Gamer5000 43 dakika önce
I can’t go to sisters show cause I’m in the hospital typing this.
Dream Dolls
Dream Dolls 43 dakika önce
Renee Howie
Renee Howie 43 dakika önce
It wasn’t actually added to the “menu” it’s simply a modification to the Strawberry Açai Refresher. However now, with summer it’s called a Strawberry Coconut on our POS
Taya White
Taya White 43 dakika önce
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith 43 dakika önce
cooking with james series?
bananana 43 dakika önce
Zain Jay
Zain Jay 43 dakika önce
james isn’t going anywhere near me :(((((((((((((
Trisha Dilay
Trisha Dilay 44 dakika önce
James please come to Manila I really want to see you💝
spaceamy 44 dakika önce
international sisters, does your starbucks sell the Pink Drinks? if so, what’s it called and how do you order it? help a sister out!!!
Kari Brue
Kari Brue 44 dakika önce
james is such a mood when it comes to baking. “ugh that’s so much work” me too sis
CAITLYN L 44 dakika önce
Want to drink this Like! Want James Charles to reply to your comment then comment to me I have a little channel
Brooklinn Branson
Brooklinn Branson 44 dakika önce
This is the video I didn’t know I needed
Emilia Galvan
Emilia Galvan 44 dakika önce
I can’t wait to see you on tour love you the most Mua
Hiro Peck
Hiro Peck 44 dakika önce
I love you James, but take it from a barista, you aren't the reason the pick drink was put on the menu
Courtney Delaney
Courtney Delaney 44 dakika önce
I love drew (and who is the other one) in the background lol
Bree Sawmiller
Bree Sawmiller 44 dakika önce
James makes his own drink from Starbucks..... Starbucks leaves the room...
Lizzy Grace
Lizzy Grace 44 dakika önce
*James is gonna be in a city close to me on my birthday!* SKSKKSKSKS AHHHH YAY
Lara Salcido
Lara Salcido 44 dakika önce
I love you so much James and I have been a fan of yours from the very beginning! Love what you stand for and love the videos you produce, but please bring a reusable cup to Starbucks because if you are buying one everyday, then it's really bad for the environment (plus you save .10 cents when you do bring one) :D
kati bomg
kati bomg 44 dakika önce
Unicorn squad Princess
Unicorn squad Princess 44 dakika önce
James if you like the pumpkin bread from Starbucks then do a makeup tutorial using the colors from the pumpkin bread and from the pinkedy drinkedy
Seyi Alli
Seyi Alli 44 dakika önce
The Pink drink is James’ strange addiction
Lucia and Keira Show
Lucia and Keira Show 44 dakika önce
Sister shook !!
Nicole Schroedl
Nicole Schroedl 44 dakika önce
I get bullied in school for being a white girl 😭
PoisonFoxx 44 dakika önce
I hate you cut it down the middle lol
Jonny Jimenez
Jonny Jimenez 44 dakika önce
Am I the only one who thinks that he looks a lot like Halsey rn😂😂
CMarie McC
CMarie McC 44 dakika önce
Iced Chai Tea latte with light ice
Tehya Blackburde Moore
Tehya Blackburde Moore 44 dakika önce
*Starbucks left the chat*
ohheymary.x 44 dakika önce
This was too entertaining 😂😂
Colin Kim
Colin Kim 44 dakika önce
Lmao he actually went to Starbucks to buy a pink drink for the thumbnail
Diana Dee
Diana Dee 44 dakika önce
He made the purple drink instead of the pink drink😂😂💀
Katelyn Redinger
Katelyn Redinger 44 dakika önce
My drink that I always get from Starbucks is the pink drink it is my fav and I am not just saying that because James gets the pink drink i am saying that I like it because I do and I always get it
Mindy Diaz
Mindy Diaz 44 dakika önce
Emily Kirk
Emily Kirk 44 dakika önce
You should just ask to buy the Strawberry Acaci juice carton at Starbucks!
spy 101 blah blah cha cha
How to really make a pink drink! 1: buy strawberry and white cranberry jusic cocktail 2 add sweetened coconut milk
Ryker Merlen
Ryker Merlen 44 dakika önce
Uh, it would have been just find putting it in the freezer, just saying.
Aura V
Aura V 44 dakika önce
QWERT 44 dakika önce
LPS Wolf
LPS Wolf 44 dakika önce
I would go but I live in Canada
Aniyah Bohnen
Aniyah Bohnen 45 dakika önce
Gordon Ramsay approved.
Zx SunRider
Zx SunRider 45 dakika önce
5:25 that laugh gave me life 😂
Ernie Far
Ernie Far 45 dakika önce
Is it just me wondering how he came up the recipe?
Francesca Villanueva
Francesca Villanueva 45 dakika önce
I taught he was just going to make the drink for 20 mins HAHHAHA
Alina Theriault
Alina Theriault 45 dakika önce
Drew and Louis were cracking me up
Susu Wolfhard
Susu Wolfhard 45 dakika önce
Starbucks has left the chat
johanna breiva
johanna breiva 45 dakika önce
When James makes the violet drink instead of a pinkity drinkity😩
Alona Alona N
Alona Alona N 45 dakika önce
2M views in 6 hours🤯🤯🤯❣❣
Ashley Heille
Ashley Heille 45 dakika önce
You need to come to Minnesota again!
cindy sun
cindy sun 45 dakika önce
jame's counter LEFT THE CHAT
Harley Kim
Harley Kim 45 dakika önce
When it’s hot as balls here, I go for the Passion tea lemonade. When I need my coffee, caramel macchiato with extra caramel. ☺️
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