Making Liquid Nitrogen From Scratch!

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I used a nitrogen membrane and Stirling cryocooler to liquefy nitrogen out of the air. For this video I partnered with Starbucks to celebrate their Nitro Cold Brew. Order one here: starbucks.app.link/derekmuller
Making liquid nitrogen is hard - in fact up until 150 years ago scientists doubted whether it was even possible to liquefy nitrogen. In 1823, At the royal institution in London, Michael Faraday first produced liquid chlorine, kind of accidentally by putting it under high pressure. He similarly liquefied ammonia.
Borrowing a mixture from Thilorier in France, a combination of dry ice, snow and ether, he reached a temperature of -110C. By 1845 he used this mixture plus a hand pump to pressurize gases to liquefy all the known gases except six, which included oxygen and nitrogen. These became known as the “permanent” gases.
A French Physicist Aimé compressed oxygen and nitrogen in tanks and then lowered them into the ocean over 1.6km deep, where the pressure got up to 200 atmospheres. Still the gases didn’t liquefy.
Only at the end of 1877 were the first droplets of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen produced, by Cailletet in France. He first tried oxygen by compressing it up to 300 atmospheres, cooled to -30C, but that wasn't even enough to liquefy oxygen. But when he suddenly released the pressure, the expanding gas cooled, he estimated to -200C and he saw a mist and then droplets slide down the walls of his vessel.
It's amazing how far we've come in that now I can purchase a helium-based cryocooler. It compresses and expands the gas to absorb heat from the tip of the cold finger and eject it into the surroundings at ambient temperature.



16 Aug 2019




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Johnny Curtis
Johnny Curtis 16 saatler önce
I don't think it's bubbles moving down that you are seeing. It's liquid falling past the bubbles that gives this illusion.
Brandon Bynum
Brandon Bynum 2 gün önce
I'm dumbfounded😮. So you know just about everything about everything? I'm over here afraid to plug in my air compressor out of fear the tank will bust! I mean, how did someone know how to filter out oxygen for goodness sake? And a piston pump with helium!??🙁 Whaa!!? How did ppl learn how to get different gasses like that form the earth in the first place? I'm glad ppl like you are in this world to help push us forward. I'll be a test dummy..the world needs those I guess..lol
Jason Voss
Jason Voss 5 gün önce
Awesome experiments. I love it. But you are asking for nasty injuries with your safety 3rd approach.
Jason Voss
Jason Voss 5 gün önce
Bare feet & attempting to pour liquid nitrogen. ...yeah... bro.
Vizer 7 gün önce
Where do I get one if those
Youlia Hadzhidimova
Youlia Hadzhidimova 9 gün önce
4:48 "I'm putting a lot of sawdust into your carpet." Guys, could you seriously not put a newspaper or sth under?
Benny Callinan
Benny Callinan 10 gün önce
Thats guinness hes drinking
mike nelson
mike nelson 11 gün önce
Just 3 words. This video sucks!
Chris Sappenfield
Chris Sappenfield 11 gün önce
He buys a super advanced helium driven cryo freezer but then goes out and buys Ryobi tools.
Anthony Ryan
Anthony Ryan 11 gün önce
tell us in a video What would happen if someone drank liquid air!!
Ghl Scitel
Ghl Scitel 12 gün önce
Where did you get this Stirling cryocooler from? By the way, the first systematic production of liquified gasses was by Carl Siemens around 1857. He patented it.
Fad Met
Fad Met 13 gün önce
Your chinese boyfriend is a gambler
richard ross
richard ross 13 gün önce
Such a click bait title for a such a fad based cup of coffee
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I tried this at school I’m home schooled
Jason Bruce
Jason Bruce 15 gün önce
Joshua Austin
Joshua Austin 15 gün önce
The possible most expensive way to make ice cream
The Duckling Homestead and Gardens
Awesome video!!!
Steven Zawalick
Steven Zawalick 16 gün önce
"Experiments in this video are performed by professionals. Do not attempt at home." TRUE Professionals wear PPE, Gentlemen. Be careful.
EsPonDon 16 gün önce
You always come up with great videos.
Brian Ciszewski
Brian Ciszewski 17 gün önce
Link for membrane and cyro cooler
Mirrored {} Chaos
Mirrored {} Chaos 17 gün önce
how to make liquid nitrogen from scratch: step 1: get a cryogenic cooler thanks for watching!
Chemistry Chemistry Guy
About the Argon
danny jusino
danny jusino 20 gün önce
After the compressed air passes through the nitrogen membrane, does the concentrated Nitrogen come out of the unit pressurized or did they have too use the air compressor to pressurize the Nitrogen? To my observation it looked like the pressure line that was connected to the membrane produced the pressurized Nitrogen through the line into air tank. So my question is is the concentrated nitrogen coming out of the membrane already pressurized?
Droid King
Droid King 20 gün önce
To make liquid nitrogen from "scratch" u will need a cryocooler. Total price so far: $2000 I'm gonna stop right there
mjgarrett9885ify 21 gün önce
Why don't they make drink with liquid oxygen or do they ?
Dai Dai
Dai Dai 25 gün önce
"Making Liquid Nitrogen ou of SCRATCH" he said, then he pulls out a **15000 Dollar** CRYO-COOLER !
Rod Schmidt
Rod Schmidt 25 gün önce
When I was a kid I had a 100 year old book, "The Boy's Book of Science and Invention," with a chapter about "Liquid Air" and how to make it.
Wayne Harrison
Wayne Harrison 25 gün önce
Ice cream, you forgot to add vanilla extract..."Boring" !!!😒🍦🧪❔
Ayeye Brazorf
Ayeye Brazorf 26 gün önce
Ever heard of the irish beer Guinness? well it's very famous in the non america world (not surprising that muricans are ignorant of the rest of the world afterall), and it is also made creamier with nitrogen and has a coffee flavour to it. What starbucks did was kind of copy it and present this to the murican market! pity you didn't mention it in the video!
arnoldhau1 28 gün önce
Who wants cold coffee? Who wants cold coffee with bubbles? I dont even like coffee, but that starbucks stuff is really beyond me. Seems to be to be the same disusting thing as bubble tea or the like. Its all pointless, you can not improve on something as coffee or tea by creating "products".
Kyle Balling
Kyle Balling Aylar önce
If I only had a dollar for every time someone on youtube used a drill press without clamping down their work piece. (Especially a round one). C'mon people. Safety!
Alex Romo
Alex Romo Aylar önce
No wonder hes a failed myth buster. Dude needs to stop trying to weasle money from you
Julia Lilienstein
Julia Lilienstein Aylar önce
You look a bit sunburned.
kickinbackinOC Aylar önce
Nitrogen is great for car tires! The nitrogen molecule is bigger than oxygen molecules, so the pressure doesn't leech out through the rubber as fast
Till Schwenke
Till Schwenke Aylar önce
that beeping was horrible, even through my phone speakers I couldn't bear it , same intensity and pain in the ears as a smoke detector alarm. why did you do this to me ?
dalightmagic 2
dalightmagic 2 Aylar önce
Did anyone else see my hero academia
Ninaru Aylar önce
Guinness did it before
pigtailsboy Aylar önce
I think these bets were rigged, my man. I think you were Had.
Ranger629 Aylar önce
Isn't that the same as Guinness Stout?
Joshua Buckles
Joshua Buckles Aylar önce
Huh, Guinness has been doing this for years.
In which scratch do you get cryocooler
Dan Clark
Dan Clark Aylar önce
Wow cryogenics has really expanded since I was in the Marine Corps making liquid oxygen for President Nixon
Charlie Macklin
Charlie Macklin Aylar önce
Great video, I didn't know the oxygen was attracted to magnets...I wonder if liquid air could be poured through a large tube filled with electro-magnets to remove the oxygen? Then when you turn off the EM field the liquid oxygen would fall out as well, thereby acquiring both liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen.
junoguten Aylar önce
What were the energy demands on these methods? Would you say any of them is less than the energy you get from burning a fuel with the equivalent amount of oxygen you removed?
None Ya
None Ya Aylar önce
WHERE can I get that Nitrogen filter part? I've been looking for that for a couple years. MORE INFO PLEASE!!!
Gabriel Aylar önce
Can i make liquid nitrogen using your membrane and compressing the nitrogen?
Huss Otters
Huss Otters Aylar önce
wicked gay condsumptionrtre
Guilherme Bittar
Guilherme Bittar Aylar önce
Now make "liquid nitrogen from scratch" from scratch
Charles in charge.
Charles in charge. Aylar önce
Why cant this be turned into a motor to make a superconductor and make something float in the air. Im sure this is a key to antigravity. Larger scale needed. UFO motor. Regenerative capabillitys.
cdn soul
cdn soul Aylar önce
Here's another home made way to make liquid nitrogen trvid.com/video/video-upuxp3OowbY.html
okmaronab febriza
okmaronab febriza Aylar önce
Please. Important question. Where did you bought that nitrogen machine?
Fredrik Peterson
Fredrik Peterson Aylar önce
now u can start oc your computer extreme :D
lol people
lol people Aylar önce
3:33 Says the cryocooler or you
iJimmy //
iJimmy // Aylar önce
That kitchen remind me of Beyond Two Soul
Malcolm Abram
Malcolm Abram Aylar önce
I just got a load of liquid Nitrogen from Pluto. Did not need to make it, easier.
Tony Giannetti
Tony Giannetti Aylar önce
Dude, use an audio filter to trim down the oxygen alarm beeps. My neighbors thought it was a smoke detector and called 911. “Fire? No a guy on TRvid was purifying nitrogen on a dare from starbucks and....I...need to get out more.” It’s just a pet peeve that comes up again and again when people record some kind of alarm or alert sound and let it go on and on and on. Same for police and fire engine alarms. Given that you can use videos to make people’s Alexa order things from amazon just remember you’re steaming realism into people’s home and office environments and alarming sounds are...well...alarming.
Nathaniel Poulter
Nathaniel Poulter Aylar önce
Next make liquid hydrogen. Similar setup but with electrolysis?
BBM42 Aylar önce
Asian dude definitely has a gambling problem.
CrazyTuco1 Aylar önce
I hate Starbucks.
Dev Guy
Dev Guy Aylar önce
these guys ever hear of safety glasses? and any other safety best practices??
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