Making LED Resin Dice for D&D 

Evan and Katelyn
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• We show all the dice that didn’t make it to the final cut
• Our "disagreement" on the dice design
• What Evan broke and fixed… TWICE
• Last minute unfortunate discovery about the LEDs during the final dice
• Why we didn't make our own molds
• Why this project took an unusually long time
• What would we change if we were to go back and do it again
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Alcohol ink amzn.to/3k1a4Ix
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2 Haz 2022




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Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
🎲 Want to watch our first attempt at dice making? (they’re fluorescent!) trvid.com/video/video-5944HRod_v8.html 😻 Want to get our new Joob plushie? www.makeship.com/products/joobie-plush ALL proceeds go to the Trevor Project! (on sale 3 weeks only)
Simon Yıl önce
Katie A.
Katie A. Yıl önce
Hello! In the past I have tested the balance of some of my dice by dropping them into either water with salt dissolved into it, or water with a lot of sugar dissolved into it. Since these dice may not be perfectly balanced, it might be cool to test their balance on a stream or second video (or just post a quick video on social media)! Note that since these dice may be heavier, it could be difficult to dissolve enough of salt or sugar into the water to make them float. QQA! 😁
WIFI Password
WIFI Password Yıl önce
Resin dice blindfolded
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
@Katie A. We actually did try that but these were so heavy because of the LEDs they wouldn't float!
Morissa Edwards
Morissa Edwards Yıl önce
Ah, I remember being there for the neon dice. That was a fun video
E H Yıl önce
I kinda feel that with the dice they've made we 1000% need a Evan and Katelyn D&D stream now
Kay Kay
Kay Kay Yıl önce
I would watch. maybe learn how to play along the way.
kriki1906 Yıl önce
Oh yes please
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez Yıl önce
Dominic W
Dominic W Yıl önce
@Kay Kay that’s what I was wondering, how are games of dnd played? Are they actually fun? Lol
GamerDad Yıl önce
And don't forget the medieval towers and other builds they have made ;)
Changing Mind
Changing Mind Yıl önce
Just wanna point out that the box's border design is absolutely gorgeous
George H
George H Aylar önce
Ofc... it's got joob on it
TheDutchisGaming Yıl önce
The only thing I’m afraid of is that the LEDs might cause the dice to be weighted making the randomness more determined to a set of numbers.
Paulo Mangano
Paulo Mangano Yıl önce
The LEDs are probably not that heavier than the resin itself for the effect to be noticeable, in fact they might even be lighter (which would still be a problem)
A Cat
A Cat Yıl önce
@Paulo Mangano I don't think they were referring to the total weight of the die but more so the weight distribution
Allie Williams
Allie Williams Yıl önce
Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. Lol Evan and Katelyn making loaded dice for DND. 😆
Maureen B
Maureen B Yıl önce
@A Cat if the leds are about the same as an equal volume of resin the weight distribution wouldn’t be off. If they are lighter it would be a problem.
Ian Yıl önce
If the centering is off, the steel cubes would definitely affect the weight distribution
Yaroph Yıl önce
I think you should have painted the "black" back of the LEDs with chrome paint, to make them less visible (because it would take on the color of the light)
Reincarnatez Yıl önce
I think a much easier solution to get the LEDs aligned would be to just 3D print a jig of a mock d20 or whatever die you wanted, but with LED sized holes cut out in each face, with a small void in the middle. Then, you could just put a dab of hot glue on each LED, push it in, open up the jig, and you'd have a neat little ball you could put into your die mold!
Ally 6 aylar önce
That was what I thought they were going to do, lol. I wonder if there are even smaller LEDs. I’d love to see them do another set.
Promotions Online
Promotions Online 9 aylar önce
If there’s an award for commercials you guys need to get 100000% of all the awards! I’ve never been more excited to be sold on something!
Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown Yıl önce
They're seriously stepping up on their sponsorship ad production. Someone give them Oscars.
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
one day we'll be formally recognized for our supreme acting skills in that one Raycon ad on that one dice video...
Carlisios Yıl önce
Not the poscas
ktbyrd Yıl önce
I was gonna say all of their sponsorships don’t interrupt the content and most of the time add to it!
David Fagerburg
David Fagerburg Yıl önce
Made me laugh more than the Superbowl commercials this year
LuckyCoinFrog Yıl önce
Probably the only channel I don't want to skip adds on because they are SO GOOD. lol
Makey Ju
Makey Ju Yıl önce
on one hand, I totally wanna play with these dice, they're SO cool on the other hand, no way in hell do they have an even weight distribution now, especially the d20
Erin Peterson
Erin Peterson Yıl önce
its actually incredibly difficult to make weighted dice, even when you are intentionally trying to weight them. for play purposes they are fine, i promise
jlammetje Yıl önce
@Erin Peterson can you explain how/why it’s difficult to make a loaded die?
FiveSod 10 aylar önce
@jlammetje you would have to place a larger amount of weight into an edge or corner for it to tip the dice. the most common way of making a weighted dice isnt actually weight but sanding an area to make it angled, this causes the dice to tip. due to their overall size and how the resin distributes weight internal changes arn't going to be a big factor as long as Evan sanded those edges well
DreadKyller 8 aylar önce
@jlammetje For the weight to have a really noticeable effect on the rolls the weight distribution needs to be pretty significant. Even if this is far off you're talking about a bias towards one side of the face less than a percent off. For competitions maybe, but for casual play, it's barely going to have an effect. As FiveSod said, you'd need to put a decent amount of additional weight fairly close to a face to drastically change the outcome. The LEDs and the acrylic cubes are likely quite close to the same weight as the resin, and are still fairly centered, so it's unlike it'll make much of a practical difference, especially for throwing from a low height where there's less time in the air.
Theresa Dobbins
Theresa Dobbins Yıl önce
I LOVED the pink and blue... But I also really love the black tester! the black looked so much like a space themed die when lit up.
David Richardson
David Richardson Yıl önce
You know it’s going to be a good video when you’re not even 4mins in and we’ve already done a Science Adjacent and a Resin Time!!
TheLynxer Yıl önce
This is legit a product. I'm sure you could refine and prototype more, but even as is I would 100% buy this for my own D&D uses. Well done E&K!
Ricardo Aguilar
Ricardo Aguilar Yıl önce
I really appreciate the journey you take us on with your workshoping and testing of different ideas that viewers might think of. The what ifs are shown and help inform us why they didn’t work providing a satisfying resolution
Sparkies_Quest Yıl önce
Katelyn: “Unnecessarily steel cubes” Evan: “This is the way!”
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
Anything to justify that portable metal band saw -E
Lightenstrike Yıl önce
@Evan and Katelyn cool emoji!
Karlo Horčička
Karlo Horčička Yıl önce
Upgrade idea: put UV leds and UV color as numbers so it lights up the numbers. Or IR leds but that'd be harder to film since camera sees IR wavelenght
Gustav Holmström
CathplayZ! -#stopwar 🇺🇦 unmotivated
Evan and katelyn are the only channel that I look forward to watching their sponsor video section they’re so creative with it!
SelCrafts 11 aylar önce
I NEED to make a set of these for my collection!! These are so amazing! Also, I love the playful banter between you two. Thanks for sharing!
Peter's Treasury
Peter's Treasury Yıl önce
I LOVE this project so much! The dice tray is gorgeous!
LokiParts 9 aylar önce
These are so incredibly cool! I am not even really into tabletop gaming that much an I can't get over how perfect these are. My brother is big into D&D and this would probably blow his mind.
Ollie D
Ollie D Yıl önce
Now I need someone to do these “capacitors” with a nautical theme, blues, greens, and bronzes. To emulate that underwater mine theme and be steampunky, I think it’d be awesome for a dnd set
OXALIS Yıl önce
that would be so cool omg i want
Y D Yıl önce
I want this
Aichi Toshiki
Aichi Toshiki Yıl önce
aspillust 4 aylar önce
a set like that would be really cool in one of the current campaigns i'm in, i'd go nuts over that lol
Alex Chu
Alex Chu Yıl önce
Y'all are so much fun to watch and honestly have the right level of chaos for DnD. If you decide to play I'd love to hear stories or even if you join a group that airs their games on Twitch could be cool! Love the dice, I think I need a set lol
Sean S.
Sean S. Yıl önce
The newer design with them facing in, looked amazing!
Zebulon Astle
Zebulon Astle Yıl önce
You could use a resin printer to print the bitty "core dice" that way if they're too big, you can just scale them down and reprint. I still think the inward facing leds look sick!
Ryan Crappa
Ryan Crappa 7 aylar önce
They turned out looking like I always imagined that elf stones would look like from the shanara books how awesome!
Juelz Loren
Juelz Loren Yıl önce
Ive been watching you guys for years now and i adore how loving and accepting and complimentary you tow are to one another’s ideas, ambitions, and goals. It gives me a feeling unlike anything else seeing you work together to achieve a common goal. Trial & Error, Glitz & Glam, and Glow & Resin! 💖
Alfred Freedom Jones
How far technology has come! Those little wireless glowing lights are almost magic🪄
Bow-Tied Engineer
the crazy thing, is that that style of wireless power transmission is some of the oldest stuff in electronics, from way back when they still didn't know that electricity and magnitism were part of the same thing. It's such simple physics, but it's so cool and magical, and seems so futuristic.
Alfred Freedom Jones
@Bow-Tied Engineer wow! Thanks for sharing ☺️
Vermilion Yıl önce
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” - Arthur C. Clarke
Bow-Tied Engineer
@Alfred Freedom Jones your welcome. as an additional interesting thing, it's also the exact same thing as the transformers used in power poles to step down the voltage when going from the big long distance power lines to neighborhood lines, or from neighborhood lines to your house. It's basically just a transformer, except it's being used primarily for the wireless connection instead of for the voltage changing.
Foegetter Games
Foegetter Games Yıl önce
but what's the point of the die is unusable?
Seth Cain
Seth Cain Yıl önce
I think the 20 roll was my favorite part of this one lol. You two are great. Love the videos. Thank you for the amazing content.
Kayla Lea
Kayla Lea Yıl önce
Y’all have done something so cool here. I feel like u could absolutely sell these if u wanted to. I could imagine some dnd content creators dying to have a dice set like this. U guys are incredible
Charlene Easter
Charlene Easter Yıl önce
Loved the project. You two are so extra in the way you test everything, then more ideas come and inevitably more testing. Also can I just say the ad for Raycon was epic.
MadManAz Yıl önce
I made my own leather dice tray... adding a copper coil along the bottom and covering it with another layer to hide it wouldn't be too bad at all! You guys are adorable! You can paint the numbers with fingernail polish and wait about 5 seconds and wipe it and the numbers remain filled. (oh wait you did it lol) Last edit to my comment; I have Raycon Work Earbuds. I love them so much. The right ear bud controls normal, noise cancel or awareness mode and the left changes the tuning like classic or rock. A double tap on either pauses the sound/video and three taps changes the song ahead or back depending on left or right. The case recharges them between uses and the case recharges on the same cable as my phone. I highly recommend the brand.
Creepy Cat Lady
Creepy Cat Lady Yıl önce
I genuinely and honestly hope with all my heart that the two of you are as happy together in regular life as you appear in your videos. You are such a joy to watch and I want the adorableness to be real!!!
Cerulean Seal
Cerulean Seal Yıl önce
This is without a doubt in my mind, the coolest dice set I've seen in my life. This wasn't even just a fun little maker project like so many other things you've created, this is innovation. You've created the future. Years from now LED dice & trays will become a norm and you empired it here on this d-... 6 week period. I want a set. I also want to see what other colors and combinations could be thought of.
Barnabas Le Grand
Look up pixel dice, they had a Kickstarter last year and are in production development at the moment.
Maureen B
Maureen B Yıl önce
Pixel dice! That’s what you’re looking for. Production is delayed because of the chip shortage but they’re programmable and will show your roll on Roll 20 and D&D Beyond if you play virtual. My DM and I are trying to come up with a way to use them to use the random rolls my cats make when they steal my dice as part of our game once they finally get here.
Morgiii Klein
Morgiii Klein Yıl önce
I just feel like if you’re not careful you could really easy weight the dice, like the old school cheaters used to in gambling lol
Hannah Redhead
Hannah Redhead Yıl önce
This was such a fun make! I wonder if shaving down the mini resin dice to be smaller would have worked or if that's also way too much effort. Also I was surprised you guys didn't glue the leds using UV resin but idk how well it sticks to steel lol. Definitely try an oversized d20 sometime!
Mika B.
Mika B. Yıl önce
I can feel the tired and frustrating hours that went into this 😩 so worth it, this set of dice is so cool AAAHHH I want it!!
Ellulellu Yıl önce
This channel always has the best adds 😄 Also dice look super cool!
RedMage Yıl önce
I'm surprised these didn't end up being galaxy dice where the lights lit up powder or something to make it look like stars. They definitely ended up looking great, its interesting how different dice makers are coming up with ways to give off effects like this. Currently waiting on a set that has bluetooth connection to the dice to alter how they light up and produce sounds on rolls.
Chandra Enger
Chandra Enger Yıl önce
I love the projects that you do and I love you guys as a couple. Your channel has come so far! ❤️
sadicalradness Yıl önce
I feel like y'all should try the "LED on every face of a mini dice" tec hnique with an oversized d20. They're the most fun to roll anyway
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
That would be fun! Already have a oversized d20 mold Only issue is that we already have too many dice ideas and too little time. Even though we're tempted to become a resin dice channel though, we also have so many non dice ideas we're super excited about. Ahh wish we just didn't have to sleep
Evile Gaming
Evile Gaming Yıl önce
@Evan and Katelyn I did this as a Christmas present last year, I also wanted lights on every axis, but instead of using 6 transceiver sets, I added extra smd LEDs directly to one inductor, which takes up way less space. but obviously you need to be handy with a soldering iron, magnifying glass, and really thin enamelled wire.
George H
George H Aylar önce
​@Evile Gamingenameled wire flashbacks... *Shivers*
Sigilien Yıl önce
WOW. The tray turned out absolutely STUNNING and the dice turned out so pretty
Ruby Yıl önce
This is amazing. I feel like 1 led per face is tough for a standard polygonal set but could be awesome in a jumbo d20, or maybe a d6 set. Might even be possible to do a jumbo pipped d6 where each pip is one led. Seeing how bright their inner core still is I also wonder how it would look with the leds facing out but in a more frosted material to diffuse the points of light better.
Beth B
Beth B Yıl önce
I saw this video *right* before we left for camping and had to wait *ALL WEEKEND* to be able to watch it! 😂 As a dicemaker & a huge fan of you guys, I was so stoked for it!!! I really hope you guys make more dice 👀
firejeco 9 aylar önce
Woah, I totally need a set of these! So freaking cool!! 😍 😍
Work Stuff
Work Stuff Yıl önce
Try using glow in the dark resin and replace the led on the coil with another smd uv light or just see if you can buy one. Then embed the coil under your dicebox and when you roll the dice they start glowing brighter and stay glowing after you take them out of the dicebox
Skaos87 Yıl önce
As always I absolutely love it! Idea for a pt. 2 though: Have the LEDs shine outwards (might also look cool as is tho) BUT add some cotton wool around them. I've always loved the cloudy/stormy/fire effects that some achieve by combining these elements. Maybe use bigger die moulds as well?
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
That would be interesting to see!
Ashen Walls
Ashen Walls Yıl önce
Ooh this would be amazing, and maybe do a bigger d20 so they can fit more coolness inside!
Yasmeen Khan
Yasmeen Khan Yıl önce
ooh! I was thinking I want them to make the liquid core dice that you see, and combining those with these leds could be lovely too
Toparcticwolf Yıl önce
Also if they could find UV leds and combine that with the fluorescent dice
Brett Yıl önce
This is so good. I can't wait to see what I can do with this information. You two are great as is your work. Much appreciated.
Kimberly Fox
Kimberly Fox Yıl önce
I would totally buy this set in a heartbeat! 💗
Benny Dreamly - right click to retrieve banana
Oh my- The assembly of the box to the game cube intro was amazing!
Karen Hall
Karen Hall Yıl önce
This is helpful! I’m making D&D dice for my daughter, nephew, and husband for Christmas! I’m making a resin dream catcher and major arcane tarot card set for my daughter and her wife for their birthday ( they have the same birthday just 2 years apart) as I watch this.
Waldmann Yıl önce
The end result looks so cool, like a galaxy dice that actually glows AMAZING!
k.allen Yıl önce
Okay but the way Evan looked at Katelyn when he said "you're smart" was so adorable I might have teared up. Y'all are incredibly adorable
TheEliseRodgers Yıl önce
Relationship Goals
Crazy Crafts
Crazy Crafts Yıl önce
time stamp?
Autumn crocus
Autumn crocus Yıl önce
@Crazy Crafts 16:15
Nora Eftode
Nora Eftode Yıl önce
Heyoo such a cool video!!! I'm always super surprised by your creativity and determination for your projects! They are so unique and it's so cool that you guys are like the only ones that can create the things you create because they are so personal and amazing! I just wanted to ask a question that I've had for a while - How do you recycle all the materials that you have? You use a lot of molds and wood and (probably) plastic for your projects, but how do you deal with throwing all the unnecessary scraps away?
Yes this is me
Yes this is me 4 aylar önce
I am here for their Positive energy. Just listening to them makes me happy :) the projects are nice too.
kelshaux Yıl önce
I loved the extra goofiness in this video! Also idk what you guys are doing different, but you’re looking good too 😁
Fred McIntyre
Fred McIntyre Yıl önce
The dice look amazing Y'all, love the tray too! 😍👍🏻👍🏻🎲🎲👊🏻👊🏻
Zess OnATeaCloud
Zess OnATeaCloud Yıl önce
Really cool. They turned out great. With the tech inside it would be a great base for a steampunk based dice set.
Sven Yıl önce
Having all but one of the LEDs pointing inwards and aiming the outwards facing one to the highest value of each dice would be neat.
Pixstatic Yıl önce
this would be neat, though hard to pull off
Wen 3 aylar önce
All the stuff you're able to make is so neat!
Patrice Frey
Patrice Frey Yıl önce
Step 1: Make mini dice Step 2: make holes on every side Step 3: little drop of uv resin Step 4: put led in Step 5: use uv light Step 6: repeat step 3-5 until all sides have leds Step 7: now just do the rest to make it into a bigger dice
amanda_duh Yıl önce
the editing just keeps getting cooler! props to katelyn and editor if they did this video !!
Ambuj Mukheeja
Ambuj Mukheeja 8 aylar önce
These Dice 🎲 look like mini Galaxies you are great makers Evan and Katelyn 👍🏼
Emily Farmer
Emily Farmer Yıl önce
These dice look magical!! I want some now
Xavadings Yıl önce
These are so cool! I love the color combination. And I'm sure they add a whole level of mystery and magic to the DnD adventure! But mid-video I was thinking how dices would looked if you let the numbers clear and coat the rest of the surface black. The wouldn't look as cool and magical as E&K's do, but still interesting. So it anyone is a maker and likes this idea, tag me in your photos! ;)
Erland Johansen
Erland Johansen Yıl önce
I've seen some people use shell molds, with clear center and black shell you'd get a result like that and I think it would look awesome!
wirelesmike73 Yıl önce
THIS!!! I'd like to E&K do this next. Hope they see this comment.
PolarisAT Yıl önce
If you feel like soldering tiny stuff you could totally add multiple LEDs in parallel to one of the coils. Each LED might be a bit dimmer but overall the brightness should stay the same. That would save a lot of space. Worth a try I think!
AH Yıl önce
The side panels look so incredible, I love them!!!!😭
THar Sul
THar Sul Gün önce
Y’all should have a gem faceting table, one of those things they use for lapidary work where it’s got a little armature to hold the gem at specific angles over a flat sanding disk, cheap ones are only a couple hundred bucks and they will save you tons of elbow grease on projects like these.
Grant Smith
Grant Smith Yıl önce
You should 100% do at least a 1 shot in the new spelljammer setting when it comes out for D&D 5E w/ those dice! The are perfect for the Astral sea now that it is replacing the phlogestin in the new lore!
No no
No no Yıl önce
You should use clear resin, but different LED colors. You'll get different colors depending on what sides land parallel to the coil.
JuriAmari Yıl önce
I could totally imagine this with a lava and basalt or mountain ice dice set. The glow of the magma & ice would look so cool. If you wanted to be extra, you could add some glow pigment to it so it would be lit whether on or off the platform. Also I think I remember why UV was not used… (cue flashback to keycap video)
Indya T.
Indya T. Yıl önce
This would be so cooll
D3epb1u3 Yıl önce
Those look amazing! Im still waiting on my Pixel dice to get made...and this made me very jealous lol.
Mel Yıl önce
I absolutely love the design at the end and the letter moons! It so smart and cute!!!!! UGH
luis241661 Yıl önce
pro tip on applying adhesive materials with peel-away backings. it’s easier to peel and adhere a small corner first and line up the material second. once ur lined up begin to peel and press. this also helps with keeping air bubbles out of ur work.
RahmattullahRZ Yıl önce
i always love both of you, you such a great couple of DIY projects.
Sydney B
Sydney B Yıl önce
Seeing the initial difficulty with the Crazy Glue made me think that you guys might find many uses for something used in some manicures: Clear "Builder Gel." It comes in jars, can be applied with paint brushes or many other tools, dilutes and cleans with alcohol, and stays a viscous liquid until cured with UV light! (After curing, it must be wiped with alcohol, or it will remain tacky) Since you're using UV curing anyway, this material might be very useful! (And comes in other colors than just clear)
Andrew Schiraldi
Andrew Schiraldi Yıl önce
an idea for having the LEDs facing outwards: 3d print the "tiny dice" core with the recessions modeled into it
Sky Yıl önce
Big dice are a thing too
spamuel98 7 aylar önce
I think that might work a bit better in terms of hiding the circuitry if you either just glued two of them back to back per die, or if you went from a d6 of LEDs to a d4, so it would fit better in the actual D4.
DisjointedImages Yıl önce
You could have 3D printed a sprue to put all the LEDs on, that was set up for each dice shape. :D You should make a chart of adhesives you can put up on the wall to remind yourself what is available. You could have used UV resin for adhering the LEDs for example. Your videos are always adorable though!
Sam Yıl önce
I'd like to see how they'd look with the numbers colored in with some opaque black. So when the LEDs light up you see the silhouette of the numbers against the light. May be easier to read them that way.
Johann Carson
Johann Carson 10 aylar önce
It would be cool to have a set that randomly changes color, so when you role you could also have random affects thatd be unbiased
HollowRoll Yıl önce
The ideal for this i think would be a shell mold, which you then drill precisely into each face. You can then have an led in each, and they'll all be properly oriented once you get the exterior on.
H💜A Yıl önce
I’ve just found your channel and binged almost allllll your projects in a week 😳😁 love your dynamic
Stuffy-Shorts Yıl önce
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
thank you!
Ieva Yıl önce
Same 😄
Jessica Å
Jessica Å Yıl önce
That's what happened to me a few months ago. Now I eagerly await every new episode. Watching them has genuinely given me so much light in my life haha, makes me believe there are so many good people like them out there.
its.clean Yıl önce
Welcome to Kevin Nation :D Just wait until you get to the second channel, the uncuts, and the streams...prepare for wholesome chaos
Noel Tobler
Noel Tobler Yıl önce
I like this so much! You could do a pinboard with the wireless LED‘s as the magnets.
Caleb Faulkner
Caleb Faulkner Yıl önce
THIS IS WHAT MY WIFE AND I WANTED TO MAKE! You beat us to it! Honestly... you're better with resin than we are so it's probably best you did it first. :)
Rubiks Man The Shapeshifter
positive energy is what brings in that charm , well done . true artists here
Sasbata Yıl önce
I came back to this video because I totally called it. I was watching the new baking soda and super glue video, and I was again struck by how much the dice molds looked like Werpy Dice. The dice mold link isn't in the other video's description, but I came back to this one just to check. I'm so proud of myself for something so small.
Kira Jones
Kira Jones Yıl önce
These are beautiful!!!!! I love all the different things they tested was fun to see the process!!!! Also now I just wanna see something with Rybonator he’d love this.
CyCyDark Yıl önce
The final set ended up looking so cool! Just circling back to your original insert attempt; when making dice with Mylar/cellophane, we typically recommend dipping the Mylar in the resin first before putting it into the mould. Putting it in as-is tends to introduce and trap a bunch more air bubbles than you would if the Mylar were already wet.
Johanna Mckibben
Johanna Mckibben Yıl önce
Yes! I agree. Most dice-makers I've seen have learned from trial and error to always coat whatever inserts they're using in resin before inserting them into the molds. It's messy but ensures that everything is evenly coated and reduces the bubbles SO much!
Angie Yıl önce
Kind of wondering if Evan and Katelyn will ever sell or do giveaways for their test products that aren't perfect but still are pretty rad. I'd love that no LED everything-colored resin dice! So pretty
EzraNotBridger 10 aylar önce
Love the final product!! I know it was a grueling process for you both, but consider… different colors of LEDs for each different die? Ex. D20 is white, D6 is red, etc. To add some fun extra distinction?
Aleta Kibler
Aleta Kibler Yıl önce
You can also used compressed air to instantly set superglue, most companies also sell accelerators but compressed air works great!
weirdnesprevails Yıl önce
Somewhat new to evan & katelyn but have binged their channel! love the chaotic editing of the later videos :)
Jian Shen
Jian Shen Yıl önce
Most creative and beautiful dice ever. Though some people might not want to use them because they are basically weighted dice
RicotheWarlord Yıl önce
I found you guys during the pandemic shortly after Animal Crossing was released and I have enjoyed every second of each of your videos. I found great joy from your first attempt at dice as it was just a few months after I started making dice myself. You're both awesome and please keep up the amazing work.
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
Thank you so much!
ash Yıl önce
I don't know if you've seen this but they've done animal crossing to! It's in the gaming channel
☺smylyface☺ Yıl önce
Am I the only one who looks forward to all of their sponsor spots? I swear, they are the only TRvidrs who I never FF over their sponsorships because they make them part of the fun. I have even made purchases using their codes. E & K, you guys are awesome!
SesshouFan22 Yıl önce
I now want a set of these flux capacitor dice with the blank ink for my best friend because he'd go absolutely crazy over them! He has another friend that I am constantly competing with for best present given to him, and I thought I won with my last present I gave him for my birthday but these dice would take the cake!
Chasity Taylor
Chasity Taylor Yıl önce
They’re like enchanted gem shards. ☺️💕
Creating With Shanna
The whole project turned out so cool! 😎
SynthRockViking Yıl önce
I get really inspired:O I love all these different kinds of glowy resins ^^ also when its merged with non resins things
xxkoumori Yıl önce
Came for the craft, stayed for the wholesome vibes. You guys have such a cute dynamic.
alon raz
alon raz Yıl önce
Idk if you do 3d printing but a resin printer center piece with indents for each led, similar to the mini dice idea could be cool!
sirjokes Yıl önce
making my own dice tray and tower was honestly one of my favorite things ive done in 27 years of living
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