Making a Pranker-BOOMer Photo-Sensor

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24 Kas 2022




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I'm sure there are healthier ways to use the sensor circuit! Or even better other circuits suitable to blow capacitors!
I like how at the beginning he's essentially explaining how he'll create a homemade claymore.
I find it sweet that he “accidentally” sets it off himself. I couldn’t do this to my wife either.
The best part of this is that Mehdi
It's so intriguing to see when Mehdi is very very coutious about something that's very safe but as soon as he gets careless something goes 💥
I love that Mehdi's wife is so used to his BS that when he says "Someone" destroyed the sofa she knows it was more than likely him!!
This guy is the only science teacher that any student needs, I've learned more from him than any of my science teachers
Mehdi!!! Your videos are awesome, my professor used one of your videos during our lecture, you're inspiring a lot of future electrical engineers !!
Mehdi 100% knows the correct way to begin with. He just is such a great teacher to show what happens when connected wrong.
Your content always makes my day
You're awesome, Medhi. Love your channel.
Hahahaha this video was so damn funny. Thanks for putting your life on the line, over and over and over. :)
you'll eventually develop electrical resistance, keep doing what you've been doing .. 👌👍👍
Nice breadboard! Definitely going to pick one up to do some of my labs at home. Maybe I can get some extra credit lol.
This was so fun to make(Except the part I got shocked by a charged capacitor)
This is my first ever video watching this guy, I couldn't stop laughing
Always knew if I followed ElectroBOOM long enough, we'd be taught how to make IEDs.
I Honestly Wish I Could Afford That Bundle Of Yours, I Could Learn So Much :(
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