Make your own SHINY Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

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Thanks to WackoJacko on Discord for linking me to info on this

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28 Kas 2021




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BLAINES 8 aylar önce
This is my video guide on how to do it with RARE CANDY! trvid.com/video/video-oOhI-0u0aNU.html
Key Gamblin
Key Gamblin 8 aylar önce
Hi can you do a video on how to do a heracross @BLAINES
Rayfield the cook
Rayfield the cook 8 aylar önce
Hey what happens if it learns moves it's not supposed to learn will I get banned
YoBoyRona 8 aylar önce
This is nuts
Genroku 8 aylar önce
I will always remember my first shiny, Gyarados. Found it chilling in a lake.
Guns 6
Guns 6 2 aylar önce
I thought I was the only one
DarkCoreX 3 aylar önce
@Gilbert Mendez I know
Gilbert Mendez
Gilbert Mendez 3 aylar önce
@DarkCoreX I think he was joking lol
DarkCoreX 3 aylar önce
Somebody gonna tell ‘em?
Gilbert Mendez
Gilbert Mendez 5 aylar önce
@NewThaiboy9119 mine was also pidgey in leaf green 😂🤌🏼
BlazGreen 8 aylar önce
How nice of the devs to implement their own gameshark for the players to use.
Donut Apostle [7th of the Twelve]
right !! not only did they make us playtest the game 10 days before release, but also gave us a Gameshark lol
JaphetTheProphet 8 aylar önce
I think this is a common glitch across Nintendo games. Botw camera apparatus vibes right here
Peppermint Fizz
Peppermint Fizz 8 aylar önce
@Thomas Duarte i tried it worked but its just sacrificing a pokemon im just gonna keep my shiny ditto im not good at the cloneing method
Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling 8 aylar önce
@Thomas Duarte what discord?
Kye Hines
Kye Hines 8 aylar önce
I updated the games on my Lite, and the menu glitch worked after that. So it must be this update that caused this. 😂
Icewolf 415
Icewolf 415 8 aylar önce
My first ever shiny was a Wurmple in platinum. I saw the shiny grass and randomly walked into it. I saw the wurmple was a different color but I didn’t even know about shinies back then lmao. I’m so glad I caught it even without knowing.
Jester Chester
Jester Chester 7 aylar önce
My brother got a Shiny Drowzee in one of the game boy games and he think his game glitched so he turned it off.
Jester Chester
Jester Chester 7 aylar önce
@TammyTheRanger I got one of those too for heartscales lol
Megan Adams
Megan Adams 8 aylar önce
Mine was also a wurmple!! But in Ruby. Same thing, no idea what was up with it.
Yuna Moonlight
Yuna Moonlight 8 aylar önce
I've been playing Pokemon since I was six, but as far as I remember I've never managed to encounter a shiny Pokemon myself. But I didn't know about shiny Pokemon for the longest time either, so I might just have dismissed them as normal or smth xD Also, I never really tried shiny hunting either, so there's that.
metaldemonseanknels 8 aylar önce
Did it end up being dustox or beautifly
Red 8 aylar önce
Blaines has to be one if the only youtubers who can expand people's horizons in games, without the game intending him to do so
GWKai 8 aylar önce
Shiny hunter: damn, 20 hours in.. the grind is real, we’re over odds but we will get this shiny today! Blaines: never tell me the odds.
12fishcake 8 aylar önce
Not counting scripted/event shinies, the first I actually hunted was a rockruff in moon (about 400 encounters) and the first and only one I've found by pure chance was a dreadmaw I fished up who stayed in my main sword team through my playthrough, became the mlg of my elite 4 team 😄
Granatenei 8 aylar önce
The menu glitch is a gift that keeps on giving. Insane...
Gavin Cognion
Gavin Cognion 8 aylar önce
Keep in mind, the location of the Shiny is given to the new Pokemon, so you need to use a bred Shiny if you want your newly created Shiny to be able to go online, since the met location of a bred Pokemon works for any Pokemon
Phantom1100 8 aylar önce
@Kenneth Ngui could be the moveset or the EVs. Try resetting all of those.
Kenneth Ngui
Kenneth Ngui 8 aylar önce
@thePokemonmaster141 same. Wonder where’s the problem.
thePokemonmaster141 8 aylar önce
Tried tht but still couldn't trade them
CtrlAltVirus 8 aylar önce
Fun fact: If the shiny pokemon you’re “sacrificing” is from another language (In my case Japanese ditto) the newly evolved Pokemon will also be in that Language (My Salamance).
baldaamick tv
baldaamick tv 7 aylar önce
@The Mischeivous Spiritomb if you caught an English version and used a German version the name would register different making it illegal so yes and no I get Pokemon names are different in different languages that's common sense my dude idk if you thought you was being cool but that's not what I was talking about I was talking about making them legal....
The Mischeivous Spiritomb
@baldaamick tv wdym "correct name" bro. English is not the correct language wtf do u mean??
orkiporki 8 aylar önce
@Kenneth Ngui That is because the new shiny you create uses the old shiny as its base. All that this method does is to change the species of the pokemon and update the ability and stats to what that new pokemon would normally have - nothing else is changed, including relearn moves, the ball it's caught in and the met location. Obviously, some of (if not, most of) these will create illegal results. I do not own the game but I have a lot of experience creating pokemon using pkhex and my experience tells me that what I said is 99% what is going on here. Most of the results should be illegal and if they aren't, pokemon's lack of security regarding what is legal has surprised me by reaching a new low.
Kenneth Ngui
Kenneth Ngui 8 aylar önce
@thePokemonmaster141 some can be traded and some can’t. I tried removing all the movesets and teach it one of its learnt move, fixed some of them. But still there are some that doesn’t work, not sure why.
thePokemonmaster141 8 aylar önce
@baldaamick tv the pokemon can't be traded after because I think it either still registers the previous shiny pokemon use this method if your playing just for fun and not anything online
Mr Ross
Mr Ross 8 aylar önce
This definitely deserves a video just for the rare candies to evolve!
YungPrilosec 8 aylar önce
Never have I seen a Pokemon game more broken but also it makes me really happy that's it's so glitchy
AfroSensei 8 aylar önce
@Zach Johnson like father like son
daniel jordan
daniel jordan 8 aylar önce
Pokemon yellow
Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson 8 aylar önce
gamefreaks first games= many glitches ILCA's first games = many glitches
Pokedash55 8 aylar önce
I love these videos. I only bought this game because I saw your glitch videos and wanted to play around with it. As a beginning shiny hunter I don't know if this is my favorite or least favorite glitch of all time but I'm definitely gonna try it!
Rei Arisugawa
Rei Arisugawa 8 aylar önce
My first non-event Shiny was a Marill in Pokémon Ruby back when the games had come out. I caught it after talking to Stephen after the Fortree Gym Badge, and I loved its color. I later evolved it and loved the color less, but he was a tough boy who helped get me into competitive battling later on 💖
Coolblue119 8 aylar önce
Got myself a shiny toxicroak thanks to you, appreciate it!!🙏🏽
Cross13 8 aylar önce
When I think there can't be more there's always more on this channel
Jari Sr
Jari Sr 8 aylar önce
After a bit of testing I found out the Pokemon that you evolve also gets the attacks from the fodder mon. This means you can literally get any Pokemon with any move you want!
Cuhhrayz Wuhermz
Cuhhrayz Wuhermz 8 aylar önce
This game is literally like having built in action replay lol. Lucky my turtwig was shiny and I haven’t evolved it yet.
David Aquino
David Aquino 8 aylar önce
@Iven Sargsyan wanna trade? I'm still at the first update doing my clones
Iven Sargsyan
Iven Sargsyan 8 aylar önce
@Cuhhrayz Wuhermz lmk when u update I’m staying at 1.1.1 also. Cause I have a shiny empoleon waiting for your turt
David Aquino
David Aquino 8 aylar önce
@Cuhhrayz Wuhermz I didn't update yet
Cuhhrayz Wuhermz
Cuhhrayz Wuhermz 8 aylar önce
@David Aquino yooo nvm it says I need to update 🤦🏻‍♂️😭 lol OOF uhhh if you use Reddit look me up on there same name as on here all together tho, and I’ll trade you some other time, as of now I’m keeping mine on version 1.1.1 😅 sorry yo.
Cuhhrayz Wuhermz
Cuhhrayz Wuhermz 8 aylar önce
@David Aquino sorry I was a bit busy out of no where earlier, I’m on right now if you want to, make sure you don’t update yet tho!
Jari Sr
Jari Sr 8 aylar önce
I love the glitches! I now have a shiny Roserade with transform as an attack! This is awesome
The Spanish Inquisition, professional degenerate
This glitch also carries over nicknames, moves, natures, where you caught it, and probably some other things. If you have an Adamant shiny Ralts, and a non-shiny physical attacker with a bad nature, consider the glitch. Edit: it also changes what type of poke ball the newly shinified pokemon is in.
OmoDeiru 8 aylar önce
Im loving these glitches, thankyou for the content i hope there is more to come
William Moore
William Moore 8 aylar önce
Can’t wait to do this with the starters
Unbound_Selrahc 8 aylar önce
Thanks for the guides, I’ve been abusing these glitches because I don’t have the sanity for regular shiny hunting, the shiny I had was a random ass shiny Golbat encounter in Victory Road, so I got lucky. Wish you could use it for fully evolved Pokémon, but hey can’t complain.
DexterTek 8 aylar önce
I’ll always remember that first shiny I ever got in Shield. It was a simple Litten, obtained via the Masuda method.
ArtisChronicles 8 aylar önce
My first shield shiny was a bronzor that I was just trying to get competitive stats on, including 0 speed. A completely coincidental hatch.
Il Vegeta II
Il Vegeta II 8 aylar önce
This video hit #36 on trending at time of this comment. Awesome stuff as per usual man. Keep up the great work
Jonny y0
Jonny y0 8 aylar önce
What a fun glitch. If only I had a shiny! 🙃
Mahxwell 8 aylar önce
i can give you one haha
Raysha 8 aylar önce
Takes the fun out of shiny hunting ✨
you Swedes and your pickled herring
TBF it's voluntary. I practiced this glitch and it worked with mine, but I'm still going to do the Masuda method because it's a great way to kill time without thinking too much.
D Stag
D Stag 8 aylar önce
Yeah you know what I would like a glitch that keeps your chain from breaking when you hunt for shinies.
Flare Ardiente
Flare Ardiente 8 aylar önce
I miss my first ever shiny. All the way back in pokemon emerald. I encountered a shiny aron. I didnt even know what a shiny was back then, i just thought it must have been a stronger type of aron thanks to the sparkles. Never even realized it was a different color until i beat up steven with it. You will be missed Fullmetal.
Shane Besong
Shane Besong 8 aylar önce
Might be interesting to test if the ability slot is passed on, i.e. ability 1 vs ability 2 vs hidden ability. I think that could be a likely scenario
JGThePharaoh 8 aylar önce
I got the whole moveset to transfer in my video I just posted
Mortitome 8 aylar önce
I wonder if the ability is just matching what version of ability you should have. i.e. a Ditto's 1st possible ability is Limber and a Honchrow's 1st possible ability is Insomnia. So I wonder if you used a pokemon with a hidden ability if you could force pokemon to gain hidden abilities. Edit: So, if you used a Ditto with Imposter, I wonder if you would have gotten a Honchrow with Moxie.
Martijn Akkerman
Martijn Akkerman 8 aylar önce
I have found that the game also copies a pokemons hidden ID, so when you put a ball capsule onto the shiny you just created the ball capsule will also be put onto the Pokémon the shiny was made from (in this case I duplicated a shiny, and used that as sacrifice for the new shiny)
SFGNixy 8 aylar önce
for anyone that's managed to do this I was wondering, since stats etc. become what the shiny was, does the ball, first met etc. also change to what the original shiny was? thanks x
Esk Imo
Esk Imo 8 aylar önce
Having as many glitches as bdsp has makes the game so awesome and playable for longer
Muestrano 8 aylar önce
Thanks for your videos Blaines ! Glitches are so fun!
NU PARKERZ FC 8 aylar önce
I actually love all these glitches, first all the duplication glitches then this shiny glitche. The only thing i wish i could duplicate is mysterious shards
Lolzking 8 aylar önce
there was a shinyfy glitch back in gen 2 using the coincase glitch, but it required long lists of specific items in your pc item storage. it worked with any pokemon, and with the introduction of the virtual machine releases to 3ds you could bring the shinyfied pokemon into more recent gen games.
Carl Fenech
Carl Fenech 8 aylar önce
I evolved a Jolteon sacrificing a Vaporeon, it wanted to learn thundershock when I noticed it still had the Vaporeon move set so I learned thundershock over sand attack and the Jolteon kept water gun Not sure if this was already known just wanted to put it out there
Radhika Subhash
Radhika Subhash 8 aylar önce
My first shiny was a Magnemite, in Pokemon Firered. That's how I came to know about shinies.
noeyoss 8 aylar önce
Sick stuff, this worked (almost!) flawlessly. Sometimes when I enter the box on the evolution screen, the hand cursor and pokemon names don't appear, but I can still move stuff around, but this would result in some error message and freeze the game after the Pokemon evolves, not sure if there's a fix for this!
Deniel Dujmovic
Deniel Dujmovic 8 aylar önce
Hmm couldn't that maybe in theory work with hatching eggs as well since it's pretty much the same screen? If yes that would also allow us to easily get a shiny manaphy and/or phione.
Travis Marusak
Travis Marusak 8 aylar önce
Nate 8 aylar önce
@Key Gamblin no you can’t so put ur shiny as the first one in box because when you open you’ll be right on it then press Y once to quick select then A and go left to the pokémon ur making shiny
Arthur T
Arthur T 8 aylar önce
is there any way around if a pokemon learns a move upon evolving? im trying to get a dewgong and can get to the end of the evolution sequence but it learns a move then freezes
Captain Kaveman
Captain Kaveman 8 aylar önce
Get the evolution done see it registered in Pokedex then it tries to learn a move and freezes
Aqua Neko
Aqua Neko 8 aylar önce
@Heriberto J. Gonzalez thanks man that solved it!
Z Batt
Z Batt 8 aylar önce
@BLAINES could you make an updated video?
Teledadsgotpwned 8 aylar önce
Does the ball change when evolving into the new shiny? Does it mess with the moves on the evolved shiny? The murkrow had super luck which is a different ability slot than the honchkrows insomnia so it looks like it takes the ability slot too.
Teledadsgotpwned 8 aylar önce
@venomousleif ya but you can get around that by either leaving that mon u bred in the daycare with another pokemon of the same species who knows the egg moves, or by using the move tutor glitch blaines went over
Teledadsgotpwned 8 aylar önce
@Luis Cardenas ya but the ditto was also in a pokeball
venomousleif 8 aylar önce
@Martí wait so if i breed egg moves and do this process they're going to be gone??
Dr. J0nes
Dr. J0nes 8 aylar önce
@Martí sorry I don't understand what you are saying.
Luis Cardenas
Luis Cardenas 8 aylar önce
Isn't the PokeBall visible in the murkroe and honchcrow when he goes look at it's stats? Or is that not what you are talking about
Switcheroo 8 aylar önce
So happy I can get a shiny flygon, I use one in sword and he's very dear to me, now I can use him in brilliant diamond!
dynamicsketch 7 aylar önce
My first ever shiny was Paras in Silver version during the bug catching contest. I lost the contest but I won a shiny Pokemon. In Pearl I ran into a wild shiny Budew on my second day of playing.
Dark Puppetmaster
Dark Puppetmaster 8 aylar önce
Seems like this glitch only copies the species of one pokemon to another. So if the shiny Pokemon you use has it's hidden ability, the Pokemon created by this glitch should also have it's hidden ability. So in theory this glitch could also be used to get hidden abilities on Pokemon you can't catch with their hidden abilities in this game.
Kenneth Ngui
Kenneth Ngui 8 aylar önce
@JGThePharaoh some of the pokemon can’t be traded, do you have this problem?
ArtisChronicles 8 aylar önce
@Engel now that's funny
Chris Husted
Chris Husted 8 aylar önce
Does it change ivs?
Engel 8 aylar önce
I just got myself a shiny charizard that knows blizzard and frost breath.
Chris Husted
Chris Husted 8 aylar önce
Do we think this might apply to regional variant status too?
Calle Drago
Calle Drago 8 aylar önce
My first shiny was a ponyta. It is beautiful.
TheWordHunter 8 aylar önce
TheWindChaser 8 aylar önce
I remember my lucky day I was training at victory road and found two shinies it was Machoke and Bronzor I had no clue what shinies were before knowing this I could get those two again. Btw they were the same encounter after shiny machoke 4 step i encounter my shiny bronzor
kris 8 aylar önce
this is crazy. love it, thanks for sharing!
Natano 8 aylar önce
This game just keeps on getting more and more broken, and I love it!
Team Rocket
Team Rocket 8 aylar önce
Donut Apostle [7th of the Twelve]
Well I mean you _can_ do that in Red/Blue too (changing DVs and stats, which determines shinyness in Gen 2) EDIT: So, you need a shiny, which you'll be cloning, then sacrificing to give the shinyness to the evolving Pokémon. pretty tricky but still really user friendly
少し冬 8 aylar önce
Can't wait to see what other glitches there are. This will be interesting.
Aleksi 8 aylar önce
The glitches we have now literally achieve everything you want from a glitch. Long as you have that one perfect iv shiny or non shiny. You can clone your every mon with perfect ivs and with duping you can easily ev train. Everything you needed to grind for is gone now.
PSYCHO PAT 8 aylar önce
@DarkRa this must’ve been their plan to make a bugged out game and let us play around 🤣🤣🤣🤣 just got keep us busy till legends arceus.
DarkRa 8 aylar önce
We already over 100 plus glitches /bugs
TheRandomNobody 8 aylar önce
The first shiny I ever encountered was actually in a romhack of FireRed , FireRed Rocket edition and was a Zubat before I had pokeballs
StraightEdgeA7X 8 aylar önce
This would be incredible if i could actually get the first shiny. So many 7% broken chains for Budew and Nincada. Makes me wonder if im doing something wrong.
Lethal 8 aylar önce
With all those glitches, I'm wondering... Will we ever see a glitch that will let us catch the black giratina boss?
MaoMaoTheCreator 8 aylar önce
black giratina boss?
Lethal 8 aylar önce
@Akiran Drake ah rip-
Akiran Drake
Akiran Drake 8 aylar önce
@Lethal Its completely impossible to get. PDWinnel already did a video on this.
RosesBubble 8 aylar önce
It's not programmed in any way as a usable pokemon, so probably not
Lethal 8 aylar önce
@Brett White Yeah, this would be interesting. Also wondering if he can have max IVS/EVS.
Misa Misaa
Misa Misaa 8 aylar önce
My 1st shiny ever was a spearow I found in the grass area before the mt moon. I was playing on an emulator and had no idea why it's gold, so I caught it and left it in the pc xD My official 1st shiny was a male snorunt I hatched when I was trying to hatch a female on for my alola pokedex. Oh and I also managed to hatch a shiny Absol in pokemon go & got a shitton of shinies in pokemon masters during events xD
Ben Pearce
Ben Pearce 8 aylar önce
I’ll be interested to see whether these Pokémon make it into Home or not when that is added!
Phantom1100 8 aylar önce
@thePokemonmaster141 probably because of location caught
thePokemonmaster141 8 aylar önce
They can't you can't even trade them in bdsp I think its because it still reads the newly shiny pokemon as the other or if not a mix of both
Mr Durva
Mr Durva 8 aylar önce
Why wouldn't they? The game can't distinguish between them lol
Thomas larry
Thomas larry 8 aylar önce
I'm just wondering how safe these will be to transfer to home and whatnot, because i'm assuming every pokemon has certain data and wouldn't this be mixed between the sacrificial pokemon and the new one? Hopefully no issues like that but only time will tell if they can track all these glitches later on.
NS Slaughter
NS Slaughter 8 aylar önce
@baldaamick tv same here I was about to ask about that issue as well
baldaamick tv
baldaamick tv 8 aylar önce
I'm having a problem trading the glitched shiny
I'm hungry
I'm hungry 8 aylar önce
Your box glitch video has helped me obtain a ton of master balls and nuggets, luckily I did find a shiny Pokemon at full odds in the wild, unfortunately most of the mons on my team are already evolved fully, but I can still put this method to good use. Thanks homie 👍👍👍
I'm hungry
I'm hungry 8 aylar önce
@Shinku no problem, I can send you a shiny graveler with a master ball, you trade it back to me, you can keep the master ball, and I'll trade you another shiny graveler with another master ball. Then we'll each have a shiny golem. What's your friend code? I'm online now
Shinku 8 aylar önce
@I'm hungry i only have the bottle cap for now
I'm hungry
I'm hungry 8 aylar önce
@Shinku yeah I can, would you happen to have an ability patch? I need one to change my garchomps ability to rough skin. Also I have a shiny graveler, would you trade the duplicate I made back to me and I'll send you one as well, that way we both end up with a shiny golem?
Shinku 8 aylar önce
Can you trade me one ? I used mine against dialga pls
That Roach
That Roach 8 aylar önce
I’m going to try this with egg hatching ! Update: still working on it, it’s weird. I feel like there is potential
That Roach
That Roach 8 aylar önce
@BriefingSol I’ve had zero luck, I’ve had many visual glitches such as ditto hatching from an egg or source code for the Pokémon name, but no luck with actual shiny hatches or changes
BriefingSol 8 aylar önce
How’s it going?
PokemonAnimeBattle 8 aylar önce
My first shiny was a tentacool in emerald, I think ended up running away from a shiny winggull because I wasn't paying attention so I softest the game and then I went to fish and found shiny tentacool, ps this was before I knew about emerald's broken RNG, also I ended up getting into a completely random encounter with a shiny swablu.
zoa nesbit
zoa nesbit 8 aylar önce
Works great. It also copies the moveset. It's also easier to press lz, X and a at the same time AFTER opening the summary to the bag than at Check Summary.
Josh Munden
Josh Munden 8 aylar önce
Ok, now we just need this to work for legendaries and mythicals 😂😂
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez 8 aylar önce
Holy crap, this game is a truly modern remake. It’s on par with all the glitchy/buggy games we’ve been getting recently.
Bryan Parra
Bryan Parra 8 aylar önce
Imagine if you can do this for legendaries. Considering the glitches that have been found i think its only a matter of time before we find one
heatertony 8 aylar önce
Maybe you can glitch a legendary into an egg. Then while hatching Do that glitch
Ralf Cruz
Ralf Cruz 8 aylar önce
@baldaamick tv talk to me
baldaamick tv
baldaamick tv 8 aylar önce
@A Ali hey I can help you out lol
A Ali
A Ali 8 aylar önce
I’d end my shiny rayquaza hunt coz I missed the giveaway. I’m hunting him on SWSH and BDSP
Gkzit 8 aylar önce
JUGGERTR0LL 8 aylar önce
My first ever shiny was a duskull I hatched on accident with full odds in Platinum
Aayan A
Aayan A 8 aylar önce
My first ever shiny was a shiny magikarp after 1000+ eggs
TheJolteon21 8 aylar önce
These glitches are insane starting to feel like it waz meant to glitch since no more of those action replay. Still crazy taught my magikarp roar of time 🤣
Rayzon 8 aylar önce
I'm curious if this works for mid tier evos. By that I mean , if you evolve Machop in Machoke will it be shiny? If so, will it retain the shiny form in a trade to Machamp? Cuz it won't work for those you have to trade to evolve to final tier. Just wondering if you can get around it like so.
Bloodstainer 8 aylar önce
You can do this in gen 1 and 2. You can use Mimic on the red Gyarados to force any wild ditto in gen 1 to turn shiny by using mimic on transform. You could also use the coin glitch in gen 2 to alter stats and force a mon to be shiny. Same in gen 1 though you use the boxes and corrupt bits you don't actually use the coin wallet. But this is super cool.
Just a typical Youtuber
This is very tempting for me who's planning to do an all-shiny run. Especially when I've already went through many phases for shiny starly and buizel lmao
austin hopkins
austin hopkins 7 aylar önce
@Nate Harris cope
Nate Harris
Nate Harris 8 aylar önce
@Luis Cardenas it’s different with pokémon. it’s literally so much different. this is not harmless cheat codes in tony hawk to play as shrek this is glitch cheats to ruin fairness and fun for people who work hard and try to earn these (supposed to be) rewards. if u dont wanna grind in pokémon, showdown was made for a reason.
Luis Cardenas
Luis Cardenas 8 aylar önce
@Nate Harris you guys must be boring. people been liking cheats sicne the dawn of video games
Nate Harris
Nate Harris 8 aylar önce
@ArtisChronicles exactly my point bro, shinys should stay rare and be valuable not something u can get for free without earning it theres no reward in that.
ArtisChronicles 8 aylar önce
@Nate Harris it doesn't even take long to train a team in swsh. It takes even less time for legitimate shinies to appear in those games. You're complaining about a non-issue. If it was gen 5 competitive you'd have an argument.
Nikita Childers
Nikita Childers 8 aylar önce
What if the Pokémon evolves twice, and you make it shiny on the second evolution? Will it stay shiny for the third evolution or will it go back to normal?
Wilson Youki
Wilson Youki 8 aylar önce
Thank bro And very appreciated To teach us how to glitch
Rilea 8 aylar önce
Thanks for the video Blaines! I'd love to do this but unfortunately I haven't managed to find a shiny yet - does anybody have one spare they've duplicated they wouldn't mind trading me? Thanks!
Saahil Rawat
Saahil Rawat 8 aylar önce
this method is crazzy blaines really come up with something new whenever i think u r done with the glitches
Exeggudragon 8 aylar önce
The moves carried over from the sacrificed pokemon. Now my altaria knows Spacial Rend. Did anyone else have anything like this? Edit: My altaria was trying to learn a move after the evolution, so that might have had something to do with it.
J. M.
J. M. 8 aylar önce
Yup. My raichu now know earthquake, curse, Rockbridge, and crunch (used a shiny steelix). Also, the information on where you met your pokemon changes. The game thinks I met the raichu in the grand underground (which shouldn't be possible)
Емил Атанасов
We haven't been able to do this since 1999 in Gold and Silver, with the coin case glitch! You are the Indiana Jones of Pokemon!
Nate Harris
Nate Harris 8 aylar önce
@Dr. J0nes if these people dont wanna grind in pokémon, showdown was made for a reason smh
Dr. J0nes
Dr. J0nes 8 aylar önce
@Nate Harris yeah I hope all these glitches get fixed soon. These bugs got out of hand really fast.
Nate Harris
Nate Harris 8 aylar önce
@Dr. J0nes hes the one promoting this type of playstyle and its a huge insult to the competitive AND shiny hunting community
Dr. J0nes
Dr. J0nes 8 aylar önce
But you know that he is not the one who found that glitches? He is just showing it on TRvid.
Gavin Cognion
Gavin Cognion 8 aylar önce
You can actually do it in Emerald with double corruption too
Gogo 8 aylar önce
Looks super fun. Ill wait for the glitch that allows us to shine the non evolvers
Kevin K-MO Mohammed
Kevin K-MO Mohammed 8 aylar önce
Yep. Would like a shiny Heracross, but also an easier way to get my Shiny Dialga rather than constantly resetting.
Whitey Gaming
Whitey Gaming 8 aylar önce
Tomorrow’s video here is how to make a shiny without needing to evolve but with a bad egg. December 1st here is how to make a shiny without a bad egg. December 2nd here is how to make your entire party at once a shiny. December 3rd oh your whole box into a shiny now. Lol. Keep up the good work love this game and the glitches makes me feel like I’m back in gen 1
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 8 aylar önce
With all those glitches, I'm wondering... Will we ever see a glitch that will let us catch the black giratina boss?
William Latigo
William Latigo 8 aylar önce
There's an easier way to explain what's happening. Doing this simply overwrites what pokemon the Ditto (or sacrifice shiny) is, into whatever you're trying to make shiny. Your Ditto's IVs, Nature, and Item are all the same, the only thing that changed was the pokemon itself. Unfortunately we didn't see what the moves were, but I'd be willing to bet they're the only thing different
Kevin Negrón mn
Kevin Negrón mn 8 aylar önce
They are the same as the sacrificed pokemon
Dico Antipy
Dico Antipy 8 aylar önce
Good video Blaines! Thanks for the information keep up the good content
LuBi 8 aylar önce
Shouldnt this also work with eggs? Would be useful for pokemon that don't evolve but can be bred
David Chavez
David Chavez 8 aylar önce
Love the videos bro 😎 keep it going 🥵🎉 am pumped !
DanKirpan 8 aylar önce
These Shinys seem to be unable to be used online. The cause of this is probably that Egg- and Starting Moves carry over from the Shiny (for example my Elektek is able to remember Smog). It may work if the Mon to shinyfy has the same starting moves as the shiny.
Kenneth Ngui
Kenneth Ngui 8 aylar önce
Those that I made sacrificing my shiny ditto can be used online. I think its because ditto only has 1 move which is transform
Timmy Phillipi
Timmy Phillipi 8 aylar önce
This Game has so many Glitches. It is insane. I have been having fun playing around with quite a few of the glitches, including the Duplication ones. Can't imagine what the next glitch discovered will allow you to do at this point.
Remn 8 aylar önce
Hey Blaines can you do it with a mon which evolves with rare candy? Thank you a lot i love your videos!
Nolan Loughlin
Nolan Loughlin 8 aylar önce
Could this essentially work as an egg is hatching to make the pokemon shiny. You would of course have to time it right before the egg hatches though. Something to look into at some point
RufusZombot 8 aylar önce
The item wasn't cloned. It stayed exactly where it was. And these could be considered illegal depending on what does change like catch location, or catch level.
RufusZombot 8 aylar önce
@baldaamick tv yeah, a Pokemon knowing moves it cant learn can make them illegal. A lot of things can make them illegal, so I'm going to assume any pokemon you make with this method will be illegal and impossible to use online or transfer to Home when it becomes available.
baldaamick tv
baldaamick tv 8 aylar önce
That what I'm having trouble with bc the route is technically a hatched basis. But it's still coming up illegal. Could the moves that transferred over with the original shiny cause it to be illegal
A S 8 aylar önce
My first was a Duskull. I thought it was broken so I traded it for a Marshstomp 😭
Grant Dabest
Grant Dabest 8 aylar önce
I tried this with Roselia but it had ditto ability and move
Faust 8 aylar önce
It’s a shame the glitched mess that it leaves under the shiny coat could only be avoided by using a Pokémon of the same species, because at that point it’s just duplication with extra steps…
tiago canas
tiago canas 8 aylar önce
Great video! Does the glitch only work with evolution item or with rare candys as well? Can't seem to make it work with rare candys
poylido04 8 aylar önce
there is 3 little problem with this... to make it legit you have to choose a shiny that hatched because otherwise it will be written that it has been catch on let say''209'' when you can only catch it on road 215 second it learns the attack of the pokemon that it evolved from so make sure that youi can change the attacks right after and for third make sure the ball is legit because it change ball with the pokemon you traded with. otherwise nice trick
himynameisnotmark1 8 aylar önce
The more broken it is the longer it will take to get patched hopefully 🙏
Twistd Spartan
Twistd Spartan 8 aylar önce
Also got 3 shinnies in the past 2 days. I’ve been very lucky.
Katie B
Katie B 8 aylar önce
I never thought we would see a Pokémon game as glitchy or maybe even more than Pokémon Red and Blue
Lex Ruptor
Lex Ruptor 5 aylar önce
Wondering if with the new patch, duped shinies used to convert others shiny are marked as duped, or if soecies is enough to not be counted as duped
Pat Lund
Pat Lund 8 aylar önce
This feels like the glitches that existed in gen 1 and 2 back in the day.
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