Magic Is In The Air... TOWN HALL 15 Is On The Way! ✨ Clash of Clans New Update 

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Magic Is In The Air... TOWN HALL 15 Is On The Way! ✨ Clash of Clans New Update
#clashofclans #townhall15 #newupdate
Our most magical Town Hall yet is here! We know you’ve been anxiously waiting to see what Town Hall 15 will look like, so wait no more...
New levels coming to Town Hall 15: supr.cl/newlevels_TH15
Upcoming cost reductions: supr.cl/ReductionsOct22
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From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.
PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money
Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans.
A network connection is also required.
- Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
- Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters
- Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
- Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
- Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
- Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
- Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
- Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
- Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
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4 Eki 2022




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@JudoSloth Yıl önce
Let the TH15 Hype begin 🔥🔥🔥
@tayluvofficial Yıl önce
love you man
@therealusman Yıl önce
hype! hype! love your videos, judo, walls will probably be a big problem for th14s, but lucky for me, im still a TH9.
@tayluvofficial Yıl önce
Gem TH 15!
@Fik117 Yıl önce
I think they should make it so you can choose what the death spell or weapon is being used
@lirich0 Yıl önce
Yeah that’d be super cool in terms of base customization and variety
@OK-fo5tm Yıl önce
That'd be dope tho
@SnowBlind7 Yıl önce
If they did that what would they do for TH16 haha
@bruhmaster8272 Yıl önce
Just like dominations
It feels like yesterday when TH 14 released. Time flew so quickly
@axeldiaz404 Yıl önce
how, that was ages ago :0
@@shadowstriker904 it was only 18 months
@shapetick4096 Yıl önce
@@raccoonblenders1482 18 months is ages to me 😅
@@raccoonblenders1482 @shapetick very relatable
Im excited to see what the new main upgrade troop or possibly pets will be available obviously a new th can’t just give buffs to the defenses and troops there’s gotta be some new things to this can’t wait for the next previews
@dylanswonke1230 Yıl önce
Judo sloths video showed there’s gonna be a new troop but he can’t reveal it yet, another sneak peak tomorrow though
@@dylanswonke1230 hype
@w4rl0ck Yıl önce
4 new pets too
@user-en1yx8wy1x Yıl önce
Не волнуйся голубчик)))
me too
@audiomac Yıl önce
Not sure how I feel about seeing blue/purple being used as a town hall theme for the third time. Hopefully this update will be great!
@kayj312 Yıl önce
yeah they become more and more generic with each release, I’m not stoked about this one
@audiomac Yıl önce
@@kayj312 One issue is that the new town halls, starting at th14, stopped looking like upgrades in visuals. Previously, I could tell which town hall was better because each one actually looked like an upgrade. Th15 actually seems like it comes after th13, but th 14 looks like a downgrade to both.
We need pink townhall ngl
@@yeetuspatronus1050 Yes
@Isupremacy Yıl önce
@@yeetuspatronus1050 i don't like it
@Yetr Yıl önce
It was very much expected that th15 will retain th14's weapon and after effect. Looking forward to new stuff.👍🏻
no it wasn't LMAO
​@@silverphantom8937 it is
@NoobPatel Yıl önce
@@floatingkitty7001 Actually no, in this video the THs infernos color is reddish. Whereas now it’s changed to pink.
@uddeshrai5701 Yıl önce
I remember playing Clash of Clans with TH9 as the highest, now it's TH15. That's a long way man 💙
@AdoptTaqwa Yıl önce
Fr I started in beta
now th9 is not the same as old th9 bro. the prices were dropped too much.
@nessaj6359 Yıl önce
I remember I played COC but the Maximum is TH11. Bro I've been playing for more than one year but still TH9 at that time. I wonder what years people could take to get on TH15. Lol.
@uddeshrai5701 Yıl önce
@@nessaj6359 I'm about to TH13..lol 😂
@Rin.Zukaki Yıl önce
@@AdoptTaqwa bro that's so SICK
@valmercado2320 Yıl önce
The moment they made the challenge * last TH 14 challenge * TH15 immediately appeared on my mind..
@Hester_prynne Yıl önce
???? there's a new th every 18 months
@GoodnightHugs Yıl önce
Hammer jam comes out before every new th too
@Gta0823 Yıl önce
@seyyedhafiz Yıl önce
I personally love the fiery theme with spikes in th11. The TH12 13 14 15 looks meaningless to me, I mean the higher the level goes up, the badass it should look. Ex: the canon in maxed TH11 floating on lava ❤️‍🔥 It gives a badass look also looks cool
@Harshit_008 Yıl önce
It don't think so th13 and th14 is Good , it have wrost design ever.
@diegocosta493 Yıl önce
Yeah but everything has a limit. What is more intimidating than skulls of TH 9 and lava of TH10? Lol
@xenai. Yıl önce
@@Harshit_008 I love th11 alot, probably my favorite theme. But th14 is really good too, especially with dark themed scenery
@auson3638 Yıl önce
Th15 design is so much better than th 14 and colorful too th14 color just dull and looks awful
@akira6960 Yıl önce
But like blue nd black cannon also looks quite badass cause like also the blue colour is the most loved by audience
@ericamorim8567 Yıl önce
Seria muito bom para a dinâmica do jogo, se tivéssemos a opção de ter dois ou três tipos de tropa para escolher no momento do ataque, tanto para casual quanto para guerra. Exemplo, estou procurando uma vila para atacar, estou procurando vila para FARMAR, mas aparece uma que tem bastante troféus e também preciso dos troféus, porém linha tropa é de FARM, se tivesse a possibilidade de ter outra tropa pronta poderia trocar antes do ataque, ou então minha tropa é terrestre e a vila que encontrei as defesas aéreas são fracas, com outra tropa pronta poderia trocar o ataque terrestre pelo aéreo. Fico grato se pelo menos responderem minha mensagem, estou no jogo desde 2016! Até mais.
This time please give updates of T15 periodically in a span of 1 year so that we low level players can also reach the level a bit. Right now, we reach a certain level and there's more, atleast please let us also enjoy the moment. Rest, CLASH ON!!
@jpmendoza0807 Yıl önce
I think they should have made a frozen tesla, where it can multi zap and slow down enemies
@Potatoman0852 Yıl önce
It's always legendary when a new Town Hall comes out
@skleet8252 Yıl önce
for reaal
@enzochu290 Yıl önce
I think the colors of the town hall was inspired of the town hall lv 9
after massive fail clan capital update....now a joke th15.....nothing new what a shame...
@MmELrD Yıl önce
@@ahsanhabibsadhin2164 it’s almost like you’re still playing the game🤓
@MartinPirko Yıl önce
@@ahsanhabibsadhin2164 Clan Capital is fun mate..
@cainhenson8982 Yıl önce
They need to come up with a new defensive weapon for Townhall 16 they’ve used the Giga Inferno 3 times
@rockdonot Yıl önce
Looks cool, waaaaay cooler than 14… 14 just kinda melted into the background. Looking forward to this, great job SC! 🎉
@animesupreme Yıl önce
They removed 4 barracks(3 normal barracks and 1 dark barrack). So, it means they gonna add some new buildings. I wonder what is it ! 🤔
So excited for th15 as a Th10 player😊
Im not tbh. I just want to catch up
@hibikikuze632 Yıl önce
Big impact to us TH10, hahaha
@Drx_Em0n Yıl önce
@orez3706 Yıl önce
@@marcoslightspeed5517 I feel it I stopped playing when I maxed th11 and th12 first came out I come back and now I'm 4 townhalls behind
@b3rt209 Yıl önce
atleast the upgrades will be cheaper, right?
I just upgraded to TH13, thinking "only 1 year to go, TH14 here I come." And there it goes, TH15 on the notification. Got to adjust my CoC goals now.😁
@HShango Yıl önce
Just work work work, that's what I did to get to th14 pretty quickly
@goldiekoi935 Yıl önce
@@HShango problem for me isn’t resources it’s upgrade timers. Now TH 15 is gonna have things that take nearly 20 days each.
@Sims64340 11 aylar önce
@@goldiekoi935 We just need another builder even if it’s 5K gem
The theme fits perfectly with the champion skins and those who have Halloween and shadow scenery will enjoy this new townhall 15
It's cool but i was expecting a bit more😅😅 as the clash of clans community always brings something not expected But I am looking forward to a new hero too
@lulz4lulz Yıl önce
No new hero.
@aakashmehta3961 Yıl önce
I remember those days of COC 2015 when it was only till TH11 and I used to see top players fascinating max bases but now it has come a long way and coc is the only game I see has still many active players till date....keep it up guys ❤️😍 Love from India🇮🇳
@ssubhani799 Yıl önce
2015-2017 was its peak
@aakashmehta3961 Yıl önce
@@ssubhani799 yeah man❤️
@ilmaamaliah340 Yıl önce
we players really hope that the time for upgrading heroes, troops, and buildings can be accelerated so that we can also compete in the upper townhall and feel the sensation
@marctate7975 Yıl önce
or just play more. between extra loot when attacking, clan games, clan war league and the battle pass it is super easy to upgrade. thats not counting any potions
@impartion Yıl önce
Perhaps maybe a bh10 too while you guys are at it? 🙃 Excited to see th15 though in action! As a veteran player, these updates are always so exciting to see Edit: Yall need to shut up and calm down. My comment was in no way negatively aimed at anyone and for those of you saying the same thing “rework in 2023” without providing any link or source that isnt “it was in one of their videos”, shut up? Like cmon now.
builder base fans starvin 😰
@cronos1675 Yıl önce
Dude I was th13 when 13 was max. I am still th13 with th15 coming 36month flies
No. Builder base is getting a rework in 2023, all builder base stuff has been on pause til the .
@impartion Yıl önce
@@thtswhtshesai6d9 we are 🥴
@impartion Yıl önce
@@chiefanthony2722 can you provide the post supercell or devs had claimed this? Would be appreciated as Id like to look into the matter.
@coolyda6954 Yıl önce
Is it just me or did the heroes get a bit of modification in there look, it looks way cleaner and smooth, I LIKE IT!!! ❤
@ikeimb7318 Yıl önce
I swear every time I get so close to being max they come out with a update I just wanna be max
@komalgalve9283 Yıl önce
Every clsher feels the same....
@devised4234 Yıl önce
same bro
Just gem all the way 💀
@JasonGrace69 Yıl önce
Even though they're keeping the giga inferno, I would like to see at least a color change for the attack and for it's name to be slightly different. Currently, to me at least, the giga inferno rays that shoot out from the town hall don't really fit the design of the town hall itself as well as it did for th14.
@rockdonot Yıl önce
They changed the giga inferno colour to pink…
@JasonGrace69 Yıl önce
@@rockdonot did they? The video doesn't show that
@rockdonot Yıl önce
@@JasonGrace69 watch Sloth’s vid or one of those you’ll see it… looks cool 👍🏻
@maxthegamer001 Yıl önce
Wow, I remember when the highest TH was 9. Time is flying!!
I miss the days when you can upgrade TH without building everything
Only gripe is that it's still a gigantic inferno for the third time now. Was kinda hoping for a completely unique TH weapon. Still excited to see what you all do with it though
@ayeitzdj Yıl önce
I mean at this point what else can they add? Eagle or xbow wouldn’t make sense
@@ayeitzdj just to clarify it isn't a deal breaker for me or anything I'm not made about it but I thought it could be an entirely new weapon we haven't seen before
@ayeitzdj Yıl önce
@@painthuffingenthusiast6527 understandable, i can relate to this which is why i personally think th12 giga weapon was the best.
We expected another design, And this is even more good. THE HYPE!🔥🔥🔥
@kingdrago2635 Yıl önce
They should also add new towers , troops , a hero and a pet
@Spitfire__1944 Yıl önce
I love the aesthetic of this level, definitely is refreshing after some green! Looking forward to upgrading my base to max within a year 😁
So apart from the TH...The walls...Gold Storage, Air defense and Wizard tower has been leaked as well🔥...The Wizard tower looks absolutely DOPEEEE🔥💯
I already expected th15 to be something like dark magic as in supercell's last th14 challenge the heroes were all with shadow skin.
is the townhall's inferno going to be the same as th14 or is it gonna be magically pink? It would be soo cool if it was pink it matches the theme very well
@TheLPHome Yıl önce
What i like about this Townhall and what i missed from the upgrade of TH13 to TH14 is that everything actually looks like an upgrade. The Townhall itself gets higher, has a bigger entrance and higher stairs. Also the walls are great again! I hate TH14 walls, they look less intimidating than TH13 walls, but these TH15 walls, damn! I really like the overall theme. But maybe you could get rid of that gold, a cool upgrade to that could be platinum/ diamond etc. The only thing I dislike is the Gold Storages. Imo they are a bit toooo monotone purple.Everything else is great!
@Kai88988 Yıl önce
yeah at very first glance the TH14 walls look similar to the level 1 wooden walls, which is not what you want after grinding for years to get to that point
@smippycis6285 Yıl önce
th14 walls are also shorter than th13 walls lmao.
I have a feeling that TH 15 is gonna links up with the Clan Captial somehow, since these pink crystal are accually the same as the one we seen on the mountain
@evon2180 Yıl önce
It's kind of disappointing the beams for the TH should be purple instead of yellow. And the poison spell should've been scrapped for something new
What makes class of clans unique from the other same type of games is the detail they provide for every buildings.
A little bit disappointed with the inferno and poison spell 😕😕😕 but the design is very COOL ☝️
@grizzlybear8458 Yıl önce
I like the new town halls, it's just we more weaponized variations for them.
FInally It's Here Let the fun BEGINS.....!!!! 😈
@lonelyman970 Yıl önce
@barka1234567 Yıl önce
Super excited for the new update! Not a huge fan of the cosmetics of the upgrade though…
This year just keeps getting better and better, 10 year anniversary, hammer jam. and now TOWN HALL 15
@commentator8570 Yıl önce
It would be cool if the electro dragon as a super unit was a kind of massive Godzilla. Without wings, of course.
@hareeshdas8173 Yıl önce
So excited for th15 as a th9 player. Just to see some new youtube content.
I hope we get new interesting troops and weapons..
@WHITEMASK888 Yıl önce
I can't wait for the Town Hall 20 to come out 😂
Yea in 5years if the game isnt dead which I hope not
@fajaruto14 Yıl önce
Maybe 8-9 years again 🤣
10 years later 🤯🤯
Town Hall 30
@mrrobaczek6745 Yıl önce
It could be better if TH15 would have mini xbows of large radius instead of giga inferno *again*
It's very exciting. Coc team never depress us.
@hibikikuze632 Yıl önce
As a TH10 and 11 player, this update will affect my gameplay on many aspects. I'm excited and afraid on this update.
@opshark6075 Yıl önce
It will tho it makes everything cheaper
@hurryingglint23 Yıl önce
And since armies cost nothing things are getting cheaper and faster to upgrade
@ThroughVision Yıl önce
​@@opshark6075 they need to reduce time for upgrade for th12
@@ThroughVision they already did, iam suggesting u to see some content creators vedio they explaing deeply of about everything, they have reduced upgrade of all defences and non defencive buildings from Th9 and heigher..
@ThroughVision Yıl önce
@@mohammedshuaib6311 then that's good. 2 weeks for one upgrade is too long, plus i can't effort to grind in builder base for another builder.
@anonymous42069 Yıl önce
Just maxed out my base 2 weeks ago.....The grind starts again 😁
I swear I was literally just thinking a few days ago when they’ll make a new town hall. THIS IS SO SIIICK. 🔥
@kirubakaran7073 Yıl önce
Me too ,I had th15 thought 2days before. I have stoped playing coc for 1year, I don't know how coc(th15)thought came to my mine.its realy magic
@mk49778 Yıl önce
I hope they would put champion royal, champion pets soon in later updates.
Dang It’s crazy to see how far this game has come. I can’t wait for the new update.🎉🎉🎉🎉
after massive fail clan capital update....now a joke th15.....nothing new what a shame...
@user-hd4hn3ek4s Yıl önce
متى ينزل التحديث
Let The TH15 Clash Begin!
I remember playing coc when th10 was the highest. Man, getting yourself a th7 is like th12 to me
@LilDeaks Yıl önce
The clash team never fails to impress us
@themikehoncho Yıl önce
You’re impressed? They slapped a coat of paint on a TH14
@AryanSinghGOAT Yıl önce
@@themikehoncho yes bro I also feel the same I also want a new hero
after massive fail clan capital update....now a joke th15.....nothing new what a shame...
@jorgiesama Yıl önce
@@ahsanhabibsadhin2164 how is clan capital a fail ? A new game mode with new troops , building together and raid medals to buy potions and max lvl reinforcements!? You trippin bro
@david-rl9bw Yıl önce
@@jorgiesama nah the clan capital was a bit rubbish, the flow of gameplay and upgrades for it were just awful, and there’s not really much incentive to do it, a few minor rewards for your main base, this townhall doesn’t look too interesting either so far
@wendykiloh3658 Yıl önce
At the rate clash is going im never going to finish the game maxing everything but i guess thats one of the reasons i love the game i wont ever stop playing any time soon I've put too much work in
LETSGOOOOOO!!!! Lowkey also hoping for a builder hall 10!!! That would be a crazy ending. Either way, thank you supercell, we all love you and are super thankful!!❤️❤️❤️
@alog7660 Yıl önce
Damn TH15 is incredible 🔥🔥🔥
@chefman5167 Yıl önce
Looks good! I would like to have a visual change in the poison spell or the spell be changed to a shrink spell.
This is so sick! The colors work so good and the most at the highest lvl is sick. Kind of unfortunate that we didn’t get to see a new weapon within the th or a new affect when it breaks, but this is still awesome. The potential for the th15 themed upgrades is insane🔥🔥
@volcanofire7062 Yıl önce
Best update i have ever seen in my entire life 👏👏👏👏 great job supercell
@jovani3218 Yıl önce
En mi opinión le hace falta mejorar ese th15 en diseño, me hubiera gustado en lugar de arrojar un rayo infernal quedaría mejor como si el centro fuera un espejo y su rayo fuese de color blanco y conforme más daño haga más fuerte se hace ese color
@LoneWolf-tk9em Yıl önce
What if the enemy troops in the blast radius of th15 turned against their own troops & u can update the troop space while upgrading the th15 weapon 🤔 like the clone spell
@ai6455 Yıl önce
Th15 and most defense upgrades look good but not liking those walls 😢 Still excited tho
@tushar_mk9 Yıl önce
I want a new town hall defence 😭😭
@TariqAq Yıl önce
The fun is in the building. Once you reach the top you don't know what to do from there. Kind of reminds me of life itself.
If we start an upgrade before the new update, when TH15 drops, will it reduce the time for ongoing upgrades too? Or we'll only get less time for later upgrades!
The design is absolutely gorgeous however the weapon its just the same as th14
Please bring super Golem (like in capital clan) in th15. Just Can't wait 🔥
@Harsh-mb3ui Yıl önce
Currently a th11 and I'm happy that th15 is coming as it will reduce the upgrade time.
After 1.5 years of grinding I finally level up my Town Hall from 10 to 11, and as soon as I level up they announce a new level for the town Hall. 🔥🐶🔥This is fine.
@rikidas5705 Yıl önce
Really dude! Did it take that long?? I mean I joined clash 3 months ago and I know we had whole lot of changes recently but still I am halfway through th9 already and I am not even rushing.
@@rikidas5705 Sadly enough it is the truth. 🥲
@kirito5547 Yıl önce
@@ianricardogiese4605 what are you saying? It took me 1.5 years to reach th11 from th1 and you leveled up only that much? Though in my builders were active 24/7
@MKFusionProject Yıl önce
​@@kirito5547 really? I installed the game ten days ago and I'm building TH9 as we speak.
@kirito5547 Yıl önce
@@MKFusionProject its a different thing if you totally rush your account. I upgraded my every townhall after maxing it out.
@shinchan_Hindia Yıl önce
There should be a rush mode for rushers😅 so can level up faster
@ssjblckgohn1569 Yıl önce
To be honest , on the basis of design TH 11 is thr best 🙂
Now that th 15 is here I wish that supercell could make a super golem for the super troops
@SigmaTown Yıl önce
I played when Th 10 was the maximum and now there is Th 15. Can't believe on my eyes 👀.
Finally the wait is over th 15 is here
@baby333 Yıl önce
Love the updates
@illustrator3114 Yıl önce
Nice work Super cell 💪 You guys never disappointed us ! But im literally disappointed in the death explosion of the th 15 I have this better Idea that I suggested in COC reality's video Okay so here's how the th death explosion damage, it's called "Elixir big bang" after it dies it creates a powerful energy that radiates and forms a powerful bomb and explodes in a wide area that leaves an poisonous elixir that slows down troops for a few seconds and damages troops nearby. The damage of the "Elixir big bang" deals higher when a troop is closer to it and further troops on to it's maximum range will take a few or half the huge damage. This one is better even tho the theme of th 15 isn't elixir themed but the color matches and it's innovative than just reusing the previous th 14 explosion. The effect might be the same as poison bomb but this one is different
@shack3476 Yıl önce
TH 15 is nice and all. But We need a Halloween village scenery already ! 😫😫
In the next update I hope they will add builder hall 10
I remember training a dragon took 45 mins, it's been a long way man 🤗
@xLucTV Yıl önce
It got revealed 1 day ago?! How did I not heard of it? xD Hype! 🔥 Awesome design and theme.
@ClashingNGames Yıl önce
The fun begins now!! 🔥
@tayluvofficial Yıl önce
yes my man
@P___________ Yıl önce
Hooh tenan
Love your vids man
What fun? Where? your excited for new color? they cant even offer new things
@ryanandrico23 Yıl önce
Lets go making th 15 attack strategy and bases 💪💪 love ur vids !
If you are planning to make another TH lv Pls consider using a combination of Silver-Red-Black-Gold
@smorgborg Yıl önce
I just upgraded my town hall to level 11...but this update looks sick
@robdawg022 Yıl önce
“Magic is brewing” i find that as like a hint of a new ‘magic spell’!
@gtmans6570 Yıl önce
I love how sick TH15 looks. They really outdid themselves this time around.
Th12: electricity Th13: futuristic Th14: return to monke Th15: witchcraft
@Suraj8.9 Yıl önce
Loved It !!😃
@colliosionsi Yıl önce
Im happy that new town hall comes out but they like just changed texture of 14th and make it little bit stronger
@colliosionsi Yıl önce
Oh wait, theres new building levels design
@yyyayayaa Yıl önce
I didn't imagine that any wall could be worse than lv11. You got it
I love how this trailer doesn’t mention how the giga inferno beams are purple now
@am6007 Yıl önce
Time to bring something new to the night village…
@TitanAnmol Yıl önce
I am th 13, but so excited for th15 ❤️❤️
@kunwarudey797 Yıl önce
This is bringing the new era of clash of clans for sure🔥✨
@Frostayy Yıl önce
Town hall 15 is gonna be sick, I wonder what the builder hall stuff is gonna turn out like @Judo Sloth Gaming
@tylerdiehl1 Yıl önce
Lets gooooooooooo. Only TH12 but I love how theyre always adding new content!
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