Madonna - Hung Up on Tokischa (Official Music Video)

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You're watching the official music video for “Hung Up on Tokischa”. Buy/Stream the song here: m.lnk.to/HUOT


Director: Sasha Kasiuha /SKNX
Creative Director: Raymi, Paulus Music
EP/Producer: Jennifer Zarzuela
Line Producer: Ana Ugrekhelidze
Production Manager: Zena Khafagy
DP: Ben Carey
Associate Producer: James Jimenez
Associate Producer: Alfredo Lavergne
Prod Co: Jenzar Films LLC
1st AD: Dan Hanson
2nd AD: Alena Turturro
1st AC: Ben Scofield
2nd AC: Elijah Lobato
Steadicam: Austin Castelo
Gaffer: William Takahashi
Key Grip: Jonathan Alvarez
Swing: Michael Langenberger
Runner: Alex Paterson-Jones
Production Designer: Jonathan Qualtere
Leadman: Max Pavlichenko
Set Dresser: Aramis Sostre
Set Dresser: Amani Burnette
Casting Director: Ariona Beninato
Casting Asst: Junilka Diaz
Casting Agency: Collective Casting
Casting Hair Stylist: Starlina
Casting Makeup: Kento Utsubo
Makeup Assistant: Mana Atsumi
Makeup Assistant: Ayami Kusumi
PA: Sofia Zarzuela
PA: Sabrina Alvarez
PA: Nicolas Vasquez
PA: Dumarck Barlatier
PA: Rayoni Matos
PA: Ross Ginsberg
Truck PA: Jariel Maria
BTS: Mitch Ritter

Editor: SKNX and Mykyta Bereg
Colorist: Dante Pasquinelli
Ethos Studio
Color Producer: Nat Tereshchenko
Additional Color: Anri Adler
Graphics: Voyn Alex


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19 Eyl 2022




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40 years in and this bishhhh is still making people feel uncomfortable. She does not care what anyone thinks and that’s why I STAN!
@afan2023 2 saatler önce
Queen and legend period!! 😭🥰🥰💃🏻🤗❤️✨😎😇
@1995gohar 2 saatler önce
How can i take out only madonna version in this video, she still sounds pretty good.
@camilaf2494 4 saatler önce
me encantaaaaaa
@luigipervieuxmoggi3419 2 saatler önce
Absolument divin !😍🤩
@luciciciii4682 4 saatler önce
no lo supero, es tan buena
I absolutely LOVE how she continues to ignore those who tell her how to live her life. Madonna is still here to show us that we can age not how society expects us to but how we want!
La primera vez que la escuché pensé que era un remix random como cd piratas jajajajajajaja pero esta pegadiza… felicidades a Madonna por siempre renovarse y no quedarse atrás
Fuckin hell she absolutely nailed it all already on the subway…..literally an Elvis moment. Anyone gonna say anything or what🤷🏼‍♂️
@joze9870 21 gün önce
Madonna demostrando una vez más que ella hace lo que se le da la gana sin importar el que dirán
Creo que Madonna no se lo ha pasado mejor haciendo un videoclip que en este, se la ve gozando maximo
@user-qh5di3rh4w 2 saatler önce
Madonna is a huge inspiration to me and I WILL produce a song for her one day.
Entiendo más el inglés de Madonna que el español de Tokisha.
@karlaayala5498 14 gün önce
Me encanta esta fusión del dembow dominicano con el flow de Toki, y con la elegancia y la voz tan pop de Madonna, es una combinación muy original, y la adoro! <3
@peterfelipe2730 12 saatler önce
Can’t believe Madonna is still SERVING , such a queen
Madonna has over 40 years of hits I can’t! I’m like this woman is a vampire or witch I live ! 👏❤️
@POLYLIVING 21 saatler önce
Does this mean you’ll finally perform at Dinah Shore Palm Springs!??
I swear. There’s no one cooler than Madonna. Love her! 😘
Es el hecho de que todavía sigue haciendo música a los 76 años!!! Es increíble!!!
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