Machine Gun Kelly Breaks Down Eminem Feud, Halsey Rumors, Mac Miller's Death, Binge EP + More

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20 Sep 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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NickOnPC 8 saatler önce
*People need to chill he meant he has 20million downloads/singles/records sold combined.*
NickOnPC 8 saatler önce
*Why all the dislikes? Y’all hatin.*
Soohyung Lee
Soohyung Lee Gün önce
his hands are shaking
SKA Gün önce
9:40 he pours it out
Jas Da Animal
Jas Da Animal 2 gün önce
these are the fools that encourage youngsters to get high on opiates.....dumb fucks for real....i can't believe how stupid he sounds about his drug use and putting his baggage on his 9yr old....what a clown fr
80siix 2 gün önce
Machine Gun Kelly has makeup?
Diesel Monkey
Diesel Monkey 2 gün önce
Fast Forward to a year later Eminem still won
Funnyvideos 2 gün önce
mgk has mental problems
Promise Ngwenya
Promise Ngwenya 2 gün önce
it's 2020 I still feel killshot was far much better than rap devil that track was and still trash not mgk can shake Eminem. These people don't know how to do interviews worst interview ever
Mel Sill
Mel Sill 3 gün önce
Mel Sill
Mel Sill 3 gün önce
Still fucking love this interview, and love kells so fucking much man 🤘🏼 #est4lyfe
Taijai O
Taijai O 3 gün önce
I hate how people come to this video just to shit on mgk, y’all are the definitions of dickriders while y’all are calling ctg a dickrider take one to know one😕
Satvik X
Satvik X 5 gün önce
14:34 "I'm in a boxing ring...with 1 person" *Holds 2 fingers up*
PseudoPhilosoph 6 gün önce
whos listening in 2019? 😏😏
Ryan Saunders
Ryan Saunders 9 gün önce
MGK is an idiot, and that clown next to him just ready to suck him off.
music talent
music talent 9 gün önce
I never seem like charlamage fate ass lol
D7 Crozz
D7 Crozz 11 gün önce
It’s 2020 and MGK is back in that same place he was before
Control Yourself
Control Yourself 11 gün önce
18:10 Dj envy are you DUMB? MGK been spittin years ago back when he first signed to diddy’s label “Bad Boy” what tf do you even think he was signed for? to play basketball? dumbass
Kevin Mock
Kevin Mock 14 gün önce
29:06 reality check
mawia k
mawia k 14 gün önce
You are lucky Em dissed you ... otherwise nobody would have known you .. lol
mawia k
mawia k 12 gün önce
@Deanna Nn Where's mgk at the Oscars 2020 🙊🙊
Deanna Nn
Deanna Nn 12 gün önce
mawia k stfu boomer!
Zarif Azim
Zarif Azim 15 gün önce
Zarif Azim
Zarif Azim 15 gün önce
Why all the hate Eminem dickriders?
Kat Saskowski
Kat Saskowski 16 gün önce
i fucking love colson. he’s so real about everything
Wimzical 17 gün önce
God dam....y'all should become flat earthers with all this conspiracy shit! Lol!! 20 million???? Given urself some extra credit there.
Eduardo Escobar
Eduardo Escobar 18 gün önce
So true em never was a g and he old the old em was kool now he just turned into the villain! Know your place.
The Slim Latino
The Slim Latino 19 gün önce
That mumble rapper line reaaally hurt his feelings lol
Khalid Garbiya
Khalid Garbiya 4 gün önce
The Slim Latino it should be barely uses auto tune and is a lyricist
C J 20 gün önce
He thinks he is the only one rapper that acted in a movie 😂
C J 20 gün önce
The way he talks is more irritating than his raps 🤮🤮😰🤢🤮🤮
JAMMIE ROMINE 20 gün önce
MGK made his own name even before Em which i am a big fan of. But you cant say that Em is the reason he blew up hes had so many great songs. If your just following the trend with saying Em is better, go listen to some MGK songs. He gives great messages and great lyrics.
Asadbek Mardanaqulov
Asadbek Mardanaqulov 20 gün önce
This guy wasnt even worth killshot
Danielle Barnes
Danielle Barnes 20 gün önce
The breakfast club is is garbage.
Tommy De Sadi
Tommy De Sadi 21 gün önce
I ain't fan of MGK, but at around 3:06 MGK has got some serious point. Let's not forget that Eminem was rapping about ass of Hillary Duff when she was 15 and he was like 34? That's fully grown ass man. That's much more creepy than Early 20 MGK and 16 years old Hailey.
Nick Nolte
Nick Nolte 22 gün önce
bunch of nut huggin mf s all employed by diidy who em dissed . secure that bag pussies
Andy Howard
Andy Howard 23 gün önce
I like MGK, this is the first time I've ever heard him kind of rattled. He seems really frustrated. Complaining "The narrative is getting a little unfair", I mean hes probably right, but I've never heard him whining like this before. Hes still badass though. Him and Em are both badass.
Kamikaze Pilot
Kamikaze Pilot 23 gün önce
this mothafucca stupid bruh, he just mocked em on stuttering in the interview....DUDE he just stuttered a thousand times in this interview....wtf?? Also, his total sold records were only 600,000 for the bad things song with camilla, this dude said he sold over 20m.......also also , he flexing on his number of movies he been in, stfu..he got many movies but he wasnt even starring in, eminem required only one movie to gain an oscar. also also also, Using shit ton of autotune is considered mumble rap, mgk used a lotta them in rap devil, no wonder why eminem called him a mumble rapper. PROVE ME WRONG, i commented this after a long time of research.....u devil worshippers!
T W 23 gün önce
He drinks too fast
Sauvage Lyons
Sauvage Lyons 23 gün önce
Martha Trueblood
Martha Trueblood 23 gün önce
Shiiit everybody sayin he shouldn't of put Halsly out there like that if I'd hooked up with MGK I'd need the world to know. I'd be tellin evrrrbody 😂😂😂
Matt Dawson
Matt Dawson 24 gün önce
7:57 "I went bar to bar with Partial Mathers" ?? Anyone know what this means?
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 21 gün önce
Think he was playing off of Em’s real name Marshall Mathers
Matt Dawson
Matt Dawson 23 gün önce
@Kamikaze Pilot nope
Kamikaze Pilot
Kamikaze Pilot 23 gün önce
@Matt Dawson i thought u knew
Matt Dawson
Matt Dawson 23 gün önce
@Kamikaze Pilot I dont know what it means
Kamikaze Pilot
Kamikaze Pilot 23 gün önce
no, plz expalin
Thomas Yarbrough
Thomas Yarbrough 25 gün önce
8:41 suck up
Thomas Yarbrough
Thomas Yarbrough 25 gün önce
mgk dead
teddytac253 26 gün önce
You can tell MGK wasnt prepared for this interview. Rap Devil was cool. But then Em came back with Killshot and used all Rap Devils lyrics against MGK to make him feel stupid in his own song and not able to come back with nothin. Dissin people to their faces is what Eminem grew up doin on the streets. God, Machine gunner drinks alot lmao
Blue Space Kid
Blue Space Kid 26 gün önce
This man is corny af
Max Pearlman
Max Pearlman 27 gün önce
(Yes this is late but the time supports my claim) Maybe it was a leg shot, but now he is bleeding out on the floor.
matt holt
matt holt 28 gün önce
he said eminem aint int he game anymore? wtf?
matt holt
matt holt 28 gün önce
this dude is a tool. this dude talks like eminem didnt come up with the best rap era of all time...lol. eminem would destroy this dude in a face to face battle....
NO LIFE GAMER 28 gün önce
Its asham I like mgks music but I don't like mgk.
Lincoln Hillman
Lincoln Hillman 28 gün önce
Hmmmm..... Interesting mgk so ur mad he was talking about manbuns when it clear you don't remember your opening line
Winterfell 29 gün önce
May your Career Rest In Peace😇
Ubb/Kid Buu The Greatest
how does liking another song better than another one dick riding
Leonardo Davinci
Leonardo Davinci 29 gün önce
He's cool. Lol I stopped listening to EM after Encore. That was high school for me. MGK a cool cat though and has a better name then most rappers today.
Tyler H
Tyler H 29 gün önce
tequila and v8?? what??
Romulo Loya
Romulo Loya 29 gün önce
bruh tell this nigga to stop sucking up mgk
Romulo Loya
Romulo Loya 29 gün önce
breakfast club trash. Charlemagne, tf kinda name is that
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 29 gün önce
Lol look’s like Stan became a reality
Lillian Harvey
Lillian Harvey Aylar önce
Mgk: one person *holds up two fingers taped together*
younes show Younes
younes show Younes Aylar önce
Welll atleast u hate mmummble rap
axel booysen
axel booysen Aylar önce
Still mgk is not relevant
Ashish Kumar Singh
Ashish Kumar Singh Aylar önce
No one's gonna talk about him mocking em for stuttering when he stutters 3k times in a 30 min interview. And when did he sell 20 million lol?
Lonerunner89 21 gün önce
@Ashish Kumar Singh Does it matter?
Ashish Kumar Singh
Ashish Kumar Singh 21 gün önce
@Lonerunner89 how old are you bud?
Lonerunner89 21 gün önce
He's a way better interview than frown face eminem who doesn't know how to talk or be compelling in an interview. There's a reason the guy is a certified hermit. The guy needs some vitamin D and a shit load of happy pills.
Blowj Oo
Blowj Oo Aylar önce