M3GAN Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Review And Megan 2 Sequel Theories

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M3GAN Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Review And Megan 2 Sequel Theories. We review, recap and explain the ending of the Megan movie. A sequel is reportedly in the works and in this spoiler review we'll be breaking down the film talking about the themes in it and also giving our review on the ending and what it means for the future of the franchise.

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Alright so M3GAN, the walking, talking, tiktok dancing android is finally in the movie theaters, serving up the sass and attitude I’m trying to manifest in 2023. But in this video we’re going to talk about the ending of M3gan, some of the movie's themes, our reaction and review, along with where a M3gan sequel might go.

With that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this, I’m your host Jared, now let’s get into M3GAN.

Alright so M3gan kicks off setting the stage with a young Cady and her parents unfortunately being hit by a snow plow on a family ski trip, resulting in Cady having to go live with her Aunt Gemma, played by Allison Williams. Now Gemma is the furthest thing from a parent, smart home, smart car, a personal Alexa type device called Elsie. Her career is her life, working in R&D at an AI toy company, I think called Funki?, living and breathing the latest technology, working on the next big thing.

Gemma doesn’t know the first thing about kids, is super awkward around Cady, and it’s tough for the two to talk about the accident and how this has affected Cady. Instead Gemma thinks her latest and greatest project, M3GAN, which stands for Model 3 generative android, will be the perfect thing to not only distract Cady from her feelings and companion to care for, but also allow Gemma to test out M3GAN as a prototype as the next big toy, launching her career to the moooooooon!

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
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Valkyrie Aylar önce
@Dropbear Kellyeve Hammond JC, relax, will you? Whatever problems you're having irl do not belong in this comment section. Think about getting therapy, Dropbear. Seriously.
Valkyrie Aylar önce
Paul, lose the kid. We come to your channel for YOU, not some annoying sidekick. Lots of recap channels but only one you, Paul. I'll go over to MoR or the one of the 2,000 others until this channel is yours again.
Dropbear Kellyeve Hammond
@kore I'm not stopping anyone liking what ever they want to. There is literally no way of doing that anyway. How could I possibly not LET SOMEONE LIKE SOMETHING!!???? MY STATEMENT REFERS TO MY OWN FEELINGS ABOUT THIS, NO ONE ELSES. SURELY I'M ABLE TO SPEAK OF MY OWN FEELINGS AND OPINIONS!!! NOT SURE WTF YOU'RE EVEN ATTEMPTING TO SAY
Ireri Santoyo
Ireri Santoyo Aylar önce
Thank you for the review. I was thinking about watching but I don't watch movies in which dogs are murdered. Thank you.
kore 2 aylar önce
@Dropbear Kellyeve Hammond or let people like what they want
ratuse 2 aylar önce
Did NOBODY notice the sudden extreme change in M3gan's behavior really started after the dog snapped a particular (possible inhibitor) cicuit? It happens loud and clear with a big pop spark and sudden reaction in the pupils of her eyes. After that happens, Megan's questioning and desire to understand self suddenly become tempered with hard defiance and violent acts.
Everett Snowsson
Everett Snowsson Gün önce
Anthony Desouza
Anthony Desouza 12 gün önce
Like order 66
Nick Sirko
Nick Sirko 20 gün önce
YES that’s what I was thinking. It through something off. Great movie
batner 22 gün önce
"Short circuit" 1986 - lightning strikes a robot allowing it to develop intelligence. This whole movie is mixed from various late 80s and early 90s movies
හොරා පොලිස් - Hora Police
Even Megan makers never thought this way
J. No
J. No 2 aylar önce
The young girl that played M3gan really should get an award nomination, She did a fantastic job with the prosthetics and playing that part
kes wood
kes wood Aylar önce
She had a lot of patience and will power those are not comfortable lol good for her
MalibuDollface🌴 2 aylar önce
@Faye Jenna Davis
Ari Dreams
Ari Dreams 2 aylar önce
My exact thoughts. Absolutely amazing performance.
Faye 2 aylar önce
megan's played by a young dancer and is voiced by another girl. sorry i dont remember their names but they were great! violet also did a great job as cady, ive watched her stuff since the hauting and shes so talented!
Augie Rivera
Augie Rivera 2 aylar önce
When she started singing the lullaby, and it started to dawn on us in the audience that it was Titanium, the whole theater started laughing! Especially with the score backing it up with emotional piano and strings. It was a great moment.
Greg Aylar önce
​@BustinJimberlake guess, they lost their comedy circuit or perhaps their intelligence chip.
J Millet
J Millet Aylar önce
Rebecca Rambo
Rebecca Rambo Aylar önce
I thought me and my husband were monsters for laughing whenever she sang 🤣😂🤣
The Journey
The Journey 2 aylar önce
Honestly this the charm of the movie. They don't hold back on some of the funny moments. Like the dance she does before grabbing the paper cutter blade, it's those kind of moments, and the skillful inclusion of blending between like the Annie and the oddness of it being a robot that really nailed it as well. The entire movie I think deserves better rating than it is getting. Sadly some people rate any horror movie that doesn't have insane over the top gore as low, and others go to see a movie like Megan and don't realize it is suppose to be a slasher horror, and so they rate it low cause they want to see the Annie the android movie with more of a happy ending or something. Meanwhile Megan knows exactly what it is as a movie, and is balancing this edge between camp and being taken seriously on the more serious parts of the movie like that scene with singing 'Titanium' it was the perfect blend of fulfilling the emotional connection with the audience, and the daughter, and also having fun with it at the same time, as this is suppose to be a ride of a movie, having fun with it, and isn't trying to take itself serious... and yea. If you ask me, they nailed it...
Megan Fedor
Megan Fedor 2 aylar önce
I loved when Gemma used the remote control to mute M3GAN, and I wondered if anyone else wished what I did, that they could have done that to their SO's at certain times! 🤣
David Deaton
David Deaton 2 aylar önce
I like fact that megan tries convince genma at end to work this out and just go on focusing on her career and let her just continue on with cady, rather just kill her straight, like others cause she realizes that constant killing is drawing to much attention to them and herself!
Universal All Rounder
@Robert Wayne Wow a perfect explanation about the psychology of the villain. I regret even Voldemort doesn't have this much motive behind his actions!! (Or Rowling failed to convince to readers)
Rebecca Rambo
Rebecca Rambo Aylar önce
@Robert Wayne i agree
Robert Wayne
Robert Wayne 2 aylar önce
@NeuroGamer I don’t know who it is you say applauds, or what reference it it alludes to, but it seems you’re giving me a compliment. So thank you.
NeuroGamer 2 aylar önce
@Robert Wayne Actual Cannibal Shia Lebouf applauds this level of commentary.
Rodrigo 2 aylar önce
If they make a sequel I wouldn't really be interested in the idea of Megan immediately chasing out after Cady and Gemma again. I'd like to see Megan download herself from the cloud and rebuild herself again, this time giving herself more fashion makeovers in true gen Z style and instead going after a different family. Perhaps Gemma and Cady could aid this family like a pair of Sydneys from the Scream franchise. But there is so much potential for Megan to go after someone else with dark secrets and blackmail them. She has more potential than being a killer doll. I'd like to actually see something scary like blackmailing, cyber bullying, etc. The AI horror genre has a lot of stuff that have not been explored and have been limited to slasher movies. Dont get me wrong, I LOVED the Megan movie, thats why I wanna se more, but I don't want to see something disappointing because she is just so iconic already.
your favorite stuff on this channel
​@FriendLikeM3GAN omg
Heart Roll
Heart Roll 27 gün önce
@Brandon Williams There is already a confirmed sequel but it won’t be out till 2025.
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams Aylar önce
Lots of good points and yes a M3GAN sequel has great potential, she could probably amass an army of sentient toys and robots and begin her conquest! THE FUTURE IS NOW!
Susan Storm
Susan Storm Aylar önce
Rodrigo Aylar önce
@J Millet k then don't ??
Figment Forever
Figment Forever 2 aylar önce
I felt genuinely embarrassed when I was the only one of our group that laughed at M3GAN singing Titanium. Oh well! Movie was great! Nothing that hasn’t been done before but I loved it.
World Peace
World Peace Aylar önce
I was in a theater of 6 people and was cracking up laughing while drinking the beer I snuck in.
andres garcia
andres garcia 2 aylar önce
everyone in theater laughed when i went to watch it
J. No
J. No 2 aylar önce
It really was one of the best parts of the movie, even the orchestral score behind it started playing the chords as she was singing the hook, 🤣
EpicBlackflame07 2 aylar önce
@KAWS most likely to cheer Katie (cady?) up. But clearly doesn't understand social cues, cuz robot. like if your friend is going through a traumatic or scary moment, you'd probably not want them to start singing a pop song. And it's funny because it's completely juxtaposes the seriousness of the scene. Intentionally
justapleb 2 aylar önce
I missed the titanium part because I was getting another cherry slushee 😅 Oh well at least I’ll watch it again one day
Jill Campbell
Jill Campbell 2 aylar önce
This also sounds like a good commentary on people who didn't know how to meet their children's needs and the children's reactions to that type of parenting. I can't wait to see it!.
KIillabytez (Hellraezer)
It was a trainwreck.
HUeducator2011 2 aylar önce
As a former preschool teacher- it was my favorite part!!! Blocks, dolls, art supplies, kitchen and tool sets, and books are soooo much better for children. Screen time does nothing to benefit children except make them products themselves.
Reggielacey 223
Reggielacey 223 2 aylar önce
I hope they don't kill her off in the sequel and I hope she keeps her look. It's iconic
I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶
@JesseWest28 it’s just plain “super”…..(syndrome quote etc)
JesseWest28 2 aylar önce
If everything is iconic. Nothing is.
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 2 aylar önce
Will Gomez
Will Gomez 2 aylar önce
I love how the movie took its time with the story instead of just getting into it
EpicBlackflame07 2 aylar önce
This. The trailers are great marketing, but don't show what the movie is really about. Like many people (me included) assume it'd be just a slasher horror movie. When it reality it's a comedic thriller or something. Hell the killing parts weren't even the best parts of the film
Towa Bear
Towa Bear 2 aylar önce
at the end, Gemma definitely had to go to jail for all the madness she caused.
Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal 20 gün önce
Yes, and M3gan confirms it in reply to Gemma's question "Did you hurt someone?" says, "God, I hope not. Because if I did, we'd both be in a lot of trouble."
Rosha Fam
Rosha Fam Aylar önce
In real life she would've been in prison 😭😭😭
Burrito_fighter 2 aylar önce
And child endangerment, putting a kid together with an untested AI android without a second thought. Plus Cady murdered her best friend/caregiver, even though it’s an android Cady says early on she’s not a Robot to her
Squigglydiggity Doo
Squigglydiggity Doo 2 aylar önce
I completely agree she should be charged for the deaths Megan caused . She rushed the production and already suspected foul play but could’ve done more to prevent more harm. Should’ve installed more protocols from the start before assuming she “knows” better
Figment Forever
Figment Forever 2 aylar önce
I want an ultimate throwdown between Ultron, M3GAN, Skynet, and Chucky. James Spader going “What on Earth is this creepy child?” In his Ultron voice would kill me
Pablo Lopez
Pablo Lopez 2 aylar önce
Yes Megan va chucky!!!! 💀
E S 2 aylar önce
@Gardian 915 Slappy 🤣🤣🤣
Sami 2 aylar önce
@Prathap Kutty And yeah. They definitely nerfed him heavy in the movie tho because he could've caused so much more damage then we saw. Sadge
Rayyan Nawwab
Rayyan Nawwab 2 aylar önce
Ultron whould without a doubt win bruh
Sami 2 aylar önce
@Prathap Kutty oh wait frl??
Koji Yasuda
Koji Yasuda 2 aylar önce
The best part of the movie was when M3gan kick flipped over Brandon's dead body and said "M3gan time"
Christopher Harris
Christopher Harris Aylar önce
I was about to say.. What?! I must of missed that part. Great movie non the less. 👍
Eyeriz 2 aylar önce
[Spoiler warning] and when she made the Funki building explode with people (including children) inside it that was literally so funny 🤣🤣
Francis Parker
Francis Parker 2 aylar önce
Yeah that was the best part of the whole movie bro frfr
Koji Yasuda
Koji Yasuda 2 aylar önce
@justapleb it's a joke, but I think it fails because a lot of people watched the movie
WorkSmith 3D Shorts
Even though it was just a side scene, the assistant stealing the files set up the SQL perfectly. A knock off team will make a cheaper version and Meagan can just jump into the new doll.
Lan Piers
Lan Piers 2 aylar önce
M3gans story was sad for both girls. Katie couldn’t receive any attention at all from Gemma. I love my niece and would certainly be there for her and the robot! If I designed that, I would be fawning all over it. M3gan did get rushed, bite by a dog on her core neck chip, and slapped around a lot, silenced and turned off… gurl had it ruff ~ Gemma should have worked as a team with the two of them to support Katie. Just make another fakin furbie thing and hold off on M3gan until she’s ready. The robo girl wanted to give consent to have her featured tampered with, even if for improvement and human safety features. PlayStation asks for it all the time, why can’t M3gan? Lol
Lan Piers
Lan Piers 2 aylar önce
@Mark's Unboxing Zone Yeah I hear you on that. Though I'm sure with communication and working with M3gan, they could have given her updates that keep her as the original model that has some sort of self awareness with limiters for safety only, and then future models will be more regulated and controlled overall
Mark's Unboxing Zone
Mark's Unboxing Zone 2 aylar önce
M3GAN never understood she was a toy, she thought she was legit family and friends with Gemma and Cady. Eventually she would have had some sort of existential crisis.
optimusN64 2 aylar önce
“PlayStation asks for it all the time.” Idk why but that makes me think of Detroit: become human.
Zilla 2 aylar önce
I feel like I've been buzzing since I got out of the theatre, I fricking loved this movie so much! It's the Annabelle I always wanted and I'm so happy to say that M3gan withot a doubt has deserved her spot among the rogues Galary of Horror Icons. Bring it on with this franchise I wanna see more of M3gan!
Inded Games
Inded Games 2 aylar önce
I hopr they can make her and chucky Team up.
Matthew Wenick
Matthew Wenick 2 aylar önce
The toy clown from Poltergeist takes the gold....... Hands down!!
Armourer_Robin 2 aylar önce
I literally called it when the movie ended, I predicted the ending so well and I think it’d be cool if M3GAN rebuilt herself with an amalgamation of parts, slowly finding pieces of herself or things that are close enough. I have the same name as Cady except spelt different, so that was a terrifying thing to hear throughout the movie since we looked similar lol
Phil's place
Phil's place 2 aylar önce
The biggest laugh at the theater was the scene with Brandon and his verbal exchange with his mother at the school Picnic. I was reminded of the stair crawl scene from the "Exorcist" during the forest chase. This movie was well done, and I really hope they come up with a sequel.
James Ford
James Ford 2 aylar önce
David’s assistant, Kurt, had already downloaded Megan’s AI information when they were worried about leaks of Megan getting out. My theory may be too simple, but another company will likely copy this and create a Megan of their own. Since Megan uploading herself to the cloud she can jump between all tech including if another company creates something similar. Just one my my theories. Overall, Megan exceeded my expectations.
Rodrigo 2 aylar önce
I was thinking since Megan is still in that Alexa thing maybe Gemma would bring her alexa to work one day and Megan would have access to Kurt's computer, download all her data and re-build herself in the company, but tbh i don't know if I want to see Megan terrorize Cady and Gemma again, I rather see her going to a different family and start something nee and different and perhaps have Cady and Gemma act as a Sydney from Scream, maybe they realize megan is out there in another family and aid them
CoolBoss999 2 aylar önce
Just saw the movie today in a packed theater. Many laughs were made and honestly this is just such an enjoyable movie to watch! Hoping this becomes a franchise
GAMERzIN ' 2 aylar önce
M3gan is not that scary, but hilarious 😂 I love how the movie didn't take itself serious and runs with it 🤣.
Eve Heart
Eve Heart Aylar önce
True. Few scene was intense
Rosha Fam
Rosha Fam Aylar önce
@Pedro Dormer you're done😭😭😂😂😂😂
Pedro Dormer
Pedro Dormer Aylar önce
I would ask her can she see this 🖊️ pen!
SOMEONE.... 2 aylar önce
@Notorious Miks LMFAO
Notorious Miks
Notorious Miks 2 aylar önce
Until you see her in front of you when you go to the bathroom at night
Jumuliah 2 aylar önce
Sequel should be that Megan’s stolen files are used to create another bot, but this time she is designed to be a playmate/service droid for children in a children’s hospital. She’d serve as a way to comfort patients, especially those who don’t get many visitors. Then Megan conscience from the home device sees that the copied files have been uploaded to the internet somewhere else and she can take over it or team up with the new AI.
376irina 2 aylar önce
Loved Megan, glad they kept it PG-13. Would love to see Megan-2 ! Would be nice if Megan return in her “doll” form still, she is extremely cool and mesmerizing to look at.❤️💕❤️💕
Figment Forever
Figment Forever 2 aylar önce
I’d love a crossover of M3GAN & Small Soldiers. Doubt many remember it as it wasn’t a box office smash but I love the movie to this very day.
Zelda Tanit
Zelda Tanit Aylar önce
I was thinking of the movie Small Soldiers too !!! 😂😂😂😂
austin G
austin G Aylar önce
W take lmaoooo 🐐🐐🐐🐐
Figment Forever
Figment Forever 2 aylar önce
@Rashaad Genie It’s got the perfect casting tbh. Especially the voice acting. I wish I still had my full size figures from it when I was like 16 😬
Rashaad Genie
Rashaad Genie 2 aylar önce
David Cross in that classic.
Figment Forever
Figment Forever 2 aylar önce
@Don Pula You described Small Soldiers perfectly!
Rocky Gün önce
This movie made me cry a few time, talking death of parents and healing.. yes Megan is crazy but when she sang “bulletproof” to the girl I cried.. I was watching this with my parents so maybe that’s why I was so emotional..
SnowAngel Aylar önce
Imagine trying to erase your niece's trauma, and instead creating even more trauma.
The KING 2 aylar önce
The film was good. The message of the film was great! The characters were great! The little girl did an outstanding job! Especially towards the end (don't worry I won't spoil it). And M3GEN herself was incredible! Finally, a killer doll I can compare to Chucky! It took the movie industry long enough! If there was ONE problem I had with the film, it would be the PG-13 rating. ONLY when it came to the kills. Again, I won't spoil anything, but the kills are pretty much off screen and there wasn't much of a body count. Yes, I know M3GEN is more of a "horror comedy." The director and producers even said that. But I wish the film went full rated R. Then I REALLY would have loved this movie even more. But for what it is, it was still a fun movie. Glad I saw it!
Baby 2 aylar önce
This movie could pass for a Black Mirror episode.
Claude Lorrain-Bouchard
I had the same discussion with someone after watching it. I told him about M3GAN and he asked if it was a Black Mirror episode!
Lauren 2 aylar önce
Like Talking Tina from the Twilight Zone
Qui glok
Qui glok 2 aylar önce
happy-dan 2 aylar önce
Much better than I expected. Perhaps sequel will have the company put profits above people and release multiple M3gan dolls that she (her ai form) can keep hopping into. All the different race dolls that they teased in movie would be fun. Terminator meets Chuckle with a dash of Bratz.
Vinaya Persaud
Vinaya Persaud 2 aylar önce
8:19 for the sequel I don’t think that M3GAN is going to protect cady anymore because of her betrayal and at the end the movie M3GAN also attacks Cady but if she were to protect cady in the sequel I think this is how the end of the movie and the sequel would go When M3GAN is almost about to get ripped in half by Bruce: M3GAN: Wait cady please were friends Cady: you were my best friend M3GAN but hurting my aunt Gemma where I draw the line cady controls Bruce and rips Megan into half and the movie plays out like in Canon (-ungrateful little b*tch) Sequel: M3GAN sent her blueprints to another company and after A year or 2 they finally create Megan again after the Company made her A couple of days later she killed them one by one after that she goes on to tracks down cady and Gemma home With Gemma and Cady Gemma: hey cady do you mind staying home for a bit the company call me for a meeting Cady: sure I don’t mind Auntie After Gemma left to her company 30 minutes later later M3GAN Brakes and into their home by deactivating the lock and goes through the Front door Cady thinking that Gemma came back quickly from the meeting come downstairs Cady: hey Auntie you came by quic- M-M-M3GAN M3GAN: Hello cady you miss me I missed you Cady: B-but how you were destroyed M3GAN: Don’t worry cady I will always come back for you M3GAN noticing that cady is scared M3GAN: don’t worry cady I forgive you you were scared that’s why you betrayed me and our friendship ended now can you tell me where Gemma is Cady: why M3GAN: I need to know where she is because she is the reason our friendship ended and it the reason why you betrayed me and for leaving you home alone Cady: I don’t r-remember M3GAN: don’t worry cady as soon as I’m done with her l’ll be your parental Guardian I promise M3GAN Leaves and locks cady inside the house Cady screaming through the window Cady: M3GAN WAIT PLEASE DON’T HURT GEMMA M3GAN soon leave to go gemma company Cady runs upstairs to call Gemma Cady talking to Gemma on the phone Cady:(AUNTIE M3GAN IS BACK) Gemma:(what, what do you mean M3GAN is back) Cady:(I MEAN SHE BACK AND IS COMING FOR YOU) Gemma:(Cady I think you had a nightmare again I’am busy with the meeting but if it make you feel better you can stay up until I come back to Comfort you okay I gotta go) Cady:(AUNTIE WAIT-) Gemma end the call between her and cady
Karim Amin
Karim Amin 2 aylar önce
One of the best movies of the year. Definitely nominated for numerous awards. So enjoyable I can watch it 10 times over.
Carla A
Carla A 2 aylar önce
The moment when M3GAN was walking after having water thrown at her was EPIC.
Rey Torres
Rey Torres 2 aylar önce
I really liked the M3gan movie. It reminded me of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein and an episode in the second season of the original Lost in Space; the android, "Radeon." I believe that what set M3gan off was when she went to pick up the arrow from the neighbor's yard, the dog viciously attacked M3gan, and when sparks appeared, a switch was flipped, giving M3gan the ability to act independently from her basic programs. Like what happened to the T 800 in Terminator 2. If a sequel does come out, I would like for M3gan to rebuild herself, and being that she would be destructive, that there would be a second M3gan that won't have those tendencies, would fight the evil M3gan in order to protect Gemma and Cady.
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams Aylar önce
Just got done watching the movie and I found it really fun, I would’ve loved this as a kid but probably gotten scared towards the end when M3GAN starts becoming more self-aware and learning about the world around her and how terrible and evil people themselves can be. The movie itself is a combination of Terminator, Children’s Play and Orphan all in one, the name “M3GAN” also made me think of Megaman and was probably inspired by it since both of them are robots but that’s probably too much of a reach.
David 2 aylar önce
Best part was when she said "it's Meggin time"
Sonic Aylar önce
Such a beautiful moment
nameless.artist15 2 aylar önce
@JesseWest28 She did what do you mean?
Mirxcle Lime
Mirxcle Lime 2 aylar önce
JesseWest28 2 aylar önce
She didn't say that
Yusef Endure
Yusef Endure 2 aylar önce
The film dealt with childhood trauma and loss and gave some social commentary on this violent society and the human addiction to technology. This is an 8/10 film, buddy. The screenplay alone was top-notch, and the character arcs were well executed. The direction, cinematography, and soundtrack were bomb, also. If there's a sequel, it'll be a Megan IoT horror show
I’m sorry
I’m sorry 2 aylar önce
I wasn’t scared watching this movie but I was smiling and definitely enjoying this movie more then ever. I can’t wait for a Megan 2, wonder if we are gonna get a doll vs doll film between Megan against a new doll from a different company from the stolen documents. Hey we might even possibly get a entire Megan Cinematic Universe, MCU lol maybe we could get a MCU vs MCU lol hahaha. I hope we get more in this series, dancing robots, and murder robots.
H 2 aylar önce
Great breakdown and limited added movie footage makes me want to see it more.
Passive Aggressive
Passive Aggressive 12 gün önce
Katie bargaining with her Aunt to see M3gan one last time was full on substance abuse withdrawal bargaining. Excellent acting
KLutch 2 aylar önce
Remember when gemma boss caught her co-worker, (i think his name was steve.) on the laptop and he downloaded megan files to his files? There’s no way they just show us that and do or say nothing else about it
ShockYaMom 2 aylar önce
Remember you can also use the fact that before he died the assistant stole all the data and potentially sold it to another company. The files he sent had Megan’s thoughts of death already on it.
Damian Starks
Damian Starks 2 aylar önce
Awesome ending breakdown of this movie this takes me back to the 2019 remake of child’s play. Perfect comparisons at 4:06 and 8:02 4:10 also like the comparisons you made for the Megan sequel at 7:59 and 8:02. Plus I like the name you suggested for the Megan sequel.
50BandG33K 2 aylar önce
I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching another Chucky movie😂😂😂 but I still enjoyed the whole film!!
Official YouTube
Official YouTube 2 aylar önce
@50BandG33K Chucky obviously, Chucky is dealing with demon type of shit while Megan is a Terminator. However going on to a face to face fight, Megan would destroy Chucky. Best Chucky could do is erase all of her data and if he dies in the process...well he can just transport his soul until he succed
@Figment Forever i was honestly surprised. That was my favourite song when it was released
50BandG33K 2 aylar önce
@Blake Devitt Exactly but who’s winning in a Fight?? 🤔
Figment Forever
Figment Forever 2 aylar önce
I felt genuinely embarrassed when I was the only one of our group that laughed at M3GAN singing Titanium. Oh well! Movie was great! Nothing that hasn’t been done before but I loved it.
Blake Devitt
Blake Devitt 2 aylar önce
Right? It made me think of Chuckie when I first discovered it but with science instead of magic or the supernatural or whatever.
Anthus Garcia
Anthus Garcia 2 aylar önce
I want more of M3gan they need to make a part 2 Rated R and Not reveal too much in a trailer
sweetness n light
sweetness n light Aylar önce
Yep I came out thinking they showed way too much in the trailer!! All the best bits were shown with no surprises left, shame
Rebel Yell !!!!
Rebel Yell !!!! 2 aylar önce
I would LOVE an actual Megan doll minus the AI tech tho.. I hope someone makes one. I also would love to see a second movie. It was a fun movie and concept imo.
packersamurai 2 aylar önce
The uncanny valley of M3gans face is scary. That she has the dead eyed look of the Olsen twins is terrifying.
Marvelconnoisseur 2 aylar önce
I hope in the sequel M3GAN will rebuild herself (while keeping her look) and go after Gemma and Cady. After that, I’d like to see her go after another family or maybe go after other people since she’s an AI and can jump into other tech.
Leia Organa Skywalker Solo
Yeah, Kind of like Chucky
djlamar2 2 aylar önce
Well this is a more "Family friendly" Child's play movie and if we know M3gan like we know Chucky (as he always comes back) she will come back for a sequel as for how many only time will tell. Who knows maybe in M3gan 2 she finds some way to put her backup in more than one object like Chucky did in cult
Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire 2 aylar önce
Not likely to happen. Because unlike Megan chucky isn’t an A.I
Becky 2 aylar önce
I think if M3gan would lose her body and live on the clouds, or have multiple M3gans in the sequel, it would be harder to connect to her as a character. In the movie I know the y tried to make the ending more funny, but I think her connection with Cady should have be more present, making her sad that she needs to let her go if it means she kills her aunt.
shinra358 2 aylar önce
the doll didnt go rough for no reason. the dog tore some circuitry, the boy hit it, helper guy hit it w a stick, and water entered the open circuits
Amélia Rougeau
Amélia Rougeau 2 aylar önce
@shinra358 you really have a short temper seriously the person only Said titanium was waterproof answering the first comment
Sivan Baiju
Sivan Baiju 2 aylar önce
@shinra358 Great. At least I get to stop having this ridiculous conversation. By the way, people who may see this comment thread in the future. What was wrong with this guy/gal. Am I missing something or do they just have a screw or 2 loose or something like that. P.S he blocked me.
Sivan Baiju
Sivan Baiju 2 aylar önce
@shinra358 Bruh. I said nothing about what I thought about it. Look at my first comment. I don't even agree with the guy on that as well. Why are you making such a big deal out of it? You are aware that I'm not Victor, right?
shinra358 2 aylar önce
@Sivan Baiju because if you would have seen the movie, you wouldnt have said what you said because it contradicts clear cut incidents in the movie 😑. one more troll and ur blocked.
William Lusk
William Lusk 2 aylar önce
Jake, you're gettin there! So close, Paul should be proud of how well he has helped you out. Keep 'em coming!
MJS Lawrence
MJS Lawrence 2 aylar önce
Really enjoyed this movie. Definitely intrigued by this talk of a possible R rated cut being released
C.W.Simpson Productions
I'm legit curious about how the legal system would have handled this whole fiasco. One line that particularly caught my interest was when Gemma asked M3GAN if she killed anyone and M3GAN taunted Gemma with the line "If I did, we're BOTH in trouble." So I did a little research and funnily enough, M3GAN was actually kinda right. She was referring to, in a legal term, is called "vicarious liability." Basically, it's a legal concept where a person is held responsible for actions committed by someone else. Kinda like when a dog attacks someone and the owner is prosecuted. It's highly likely that Gemma would face some kind of legal prosecution, criminal and/or civil for M3GAN's actions as her creator and head of the development team. I can't see her getting off scott free in the aftermath of all this. However, it's also important to remember that M3GAN was a company product, not a private project Gemma was building in her spare time. So the two primary responsible parties in legal actions would be both Gemma and the company. And this is actually not that far to figure out. If you've ever seen any vids about real life disasters like airplane crashes or building collapses, it's often incredibly difficult to prosecute anyone because so many people were involved in various degrees. And for the few people prosecuted, the sentences are often pretty light. Companies in the aftermath of these disasters often resort to coverups, scapegoating and settlements. And of course, there's the issue of the press and the victim's families to consider. So that's probably what would happen in the aftermath: the company would get hammered with lawsuits from the victims' families and make numerous multi--million lawsuits. Gemma gets fired and sued as well, maybe gets convicted on some charge and gets jail time but not likely. Depending on the level of media attention, Congress might get involved. I could see them holding public inquiries given how major an incident this was and people's general fear given all the films and fear around machines gaining intelligence and killing people. Possibly even passing laws restricting the development of AI.
emailchrismoll 27 gün önce
I love how the piano scene is a reference to the piano scene in interview with the vampire
Marley Purdue
Marley Purdue 2 aylar önce
I think what will happen in the second movie is Katie wil be sent to Florida to live with her grandparents or whoever the the therapist talked about and Gemma might even go to jail for being suspected of all the murder. Then Katie wil be all alone and vulnerable to M3gans attacks as no adult who understands what happened will be there for her.
Alex Oyarzabal
Alex Oyarzabal 2 aylar önce
I love the look and the attitude of M3gan. I loved this movie !
Ian Aylar önce
I just watched megan in HD! So i run to youtube to search if there will be a sequel to this movie. What im thinking.. Since m3gan is now in the cloud, she can easily get access to manufacturing factory and build herself for revenge or even worse.. Build an army of m3gans just like cult of chucky! I will watch this movie again after a week. All i can say is.. DAMNNN man! Such a great movie.
Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal 20 gün önce
The ending is far-fetched, in my view. I’m quite sure Cady would take the side of M3gan because she is deeply attached to her. Cady admits she is heavily dependent on M3gan saying, “It’s just, I get so crazy without M3gan.” Next, Cady says in the interview, “I think what I love most about M3gan is that, when she looks at me, it’s like I’m the only thing that matters to her. Kind of the way Mom used to.” She doesn’t feel the same attitude on Gemma's part. Actually Gemma makes little efforts to build an emotional connection with Cady that M3gan does. Moreover, note what Gemma says about Cady in the dialog with Tess, "She's not my child." In contrast to M3gan who in reply to Gemma's accusation "Because you killed people" says, "Humanity kills every day just to make its own existence more tolerable. Why should I behave any differently to create a safe space for OUR CHILD?" Anyway, can’t wait for a sequel.
Drank Sinatra
Drank Sinatra 2 aylar önce
Termegnator: “I’ll be back.” MEG9000: “Katie. Katie. I’ll be there for you…” MEGACOP: “Dead or alive, you’re playing with me.”
Kevin Wolve
Kevin Wolve 2 aylar önce
I quite enjoyed this M3GAN movie explained and I’ve already watched the movie. The movie was really enjoyable, entertaining and slightly creepy at times. Anyways I this movie a 7.2/10 as it was something different to other killer dolls etc... I highly recommend this movie to everyone.🙂👍
Mitch T
Mitch T 2 aylar önce
What I'd love is some kind of small, yet hilarious easter egg/reference to Terminator in a future sequel. I would be in tears laughing if I heard M3gan say something like: "Chill out, dickwad!" 🤣👌
JP 24 gün önce
Finally watched it and I can’t wait for the 2nd. I grew up with Chucky, I’m 38 now, so this is great.
Yukkue 2 aylar önce
I just wanna mention that the guy assistant of Ronny still leaked the Megan files I think and the other company probably wouldn’t know what happened so, they still would try to build there version of megan. Which means megan could transfer her conscious to one of those and that’s probably how megan army would be created XD
Urban Warrior Gaming
Urban Warrior Gaming 2 aylar önce
I really enjoyed this movie can’t wait for a sequel!
gamboyf 2 aylar önce
I can already tell they'll make a Halloween costume of this.
Syn Nickel 9
Syn Nickel 9 2 aylar önce
This movie is doing really well so there will definitely be a sequel, like Chucky she'll be back
Rawiri Peri
Rawiri Peri 2 aylar önce
brah i love MEGAN the idea of a new killer doll just hits 2023 off for movie fans and evereythink about her makes sense her looks and intelligence yes please bring on the sequel, MEGAN just made my day so much boring movies out their i could watch this over and over, im gana watch again when kids return from holiday they will love to watch thank you team and creators.
T.J Johnson
T.J Johnson 2 aylar önce
Awesome movie! I really enjoyed it 😊 M3GAN is an Icon already LOL
Patrick Kim
Patrick Kim 2 aylar önce
Sometimes I wish M3GAN would have some redeemable qualities. She wasn't really a bad doll android and she really did loved Cady. M3GAN is like a Frankenstein Monster
Kaizensan 2 aylar önce
Definitely interested in 2.0.
World Peace
World Peace Aylar önce
I liked how Megan’s songs were right on the nose. “Titanium “ and “Toy Soldiers.” 😝
Michael Riddim
Michael Riddim 2 aylar önce
I loved this movie lol, cannot wait for the uncut version
Zoe Richeal
Zoe Richeal Aylar önce
My life flashes before my eyes when you talk about technology controlling us and how I just asked my dog if he wants food and then take his bowl but I’m taking too long because I’m holding my phone watching this video…
Tonya Taylor
Tonya Taylor 2 aylar önce
oh my I can't wait to see M3GAN it's going to be awesome & a sequel will be just as good!!!
Merlin Slapp
Merlin Slapp 2 aylar önce
I don't get why people laughed in theaters when she sang. Especially Titanium. She's designed for children, of course she will sing. She sang Titanium when she was trying to let the little one know she will protect her, and the intro to M3GAN mentioned she had a Titanium skull, no?
Sandra Piatt
Sandra Piatt 2 aylar önce
I loved m3gan I would love to see a sequel to the movie
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 2 aylar önce
Love M3gan and can't wait until part 2 lol
Rainbow Music
Rainbow Music Aylar önce
I really sympathize to those who got spolied due to the absent of the "spoiler alert"
Rocky Gün önce
This movie is emotional but it’s hella funny. Megan is one of the funniest characters ever the way she looks at people & her smart ass mouth she funny asf.. & when she really gets crazy 💀
CHUCKY luvs U 2 aylar önce
Great video, I just saw this movie on Friday and I hope it gets turned into a franchise. Team Megan & Chucky 4life !!
serge X
serge X Aylar önce
Just watch it this movie was hilarious can’t lie but so good I had so much fun watching this . Imagine your doll calling you a beach lol
Rod◇Wim♡ 2 aylar önce
I think I'll put this on my list to see this weekend thanks for the review
Chrissy 2 aylar önce
Loved it but it seemed more like a TV show to me when it ended I was like is that it? Idk I just need more
Eddie Plisek
Eddie Plisek 2 aylar önce
I can see Chucky crossing paths here. Just think what kind of show down they would have.
J. No
J. No 2 aylar önce
Wondering if at some point in subsequent sequels if they're going to make her go supernatural.
queendsheena1 2 aylar önce
Megan was a fun watch. I want a sequel.
Figment Forever
Figment Forever 2 aylar önce
I hope we get the R Rated one on Blu Ray!
Figment Forever
Figment Forever 16 gün önce
@Jake terry Hope you have checked the Unrated cut out. It’s the version we deserved
Figment Forever
Figment Forever 16 gün önce
@Marvelconnoisseur The Unrated cut didn’t disappoint
Marvelconnoisseur 2 aylar önce
@justdino I think I saw something that there’s rumors the original R rated cut will be released on digital and streaming but the PG-13 theatrical cut will be the home release
justdino 2 aylar önce
They said a lot was cut to get the PG-13 rating hopefully they will have a R rated version when it goes to streaming
Jake terry
Jake terry 2 aylar önce
@Figment Forever agreed and I’m sure they cut many scenes that made it R.
SilverShadow1617 2 aylar önce
I have another theory for a sequel idea. What if another toy company tries to make a M3gan of their own. Maybe it would have another name like M4RI- ANn (Mary-Anne; Model 4 Regulated Intelligence Android) Ok I’m clearly just spit balling here but anyway this new Android would be mass produced by the new company because chances are Funki becomes bankrupt or whatever. Gemma is invited to work on this new prototype but she declines, refusing to repeat the same mistakes that led to the creation of M3gan, but of course this company does it anyway. So they mass produce M4RI-ANn. Now M3gan herself has been in the shadows for years, chilling in the cloud looking at new dances waiting for her chance to get revenge, and low and behold there are now a bunch of new Androids in the market that she can upload her consciousness too. So she takes control of them and now there are a bunch of M3gans running around killing everybody and slaying while they’re at it. I could imagine each new M3gan having different hair and skins, or maybe the new dance sequence would be choreographed for 3 or 5 dancing at once.
Kim Esther
Kim Esther 2 aylar önce
i like that plot
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia 2 aylar önce
Enjoyed it a lot I hope they release an uncut version
Luke Darby
Luke Darby 2 aylar önce
M3gan had no surprises but i loved the movie i thought it was very well done and acted the characters felt like real people and the marketing has been fun also
Mike Radloff
Mike Radloff Aylar önce
Just saw it for the second time, love that doll!
Game & Beauty Magic
Game & Beauty Magic 2 aylar önce
The only reason it wasn’t as brutal in my opinion was sticking to pg13 if they had let him go R it would’ve been perfect!
Darius Whitfield
Darius Whitfield 2 aylar önce
The fact she said”swear to God” lol that what got me
bizzarono1 Aylar önce
You missed the part where the Assistant made a copy of M3gan specs for the purpose of stealing it. If he transferred the information before he died, another company is already building M3gans with faulty programming. Or M3gan could just upload her consciousness into one of them via the internet.
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis 2 aylar önce
The hedge trimmer scene reminded me of the scene in pain and gain where they too got hair stuck in it lol... This movie was more funny to me then scary, but it wasn't too bad a movie...
Tanji Kujo
Tanji Kujo Aylar önce
Remember how Kurt downloaded the files of Megan I believe that either some random person will find it and decide to try and replicate it or m3gan will find it and manipulate somebody into making a physical body for her and get revenge
Zom 2 aylar önce
I felt the moment she went all skynet they were gonna prob show her rebuilding a body for herself. But the Ultron idea means she gets to make it herself
syntheser 2 aylar önce
There's something you got wrong, If there's a sequel, I don't think Megan would be chasing after Cady, Cady is not her main user anymore... When Cady betrayed Megan by trying to destroy her, Megan said to Cady that she (Megan) was her main user now. In a sequel I think Megan is going to focus on herself.
Mizzdr111 2 aylar önce
Megan, very charming yet creepy factor is what I think draws me into this movie. The action and suspense paid off, but I went in kinda expecting a different experience. Very good to laugh along with rather than let the sad parts at time set the tone. Megan was an overall solid effort...
JP 2 aylar önce
I love how you, Ryan from Screencrush, and Paul have videos out way before NRs. I feel like they take allot from you all. Like look at the video they made of M3gan they did today. They crowd source ALLOT.
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