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6 Ağu 2022




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Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 29 gün önce
I love One Piece and Crunchyroll.
xXNight WolfXx
xXNight WolfXx Aylar önce
where my mans/women raise they need to get paid for these title
Eugene Pile
Eugene Pile Aylar önce
Scamplock Aylar önce
Tuhin Das
Tuhin Das Aylar önce
Sorry but i like to watch illegally
ASMR time | Scorpi0
Whoever comes up with the videos titles needs a raise, Crunchyroll!
Kuya Mo Cis
Kuya Mo Cis Aylar önce
heck yea
Lost Planner
Lost Planner Aylar önce
I was thinking the same thing
Demon King Rimuru
Demon King Rimuru Aylar önce
the same thing i thought
Jon Todd
Jon Todd Aylar önce
They do the same thing with about everything nowadays. It's no longer specific to a channel just culture
aswer huio
aswer huio Aylar önce
The way Law says “he’s not even touching him” and the moment you realize Oden said the same thing witnessing Whitebeard and Roger clash… is crazy
The Irish Viking
The Irish Viking Gün önce
@Heskinammo Duo considering that you have deleted the "it's just a cartoon" comment I'm guessing that someone pointed out that that same logic can be used to describe anything "It's just a movie" "it's just a book" "it's just a country" "it's just a ball of gas" It is however a good way to insult someone for example, Your just a human traffic cone
e 6 gün önce
This dude got grilled for like a month God damn this was funny to look at
urquaa 8 gün önce
TomatoEdits 13 gün önce
@Christopher Tran lol bro😂
zrsous88 Aylar önce
I love how Law is always there to witness Luffy’s feats.
Faisal Reza
Faisal Reza 9 saatler önce
@chris hubbard at this point Bartolomeo with his crew and ship should just tag along with luffy, I'm sure he wouldn't mind
Zondor 12 gün önce
@Bee Music not even luffy own crews seen his feats more than law
Bee Music
Bee Music 14 gün önce
Bruh i never noticed that. He was there with Doffy, Big Mom, Kaido, back in Marineford...
Hazmi Shaidi
Hazmi Shaidi Aylar önce
Law has been the sole witness whenever Luffy reveal new forms, it's hilarious😂 Law is just one extremely lucky individual.
Mahin Hannan
Mahin Hannan Aylar önce
Law is a feet guy
LeeLos Adventure
LeeLos Adventure Aylar önce
i love how they included zoro saying he launched that attack with all his might, then they show that kaido didn't fall over from it. Then Luffy avenges zoro by knocking kaido on his back. such a hype thing
James Fletcher
James Fletcher 15 gün önce
@Daniel_s7 You mean scar Kaido? Because a LOT of people have cut Kaido, literally all of the Scabbards did. The only two people who have actually scarred Kaido with a cut are Oden and Zoro, and now Luffy has left his mark on him too by breaking off his horn.
Daniel_s7 18 gün önce
Zoro is still the second person to ever cut Kaido which is a huge feat
Stupid Ran
Stupid Ran 21 gün önce
@Sarada Haruno Of The Sharingan no dude no
Drop the base WUBWUBWUBWUB
@Sarada Haruno Of The Sharingan That’s a lot of words for someone who’s wrong
James Fletcher
James Fletcher Aylar önce
Yup, that's the captain for you. Luffy, Kid, and Law are now leagues ahead.
Fettuccine Machine
Fettuccine Machine Aylar önce
Whenever I watch clips of One Piece episodes, I always get transported back to my childhood. Hearing the original OP music gives me goosebumps and I feel the excitement all over again.
NarutoSage 2 gün önce
Two more likes to 1k!
BioNautMate 22 gün önce
Same, literally cry every single time. Seeing how far Luffy has come, reminds me of how much ive experienced in my own life. It’s crazy.
Depee Besande
Depee Besande Aylar önce
Bring back memories 💪😅😁
Ref Animation
Ref Animation Aylar önce
Ichigo Shinagami
Ichigo Shinagami Aylar önce
@Jasmine YEEEEEE
O m e n
O m e n Aylar önce
Luffy went from punching his local sea monster, holding his arm to control the recoil, to making Kaido catch a glimpse of heaven. One Piece came a long way.
Slyk Boss
Slyk Boss 21 saatler önce
Haha true
Obanize 10 gün önce
"Make kaido catch a glimpse of heaven" 🤣🤣
Wamuu 16 gün önce
@White Wolf wow
White Wolf
White Wolf 16 gün önce
Luffy did come a long way. For us over 25 years, for Luffy over 2 years?!? Lol
Wamuu 19 gün önce
@Galaxy 231 pucci acclhived heaven
shockdual3 6 gün önce
este momento me hace sonreir de oreja a oreja, llevo mas de 10 años viendo esta serie, ya es parte de mi.
Retro Aylar önce
0:54 I love how he had the same face as he did when he punched that celestial dragon
Germany 9 gün önce
@BlazingRPI His father better be prepared then
BlazingRPI 10 gün önce
I just really likes punching dragons 🤣
Kakarot 27 gün önce
Muhammad Chesar Rangga
and law saw both of them
LLEMM Aylar önce
The drumbeats, orchestra and the sound effects from Luffy's Haki activating is perfect.
Vandell 22 gün önce
Law's role to be the eternal cynic whose heart gets filled with hope never fails to make me happy.
Raph A. 🌹🍜
Raph A. 🌹🍜 Aylar önce
No matter how many times We Are starts playing in the anime, I will NEVER, EVER get tired of it.
Urek Mazino
Urek Mazino 12 gün önce
@Clips to You and All bro it's literally spamming dbz sound effects and color scheme 🤣 they didn't even try to be unique with it.
Clips to You and All
Clips to You and All 12 gün önce
@Urek Mazino yall see auras around characters or them briefly flying even ONCE and then "dRaGoN bAlL" comments come out lol its not even that It's called "animating power" and it's not just a DBZ thing and NO not every anime that does it is always inspired by DBZ so yall can calm down now
Link Gamer12
Link Gamer12 22 gün önce
When they brought it back for episode 1000 I jumped out of my sofa I was so hyped
Andrew Steiner
Andrew Steiner 28 gün önce
@Erumudo L opinion
Park Musni
Park Musni Aylar önce
I will literally cry if any of the three "W" openings plays at the end of one piece (We go and We are and Wake Up)
lowlyspy Aylar önce
I haven't watched past episode 12 or so and this still gave me goosebumps. I can only imagine the level of hype for people who have watched OP all the way through. Enjoy it extra for me guys.
s w 4 m p
s w 4 m p 8 saatler önce
@Big Slime lol it only takes a year catching up.
Big Slime
Big Slime 14 saatler önce
@s w 4 m p lol he'll most likely be a senior citizen by the time he catches up but let him have fun dreaming of catching up decades from now
s w 4 m p
s w 4 m p 5 gün önce
damn youre still way too far
Ice Cube
Ice Cube 9 gün önce
I love marineford and enies lobby arc so much 😍
Fxre ツ
Fxre ツ 10 gün önce
@Salem willson you haven’t even watched up to marineford
Niklas 4 gün önce
You know I think the reason they are putting so much effort into animation nowadays might be so that lots of new people get hooked and start watching One Piece from the beginning so everybody can see what an amazing show this has always been.
Discuss & Review
Discuss & Review Aylar önce
You know I’ve been through a lot of relationships my whole entire highschool life but my relationship with one piece is still endless
COD Beast
COD Beast Aylar önce
Agree bro ❤️
Moisés Arellano
Moisés Arellano 14 gün önce
Luffy discovered that OP music is the ultimate weapon
Simón R.
Simón R. 2 gün önce
Thats the One Piece. An OP
thariq aziz
thariq aziz Aylar önce
When Kaido felt that punch he started remembering all the badass lines Luffy spoke and realised it was not just BS 😂
Jr 2009
Jr 2009 Aylar önce
@Creative La'Roi reporting
Mad X
Mad X Aylar önce
BS what, brawl stars?? not sponsored btw
2D DISTORTION Aylar önce
@Jonathan Joe star you are watching the most recent bit of the anime right now and you are complaining about spoilers if you dont want them dont watch a video that is mostly spoilers💀
2D DISTORTION Aylar önce
@Creative La'Roi joy boy is a person
38 achref
38 achref Aylar önce
@Creative La'Roi haha either you a troll or anime only lol
Quineton Anderson-Nashville Tennessee Real Estate
I started my OP journey back in roughly February of 2022.. I couldn't imagine having waited this long had I started back when episode 100 or so was new. Hats off to everyone who's been an OG! Thinking I just watched 20+ years worth of content is incredible. I only hope I make it to the end!
David Aylar önce
The original op rlly brought back memories maan, definitely better than the current one.
Moses McKeon
Moses McKeon Aylar önce
Over the Tops sung by the same guy who made We Are! Tho, yea We Are is Iconic, but I think his other works (like We Go, sequel to we are that played just before the OG theme seen here) have their own charm and are good in their own right.
Gar Bowler
Gar Bowler Aylar önce
That look Law had one was both out of admiration and fear. Because at that moment he realized that he will have to face Luffy himself one day.
Tom Andrews
Tom Andrews 12 gün önce
@Sedrick J Both of them are likely to support Luffy come the final war. Even someone like Kidd will give into this. There were already signs during Wano with him and Law taking down Big Mom. Both their crews are nowhere near on the Straw Hat's level as already mentioned.
Sedrick J
Sedrick J Aylar önce
Law also probably acknowledges he lacks the support system to take on Luffy as well. The Straw Hats are legit a yonko fleet now, Law at best has one semi reliable crew mate and he’s basically on the Ussop/Nami tier. Same goes for Kid, if that clash is to happen someday he will need more than Killer.
Caius Drake Gaming
Caius Drake Gaming Aylar önce
@Tom Andrews Also Law isn't an idiot. Kid might still fight Luffy after seeing that but Law's smart enough to know when he shouldn't fight someone.
Tom Andrews
Tom Andrews Aylar önce
I still find it difficult to see them facing off after everything they've been through together. Even though Law is after the One Piece as well.
Tashiro syu Raffi
Tashiro syu Raffi Aylar önce
you know someone is strong when you hear the op music starts playing
Riley_E-D_ Mettle
Riley_E-D_ Mettle Aylar önce
Big shout out to the ones who first made the ‘We are’ Music. Even after 20 years it’s not only still fresh, but it works soo well with todays episodes.
Nathan Ashman
Nathan Ashman 29 gün önce
@Ashlin Thomas I think it works well bc of how long its been used in the series. That, and it kinda reminds you how far Luffy has come
Nami-swan Aylar önce
They made 4 openings for one piece truly a legends of the anime
PANIC! MODE Aylar önce
@MacBytes that's the one! :)
MacBytes Aylar önce
Ömer Aylar önce
it not 20 its 23
Haziq Khan
Haziq Khan Aylar önce
The original OP opening is just amazing bro, I'll never get tired of it
Jay MW
Jay MW Aylar önce
I can’t stop watching this moment. It’s just amazing. This and 1015 are just reminders of how far One Piece has gone and how grand the journey has been. So exciting 😁
zangetsu x
zangetsu x Aylar önce
This anime will go down in history and remember these interesting days. I don't know, but I'm sure it's the greatest anime of all time 😞🤍♥️💛🖤💙💜❤️💓💕
MusicSeasin Aylar önce
I watched this 20 times and somehow it gets hyped everytime I watched it. There will never be another anime like One Piece for a long time
MorgingBoing 12 gün önce
@Whodey4ever No one will feel the same about those shows compared to One Piece.
God D Oda
God D Oda 12 gün önce
@Whodey4ever code geass ended to fast and needed to go deeper about the mars thing and what cc actually was
God D Oda
God D Oda 12 gün önce
@Whodey4ever well to be fair in some categories sure but one piece is a consistent story and by the time it ends with all the mysteries being solved the foreshadowing and the epic moments it will b top anime
Mr. Regular
Mr. Regular Aylar önce
@Whodey4ever I agree, but ey, let the people love what they love. To each their own
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray Aylar önce
@Whodey4ever yeah. But everyone enjoy what they want
Joel Varone
Joel Varone Aylar önce
The way Law says “he’s not even touching him” and the moment you realize Oden said the same thing witnessing Whitebeard and Roger clash… is crazy
Rv302 Vr
Rv302 Vr Aylar önce
@hiro give it like 10 months for anime to reach this point but u good m8 alot of good stuff stimm
CrazyBread Aylar önce
He didnt see it. And neither did we.
R.E.X Aylar önce
@Tolga Tanriverdi Everyone know unless somehow they avoided all of the thumbnails and social media for the last month plus.
Tolga Tanriverdi
Tolga Tanriverdi Aylar önce
@R.E.X no not everyone
R.E.X Aylar önce
@Tolga Tanriverdi 🤡 everyone already know.
Devansh 11 gün önce
Even though law knows about luffy his every reaction to everything is just priceless and funny how he just look at him like it's new for him.
papagilly1 Aylar önce
You think Law really wants to be on opposing sides? He witnessed greatness
JUNIOR JM Aylar önce
Everytime 'we are' theme is played in the background it's give me goosebump
Γιάννης Παπιομύτογλου
Haven't seen a single ep of one piece, yet this gave me goosebumps. Legendary anime
Andre Savage
Andre Savage Gün önce
Damn you gotta start from the bottom them
RockofVengeance 5 gün önce
@Party Poison yeh i did, it was pretty good imo
Party Poison
Party Poison 5 gün önce
@RockofVengeance brooo have u watched mob psycho?
God D Oda
God D Oda 12 gün önce
@RockofVengeance if you can not watch something for the way it looks you are childish and can not try different things also you are petty
God D Oda
God D Oda 12 gün önce
@Calvinooi thats cap pr tim skip ha good animation and whole cake it was mainly dressrosa that ruined on pieces reputation in animation
zangetsu x
zangetsu x Aylar önce
Everyone will remember why this anime is a legend
Kendall DeJeus
Kendall DeJeus Aylar önce
I had to rewind this like 5 times! Luffy straight shoryu-ken this man! And the 1st OP playing made it that much more epic! 🤩
z aciles
z aciles Aylar önce
With this, the best fight in one piece has truely begun
Soniyan Borkar
Soniyan Borkar Aylar önce
Now now before you all think that this is the best part about the entire fight then you are mistaken, There are even more greater moments to come in the future which will change the entire story of One Piece ;) Better get hyped
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts Aylar önce
Yeah there's gonna be like another 6 months of the Kaido fight
Hyun-Su Aylar önce
Bro, people say OP is too long but they don't understand how much of a blessing that is, when an anime like this is as long as it is you get so attached to the characters and the other things like the OP's, themes, ect. And when you watch luffy in action like this and hear the beloved sound if the first OP, it gives you chills whilst also bringing a tear to your eye and finally topping it all off with a grin. One Piece just has that effect on me personally, and that's why I love it so much.
AkumaBlood 12 gün önce
@God D Oda like in wanna Luffy was walking a hallways for episodes just to get to roof top
AkumaBlood 12 gün önce
@God D Oda bro what are you talking about the binge won’t be insane one piece anime have an unhealthy pacing system which stalls the story causing u to feel nothing and wait tell something actually happen
God D Oda
God D Oda 12 gün önce
@AkumaBlood ok sure but the binge is going to be insane because of the drawn out fight scenes
AkumaBlood 12 gün önce
@God D Oda this has nothing to do with me
AkumaBlood 12 gün önce
@God D Oda again what are you talking about
Whammy Cheng
Whammy Cheng 21 gün önce
At some point in the past, Garp must have PUNCHED Kaido at least once. I am sure Luffy's punch must bring back memories.
The Lord of The Weebs
The Lord of The Weebs 29 gün önce
ONE PIECE came at the right time for moments like this to be animated as best as possible.
Yes Yes
Yes Yes Aylar önce
Chills! Goosebumps! Everything that makes me happy is in this scene !!
Stephen Aylar önce
1:25 The moment Law realized Luffy is the main character.
Jacked AMV
Jacked AMV Aylar önce
Not only do we get a great scene, but also another great title, crunchyroll really knows what they are doing
Jacked AMV
Jacked AMV Aylar önce
@archon378 Not only do we get another great episode, but another great title for the clip That’s what I meant
archon378 Aylar önce
Am I misinterpreting or do you believe Crunchy MAKES One Piece? The most they do besides giving us a platform to watch it on is make the subs.
probloxo Aylar önce
@RRiddleB 😻😻😻
Jacked AMV
Jacked AMV Aylar önce
Also, you predicted that I would get more likes, nice one!
epicnerull Aylar önce
I am not a OP fan, but even I have to admit this was well made.
Olisallana 10 gün önce
Luffy send Kaido back to ep 1 of One piece with that punch
Serge Foppossi
Serge Foppossi Aylar önce
I am a long time fan and choosing that music as he punches kaido was a great idea, gave me chills knowing the story has come from a long way.
Kurosake 2290
Kurosake 2290 Aylar önce
What's great is we still haven't reached the peak of this fight... oh my heavens I can hardly wait. Animators and crew all deserve a fat bonus.
ProjecT NoivaD
ProjecT NoivaD Aylar önce
I can't believe I'm still alive to see this happen...rip to all the ones who couldn't see this masterpiece 🤧
God D Oda
God D Oda 12 gün önce
@Blu b better story better build up better themes and so much more zoro vs mihawk will be the greatest fight in anime history not just for the animation but for the sheer build up to it
Jemz Aylar önce
@Stormy73xd You take this L
ItsEnchantedApple0 Aylar önce
o7 Technoblade
Stormy73xd Aylar önce
@Gypso1075 L
King Brian
King Brian Aylar önce
either reincarnation is real or there are TVs in heaven, don't worry they saw it
LuDiBa Aylar önce
Havent catched up on one piece but oh lord im so envious this is amazing animation
picklè Aylar önce
@Brave Boy Tbh no point hiding from spoilers, the harder you hide the more disappointed you’ll be.
Brave Boy
Brave Boy Aylar önce
Dude, don't spoil it for urself..
Apple Juice
Apple Juice Aylar önce
Kaido forgot who the main character was
Im Here
Im Here 4 gün önce
Seeing top tier animation after watching it drop off years ago is so inspiring
Alsi Mergan
Alsi Mergan Aylar önce
"Luffy, i gave you instructions. But Haki becomes stronger in the heat of actual battle."
Justyn Hill
Justyn Hill 5 gün önce
It’s more that he improved and grow at the same time. Even in their first encounter with Kaido Luffy haki wasn’t weak it was that he wasn’t using it properly until he learned Ryou then used what he learned from that to learn CoC coating which Oda has said that CoC was Luffy specialty.
Kyousuke Kousaka
Kyousuke Kousaka Aylar önce
The title maker almost always never miss the greatest moments of One Piece and this clip is living proof.
ZombieWolf2508 Aylar önce
Eh, they spoil a lot of stuff too for anime only's tho, especially when they post the clips within mere hours of the episode releasing. I can almost guarentee when 1043 gets adapted, they'll have it thumbnail'd and titled with a huge spoiler for the lucky people who haven't already had youtubers spoil it for them.
Fate Hound 2
Fate Hound 2 Aylar önce
@Dejon Johnson Well I mean to be fair you're not the original commenter so... Of course you won't answer that correctly. Only the OP can.
᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼ Aylar önce
@Dejon Johnson Well duh, there’s no valuable reason why he “needs” a raise
Dejon Johnson
Dejon Johnson Aylar önce
@Fate Hound 2 Bruh I'm not even gonna answer that.
Fate Hound 2
Fate Hound 2 Aylar önce
What does this title have to do with getting the best moments?..
Shanya Aylar önce
The soundtrack in this episode was so good and on point. Not to mention the animation was so good. One Piece knows how to hype it's audience 🔥💯
Kris Palsgrove
Kris Palsgrove Aylar önce
Don't even watch one piece but seeing this makes me want to watch the other 1027 other episodes.
Richard Patrick
Richard Patrick Aylar önce
Anytime we are is played it gives me chills. I remember hearing it for the first time as a kid and it always sends me back
Dex Aylar önce
One Piece has changed a lot and at times it was hard to follow the changes due to nostalgia, but it turned out great and just as enjoyable as it always was, just different
Truck-Kun Aylar önce
Dude, when the Drums of Liberation start to play, it's going to be GLORIOUS.
Evan W
Evan W Aylar önce
I feel like they made this remix of we are for the drums. And someone just played it Early
Felipe Bezerra mini
it's actually playing when luffy starts to use conquers haki
In AK I Trust
In AK I Trust Aylar önce
I swear to god I’ll never forgive Toei if they use an unnecessary amount of aura and sakura petals that ruins the moment
Mauricio Ferrando
Mauricio Ferrando Aylar önce
@Peter Cao the drums will start sounding and the chapter will end
Meshyy Aylar önce
AiirxGeordan Aylar önce
Man this scene makes up for all the auras and stuff. Kaido going from underestimating this generation to being chin-checked by the ringleader. What kind of king did you say you’d be? No spoiling, but it’s the same kind of question he asked at the end.
ArturMPrice@ Gün önce
I'm pretty sure this music will be played, when Luffy will awakened his Gear 5 (God mode) or defeating Kaido for good.
Zephirin Aylar önce
What's crazier is that just before this scene, when they show a picture of a flower blossoming is a new theme song we haven't heard in the anime. That theme song is actually a song that got leaked a while back and it's the gear 5th theme song aka luffy's awakening hence the flower blossoming. This whole scene was badass.
Subigya Shrestha
Subigya Shrestha 3 gün önce
Title:"luffy punches kaido so hard" Meanwhile kaido:I almost lost 0.000002% of my hp instead of 0.0000001% 💀
Ryon Aylar önce
"He didn't touch him!" That line alone sets Luffy far apart from Kid and Law.
AndrewWithEase11 11
@spyfire242 liffy could body both kidd, law, and their crews all at once. just because theyre supposed to be "rivals" does NOT mean they are anywhere CLOSE in strength
Kingsukh Ghosh
Kingsukh Ghosh Aylar önce
@Sameer Ahmed Although Big Mom was huge, she was pretty fast. Although Law was getting help from Kidd, mind you than anyone other than Luffy with gear 5 cannot battle Big Mom on equal grounds (At that Island leaving Kaido). And also Law can cast his room way before hand the start of battle and as his attacks can even pierce through Big Mom's haki and tough skin, there is hardly anything that can stop his attack. And up until now there is nothing shown that can attain speed so fast that he can't cast his attack. Infact Law is the only person who can instantly teleport using shambles. Also Law might not be a pure swordsman but he can still defend himself using his sword with unless a it's a too much powerful attack for a moment before casting his spell. Only stealth attack like Flampe's dart is the only thing that i find that can attack before law notices it because even Luffy and Katakuri failed to notice it with their powerful obs haki.
Sameer Ahmed
Sameer Ahmed Aylar önce
@Kingsukh Ghosh I mean Law has a fatal weakness, with enough speed and some brute strength someone can pulverize him before he can use use room.
Kingsukh Ghosh
Kingsukh Ghosh Aylar önce
@Sameer Ahmed Are you still in Dressrosa arc
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman Aylar önce
@Xavier deGuzman what? The akazaya damaged Kaido and made him bleed too… Kidd is brute force pushing pulling etc… how tf is he gonna make him bleed?
Toryシ Aylar önce
This man went from running away from pacifistas to defeating kaido
blacklotus432 Aylar önce
One piece is going to be the best anime in history
Danny Luxray
Danny Luxray Aylar önce
Luffy has hit Kaido with at least 3 finishing blows and he still won't go down
Timoklesquad gaming
I like how he doesnt need to use his fruit power to show this much power anymore
Joey Montana
Joey Montana 2 gün önce
I still love how law is just completely baffled
MewGetsu Aylar önce
One Piece for me will be the anime that has the best music period. This show is very near and dear to my heart.
The Demon lord Art
The Demon lord Art Aylar önce
The person writing those titles is awesome! And a true nakama to all of us!
eric eagle
eric eagle Aylar önce
so glad i finally got into one piece….def watching things out of order but still can feel how amazing the show is
Jeremiah easterwood
You can always go back!
Truck-Kun Aylar önce
They really went out of their way to illustrate just how monstrous the difference in power of Conqueror Haki is compared to regular Armament Haki
Kevin Echols-EL
Kevin Echols-EL Aylar önce
@Matthew Carter zoro just need someone to train him how to use his conquers haki the same way Luffy was trained to do it.
Blaze Aylar önce
@nameless first yh i know ryou is only associated with wano but wdym haki? There are 3 types of haki u know? And its definetely not observation. Ur probably talking about armament. Which ur half right, its another word for armament haki but they dont utilise it like armour, thats why i said flow because they instead use it offensively, the haki flows through their first and into their opponent hitting them from inside. Luffy copied that flow concept with coq coating and did the same. Basically think of kaido using coq coating as armament way (defence ) and luffy using coq coating the ryou way. (offence)
nameless Aylar önce
@Blaze yeah i know he used coq coating but you said that ryou is the way of controling the flow which is false its just a different name in wano for haki
Blaze Aylar önce
@nameless oh yh i did say it was different things, and because it is. What luffy used wasnt ryou it was a coq coating copying the ryou idealogy. Luffy has been using normal ryou at the start of the battle
nameless Aylar önce
@Blaze so i didn't understand you bro you made it sound like two different things
Dun Hilda
Dun Hilda Aylar önce
I can't wait to comeback to youtube one day in the future and watch this ENTIRE fight, just pure Luffy vs Kaido, it's going to be one LONG video.
Studente Traore Abdu
GREAT luffy you never cease to amaze me for sure
Glockz Aylar önce
*Kaido casually gets back up and says hes gonna get serious now*
Basil Greg MARIKIT
Basil Greg MARIKIT Aylar önce
@Shiny Hunter we all know
SIRAIT Aylar önce
Can't wait for the "Sun God" scene to be animated.
KapKabui Aylar önce
It takes an anime 25 years in the making to deliver this kind of emotion… thank you Oda!
Sly cooper 2 : band of thieves
@Amuro Ray he’s punched him way more than 8 times, but this is the first time luffy infused conqueror’s haki into his punch so it’s the first time it seriously hurt kaido.
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray Aylar önce
I swear I’ve seen Luffy punch this man like 8 times already in this arc.
ZackstaDaxta 18 gün önce
As of the current episode, Kaido defeated Luffy AGAIN. And for a much longer time. Kaido is so damn strong.
Rūjū Pi
Rūjū Pi Aylar önce
I'm definitely gonna be rewatching this Arc , the animations are God tier TvT
Nug Slayer_209
Nug Slayer_209 Aylar önce
this episode gave me major goosebumps, loved it!!
Adrian Caboles
Adrian Caboles Aylar önce
For me "We are" is the best anime song it fits very well in any mood happy, intense or even sad
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
The vibrant, colorful and top tier animation mixed with the nostalgic op makes this one of the most iconic moments in One Piece history.
Kwe Aylar önce
@Oli Hartley it’s clearly implicated that it’s the same type of clash, with oden and law having the same reaction to them not touching, and the white beard and Roger clash was clearly advanced conquerors you been paying attention bro?
Oli Hartley
Oli Hartley Aylar önce
@Kwe Not gonna say it again. This ain't Roger and White ears fighting pal. They weren't using Ryuo.
Kwe Aylar önce
@Oli Hartley I think he understands that it’s just the fact that they got this super Saiyan yellow aura thing going on, when white beard and Roger clashed you didn’t see that happen they doin too much
Rachit Sah
Rachit Sah Aylar önce
@youngin Yeah, I recently rewatched the Obito v. Kakashi fight and you can tell why it's considered one of the best fight scenes of all time. It's grounded, nostalgic, emotional and just so well done. No need for crazy special effects.
Oli Hartley
Oli Hartley Aylar önce
@youngin They aren't "auras", it's Ryuo or Advanced Conqueror's. Something we haven't had up to this point in the anime.
Emil Hukic
Emil Hukic Aylar önce
Kirin Todo
Kirin Todo 27 gün önce
Such a Epic Moment ❤️
Melissa M
Melissa M Aylar önce
If you’re not watching One Piece, what the hell are you doing? Get on it now! I am all caught up and would do it all over again. I love you Oda
Aaron Black
Aaron Black Aylar önce
I still think the dopest part is the way he lands after the punch, Luffy the goat
KaiTheGuy Aylar önce
One Piece with these latest episodes never fails to impress me. Props to the animators for putting so much work into the episodes.
Xiro Chamber
Xiro Chamber Aylar önce
@Chong power7 people are so picky about anime lol
Chong power7
Chong power7 Aylar önce
@Xiro Chamber yeahh when one piece have bad animation they are ones who also complains.
Xiro Chamber
Xiro Chamber Aylar önce
@Aman Suleimenov how can you not keep track of what’s going on? Are you blind? I can understand not liking the design but to say you can’t tell what is going on is laughable. The lights from haki has been like this since dressrosa if not earlier. This episode they even slowed down the fight choreography to show how strong Luffy’s haki is. I think it’s funny how people get so bent out of shape over some colors. You should be glad one piece is still being animated let alone not being like berserk.
i like cheese
i like cheese Aylar önce
@sharebear421 yeah i agree but they only bring her in occasionally due to having a low budget as a weekly anime
Merouane Adel
Merouane Adel Aylar önce
@Croco Boi 🐊 Yessir ur right, but i meant tooo much flowers
Sacchidanand Kumbhar
Best moment in one piece ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
We1rdo_Man Aylar önce
These amazing Scenes just keep coming, Kaido just taking the punches
The Donald
The Donald Aylar önce
This song fits in with any ultimate boss fight in a movie or tv show , imagine this playing during endgame when iron man snaps his fingers or when harry killed Voldemort...
JJPE Morin
JJPE Morin Aylar önce
Kudos to the person who came up with the title. You made me laugh a little bit too hard for my own good. 🙂
Unknown Variable
Unknown Variable Aylar önce
It’s amazing how strong Luffy has become. Especially when you think about the fact that he’s still only 19 years old, yet he is out here able to fight Kaido, the strongest creature alive, like this. Luffy in his prime is gonna be ridiculous.
主Yoshi. Aylar önce
@speeddemon63 Saitama's sneeze can destroy the whole naruto verse💀
speeddemon63 Aylar önce
@主Yoshi. keep ducking, also a truth seeker orbs would j one shot Saitama as it is existence erasure and only ppl with six paths chakra can touch them
RandomDude Aylar önce
@God D Oda Actually I would've. *Turns to the audience "Hello, audience! Am I breaking the fourth wall?"- RandomDude This literally breaks the fourth wall. But, you still seemed to ignore my other point once again, that IT DOESN'T MATTER. We're infinitely beyond fiction either way. Even if this is another plane of fiction, then all you did was prove that Luffy is a fictional character within fiction, making us, who are just fictional characters, infinitely beyond him anyway. My point doesn't change that I'm infinitely stronger than Luffy.
God D Oda
God D Oda Aylar önce
@RandomDude no Im trying to prove my point right and Im trying to prove a point that you came up with randomly wrong not the one you began with.
Naggl93 Aylar önce
I need this Music in my workout List :D
Luffy -Hussain
Luffy -Hussain Aylar önce
If luffy beat kaido he is going to be the strongest character in op
Maxi Guzman
Maxi Guzman Aylar önce
Espectacular ese episodio
ETibbs11 Gün önce
Boy, I haven't watched One Piece since Dressrosa, but I keep seeing the new animation style, and it 👏 is 👏 gorgeous.
TheFanatic Aylar önce
This moment law knew luffy was on a whole other level than the rest of them. And they're all about to turn it up even more. This is truly the best time to be a One Piece fan!
4ttt Hhu
4ttt Hhu Aylar önce
@38 achref zoro haki >>>>law haki=no room, zoro killseasy law
38 achref
38 achref Aylar önce
@4ttt Hhu law easly kills zoro with just room no kroom needed
38 achref
38 achref Aylar önce
@GrowingDownUnder only laws awakening bypass haki his normal power aka room dosent
38 achref
38 achref Aylar önce
@aumjr52 law didnt use awakening vs kaido he used it only vs big mom
GrowingDownUnder Aylar önce
@Me Doesn't matter if law said he can't move big mom or kaido...because he literally did move them contradicting his own claims therefor we have actual feat that he can move them with his devil fruit.
Get Outta Here
Get Outta Here Aylar önce
That’s Oda saying “oh yeah so this is the actual start of One Piece”
mait Aylar önce
Although the animation is stellar, in the chapter it happened (which was the same as the previous episode), Luffy’s kick happened in a single panel-extremely fast. Feels like thunder bagua all over again. Also the “We Go!” did get me excited.
Jon Maverick
Jon Maverick 14 gün önce
Goosebumps while listening to the music
I'm subbing to everyone who subs to me
You already know when stuff like this happens the moment is lit
Golden_eye21 Aylar önce
"Conquerors haki is only for fodder" no no no! This explains why everyone was so frightened when Luffy used conquerors haki subconsciously back at Marineford! They knew what it/he could become. Advanced conquerors haki is truly the peak
Annoying Gabiru
Annoying Gabiru Aylar önce
@Jay Nen you don't need to be born with it. You still didn't understand what I wrote.
Vijay_ v_2812
Vijay_ v_2812 Aylar önce
@Dr. Weewe Mongoose the other zoan fruits don't really have a reason to.
Blaze Aylar önce
Everyone was frightened because luffy is so young and has such strong coq. And because haki was just being revealed so luffy needed the hype. There were so many people that should be able to use coq in that fight.
DaGoat Aylar önce
no, only the top tiers knew what advanced conquers was. most of the admirals prob didn't evne knwo of it sicne the only ones that have it are like the top 5-7 of the verse. they were just scared because conquers is rare in the first place
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