Lowe Down: Live from Premier League Mornings Live Fan Fest in Los Angeles | NBC Sports

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Rebecca Lowe answers questions from fans in Los Angeles at the Premier League Mornings Live Fan Fest.
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Lowe Down: Live from Premier League Mornings Live Fan Fest in Los Angeles | NBC Sports




24 Eki 2021




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David Aylar önce
America has the biggest plastic fans in the world.
Pag1413 Aylar önce
Bless him he'll need shots going to "Old Castle Grey skull!"
Bill Windsor
Bill Windsor Aylar önce
Excellent! Thank you, Premier League, NBC, and Rebecca Lowe; a wonderful production!
Pat L
Pat L Aylar önce
That kid is a die hard Man U fan. Annoyingly so. On stage, no sleep, nervous is an understatement. He knew he messed up #7 and knew he was going to get roasted afterwords. We laughed about it and I told him not worry about it since the keyboard warriors needed something to do on a Sunday. Thx to all the cool people who came up and talked to him about his prize. Shout out to the Los Angeles Hammers. Gave the boy a good ribbing but spent time talking to him and congratulating him. Thx to NBCSN for bringing the event to LA, our friends that we came with, and the new friends we made. Congrats and love you boy, even if you are a Man U fan. Dad West Ham, Oi!
Mr. 'Phet
Mr. 'Phet Aylar önce
They should go to some smaller market cities with passionate fan bases. Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville, Detroit, Columbus, St. Louis, etc. 😕
BabsW Aylar önce
Come to Atlanta next
BabsW Aylar önce
3:28 Giggs?!! Smh. He's putting US-based PL fans to shame.
Arinan Dourado
Arinan Dourado Aylar önce
Just throwing out there, come to Louisville-KY
warrior.jcruse Aylar önce
Please come to St. Louis!
Pietro Pes
Pietro Pes Aylar önce
What's contributing is money, money and money - hence Man city are now the best (and richest) aand soon will be Newcastle. Football / Premier League has no salary cap, no transfer cap remember. $$$$ wins trophies.
doc holliday420
doc holliday420 Aylar önce
what a scrub united fan. Not even excited about going to old trafford. i know united sucks, but c'mon the theater of dreams, you should still be excited.FAKE FAN.
Andoorss Aylar önce
Very excited to go. Still hasn’t fully hit yet
Pietro Pes
Pietro Pes Aylar önce
He'll prob sell the tickets lol
Prashant Lama
Prashant Lama Aylar önce
He not Manchester United fan. Wrong fan.
Mr. 'Phet
Mr. 'Phet Aylar önce
Yes he is, he's just a bum. Own your fan! 🤣
Pietro Pes
Pietro Pes Aylar önce
Giggs no.7 - ffs
abdulaziz yalahow
abdulaziz yalahow Aylar önce
Just hearing 👂 Rebecca Lowe makes the game even sweeter what a game YNWA let’s go reds who’s gonna stop 🛑 us now the beautiful premier league championship & the magnificent champions league championship both coming to Anfield In Shaa Allah
A-wal Games
A-wal Games Aylar önce
Who's gonna stop you? Man City. :)
Shpongle Aylar önce
Dude gets a free ticket to watch United play!! WHATTT??? Poor guy
Y S Aylar önce
Tottenham for life
Jaheem Maddison
Jaheem Maddison Aylar önce
Eric VanSickle
Eric VanSickle Aylar önce
I would piggyback on that first gal's question about the ever-changing top 4, just to see if Becks thinks if the EPL has become like the NFL, any given matchday, at least within the top half of the table.
AceChampElite Aylar önce
The dryest guy in the world would be a United fan lol
A-wal Games
A-wal Games Aylar önce
He was nervous, he said that here in the comments. Don't be mean, the dude has enough problems supporting Man Utd and now he's got two 10+ hour trips to see them play a team they lost 6-1 to last season.
st p
st p Aylar önce
Giggs was not no.7. But congrats to that fan for his trip.
A-wal Games
A-wal Games Aylar önce
@Andoorss Just teasing, congrats.
Andoorss Aylar önce
@A-wal Games hey man I’ll take any chance I get to see them. Even if it’s 10-0. Always been a dream of mine to go
Andoorss Aylar önce
@Shem Ndashimye thanks man!
A-wal Games
A-wal Games Aylar önce
@Andoorss This is a very cruel prize to give you. Man Utd lost 6-1 to them last season and this season they're much worse. 👿
Shem Ndashimye
Shem Ndashimye Aylar önce
@Andoorss congrats have fun
L J Aylar önce
Austin will make the LA fanfest look like it’s little brother. No comparison.
Crazyi1993 Aylar önce
Did he say Giggs?
Christopher Latini
Christopher Latini Aylar önce
Yeah !!! Crazy
Aaron Mcdonagh
Aaron Mcdonagh Aylar önce
poor lad won tickets to watch United, pray for him
AceChampElite Aylar önce
RIP in peace 🙏🏻
Brian Conrad
Brian Conrad Aylar önce
I take Mahomes forever Spags needs to go then other coaches better understand just like King. THIS IS MAHOMES TEAM !!
Joel Moreno
Joel Moreno Aylar önce
The Fan Fest was a massive success, come back to LA anytime 😁 always welcome
Mrbeast Old Videos
Mrbeast Old Videos Aylar önce
Gruuxeth Aylar önce
Pray harder bro
huhuuueeee Aylar önce
Please pray harder.. It's not helping :(
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