LOVE or MONEY? ❤️💸 (PART 4)

Alan Chikin Chow
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Hey Alan Army, this is Alan Chikin Chow! This video is called Love Or Money (Part 4). Would you accept the plushie?!

LOVE OR MONEY (PART 3) ➡️ trvid.com/u-shortsvC0r63OM4Do

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Hey friends, I'm Alan Chikin Chow!!
I'm a creator, actor & writer. My mission is to inspire people of all backgrounds and identities to unite through laughter. 🤍




12 Haz 2022




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Alan Chikin Chow
Alan Chikin Chow 2 aylar önce
whoaaahha check out LOVE OR MONEY (PART 3) ➡️ trvid.com/u-shortsvC0r63OM4Do
Haryadi Panjul
Haryadi Panjul 23 gün önce
Mau dong
Ionela Cornea
Ionela Cornea 23 gün önce
ณิชมน แซ่กือ
@Olivia Kalaj ลลลิลลล
Edouard Gaby Kamano
Edouard Gaby Kamano 24 gün önce
Vy Le
Vy Le 24 gün önce
Ang3l Aylar önce
"Money doesn't grow on trees" Me : "Do you think Love does?"
Grâce kali
Grâce kali 18 gün önce
P plus je je vais pas pas de la tête est en plus de me suis dans le monde monde est en fait la
⋆ Simply Lxna ⋆ -quit
@Christina Turner but it doesn't grow on trees, it is made out of it
Safa Yazen
Safa Yazen Aylar önce
@Christina Turner واو ووووو
saranya moorthy
saranya moorthy Aylar önce
Chicken chicken chicken Fydudufbdue my BAD
Monumentary Productions
@Christina Turner ikr that's what I tell my dad
blink___here of blackpink
Me(as a BTS army): sees the gifts Alan is giving Me: give.it.to.me
NEZUKO_ CHANN 6 gün önce
the other girls: *being greedy* Meanwhile the other girl: *gets an plushie and all the Iphones* Me: haha that’s what you get for being greedy girls
atu yanti
atu yanti 18 saatler önce
@Pao Yen p
Alyssa playz
Alyssa playz 16 gün önce
Haha never judge a book by its cover in this case,never judge a boy/girl by their presents to u haha
Nadia azzahra
Nadia azzahra 11 gün önce
Emily Nyongesa
Emily Nyongesa 12 gün önce
OMG the first two completely deserved that 🤣🤣
Gracie Ross-Vanstone
This is a message to you all. Never be a gold digger. Just remember that you can still love someone even if all they give you is a cute toy or teddy. I hope this message will teach you never to be a gold digger so if you only have for money stop and love who people are. I hope this won't make anyone cry happy but please don't love someone for money and expensive items. It took long to right and am only 10 years old and this message came from the heart 💖
Rina Doang
Rina Doang 20 gün önce
Anthony Easterling
Anthony Easterling 29 gün önce
❤️ 👍🏽 Thank you
abdull wali
abdull wali Aylar önce
abdull wali
abdull wali Aylar önce
Urszula. Faron
Urszula. Faron 15 gün önce
To prawdziwa miłość kocham twoje filmy. Ja bym się ucieszyła z pluszaków
Rocelyn Montanez
Rocelyn Montanez 8 gün önce
never be too happy with a rich thing sometimes they could get suprised
Chicken Nugget Art
Chicken Nugget Art 6 gün önce
That is so cute 🥰 I loved when they were hugging and the heart came around them
mama3vh 6 gün önce
I loved this! It was so cute!❤️😇
"love or money" "Money doesn't grow on trees" "Love exists money doesn't help love does."
🌸Sakura201🌸 Aylar önce
I mean if you have love + money and donated to homeless or charity, money could help
priya Gün önce
Others:enjoying the video Meanwhile me: the gifts are RJ and Tata
Oteje Peculiar
Oteje Peculiar 9 gün önce
Love is the best feeling ever felt by any being
Maybre 6 gün önce
That’s such a good lesson Money money by you a lot of things but money can’t buy you love and love is way more important
Ali Mughal
Ali Mughal 8 gün önce
if i was in first girl's place i would accept vcz i am army of bts and V is my bias and the heart is his bt21 character tata
Pinspple890 6 gün önce
I love how the last girl is taller than alan 😂
Tari Mutangi
Tari Mutangi 4 gün önce
Me to 💑💑
Fernanda Santiago
Fernanda Santiago 4 gün önce
손은영 7 gün önce
아니 방탄 인형을 무시하다니! 얼마나 귀여운데..
Gloria Varela Bao
Gloria Varela Bao 4 gün önce
Un vídeo genial porque hay que apreciar a esa persona por lo que te da no por lo que te da otro que solo quiere dar envidia y si él te lo ha dado primero si tú eres amable con él y se lo aceptas al final vas a tener una gran recompensa
-MuffinHead- 16 gün önce
Everyone: “Money doesn’t matter” Me: “He needed money to buy those things, so money does matter, if we didn’t have money they wouldn’t even get those presents for her-“
Ning Ning
Ning Ning 6 gün önce
EllieAy Gün önce
Me: My man got three girlfriends
• 赤井 ~♡
• 赤井 ~♡ 8 gün önce
How could they threw the TATA and RJ plushies??? If someone gift me that i would def take them!! Bruhhh
noze 12 gün önce
you’re bf or gf can give whatever u want because she love u so be kind and be sweet to the people
초롱 17 gün önce
그는 돈만 밣히지 않는 그였다
Ervin Profka
Ervin Profka 11 gün önce
Never judge a book by its cover ❤
BTS army forever
BTS army forever 16 saatler önce
당신은 귀여워요!
무지개♥️ 5 gün önce
감히 내 최에 방탄인형은 무시해?!얼마나 좋고 귀여운뎅..!
김민트 3 gün önce
우 ㅆ 감히 방탄오빠들을 타타랑 다 던지지마!무지개님저도 인정합니다!
blinks life 🌸
blinks life 🌸 5 gün önce
Alan:LOVE OR MONEY❤️💸 My: LOVE ✨❤️
Ghitiu Catalin
Ghitiu Catalin Aylar önce
💓😔It doest matter about how much money we have it's about love,caring and kindness to eachother😔💓
Heem-Jeem SUS
Heem-Jeem SUS 12 gün önce
Juliana Andréia Batista de Lima
Meu Deus que coisa linda ❤️ que Deus te ilumine e proteja sempre com a vida de vocês aí com vc 😍💞 que Deus te ilumine e proteja sempre vc vai é tudo é bom dia tudo bem e vc começa o trabalho de
Blysse corain
Blysse corain 10 gün önce
Ça devrait être mignon à la base mais là heureusement qu’il a trouvé son amoureuse
The 3 Dogs
The 3 Dogs 5 gün önce
Love is all you need in life
Madison Buderus
Madison Buderus 18 saatler önce
Love is more important then money because money doesn't buy happiness and Love does give you happinness
scar6paparika7 Aylar önce
The girls : *Throws RJ and TATA* Me : *So you have chosen death..*
『Taehyung moonlightシ』
@•xLISAx• righttt
Crystal Charles
Crystal Charles Aylar önce
@•ok• rode*
Ot7 forever
Ot7 forever Aylar önce
Me too I want TATA and RJ
•ok• Aylar önce
The car they rided*U HAVE CHOSEN DEATH.
Ciberpako BG
Ciberpako BG 7 gün önce
in the third scene I see that it is a character similar to 123 GO
Adriana Ramos
Adriana Ramos 16 gün önce
The fact that the first girl and boy were both wearing blue and then the next one green then last one red
Yaniri avelino
Yaniri avelino 8 gün önce
Por eso siempre ay que valorar lo que tenemos
mennte001 15 gün önce
金しか見ないで心をみないからだよ…2人共‪(꜆꜄꜆˙꒳˙)꜆꜄꜆ オツオツオツオツ‬乙𝕨𝕨𝕨𝕨𝕨𝕨𝕨𝕨‪‪𝕨𝕨𝕨𝕨𝕨𝕨𝕨𝕨 気を取り直して人は金じゃなくて自分自身をその人が愛してるかだからね! │ │ │ ↓↓↓ ‪‪
Mr Panda
Mr Panda Aylar önce
So the moral of the story is: “If a stranger offers you a teddy bear always accept, because then you will get lots of apple products and a free ride in his white van 😊”
Desi kitchen with naila
Dat was a tesla
bssni touir
bssni touir Aylar önce
He has back up, 3 girls the same time
if u care about love u can get your favorite prize money is not everything love is everything it makes the best part
Hydrantea 14 gün önce
パパちゃん 10 gün önce
Braylen O
Braylen O 7 gün önce
Wet hair 😍 and the whole thing is a little more like a little bit more 🙂 than I thought I thought it would be a good idea for you to be there until you
Aurelia Pnataleon
Aurelia Pnataleon Aylar önce
I love how all of those amazing gifts are BTS and your merch and I choose love because I would want someone like you to care for me❤
Rido Lubis
Rido Lubis 27 gün önce
@Sasha Brown uh
Ngoc thanh tra Nguyen
Hope all is good and that you
Gemrose Alvez
Gemrose Alvez Aylar önce
@Ira Polishchuk I oo
Chastity Brown
Chastity Brown Aylar önce
@Ira Polishchuk p pop pop a popf
Анна Анатольевна
Это очень-очень красивое видео спасибо
こは 7 gün önce
Lucianerydasilva Nery
XxmaggieeeeexX 4 gün önce
Me : sometimes we have to be grateful for what we have because some people don’t have what we have, just look at the olden days don’t have technology, WiFi, google, youtube, apps, devices, tv’s
Abdurrahim Erbey
Abdurrahim Erbey 5 gün önce
Sen o hediyeleri bana ver ben sana sevginin alasını veririm
Margoth Quiroga
Margoth Quiroga 9 gün önce
Más personas como ella se lo merecen
Debbie Greaves
Debbie Greaves 6 gün önce
The music can you tell me what song that is Cuz I want to know
댓글 쟁이
댓글 쟁이 16 gün önce
A reversal at the end?!...After all, you shouldn't ignore Sarum Hmm...
noze 12 gün önce
and u can have things from love and sweetness
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 7 gün önce
Nadie: yo queriendo a tata y rj
*we deserve love for our hearts to make us happy to be more happy no sad moments just be happy where you are with your gf and even some fun places to have a romantic love!😁*
Edna Jesus Costa
Edna Jesus Costa Aylar önce
Нұрсезім М.Құрманғазы
Phú Nguyễn
Phú Nguyễn 7 gün önce
Monet costs everything love dosent🤤😪
Anti BeTeSe döven Fanboy Ethan Winters
He show bmw Alan:ı have tesla
jungkook 13 gün önce
Odio que tiren los peluches de BTS21 me lo ubieran regalado a mi en ves de tirarlo al piso a mi si me ubieran regalado eso estaría muy feliz de tenerlos a TATA y a RJ por yo soy una ARMY verdadera que defiende a BTS por eso soy ARMY verdad 💜💜😘
keti apellido importa 😏
Ahhhh una fan de Bts xD
It's Maddy!
It's Maddy! 12 gün önce
Plot twist: She didn't leave bcoz there were no other rich guys around
Luh Prema
Luh Prema 9 gün önce
Bagus sekali 🤩
Heem-Jeem SUS
Heem-Jeem SUS 12 gün önce
Love : My brother, family, friends, Allah, fav.Games, Teachers, studies
noze 12 gün önce
love is just not for money u can have sweetnes from love and good day dont be a gold digger
Brandi 10 gün önce
They should respect the gifts that you got them
taiwo oluwafemi
taiwo oluwafemi 6 gün önce
Did anyone notice that each couple wore matching outfits. They were the same color.
Emma Forney
Emma Forney 12 gün önce
Never judge a book by its cover
Friend Kalila
Friend Kalila 4 gün önce
You just make me almost cry
Kennedy Kawandami
Kennedy Kawandami 9 gün önce
That is so sweet 💖
Kim Taehyung 💖😘
Kim Taehyung 💖😘 11 gün önce
💖😭🥺😂나는 게임을 아주 좋아했고 그 중 하나에서 Tata와 Jane을 아름다운 나 자신으로 연주했습니다.
Bilha Marosi
Bilha Marosi 11 gün önce
Dahir Abdi
Dahir Abdi Aylar önce
It's always the person that's matching colours with you (I'M REALLY SORRY IF I SOUND RUDE)💜
Eric Bassey
Eric Bassey 24 gün önce
Really good 👍
23lilcarrotgold 27 gün önce
I choose love❤
Uma Lakshmi
Uma Lakshmi 7 gün önce
Never judge a book by its cover
Cookie the cheetah girl Mia Mc play’s Roblox
If I were all the girls i would love the plushies
Cjay Goling
Cjay Goling 17 saatler önce
Love must be perfect
Lina Maria Orozco Guzman
Precioso 😍
Potato_Obsessed ;-;
Potato_Obsessed ;-; 26 gün önce
Is it just me who noticed that they were wearing matching colours with the people they went with
🍉Not_in_love🍉 20 gün önce
Ciratno Ciratno
Ciratno Ciratno 23 gün önce
Karla Garcia
Karla Garcia 9 gün önce
I love that stuffed animal
海貝千春 16 gün önce
Rosalia Lopes
Rosalia Lopes 4 gün önce
Um que fofo ❤️😻
cynthia biam
cynthia biam 15 gün önce
I love love love this yay!! Sooo cool
Makadoodl Aylar önce
I think they are living in a world where to be in love you have to wear the same colors
Joe&Brittany Sackett
Joe&Brittany Sackett 22 gün önce
jose carrasco
jose carrasco 13 gün önce
Por eso es bueno tener un buen corazón con los demás seré humanos
Jewel Echevarria
Jewel Echevarria Gün önce
Always bring who you choose with you
DarkVoid733 2 gün önce
Money 💵 can buy happiness no liee !
ÖLÜ VAR !!! 😂 #shorts
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