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Everybody has seen The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and marveled at the incredible scale of it all. Tremendous battles, massive magical creatures and of course the famous use of motion-capture for the creation of Gollum. These achievements were so brilliant that perhaps they have blinded us to other incredible work that in comparison has been hugely underdocumented.
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Middle Earth Miniatures.
Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson is a miniature enthusiast and from a very early age began making, filming, and destroying his own miniatures.
In the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, a huge amount of work went into the design, creation, and destruction of miniatures, and without them, the films would not have had the same aesthetic or emotion.

City of the Dead.
For the city of the dead, the design team took their inspiration, not only from the book but also from a place called Petra in Jordan. It was Jackson's idea that the necropolis should crack open and release the skulls of all the people who had been interred there.
The mechanism was set up and the shot tested but the initial 200 skulls that were estimated to be needed, were deemed far too little, and the number quickly grew to 2000, then 10,000, then 50,000, until finally reaching 80,000 which was approximately a cubic meter of miniature skulls.

Minas Tirith.
Minas Tirith was the biggest architectural model made for the trilogy, and it was built at a 1:122 scale. It was 23ft tall and 21ft in diameter and it contained over 1,000 handmade individual houses. Other models of different sections of streets and buildings were built at 1:14 scale with incredible detail, including flowerpots and washing lines and these were used for the close-up detailed shots that wouldn't have been possible with the smaller scaled main model.

Minas Morgul.
Minas Morgul was actually a Gondorian city before falling into Sauron's hands, so the design team based it on Minas Tirith with its white stone but added rusty iron balustrades which had dirtied and stained the white stone. Two models were made, one was 1:120 scale and the second was three times bigger and used for close-up shots. In order to give the models the "Corpse-like" glow depicted in the book, they painted the models with special glow paint and then lit them with UV light.

A Change in Scale.
Another detail that tends to get lost within the marvels of the films, is the difference in scale between Gandalf, The hobbits, the Elves, and the Dwarves.
A combination of various techniques was used to achieve this, one was to alter the size of the world around the actors by creating different sized sets, for example, at Bag End, two different sized sets were built, every book, cup, or candle had to be made twice in two different sizes, even Gandalf's cart was built in different scales.
Another technique was to alter the size of the actors themselves, this was achieved by hiring doubles for the hobbits, actors that were only 4 feet tall and could be shot from behind wearing a wig, or shot from a distance wearing a specially developed silicone mask.

Other techniques that were used were in-camera perspective tricks, by shooting an object at an angle you can make it seem bigger or smaller, if you shoot from below the object seems bigger, if you shoot from above, smaller. another perspective trick is called Forced Perspective. Forced Perspective is an old technique where, by positioning an object further away from the camera, you make it look smaller. However, the Lord of the Rings team managed to create their own forced perspective technique that enabled them to be able to move the camera whilst still maintaining the illusion.

Scale compositing.
This technique involves shooting the two actors separately, and then combining both shots to make one. They would either shoot a pass with one actor against a blue screen and then shoot another pass with another actor against the blue screen but from further away or they would use computer software to scale one shot down before compositing.
This year, we await the new Amazon Prime Video, Lord of the Rings series and it looks like ILM will be the leading VFX house. Although it remains to be seen, if the effects are only half as good as those in the films, we're in for something really special.

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Tejas Yıl önce
These movies have no equal. The amount of passion, dedication and care poured into them will always ensure that the Lord of the Rings will forever be counted as one of the greatest movie of all time.
I think one of the most impressive things is that the actors were able to make the forced perspective work. They're staring into empty space while the person they're talking to is several feet away, but you can't tell.
Ethan Chlebowski
The amount of forethought that went into this and then executing on the production side is actually blowing my mind.
Stan Anime
That’s why this movie looks incredible! It’s the perfect marriage between reality and CGI work. When Peter’s team used CGI as a tool, it came across as more so a creative choice rather than a corrective one. Fantastic work to all departments.
The Lord of the Rings trilogy of films was a masterclass in using CG to
Mike Forester
In short. The LotR trilogy is a master piece on numerous levels, down to sheer physics. And this is the reason why its imagery still holds up today; nay, it still outpasses most of nowadays assembly line render-farm CGI crap.
Frank Sherbert
Aw man, I wanted to see the green-screen guy twirl the ring onto Frodo’s hand.
Jackson Peck
I never would have been able to fully appreciate some of the effects of these movies without this video. As a kid the illusion was so believable that it never even would've crossed my mind how much innovation and effort it took to create something so immersive.
Some of the below comments say what I want to say, but I'll say it anyways. The attention to detail makes me want to cry. This is such a masterpiece already, but seeing behind the scenes stuff like this makes me appreciate it even more. I'm sure we'll never quite known all of the countless hours of hard work and meticulous thought that was put into these amazing films.
one third of the three musketeers
the amount of hard work these people had put on to create this film, really worth all the credits and recognition it has
Ragna Rock
This level of detail makes the LOTR timeless. I remember being astonished watching movies like the Star Wars prequels, Matrix and many other CGI based movies. But today all of those seem rather "old fashion" or in other words, you see that they have aged. This is something that will never happen with the LOTR movies. I really think I could show those films to my grandchildren and see them being excited about it like I am.
That's why these movies are so damn great and special. And also a reason why the Hobbit just didn't hit the same for me. As Sir Ian McKellen said the Hobbit lacked the heart. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is just so good because so much of it is practical effect instead of CGI, the amount of thought put into all of this and the detail work is just so breath taking.
Asher8328 Yıl önce
I think not going full CGI is the main reason why these effects still hold up 20 years later.
Anime Profile Picture
This is absolutely insane.... also wow it's amazing how the actors can collaborate with all this extremely complex (and lets be honest, kind of silly looking) set-up and staging and STILL stay in character and act well and immersively
Chorrell Piqué
This was brilliantly done. I used to watch these movies obsessively and this video just shows why. Peter Jackson truly mastered his craft and all who worked on this trilogy must be very proud to have taken part in such a wonderful and beautiful experience. Well done to all involved!
This trilogy will stand the test of time forever
John Thomas Kooz Kuczmarski
Fascinating! This made me appreciate the LOTR films even more - such incredibly clever craftsmanship went into making the special effects we love so much!
This just shows how amazing and involved everyone in this production was. The Amazon show will never even come close.
Prdarkfire Caro
Prdarkfire Caro Yıl önce
As if the movies aren't legendary enough, even the filming is legendary. Pure genius.
I can't believe it's been 20 years. My god I remember going to see the first film in theaters and just being absolutely awestruck at the whole thing. Fellowship is probably my favorite film of all time, there certainly hasn't been anything quite like it ever since.
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