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bald and bankrupt
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🇷🇺 What does a man have to do to get a beer around here? Well if you're in the Siberian town of Taiga then the answer is quite a lot. I searched everywhere for a beer and met legends on the way. Welcome to the towns other bloggers don't show you, where everyone is a character with a twinkle in their eye.

For you guys searching on a map for the towns I visit in this film, they are: Novosibirsk-Bolotnoe-Tomsk-Taiga-Taishet

This is part three of my journey across Siberia. Follow my Insta for trip photos @realbaldandbankrupt



22 Eki 2021




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Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine 13 saatler önce
Luton 😂😂😂😂😂😂
K W Gün önce
Luton haahhaha
Christina Wostenholme
Bello grazie !!!
Klait 4 gün önce
Begging for you to go to birobidzhan
kirlm Boss
kirlm Boss 4 gün önce
19:40 jesus f***ing christ i have same bottle opener here in Georgia. MAAAAAAAN,
Master Of Puppets
Master Of Puppets 5 gün önce
Перешёл на твой канал по рекомендации стримера с твича, от honeymad, у него была запись стрима по игре GTA 4, там я про тебя и узнал. Я родился в городе Томск, будет интересно посмотреть, как ты там ходишь-бродишь :)
LDJ666 7 gün önce
02:05 - She is a Total Legend 💎 Love from Brighton Bald ❤ 💖 You are such an inspiration, I wish I had studied more Languages like you 😊 😀
Jay Is OK
Jay Is OK 8 gün önce
16:46 “future gopniks” fckn had me weak 😂
asa wayne
asa wayne 8 gün önce
I need this guy in joe rogue
robroth destructor
robroth destructor 8 gün önce
My goal is in life is to do exactly what you are doing. Love the videos!
connor vaughn
connor vaughn 12 gün önce
I love the old guy with the rake just blankly staring at a tree in a dilapidated park... His only response is to ask for a cigarette.. Same bud, same.
Henry Jurkiewicz
Henry Jurkiewicz 12 gün önce
One of the many quirks of language and culture; fresh water has more than one meaning in Russian. So be careful what you ask for.
Ruary 12 gün önce
or luton lol
5Myke 12 gün önce
You can still talk to the bus driver even tho you don’t smoke… Go for second hand
Skint14A 12 gün önce
Ahahahaha Luton fucking dead 😂💀
Mahuuni 12 gün önce
"what are you doing here" "searching for beer" so funny
Michele 12 gün önce
Love this guy!❤️🇺🇸❤️
Руслан Надеев
That old man in the park said cigarettes cost about 20-30 rub. It’s like he froze in 2005. Bald is generous, 100 would be almost enough now to buy something a Russian navy seals veteran would roll in a paper and smoke with no filter. Thank you for this great content you’re putting out. Quite enthralling adventure through Siberia and surprisingly, (for me as a Russian) a good way to learn about what’s going on far across the country.
geoff jewkes
geoff jewkes 12 gün önce
The Amstrad 464 !! Memories 😄
kurwajebana mac
kurwajebana mac 12 gün önce
Bold, you should ask the great unwashed to decide where you go next
Lucia Bulayo
Lucia Bulayo 12 gün önce
The bottle opener is legend😂😂😂
Rebelde Boliche
Rebelde Boliche 13 gün önce
What a legend! Subscribed at once!
Роберт Васильевич
Молодец помог женщинам! Джентльмен! 💪👌👍😎👏
peep tbgod
peep tbgod 13 gün önce
You taking a sip from his can is a legendary move. Mad respect
Chris Dennison
Chris Dennison 13 gün önce
Bloody hell I didn’t realise your from Portsmouth!!! I love your vids man! Im from waterlooville!!!
I just want to say. U so cool guy. Respect ✊ and all the best. Zdorovja tebe 💪🏻
Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson 16 gün önce
Luton 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭
Rationalist 202
Rationalist 202 16 gün önce
Why 1000 people not happy with this video and disliked? I have no idea.
Andy Power
Andy Power 16 gün önce
Did you learn Russian, Or are some sort of Russian? If you learned - damn, well done!!
Денис 16 gün önce
Even I start believing that Russian is good after watching. Dennis - Russian native speaker.
Mozdul Baksh
Mozdul Baksh 16 gün önce
Gulag Soup 🤣🤣🤣
Einhornstativ 16 gün önce
I think, if i meet all these lovely People ... i will stay forever
Повсикакий Пахомов
Бичева вокзальная доставляет!
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 16 gün önce
Luton lmao. It's sad cause it's true though
Aryan Patel
Aryan Patel 18 gün önce
Russian people are good ❤️❤️ and friendly India ❤️ England ❤️ Russia ❤️ are good and friendly country 🙏🙏
j2d4oi 24 gün önce
The best episodes are the ones drinking with random locals.
Austin Midkiff
Austin Midkiff 25 gün önce
Man the people you meet in these videos are so friendly! I've never met people like that in my 30 years of being in Texas. Makes me want to learn Russian and travel the Siberian like you. Cheers mate. You're living the good life.
Мир Коллекционирования
забавный проводник в поезде 👍👍👍
Tony Ska
Tony Ska 25 gün önce
That train guard was superb
Pavel G
Pavel G 26 gün önce
Hahaha, it's big surprise for me. I watch your blog because I'm learning English and it's interesting looking how foreigner people are seeing Slavic culture. But Tomsk is my hometown and I never thought that you could come to there. I hope you enjoyed 😅
Eden f hl Miller
Eden f hl Miller 26 gün önce
I appreciate how nice you are to people. I appreciate your kindness and willingness to help others, thank you!
True Casual
True Casual 26 gün önce
I like how she said sadly all of siberia, probably.
Joe 26 gün önce
your content is fantastic - its a shame that being born female affects my safety to travel alone.
Agnostixxx 26 gün önce
future gopniks 😃😃😃😃😃
Mike Watt
Mike Watt 26 gün önce
Bald we saw u wipe the beer can in secret
Konstantin Pominov
Konstantin Pominov 26 gün önce
You are a good man , and you have a Russian soul!!!
Urukosh !
Urukosh ! 26 gün önce
1:23 LIT af XD 🔥🔥🔥
Scousered 26 gün önce
Wow biffters are proper cheap in Russia!
Kirill МGDMG
Kirill МGDMG 26 gün önce
I’m Russian and never want to be there
Emanuele Spaccavento
Emanuele Spaccavento 27 gün önce
You are the best one my friend..I speak russian as well(not like u but I can survive alone XD), I went around to Siberia many years ago for almost 2months..so may be once I should join one of your trip and get drunk in good company XD ;) I bet I will join u
p!tou 27 gün önce
The content is so high quality, mindblowing. Thanks for sharing!
Joshua Nguyen
Joshua Nguyen 27 gün önce
“Less contest when ya don’t vape” I will carry and pass this knowledge through generations of my family
Troua Conti
Troua Conti 28 gün önce
Russia, 2 trillion square miles, population 6756 people
C.J Armstrong
C.J Armstrong 28 gün önce
Siberia seems cool to me
Edvin #
Edvin # 28 gün önce
cheers from London mate !! love your vlogs broo keep on track , all the best!
Edvin #
Edvin # 28 gün önce
Im originally from Lithuania, country that you will fall in love if at some point you decide to visit , wont dissapoint you. that would be amazing to see you trying cepelinai, saltiena , kugelis and much more.
Big Ears
Big Ears 28 gün önce
What a lovely lady - 3.00 .. marry me !
carlo villacorta
carlo villacorta 29 gün önce
The lady at around 2 minute mark was really nice, so excited learing he was an Englishman or a tourist
80sBaby90sKid •
80sBaby90sKid • 29 gün önce
European guys are sexy.. subscribed!
Liam Fallon
Liam Fallon 29 gün önce
The Luton bit absoutely got me
Sean Folsom
Sean Folsom 29 gün önce
Good On You Benjamin. Praise for your Professor Anna of Tomsk !!!
Bail Bondshhh
Bail Bondshhh Aylar önce
Girls from Belgrade Serbia are the beautiful girls of the world
Fil0girl Aylar önce
Looking for a drink overseas. How British
Marko Baban
Marko Baban Aylar önce
Bro you are a legend. Your videos are amazing, you are motivating people to travel a lot!
Dorothy Maher
Dorothy Maher Aylar önce
I was feeling sad tonight..I was looking for videos on grief....THIS POPPED UP ..I WAS LIKE...OH YEAHHHHHH🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Always funny, charming people SO interesting❤️
bak chuvak
bak chuvak Aylar önce
Этот так необычно, наблюдать глазами англичанина, родные края.)
Luciara Lucingles
Luciara Lucingles Aylar önce
It was beautiful you thanking the teacher who inspired you to have interest in what gave sense to your life. Your channal is opening the world's minds about that part of the world. I had no idea how it was.
MrYamaha413 Aylar önce
thats the best 1080p quality which i ever seen .. bravo
Daria Berg
Daria Berg Aylar önce
Oh, come on! You've been to Taiga but haven't travelled to Kemerovo city. How could you? awww BTW next to Biryusa hotel there was another hotel in Taishet (not Thai shit!)
Jeroen Strompf
Jeroen Strompf Aylar önce
I would do the same: Search for the ugliest and cheapest pub
Jeroen Strompf
Jeroen Strompf Aylar önce
I found it very touching that you visited Tomsk because of your old teacher!
Moonshine and Minibuses
This was an awesome video. Also, I've got one of those Soviet bottle openers in my flat and they are literally the worst thing to have in your hand when you're tipsy and trying to open a beer. 🔪
Yes Fix It
Yes Fix It Aylar önce
His interpersonal skills are unbelievable.
miku1723 Aylar önce
The bottle opener's longer side is for cans (canned food). I still prefer those over any other. Simple and reliable.
Architype0 Aylar önce
Bottle opener is kind of Soviet stereotypical, don't you think? Practical, sickle-shaped, multi-use, doesn't work.
ваш Владислав
Так как ты зажигаешь не зажигает никто) Найс влог
BeastSmack Aylar önce
I used to not like your content, I really enjoy it now. It makes me want to learn Russian. thanks for your videos and your awesome perspective, positive attitude and overall sense of adventure!
Stanislav Gotzov
Stanislav Gotzov Aylar önce
Don't talk bullshit and fake story about Anna inspiration ect. you are from MI 6 we all know. What is your mission tell us😆😉
Ryan Blubaugh
Ryan Blubaugh Aylar önce
Brilliant lol
wacky tobaccy
wacky tobaccy Aylar önce
That sweet lady that was just happy to see someone with a nice personality had me smiling cheek to cheek!!! 😌 it’s amazing how some people get happiness from others, in this case someone that wasn’t even from her country.
wavy bentley
wavy bentley Aylar önce
cmon dude use that soviet bottle opener like you mean it!
Varun K
Varun K Aylar önce
Yes China is crap!
anand kheti
anand kheti Aylar önce
this man know russian also damm
KosArtShop_com Aylar önce
Awesome! Benj, it would be very helpful if you mapped your route like what is the road you made during every video, or the city you are at right now.
Риточка Май вайфу же
13:44 the best mineral water in a whole world - Karachinskaya :3
Пончик свежий [banannacake]
Hello from Siberian girl :D
Mld Rdi
Mld Rdi Aylar önce
24:18 I had to go back 10 seconds, pause, and think if that shit was real, damn.
Andre danke
Andre danke Aylar önce
Oh man you won't believe but I'm bolt and bankrupt as well! But I'm Russian and living in Uk😁 in wisbecistan and it worse then Siberia 🙈 trust me.
Matthew Mctaff
Matthew Mctaff Aylar önce
Nearly ten thousand comments! Who else on TRvid has this many followers?
Alexandr Aylar önce
Lmao, Bald be like: "oh, what a beautiful blue benches" Man is trying to find beauty in ugly things. Иногда я не понимаю, он действительно так кайфует от атмосферы Российской глубинки, или это ирония =)
Kakariki Firehawk
Kakariki Firehawk Aylar önce
Gaming on your Amstrad 464? That'll made you one of 'the other guys' whilst I was part the Speccy chums. No worries, I still have a nice collection of those old computers laying arround and the Amstrad wasn't all that bad... I believe 🤣
Henrique Ferreira
Henrique Ferreira Aylar önce
Vladimir has the exact same voice as viktor from cherchesk
VnukDarvina Aylar önce
Good vibe from you, Ben)))
Bert Koekoek
Bert Koekoek Aylar önce
Thanks to Anna, I made again a wonderful trip trough a part of Russia and visited Tomsk. Virtual. Sitting on our chair at the kitchen table with my wife and children in Ontario, Canada. I wish we could see that all in person. Love Russia and all it's different regions, cities, history, people and food. And we have Bald. When we didn't have you we wouldn't see all of this. Many Thanks for giving us so many beautiful videos.
coatingthickness Aylar önce
I hate crappy things from China
I love how Covid isn’t even a thing to this guy, drinking from random dudes beer…I salute you! Hahaha.
Жуль Aylar önce
Tomich'i . ТомичИ. Жители томска. Fire content.
Doge Coin
Doge Coin Aylar önce
These are seriously the best videos on TRvid. Ben is really out there man
Anna Aylar önce
Great video! But I can’t concentrate I desperately need to know where his bags are and how he washes his clothes 😩
kryzon daan
kryzon daan Aylar önce
0:49 Luton. I know this was only a joke but I think you should stay far away from jokes like this. The Asian/Luton reference will conjure up an image of TR/SYL in a lot of people's minds. I'm not writing this as someone is offended, it's about being a realist and knowing how "innocent" things can spiral out of control
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