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Everybody feels lonely sometimes. But only few of us are aware how important this feeling was for our ancestors - and that our modern world can turn it into something that really hurts us. Why do we feel this way and what can we do about it?
Books mentioned in the endcard:
'Emotional First Aid' by Guy Winch
'Loneliness' by John Cacioppo & William Patrick
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17 Feb 2019

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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G and G
G and G 49 dakika önce
Go sub to G and G!
Bisexy & The Hashii O ́ Üah
I have heard mongol philosophers disagree.
Aisha Abdikarim
Aisha Abdikarim Saatler önce
I feel dead inside because of loneliness.
Astronaut Yoshua Rameli
Astronaut Yoshua Rameli 2 saatler önce
IM HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:3
MaarsBar 47 dakika önce
Yoo #1 on trending congrats
And the wind goes...
And the wind goes... 48 dakika önce
This just made me more sad lol
andreh khosho
andreh khosho 48 dakika önce
I have a deep conflict right now that kinda relates to this. My parents are forcing me to invite friends over to my birthday party. I really don't want to as I feel extremely anxious. What should I do?
Ten Slider
Ten Slider 49 dakika önce
I don't what lonely, anxiety, and stress is, Mainly because I'm full of myself but I'm aware of those around me. 33 months in Federal prison thought me that.
Expand Dong
Expand Dong 49 dakika önce
Reading the comments (Seinfeld theme plays)
rahmgt123 49 dakika önce
4 Million views and #1 on trending in a day. I think it's safe to say a crap ton of people are lonely. It's like an epidemic. Needs a solution ASAP
BlossomBlue 49 dakika önce
*I'm closer to people in the comments than my family and friends*
Lilliam Pumpernickle
Lilliam Pumpernickle 50 dakika önce
I feel lonely even Sorrounded by my friends
rm i71
rm i71 50 dakika önce
Even my comment here will be lonely.
Shadow Soldier
Shadow Soldier 50 dakika önce
Oh yes we’re number 1 on trending
Angel Healing
Angel Healing 50 dakika önce
Anyone wants to be my friend? No, seriously..
Justin Thomas Kraus
Justin Thomas Kraus 51 dakika önce
The part when everyone went to the movies alone 🤧. I like going to the movies alone 🤧🤧.
Sue Rock
Sue Rock 51 dakika önce
4 Million views and #1 trending video, it _really_ says something...
meskisz 51 dakika önce
The story of my life
Martyn Brown
Martyn Brown 51 dakika önce
Kurzgesagt I... simply .. love you
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 51 dakika önce
Can kurzgesagt run the world please
FullerAbyss 51 dakika önce
Imagine having two close friends.
oelimus 51 dakika önce
Great video as literally always! Good call not to promote betterhelp on this one...
Marcus Tolbert
Marcus Tolbert 51 dakika önce
This is number one on trending
Alcott Cuntworthy
Alcott Cuntworthy 52 dakika önce
First of all, I want to thank you.This is the first video to ever totally, "Punch me in the fucking face with the knowledge fist." This might have changed my life.Thank you! A++ Excellent transaction.
QueenB 52 dakika önce
This was recommended to me but i ignored it. Hours later i check what's trending and look no 1. Like ok i get it, I'm lonely. You don't need to rub it in you know.
Johnathan Cruz
Johnathan Cruz 53 dakika önce
How Tf is this Trending?
XxSilentBeastxM The Gamer
Where did fortnite go on the trending?
Rocket3 53 dakika önce
Why is this garage trending?
Nichole Fern
Nichole Fern 53 dakika önce
This made me cry so hard.
Lavialos 53 dakika önce
Informative as always, thank you Kurzgesagt.
Andrei Mihai
Andrei Mihai 54 dakika önce
Easy, just du drugs and loneliness is gone:) Jk jk
Ultra Skitz
Ultra Skitz 54 dakika önce
5:16 oh ok, I guess ill just die in a fast painful way then...
JadeSister v2
JadeSister v2 54 dakika önce
Wanna be friends? Add me on discord jadeSisterv2 #0867 :)
chels uwu
chels uwu 54 dakika önce
im always by myself because i have so many trust issues. when someone hurts you in a big way there's a part of you that won't ever bounce back from it. i used to be so social, so friendly, so happy, but now, idk. now i push other's away in fear of being hurt again. i know feeling this can be very common, so if you ever feel like this, just know that you aren't alone and im here for you 💞
Fire Kill
Fire Kill 54 dakika önce
My body needs to come up with a mental pain every time I eat sweets. Maybe then I could have abs.
Pseudo Nym
Pseudo Nym 54 dakika önce
I'm fkd then
Blyer 54 dakika önce
I just wanted to say, that I my mind is blown. I do follow your videos for a year or two now, and I also have high expectations to your videos (because they are usually very informative, entertaining and have just the right level of explaining a complex topic), but this one was by far the best I‘ve seen in a while. Although I consider myself as a person, that isn’t lonely too often, and although I am a teen with a lower amount of live experience than many other people watching this video, I still found a large amount of the points you made relatable, whether I know them from myself, friends or class members. That really was quality content and I am happy, to have learned two or three things yet again. Btw, I am happy to be corrected on grammar or spelling mistakes because I am not a native speaker.
Bradalack 54 dakika önce
Why don't all of us depressed peoples create a group, so we can be less lonely and depressed?
David S
David S 54 dakika önce
For the last 50-100 years we've been structuring all of our new cities and local communities with profit as our main concern instead of building social spaces for people to interact. Why are we so surprised that this is happening? Start building community centers again, public squares, cultural festivals, block parties! Rebuild our public transportation so that people can actually get around town in an affordable way. If you have harsh DUI laws and no public transit, people stay home! People go to the internet out of desperation to find some sort of community because they have no local community. People don't know their neighbors, so they go online and then just find people like them and live in an echo chamber. Why can't apartments and communities be built in a way so you can actually get to know people? They make it really hard. Also communities need to stop cracking down on every kid having a stupid party and every night club in America. Local ordinances have destroyed social scenes every time they try to get started. Blame local and state officials for these problems. They don't want people to socialize. What they want is more strip mall and businesses that don't facilitate a social environment.
smitten kitten
smitten kitten 47 dakika önce
Well said David, i couldnt agree more 👍
Isaiah Bryant
Isaiah Bryant 54 dakika önce
This made my day
Andrei Mihai
Andrei Mihai 55 dakika önce
Every day try to say "hello" to a stranger that you find attractive. Nothing bad can happen because you will probabely wont see them ever again and trust me , it helps A LOT with reducing anxienty and becomming more social.
GetGamingChris 55 dakika önce
This video made me smile because I realized how loved I really am
General Commander Craig III
And I’m watching this cuz no one would talk to me
Carnold48 55 dakika önce
There’s also a thing called “Fake Depression” and a lot of people have it, and they think it’s real depression. Little do they know, they don’t know how good they have it until it’s eventually all taken away, then they can REALLY experience what being depressed is like.
Marstuber 56 dakika önce
I feel lonely after watching this video. Reporting it for hurting my feelings and mental state.
noopro robloxian
noopro robloxian 56 dakika önce
Why did i watch this im already lonely and im now more sad:(
Straw Hat Jimmy
Straw Hat Jimmy 57 dakika önce
I spend most of the time alone and I noticed you will be alone if you don’t feel loved
William Lawson
William Lawson 57 dakika önce
Boo fucking hoo
youngchen 57 dakika önce
Too bad your body can't tell when the people you socialize with are shitty and fake.
CkC 58 dakika önce
Thank you for making this (:
BestBeloved 58 dakika önce
An hour before watching this, I was having a break down in my bedroom after months of crushing depression - alone, of course. Then this pops up in Trending. I'm not sure whether to feel even more depressed and lonely or encouraged that I'm not the only one...
potato64bro gaming :D
potato64bro gaming :D 58 dakika önce
thank u sparked my depresion
TheChill Corner
TheChill Corner 59 dakika önce
Geez this is so true I never realized it but this is sort of me
The N3bUlus
The N3bUlus 59 dakika önce
i enjoy being alone so i’m never lonely
yukuma neko
yukuma neko 59 dakika önce
The cringe clique comments about “you’re not alone” ect are futile, they don’t change anything. Everyone needs a bit of solitude in their life, maybe not all the time but at least once in a while. Solitude allows you to think to yourself for a bit and realize everything going around you.
André Torres /Canal en Construcción/
This is the video I needed ever since August 2018. Thank you
EnderFive5 Saatler önce
My life is a lie I've been trying to figure peoples emotions and thoughts out because I'm that type of person and I think people are predictable because. Well I don't know why. But now I think I realized I am lonely :| 😢
Boi Anonymous
Boi Anonymous Saatler önce
I do memes, I know ur gonna say that I self advertise but how else are u going to get out there? Watch 1 vid and see if u like em’ I put a lot of effort into these meme edits!!! My most time on one is 10 MINUTES!! Thanks anyway tho Enjoy the rest of ur day! -boi anonymous
NEWING97 Saatler önce
*help* me need. Help.
YouCanCallMeReTro Saatler önce
Part of it is the disposable way that we treat each other. I had a girl that I hung out with a few weeks ago who said she was looking for a relationship at the time, I wanted a relationship too and after we hung out she sort of gave me the cold shoulder and said she wasn't sure what she was doing with her life, etc. Then a week later I see a snap story she posted where she said she hung out with a guy who wasn't sure about having a relationship(different guy) she wanted a relationship with (after she told me she didn't know what she wanted), and then complained that 4 days later he was in a relationship with someone else. She was posting about how depressed she was about it, meanwhile I'm sitting here like you literally just gave me the same exact treatment a week before that. I told her thats how I felt when she did that to me, and she promptly removes me from snapchat. Karma is a bitch but it sucks to see everyone treating each other in such a disposable manner thanks to dating apps. We're all out here treating each other like disposable garbage and it adds to the feeling of loneliness that a lot of people have.
O. San
O. San Saatler önce
Lol give a fuck about what other people think about you or might think about you, just be yourself. And if you have shitty behaviors, change them.
Bayan Muzlu Süt
Bayan Muzlu Süt Saatler önce
Well explained social anxiety
Ai Saatler önce
Feels good to rarely ever feel lonely while not have any close ones :)
Polyxeni Vamvakerou
Polyxeni Vamvakerou Saatler önce
anyone else feeline lonely with no reason?
G-Ray Official
G-Ray Official Saatler önce
"I'm lonely, but everyone is lonely so I know at least I'm not alone." - Eyedea, Spin Cycle
Dashka Milaska
Dashka Milaska Saatler önce
Subscribe to my channel and become the happiest, try if you do not believe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sheltahn Saatler önce
I smoke, im obese and im lonely. Well fuck me.
Mason B
Mason B Saatler önce
Damn, I didn't even realize how bad it was until this video. I've completely pushed everyone out
ッBushOnCrack Saatler önce
1# Trending, and this video is about lonely... *This ain’t it chief.*
Nidhi Ghai
Nidhi Ghai Saatler önce
This video summed up my life.
Tom Morrison
Tom Morrison Saatler önce
fuck, this hit me on a personal level
CoOloKey Saatler önce
My loneliness comes from the fact that I want to have fun with my friends but I have no interest in having a relationship with another person right now. But whenever I am called to go out with someone, at least one person from the group attempts to approach me in that way. To avoid having to give a no to the person during a party or something, I'd rather make up an excuse and not go. I like to go out to have fun, not to look for a relationship, but in my country this is implicit, if someone comes to you, and you refuse without having reason, you are called of several things and people easily starts to hate you, this is fucking crazy.
matt smith
matt smith Saatler önce
I’m _-perfectly-_ fine
Aj Purvis
Aj Purvis Saatler önce
Jmegraphix Saatler önce
I really wanna know what program this was created in?
linko85 Saatler önce
The tips to cure loneliness make sense and are great but how can you open and be vulnerable when people actually suck?!
Nite Lawliet
Nite Lawliet Saatler önce
That "socialy awkward" hit me really hard😥😂😂
zboylee Saatler önce
Stop being sad and go chase a bag 💰💸
Randomfools Saatler önce
Great, now I'm paranoid that the only reason someone randomly contacted me yesterday was because of this video. Was real easy to connect the dots when I saw that mentioned at the end. Look, it's cool that someone cares enough to I guess do that if so but at the same time, I don't want to be part of some social trend. I would rather they contact me without some video telling them they need to do this and spread this, etc. I don't expect the worse of people but at the same time, I don't trust anybody. I hope for the best and think most people do have good intentions. But I'm usually proven right with how others act way too often to let my guard down easy. And GAD just complicates everything more. A lot of the time, I'm too distracted by something to feel that state of loneliness. It only comes in waves and it always passes.
Shantell Wilson
Shantell Wilson Saatler önce
Bordem is the number 1 cause of drug use. I believe theres a fine fine line between boredom and loneliness. Just my opinion.
Emir Mussaf
Emir Mussaf Saatler önce
it’s really worth watching
Huugo Honorato
Huugo Honorato Saatler önce
Incrível o vídeo, não entendo como tem gente que dá deslike num vídeo foda desse, saudações desde Brazil !
Ryaken Saatler önce
Remember guys you are never truely lonely until you are stuck in the wild for days or even weeks on end. You know those park ranger jobs where they have to stay at an observation tower or the scientists in Antarctica? Now that's lonely.
shannara fryer
shannara fryer Saatler önce
#1 on trending...
Retarded Retard
Retarded Retard Saatler önce
Why is this on trending?
Daughter of the King
Daughter of the King Saatler önce
I like this video. I like the unique perspective. Just so you know, much of what was speculated here (particularly about the past) was based on the theory of evolution. Not a bad thing, just that I don't want this speculation to be fact when it's based on theory. I like and respect you Kurzgesagt.
Lime-green! Saatler önce
I'm not technically lonely I think. I have one good friend, but I have a good family ❤️
FirePixel Saatler önce
Theres nothing you can do for people who fake being lonely and depressed. so why do you think you could do something for people who are actually lonely?
Elite Penguin
Elite Penguin Saatler önce
I am lonely, cuz i have no friends :D
Elite Penguin
Elite Penguin Saatler önce
+Cierra Seabrooks but forreal i literally have no friends atm.
Cierra Seabrooks
Cierra Seabrooks Saatler önce
Elite Penguin true
Eduardo Rafael Ozaeta Ortíz
1 on trending
leftyfourguns Saatler önce
Delete Facebook and put your goddamn phones down every once in a while.
Cibel A. Crowley
Cibel A. Crowley Saatler önce
I don't Cate about lonelys
Cibel A. Crowley
Cibel A. Crowley Saatler önce
Know i understand.
Dan Extrinsic01
Dan Extrinsic01 Saatler önce
Lol, so it seems that soon we wont be so lonely once the planet cant take our abuse and forces us to return to our more grouped, dependent, and social state. The sad thing is that our comforts will not... lets just say... be as "trivial" of a thing.
Kenia Nunez
Kenia Nunez Saatler önce
i gave my friends $20 for valentines day and all they gave me was chocolate...is that an excuse to feel lonely?
Sebastian Silver
Sebastian Silver Saatler önce
BurentIce Saatler önce
Wait. Isn’t this something I have?
Moy Gospodin
Moy Gospodin Saatler önce
Тупо пажилой англичанин
Parsa Rathernotsay
Parsa Rathernotsay Saatler önce
But what if I like just chilling at home?
Just Zazzy
Just Zazzy Saatler önce
Who else is watching this BC it's been on trend for a long time?
Eric Ruiz
Eric Ruiz Saatler önce
I needed this video... makes me feel like I’m not the only one going through this.. much love to everyone
Adrian Bošković
Adrian Bošković Saatler önce
*3 days after Valentine’s Day* Amiright or amiright?
Myles london London
Myles london London Saatler önce
People that are commenting about being depressed in the comments stfu, being lonely and having nobody at all and at the brink of killing yourself is different. So stfu and if you are able to comment and have a phone be thankful and be happy. If you do have issues like depspression talk to your parents or a guardian for help.
joseppi4cinqua Saatler önce
This video is crap. None of the inner fax it’s just not true. It’s a hypothesis and that’s all. On top of that it’s dead wrong
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