Lola is INSANE! | Lola BREAKDOWN + MUST KNOW Update Info!

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Lola Breakdown & Update Info! | KairosTime
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The newest Brawl Stars update is coming & I'm going to break down EVERYTHING you need to know about Lola! She's insane mentally & in the damage she can do! I'll also cover all of the skins coming to the game & everything else you need to know about the update!

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23 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Aylar önce
What do you think of Lola?! 800k subs today?! ► goo.gl/1qE15w
P.W. Plays
P.W. Plays 17 gün önce
Lola in Tagalog is grandma so...
Marie Chirac
Marie Chirac Aylar önce
Also Whats The Release Date For Her I Need Her!
Marie Chirac
Marie Chirac Aylar önce
QueenImpLemon Aylar önce
Also I am being Waldo for Halloween
QueenImpLemon Aylar önce
Lola can use her super in front of her so she can extend her range
Theup Kiddd
Theup Kiddd 9 gün önce
how do you get the golden reload thin on lola that she can do more damage on lola
Epic Heroes
Epic Heroes 12 gün önce
eat makeup or jewels until you get lola
Jerriey 14 gün önce
lola + shadow= instant death
Nina Karwan
Nina Karwan 17 gün önce
Jacob Hampton
Jacob Hampton 18 gün önce
I support you not kairostim
ok 18 gün önce
You should put on items of clothing for every box until you unlock her in an unboxing video
Dee Jay
Dee Jay 20 gün önce
From chola Lola to REBEL Lola?!!????? Kairos can you find out why that changed!??!!! 😞
Omar Doudar
Omar Doudar 23 gün önce
dead game lmao
Idris Reese
Idris Reese 23 gün önce
Poor kairos not having any clips of Lola accept for brawl talk so he has to keep reuseing the clip while he talks about her
Tuğkan Berk
Tuğkan Berk 26 gün önce
5:49 honey wake up brawl stars zed just dropped🗿
Guigs 27 gün önce
This remodel is god awful jess
XxIcecreamXx 29 gün önce
That's not how you pronounce poco
Alex прото
Alex прото Aylar önce
Kairos+mortese = kaitose
Chevell Drago
Chevell Drago Aylar önce
scemer Aylar önce
3liComix Aylar önce
🇬🇧 LightenStar #She-Ra
If you’re here watching this today, I respect you! ❤️
Shͥคrͣkͫ Leon YT
Lola is a brawler inspired by Lola loud from the loud house cartoon
Matthew Riddell
Matthew Riddell Aylar önce
I predict that she will get a nerf to her health and maybe her range/damage
Sox001Man Aylar önce
All skins cost (I’m not doing true gold or silver skins) Surge Kong - probably 149 gems Captain crow - probably 79 gems Squeakbuster gale - probably 149 gems Director - buzz - probably 79 gems Total -456 Brawloween skins: Swamp gene - probably 149 gems Ghost squeak - probably 149 gems Headless rider Stu - probably 49 gems Count pengula - probably 79 gems Total -426 How much it will cost for all of them?Well it’s 882
Robodragon 27
Robodragon 27 Aylar önce
Yeah I don’t think I like the Jessie remodel either
Ducktail Aylar önce
Oh great another bad matchup for mortis
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Aylar önce
tactic: you put the super right on top of you as Lola
Kholod Oks
Kholod Oks Aylar önce
a Lola is free?
lars thememelord
lars thememelord Aylar önce
a cool gadget would be for lola to disguise her clone as herself so she can trick enemies
Lukas Gudelis
Lukas Gudelis Aylar önce
Meme: kairos the brawl stars nerd. OJ the troll. Chief pat THE CHIEF. BT1 the speedy guy. Rey the tired voice guy(also known as sandy LOL)
Xavier Zamora
Xavier Zamora Aylar önce
When it will be release?
EDIT GUY 09 Aylar önce
I am very happy that lola is different from the old brawlers because recently supercell is making brawlers attack and other system .....example Griff is like made up of updated taras attack for his super and ash is like nita but when your wifi is thrash and megs normal attack is like maxs attack but insted of 4 projectile she fires 2 and her supers super is like bibis normal attack like BRUH sepercell
Nino Janjalashvili
Nino Janjalashvili Aylar önce
pls give me gems or one toy
❤Miracles of Quran❤
❤Search for miracles of the holy "Quran"❤
CC_spyros Aylar önce
This is the only brawl stars youtuber i watch because he is like the ali a of brawlstars without the cringe
[PL] Yazar Hasil
[PL] Yazar Hasil Aylar önce
Thanks! 👍
Blake Lundy
Blake Lundy Aylar önce
I think it was supposed to be a brawler, but they abandoned it and turned it into a gene skin just to make people stop speculating about it
lmone yt
lmone yt Aylar önce
a yes Morttiros time get it cuz its kairos and...mor.. nevermind
Arwin Xu
Arwin Xu Aylar önce
cho·la /ˌCHōlə/ (in some parts of Latin America) a woman of indigenous or partly indigenous ancestry. INFORMAL•US a young woman belonging to a Mexican American urban subculture associated with street gang
:D feyz
:D feyz Aylar önce
Its sad no one noticed the jojo reference on bulls skin, am the only brawl player that watches anime 💀
Mayank Barhate 9A 4
chola is a food item XD
5:26 I bet it will be a clone swap thing like she switches places with her clone (edit: bro he said it I didn’t hear it to the end-)
Péter May
Péter May Aylar önce
tactic: you put the super right on top of you as Lola
outofideasexe Aylar önce
For her second star power the clone would stock up the dmg it deals until 3000 and when it's destroyed the dmg done is healed back.
TipTapTop Games
TipTapTop Games Aylar önce
Mortis cairos is so cool:D 🎩
Whale BS
Whale BS Aylar önce
perry pirate's boomstick
Chola is chhola next brawler will be bhatoore
perry pirate's boomstick
0:52 hehe
Shawngamer Wang
Shawngamer Wang Aylar önce
I wonder what Kairos will eat for the unboxing video of Lola?
domniel antipuesto
domniel antipuesto Aylar önce
Yes kairos tim is fake
miko foin
miko foin Aylar önce
To be honest, Lola reminders me of Elize from Skullgirls, with the whole "Evil within" thing
miko foin
miko foin Aylar önce
…..w…what are you gonna eat to unlock here?!?
Omar Israel
Omar Israel Aylar önce
11:47 Are you feeling ok, Kairos? Or should I say Kairos Tim? He’s starting his transformation since he put the mask on 😧
Max V
Max V Aylar önce
The swamp gene skin is that the thing mentioned in the newspaper?
Youngmok Kim
Youngmok Kim Aylar önce
Will the clone despair?
mms_delta Aylar önce
Tbh I think she will be balanced
Jaginder Aylar önce
I would rather put clone very close in either left or right so opponents can't dodge so easily. This would fix the aiming problem with colt for most players.
Jaginder Aylar önce
3:30 Penny: like I would let that happen😈😈
lil Money Gaming
lil Money Gaming Aylar önce
Plot twist KairosTime is actually KairosTim too.😳😳😳
LEGO Stopmotion
LEGO Stopmotion Aylar önce
ALMOST 800K!!!
Jirom tekdemir
Jirom tekdemir Aylar önce
What am I do? A)buy Calavera piper? Or B)buy brawl pass? A dislike B is like vote pls
Shirley Lozano
Shirley Lozano Aylar önce
Theory:Lola was the other girl who was blinking "help" in morse code in the starr park invest the future
John Mina Efram
John Mina Efram Aylar önce
He has 799K!!!!!
Deepika Bhatia
Deepika Bhatia Aylar önce
Bro lola will be super broken in heist then with the super .
RED Aylar önce
trvid.com/u-clipUgkxiDM0bqwVD3LXfTU1qqTwxCmgwNY7i2m5 This is for you and do you remember something? (feel old yet?)
erick ortega
erick ortega Aylar önce
7:01 for people who don't know what this skin is let me say its the T-800 from the movie Terminator
Mr Headset
Mr Headset Aylar önce
waiting for more sneak peek
Atabak Fartash
Atabak Fartash Aylar önce
7:42 that’s the power league skin
Atabak Fartash
Atabak Fartash Aylar önce
…..w…what are you gonna eat to unlock here?!?
Mangle - Brawl Stars
6:40 Chola Looks Like Subway Surfers Character😂
Aadil Goyal
Aadil Goyal Aylar önce
you look more like "top hat kairos"
Shade Aylar önce
So basically she’s natan from ml
Rev Gaming
Rev Gaming Aylar önce
Lola in big game💀
Victoria Yap
Victoria Yap Aylar önce
Lola is a new brawler in the game ( or like ash )
Cliff McThunder
Cliff McThunder Aylar önce
Lola is like a combination of Pam and Tara with a ability you can place it in herself as shield and do double attack at the same time. Totally balanced I see...
Mino 200
Mino 200 Aylar önce
That beginning XD it maked me cry
Fugitive Lemon
Fugitive Lemon Aylar önce
This will definitely get a nerf when released so abuse it as soon as it comes out
legendary yassin gaming
Kairos when the video about buffs and nerfs
PerfectBalance Aylar önce
sadeem udy
sadeem udy Aylar önce
when will you be able to make a video on Lola-lympics?
『♡marshmallow puff♡』
4:26The teeth are killing me 😂
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Aylar önce
just come out of hiding and finish you off lol
QwaaqWacK Aylar önce
Stus super trail now lasts shorter btw Edit: 8:37
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Aylar önce
Jessie re model made Jessie a waifu to loli 🤧
Hype_Cow Aylar önce
*Chola exists* *Me a indian* I wanna eat it with bhatura
LegoStars YT
LegoStars YT Aylar önce
I think Kairos did not find out the update because before the update brawl talk community has red riding hood
Just your Average emote
I’m not gonna lie the director buzz skin is cool but it’s gonna make hitting ur hits really annoying compared to the normal skin
Just your Average emote
There’s so much supercell could do with Lola and personally this is my favourite mechanic in the game so far
w yatish
w yatish Aylar önce
What's the power league skin
Praggo Dey
Praggo Dey Aylar önce
Director buzz
Just your Average emote
I wonder how speed and healing will work if at all with lolas super
Just your Average emote
I feel like her super will be broken in boss battle and her super also might be very high skill level
TitoTaTito :D
TitoTaTito :D Aylar önce
Is there a way for me to get cat burglar Jessie in south east Asia? The stream will be at like 1:00 in the morning so I cant participate… :(((
T.P. Lau
T.P. Lau Aylar önce
B800 is a terminator reference (kind of)
Damiano Aylar önce
Supercell should create a new class of brawlers, the "SUMMONERS": NITA, JESSIE, PENNY, MR P, 8-BIT, ASH, NANI and now also LOLA.
deepak Aylar önce
Pls somebody help me i have 25000 gold coins but i not get any gold skin buying option for 1month
oj and Lex said that 509x6 is Lola's dmg but its actually her star power 392x6 is her normal dmg. Tip:she's good at heist. New brawler :Kai-Tis.KAI-ros,mor-TIS New brawler:Ros-Ke Kai-ROS spi-KE
Justin Plays
Justin Plays Aylar önce
When is the vote
SF Tam
SF Tam Aylar önce
Are you going to eat untill you unlock him
Buka Aylar önce
i just realized that when she have 1 ammo left her attack is enchanted but when she have 2 or 3 its normal
pika-senpai~♡ Aylar önce
Jessie re model made Jessie a waifu to loli 🤧
LemonVGX Aylar önce
its kinda sus how kairos made the video insanly fast maybe he works at supercell??
Alexander Wee
Alexander Wee Aylar önce
Wat abt power league skin?
What are you gonna do with Lola eating challenge
Charuzu Aylar önce
Grandmother in tagalog Lola
JUSTIN _ Brawl stars
It’s not Hollywood it’s “Brawlywood”
Magic❄Mortis Brawl stars
lola op
50 Tips for 50 Brawlers! 👀
görünümler 378 000
görünümler 1 455 664
Eating TRASH until I unlock Ash!
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