LM10, CR7, Neymar vs R9 Maradona, Pele

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12 May 2022




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ZeeEditz 4 gün önce
To all the people who disagree with me. At the time where Pele and Maradona played, it was easier to play football because It was on a lower level. Pele's goal is also unofficial so we dont know if he has 700 Goals or 1200 goals. To this day we only know that Maradona and Pele were decent players, but I wouldn't say they are on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo. Football got harder over time, and Messi and Ronaldo's goals is official. If you still disagree let me know down below.
EM Football
EM Football 21 saatler önce
Very very very true👍👍👍
ZeeEditz Gün önce
@Lucas Ferreira I Added The World Cup In...
Fenix.C.A Gün önce
Antes tinha Garrincha, Pepe, di Maria, Rivaldo, Maradona, xavi, pelé, Maradona, um monte de craques mundiais man
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira Gün önce
man, football is not just numbers, you wanted the trio of Messi, Neymar and Cr7 to win. You don't even want to put the world cup, continental cup, etc.
Error404!Sans 2 gün önce
@ZeeEditz I think that Messi and CR7 are very good, they are TOP players, but the times of Maradona, Pelé and R9 were more complicated, yes. That is the difference between both sides.
Ivx 3 gün önce
Sem comparação deles Maradona ,Pelé e Ronaldo humilha em todos os aspectos....me diz em um que Messi,cr7, e Neymar de verdade
Samuel Peña
Samuel Peña 7 gün önce
Mi papá siempre a dicho: No tienen punto de comparación jugaron en diferentes épocas y no se pueden comparar cada uno es el mejor en su epoca
resEREN 24 gün önce
You don't know football, did you know that Pele taking the World Cup 3 times in a row is considered the greatest achievement in history
Aman Tomar
Aman Tomar 23 gün önce
see, we cannot compare this generation to the old genration in terms of goals, assist, trophies, prime but admit it or not.. there is no competition of this legendary trio ( neymar, ronaldo, messi) ,and even after hundreds of year only they'll be considered the the best...
Mohamed oualid
Mohamed oualid Aylar önce
I think he believes that maguire is a legend and that messi is still playing at barcelona
LoDdyx 29 gün önce
Anonymous 3 gün önce
Si contamos todos los goles de pelé en clubes tanto en mundiales les gana Pelé solo xd
Paul Schneider
Paul Schneider 12 gün önce
Maradona scored the best goal from 1900 until 2000 and Pelé was the one who scored with 17 3 goals against Frenche and dribbilt like the Goat from this time. Messi and Neymar are very good about dribbling but they are 2 Goats of Dribblers and R9 was also good about dribbling and they are 3 i would give the point to Pelé.
Maleakhi Angello
Maleakhi Angello 18 gün önce
I Love The Old Football,Because They Are The Legends Of Football And Have Good Skills Then
red snake
red snake 14 gün önce
Pele got his first full and 100% real gold world cup when he was 16
Fans of Football ⚽️
Imagine all 6 of those players in a team like god they’ll be unstoppable
Prince Ben
Prince Ben Aylar önce
@Ball zoo Pele not a ST, he can play DM or GK.😂
Ball zoo
Ball zoo Aylar önce
Neymar left mid, messi right mid, Mardaona cam, cr7 no. 9,And only one more striker can be played R9 or Pele
AYON SHARMA Aylar önce
6 forward 😏😏
Janmejay Aylar önce
It's not possible because what will be their role 🤨😂
Emel Bayraktar
Emel Bayraktar 2 gün önce
Everyone says when Pele and Maradona played it was easier than now but i think Pele,Maradona and Ronaldo the best and bests is everytime the best
Giorgio Sandrini
Giorgio Sandrini 9 gün önce
Pov:You have no idea di Maradona and Pele, Pele and Maradona were the best of the best, no one will beat them.
Youness Boss
Youness Boss 23 gün önce
messi carrying that team in most of the stats
ZaAz2802 3 gün önce
Pov: if Neymar wasn't there, result would be the same. UO: if it weren't for Mesi and CR7 we would see full potentional of Ney.
Nila Rosa Chavez Chan
Messi, Neymar y Ronaldo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Emanul 24 gün önce
Pele tem 1281 gols
Stoyan edits
Stoyan edits 5 gün önce
Messi says that Maradona is the best of all time. C7 is one of the best players. Man you don’t even know Pele. What the hell !
kristian stoyanov tech
Pele scores more than 1200 goals!
Sirish Gupta
Sirish Gupta 21 gün önce
Dribbling and Skill goes to Pele Maradona and R9
Rickzinn FF
Rickzinn FF Aylar önce
O cara começou a assistir futebol ontem 👍🏻
bks404 23 gün önce
E vc no anos 70
Edimar Segatto
Edimar Segatto 28 gün önce
Edu 28 gün önce
Cap bro Pelé is the king, he has more goals, more dribbles and everything there he wins he is the only football athlete who has a trophy of athlete of the century that not even Cristiano Ronaldo can win
Jojo’s toenail
Jojo’s toenail 8 gün önce
Highly debatable I think Messi is the goat but still respect the legends bro
micareta de diamante
micareta de diamante 25 gün önce
Pra começar Maradona ganhou 1ou 2 copa do mundo pele 3 copas e o fenômeno 2
Nestor Cruz
Nestor Cruz 21 gün önce
Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Warlen 29 gün önce
Fun fact: Pelé have 500 goals in Brazil for santos Pov:You dont see old football
Zbjzjdjd Ydhdhdhhs
Zbjzjdjd Ydhdhdhhs 13 gün önce
@Elias theking the extra 500 goals are the ones he scored in career mode🥶
Elias theking
Elias theking 28 gün önce
And his total of goals is 1218 🥶
L o L 😂
L o L 😂 22 gün önce
when they said dribling messi carried the team
Rojendra Giri
Rojendra Giri 26 gün önce
Messi is known for his assists
Zzzzec 7 gün önce
Pele Has the most goals😤
OP bong_ konu
OP bong_ konu 24 gün önce
Pele 1,418 goal-maradona 1,107-R9-987/RONALDO- 813 GOAL-MESSI 798- NEYMAR 187
LoDdyx 29 gün önce
pov: behold, the person has never seen these legends play and only gets into Cristino and Messi and Neymar fact
Buğra Şen
Buğra Şen 9 gün önce
Lol even messi and ronaldo bigger than r9, pele, maradona lol
Mirco Mattei
Mirco Mattei 10 gün önce
Sekks better Ronaldo and Pelé and maradona
Victor GARCIA 20 gün önce
Josip Samardzic
Josip Samardzic 14 gün önce
Ronaldo,Messi and Neymar 💪😍♥️🐐🐐🐐
Uri Gonzalez
Uri Gonzalez 12 gün önce
Bro messi himself said if he practiced for 100 years he will be no where near maradona
Qissam Malik Vlogs
Qissam Malik Vlogs 11 gün önce
CR7 💓💓💓💓
Cxrwnss Gün önce
Skills to legends
Νικος OP
Νικος OP Aylar önce
Safe Aylar önce
@Lutfunnahar Shilpi currently, Pelé has the title of king and maradona has almost that, and apart from that Pelé's time was not just any ein had famous players like puskas
ساره صاحب
ساره صاحب Aylar önce
Daniela Calabrese
Daniela Calabrese Aylar önce
Qwp 24 gün önce
Old legends better ,better skill,hard work and teacher of team A legends
matteo 9 gün önce
Ronaldo with record speed in the football at 39 km/h watch pace a Pelé,maradona,nazario.😳
R_VEBI_ANTI_ 10 gün önce
Pelè alone did 1336 goals
Utku Bakış
Utku Bakış 27 gün önce
POV: you can't compare a Legends to a goats (and legends shouldn't be the winner)
Ross makes anime videos
I Love it how when it said round one then it ended ☠️🐐🐐🐐
VLV FF 23 gün önce
Pele : I have more goals in backyard then all 5 combined 😂
Yasine Bounou
Yasine Bounou 14 gün önce
Dribbling: Pele, R9, Maradona Skills: Pele, R9 Maradona,
Mirfet Muhmed
Mirfet Muhmed 7 gün önce
I love neymar jr!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤
Pele's goals:Am i a joke to you?
Fans of Football ⚽️
What an edit 🔥
Enooz 24 gün önce
Pelé:1283 goals Maradona:346 goals R9:352 Total:1.981 Messi:762 CR7:813 Neymar júnior:412 Total:1.987 Dribling: Pelé,Maradona and R9 Skills: Pelé,Maradona and R9
Diogo Estrada
Diogo Estrada Gün önce
@Tahera Tabassum Fatemah Shut up Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar too wake up to reality
Tahera Tabassum Fatemah
Dribbling because of messi
Birgit Reinfrank
Birgit Reinfrank 24 gün önce
Dribbling: Icons Skills:Icons Prime:Icons
Santiago Ortiz
Santiago Ortiz 3 gün önce
L in skills
Sydarius Perry
Sydarius Perry 2 gün önce
POV: You wanna be bias but u speak facts and say Messi Ronaldo and Neymar claps.
Dribbling and Pace: = Skills: Maradona pele r9
DN F 17 gün önce
@Miraj Changmai ik
Miraj Changmai
Miraj Changmai 17 gün önce
@DN F team game not individual
Omar fati Ouasif
Omar fati Ouasif Aylar önce
@Marileide Avelino yes cr7 thé besr
Omar fati Ouasif
Omar fati Ouasif Aylar önce
@Karthikeyan J yes cr7 thé best Maradona uc
Marileide Avelino
Marileide Avelino Aylar önce
@Omar fati Ouasif no
BEBA ÁUA 26 gün önce
skin wins everyone for those who don't know There's even a movie "Birth of a Legend"
Noble Noo
Noble Noo 7 gün önce
Imagine prime pele maradona ronaldo playing together😵
Alina Sanchez
Alina Sanchez 7 gün önce
imagine having messi ronaldo neymar all in the same team
Ольга Хомутинникова
modern players are cooler than the old ones
Ceca Najdovska
Ceca Najdovska 13 gün önce
Mesi /Ronaldo /Nejmar 💪🏆❤️‍🔥🦵
Riki007 22 gün önce
Fun fact 😊 the new goat generation haven't won world cup🔥
Lifetime Jh
Lifetime Jh Gün önce
Nazario, Pele, Maradona Best best soccer players⚘🌠
Guilherme B.
Guilherme B. 23 gün önce
Pov: you don't watched the legends of football
Gato manzana shitpost :D
Trophies: Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar. JR Me knowing that Pelé had 3 world cups: 🤡
Roshan Desai
Roshan Desai 21 gün önce
But you have to take that the equipment was a lot worse and the meta has changed. If Pelè, R9, and Maradona had the same training as them they could’ve been better than they were.
Amirbahnam Bazare
Amirbahnam Bazare 9 gün önce
Power maradonaaaaaa🗿🐐
Civon Moura
Civon Moura 9 gün önce
But Pele,Maradona and Ronaldo are legends
Minnetonka Aylar önce
When they said skills Neymar carried the team
FliCk feeDs
FliCk feeDs 22 gün önce
@Jesse Lüken really??
★Devil_ Gamer★
★Devil_ Gamer★ 22 gün önce
@Soccer fan what is your age Are you scared
Soccer fan
Soccer fan 22 gün önce
@★Devil_ Gamer★ I’m older then you 🤗
★Devil_ Gamer★
★Devil_ Gamer★ 22 gün önce
@Soccer fan how old are you🙄🙄
Jesse Lüken
Jesse Lüken 22 gün önce
@FliCk feeDs "Wake up to reality" -Madara Uchiha
FELIX FF Gün önce
Bro this icons created history
GAMING GOSSIP 14 gün önce
Greatest edit i ever see 🙈
Ahmad Naufal
Ahmad Naufal 12 gün önce
if LM10, Cr7 and neymar teamup, they will become the king of football
THE GPC 13 gün önce
What people need to understand is that it’s not about the Goals or the assists it’s bout team success and I think officially I current three haven’t received has much as the legends
Astro pigeon
Astro pigeon Aylar önce
Bro every one knows that pele maradona and r9 r the best
Opsoo 21 gün önce
Skills icon no cap
Andrés 8 gün önce
Messi vs Maradona 🇦🇷🇦🇷🔥 Ronaldo vs Pele 🇵🇹🇧🇷🔥 Neymar vs Ronaldinho 🇧🇷🇧🇷🔥
Frozan Hakimy
Frozan Hakimy 24 gün önce
Our grandparents be like: See that's cap.
Gh Geh
Gh Geh 6 saatler önce
Tayyab Naseem
Tayyab Naseem 22 gün önce
sagor Gün önce
Dribbling goes to Maradona pele and r9
AWP_BaratAron Aylar önce
"He is new in football."
aslinda salihin
aslinda salihin 19 gün önce
@iason kyriakidis if u seen the old footballers.U will be shock.so what’s the difference old footballers and now
iason kyriakidis
iason kyriakidis 28 gün önce
@Elias theking first of all times change second of all pele doesnt have 1281 those are with friendlies and against his kids in his back garden. Also Messi has passed the whole prime real Madrid team and scored
Elias theking
Elias theking 28 gün önce
@iason kyriakidis if you watched old football you would know that: Pelè has unbeaten world record for goals (1281 goals) Maradona literally just passed whole England football team and even scored True Ronaldo was considered the best football player of all times in 1998/1997
Yamileth Mollejas
Yamileth Mollejas 29 gün önce
Jake Alder
Jake Alder 29 gün önce
@Santana Farraj Messi is the best of all time then Ronaldo then Pele then Maradona
Kaninchenzucht 20 gün önce
LM 10, CR7, Neymar ❤️💪😍
Movi Ove Neymar
Movi Ove Neymar 20 gün önce
Skilss: Neymar vs Pelé, maradona And R9 Neymar king of skills
Husky Cora & Luca
Husky Cora & Luca 28 gün önce
FROST GAMER OP 14 gün önce
He was sleeping in daylight and he was drunk🤣🤣🤣
OdeioOtakus666 Aylar önce
I love how the 6 best players in football history, 3 are brazilian
Simon Boudib
Simon Boudib Aylar önce
@Prince Ben facts
Prince Ben
Prince Ben Aylar önce
@Zain Khan neymar isn't ranked In top 50.. dihno, garachina, Didi, R9, Roberto Carlos alone from Brazil beats him
Zain Khan
Zain Khan Aylar önce
@Simon Boudib I wouldn’t say nowhere near cos he is amazing
Simon Boudib
Simon Boudib Aylar önce
@OdeioOtakus666 what did I do
OdeioOtakus666 Aylar önce
@Simon Boudib gonna cry?
jibran 22 gün önce
Maradona is the real goat 🐐💞💖
Ruaby Clash
Ruaby Clash 19 gün önce
Português (Brasil) mano esse povo acha que Champions e bola de ouro fazem o jogador ser melhor do que jogadores muito mais lendários que tem mais de 1 copa do mundo English (USA) bro these people think that Champions and golden ball make the player better than much more legendary players who have more than 1 world cup
elder nos
elder nos 26 gün önce
CR7 Messi e Neymar e Rony do Palmeiras São os melhores jogadores do mundo
O espetacular Homem aranha bb
So Pelé é melhor que o time A cara
Zé gotinha 2.0
Zé gotinha 2.0 Aylar önce
POV: you don’t see old football
Zé gotinha 2.0
Zé gotinha 2.0 5 saatler önce
@OhVaultz yeah
OhVaultz 12 saatler önce
So you were born when pèle was playing
قاهرُ المُتجبرينْ
Football is ronaldo and messi real and barca
Micaela Maldonado
Micaela Maldonado 2 gün önce
Christian Messi are better than e
zinedin_divan 7 gün önce
Ronaldo has better dribbling than Maradona? That's the strangest thing I have ever heard
Willien 14 gün önce
Pele has 1226. Goals
Semih Özbek
Semih Özbek 22 gün önce
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi 9 gün önce
Messi , Ronaldo and Neymar 💥👑
ᴏᴅᴅ sǫᴜᴀᴅ 𝟺𝟺𝟺
Our era is the 🐐's era 🔥
Alexander Thor Brooke
Alexander Thor Brooke 27 gün önce
You know your done when there is Ronlado
Deku☏︎ 22 gün önce
Goals: Pele 1000 Goals Maradona 700
Hussnain Cricket
Hussnain Cricket 2 gün önce
Messi and Ronaldo together can take on any trio in the world 🥵🔥
Zé gotinha 2.0
Zé gotinha 2.0 2 gün önce
Mansoor Shaikh
Mansoor Shaikh 25 gün önce
And about dribbling and skils 80% of skills are made by pele
Yuvraj Aryan
Yuvraj Aryan Aylar önce
It will be really interesting when kids in next 20 years will be doing exactly same comparison and proving that time players better. That's why this comparisons are baseless
SuwiEditz Aylar önce
Old time players like Ronaldinho kaka and r9 are so underrated I swear they are all 10 times better than anyone in this generation other than messi and ronaldo
Muhammet Ertaş
Muhammet Ertaş Aylar önce
LM30 CR7 NJ10
Ang3l0 21 gün önce
pov: you were born in 2014 and you only know the existence of these 3 legends Ps: you know nothing about football or players
~Sorvetei~ 6 gün önce
Com todo o respeito a Messi CR7 e Neymar mas não tem nem comparação, e o cara falar que o trio MCN tem mais títulos importantes é ridículo, sendo que só o Pelé tem 3 copas do mundo Maradona e Ronaldão tem 2 e Messi CR7 e Neymar não tem nenhuma, pelo menos agora por que o Neymar vai trazer o HEXA!!! 😝
Paolo Derose
Paolo Derose 23 gün önce
Ali Kandari
Ali Kandari 9 gün önce
DIVYANSHU 23 gün önce
Sikeeeeeeeeeeee. 😡 Maradona was is and will be the legend forever #RIPLEGEND
Yağız Ada
Yağız Ada 15 gün önce
Douglas Costa
Douglas Costa 11 gün önce
Paulo Londra - Nublado (Official Teaser)
Your month your player 😈
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