LIVE: The State Funeral Procession of Her Majesty The Queen

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'LIVE: The State Funeral of Her Majesty The Queen'

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17 Eyl 2022




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Nera Azzurra
Nera Azzurra Gün önce
I'm Italian but I look at this big event with deeply admiration, UK's traditions are unique. A wonderful way to honour a great Woman as Her Majesty was. I have still shivers at the sound of bagpipes during the procession, very touching.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Gün önce
A big thankyou to the young lads from the grenadier guards who carried the queen's coffin
Kedo Gün önce
thank you to the young lads from the grenadier guards who carried the queen's coffin today .You guys handled the pressure of the occasion superbly. The eyes of the nation and the world were on you and you did her proud.I hope you have a chance to raise a glass to her majesty this evening for a job well done.
Allie Gün önce
All of England should be proud of how you remembered the Queen today. It was beautiful to watch. Wonderful job everyone! God bless you all. All the best to you from Texas, USA.
J Daniel
J Daniel Gün önce
As someone who played the trumpet only for a few years, the skill and endurance of the entire marching band boggles my mind. My lips would have been numb after the first few rounds of the procession music.
WhiteTiger333 Gün önce
The level of pomp, ceremony, planning, execution, all of it has been simply astounding and beautiful to watch from over here in the New York Catskills. I am only a year younger than Princess Ann. I've had so much respect for her and the other elders who have taken part in the unfolding ceremonies during the last week. Our spirits remain willing, but our bodies are no longer young! And kudos to the beautiful horses who have also given so much, whether the long, slow parades themselves or the hours and hours of rehearsals leading up to them.
Jimi MaGee
Jimi MaGee Gün önce
To everyone who took part in the queen's service today you were all exemplary from start to finish. A perfect final farewell. Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth ii. Your legacy will never be forgotten ♡
marcus young
marcus young 19 saatler önce
Watching this made me more proud to be british! This was off the charts amazing! What a send off! Makes me wanna plan my funeral!
Bobby Crush
Bobby Crush Gün önce
The most beautiful thing I have ever watched. You can lump every Hollywood movie ever made into one and it's still not a fraction of what we witnessed today. The history, the tradition, the culture, music - it's just perfection. I am truly stunned at what I have witnessed this last 10 days. I wish I was British or that my country was a part of the Commonwealth. Long Live the King.
White Bunny
White Bunny Gün önce
It's incredible how they orchestrate such a massive operation involving so many people and branches. And they do it in a way that is in the highest honour for The Queen and meaningful for everybody paying their respects. Such mastery of ceremony can only be the result of deep tradition and pride for their heritage. It has been an honour to watch this delicately organised funeral and procession of Her Majesty The Queen. Thank-you to all those involved and also to those paying their respects. 🇨🇦
James Rossiter
James Rossiter Gün önce
I’m obsessed with how well this was done RIP
Joy Webster
Joy Webster Gün önce
A wonderfully done tribute from start to finish! Well done all, We shall miss our late Queen! 🇨🇦
farelamore Gün önce
It's hard to imagine how difficult to organize an event like this. Well done! And high five to those guys who carried the coffin. I bet it was really really stressful thing to do
UnBearified Bear
UnBearified Bear Gün önce
What an incredible honour for the RCMP to lead the procession
James Wilgus
James Wilgus Gün önce
I'm from the United States of America and I look at this procession of honour to a wonderful leader of the United Kingdom, the home of my ancestors, with great pride. God Bless Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and Long Live the King!
Chloe Hall
Chloe Hall Gün önce
So moving and no bad behavior from the crowd. Beautiful!!
Lila Gün önce
When Navy and Bag pipe people marched,gave me goosebumps. Their presence was felt through Earth’s core
Alice Delali
Alice Delali Gün önce
This is one of the best exhibition of a great culture. Really beautiful and amazing.
Jay USA Gün önce
Wow! What a wonderful tribute to Her Majesty. No one does it like England. Spectacular!
I know there are a lot of condolences from all over the world, but my deepest sympathies are with the Royal Family, the UK and the world. The Queen was so wonderful, a strong woman, a sympathetic mother, a wise grandmother and Her Majesty the Queen loved very much. She was dressed at the same time in beautiful and elegant clothes, luxurious and bearing delicate and beautiful flowers, expressing love and peace.
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