Live Rescue: Drive-by Victim Shot in Femur (Season 2) | A&E

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Medics respond to the scene of a drive-by shooting in which an innocent woman was shot in the leg leaving her with a broken femur in this clip from "2.3.20". #LiveRescue
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"Live Rescue” follows firefighters, paramedics and EMTs from across the country as they bravely put their lives on the line responding to emergency rescue calls. Emmy® Award-winner Matt Iseman joins “Live Rescue” with impressive media and medical credentials.
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Watch new episodes of Live Rescue Mondays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at aetv.com/schedule
coopel b
coopel b Gün önce
Did she live?
mjarboesdf 14 gün önce
If you any would could give me the link I would greatly appreciate it!🙂
mjarboesdf 14 gün önce
Where can I watch this full episode for free now?? Please and thanks to whoever knows☺
Greg G
Greg G Aylar önce
Wow live PD really getting good.
Corey Fisher
Corey Fisher Aylar önce
This has to be the sexiest shooting victim I've ever seen
Jesus Alfaro-Garcia
Thank you first responders!
America First#1
America First#1 Gün önce
Dont listen to RAP children or this could be you. MAGA Trump2020 👌👌
Nora Murphy
Nora Murphy 3 gün önce
She was so strong🙏🏾💗💪🏾
Gracie Ortega
Gracie Ortega 4 gün önce
Dang hope she doing good. She was losing a lot of blood too
Olexa Blackwood
Olexa Blackwood 4 gün önce
That poor women 😢😢 I pray and hope she heals fully .
A Ghost.
A Ghost. 6 gün önce
Why didn't they tourniquet her????????????
A Ghost.
A Ghost. 6 gün önce
What a gangster
Interesting Name
Interesting Name 7 gün önce
2:39 , smooth the way he put his glove on
Barb Sanderson
Barb Sanderson 8 gün önce
Job well done. Stay safe out there 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
steph 22
steph 22 9 gün önce
As a former medic in the army ... I would want to throw a tourniquet on there asap.
sara kate
sara kate 11 gün önce
What can I do to make you more comfortable? She says umm idk I’d be screaming GIVE ME FENTANYL SCREAMING
Nerd - Bookworm
Nerd - Bookworm 12 gün önce
When they apologize (doctors, nurses, EMTS) to me I always say things that you do that hurt are usually good for me, you’re all good mate
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 12 gün önce
That girls pain tolerance is amazing! I would be screaming. Hate breaking bones.
mjarboesdf 14 gün önce
Does anyone have the link to this full episode?? I would greatly appreciate it so much!! Please and thank!🙂
Chelle Renae
Chelle Renae 14 gün önce
What a calm, tough lady!!!
CallMeWolf 15 gün önce
Jeez the poor girl. What a trooper
Britt817 15 gün önce
Looks like the ambulance chairs got shot up 2 lol 😂
C. S.
C. S. 16 gün önce
Poor girl. I hope she's ok. Well done first responders. We appreciate you 😘
Nycot 17 gün önce
To everyone who was saying she wasnt freaking out, she asked the guy if she was going to die, so obviously she WAS freaking out. Just because she wasnt screaming or flailing around doesnt mean she wasnt panicking
Xena Fuentes
Xena Fuentes 17 gün önce
I know how she feels accept i was give. A shot from the doctor. And the doctor told me to breath but i didnt have like words or anything. BUT MY GODS GIRL STRONG
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson 17 gün önce
WT HOLY F THESE TWO SHOULD BE FIRED FOR BLATANT IGNORANCE. Control the bleeding and put a traction splint on this poor woman.
Tammy Belgarde
Tammy Belgarde 10 gün önce
plus. no oxygen,no cardiac monitor. no recheck of BP on a critical patient,. line not wide open. i cringed through this whole video. how they stood her up to get on the stretcher?? eeeep!!!
Rachel Julius
Rachel Julius 18 gün önce
Good ole St. Louis 😂😂 poor girl.
Fiber Bunny
Fiber Bunny 18 gün önce
3:09 she looks like the spider mom from Coraline
Jeff Keeth
Jeff Keeth 18 gün önce
The paramedics did a great job. The patient really trusted them. If you notice she never let go of the lady paramedics arm or leg. So much blood was lost. She could've gone into shock.
Brian Kimball
Brian Kimball 18 gün önce
I hope this brave gal pulled through...bless you, Miss.
AsteroidLynx543 Gaming
she too fine to be getting shot
Haley Holbrook
Haley Holbrook 18 gün önce
When my daughter was 2 she broke her femur and it was horrible
Haley Holbrook
Haley Holbrook 18 gün önce
It’s so amazing how calm and focused the EMTs are. I could never do this because I’d be like “WE GOTTA GO! SHES BLEEDING OUT! AHHHH!” And then I’d faint on top of the patient lol
RAVEN_SPRING_9000 19 gün önce
NightWing 19 gün önce
Poor girl, but she handled it very well
Diamond Starr
Diamond Starr 22 gün önce
I'm sorry this happened so happy and thanking God your alive
Vasen posket
Vasen posket 22 gün önce
Who ever shoots her are bunch of cowards.
James Hanninen
James Hanninen 23 gün önce
She is a soldier
jason luizski
jason luizski 24 gün önce
What's the victims name
Victoria Chism
Victoria Chism 24 gün önce
That is a pretty shabby ambulance. Those EMTs deserve better. At the least the front seats could be replaced.
BDMBPM 24 gün önce
In other countries paramedics can provide pain meds immediately.
Josh Gray
Josh Gray 24 gün önce
Where's the tourniquet?
FAST & LOUD 24 gün önce
They need to get better funding no ambulance in America should be in that condition!
Tanner Thomas
Tanner Thomas 25 gün önce
that was cool!
Sean Nunzio
Sean Nunzio 25 gün önce
It's not the biggest bone in my body... badoi-ing!
Micalah 29 gün önce
Omg, poor baby.
Jason James
Jason James 29 gün önce
She looks like Micheal Jackson...
Joseph Justice
Joseph Justice 29 gün önce
Gangs should join the military first. They have no aim.
Khas Altansukh
Khas Altansukh 29 gün önce
Boom! Medical bill $5000 hits harder than the byllet
Julia Farrell
Julia Farrell 29 gün önce
She had to have been on something before to be able to handle that much pain
Tammy Belgrade
Tammy Belgrade 10 gün önce
It's called shock. I've seen people walk around on scene with no arms, and fractured femur. With no expression on their faces nor screaming. Calm as as can be.
nashcarlos 29 gün önce
She took that like a champ. Giving birth is gonna be a breeze
春貴 Aylar önce
i break my femur in accident two years ago where big truck hit me + a friend and my body went into shock . i don't remember the pain at the moments of accident but i was told by nurse that i was trying to get up off of the road ... your body does many crazy thing when your scared ... i hope the woman in video recovery is good , it is very hard to recover from this break . it has been since 2018 and even i am still struggling !!! 😶
Mr StealYoGiga
Mr StealYoGiga Aylar önce
The femur is the largest bone in the body
Landon Guillory
Landon Guillory Aylar önce
They could use some new seats in that fire truck
Alyssa Pruiett
Alyssa Pruiett Aylar önce
I feel bad for the kids on that bus and her too that sucks.
sheila mitchell
sheila mitchell Aylar önce
The person that shot is rude
Julia McKee
Julia McKee Aylar önce
I’m the same age as her and I know darn well I wouldn’t be able to keep my cool like that. Props to her for staying calm and collected while in so much pain and I hope she made a full recovery.
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia Aylar önce
Wrong hood next time it won’t be in the leg 💀niqqas stay sleeping on my block
James Burton
James Burton Aylar önce
FYI: The time used for the EMT's on-camera ( 0:08 ) doesn't match the shots before and after. Same with the following shot at 0:22 .
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis Aylar önce
Fresh Cobar
Fresh Cobar Aylar önce
My brother was screaming crying for his mother when he got shot in the leg she handled it like a troop 😂
madeline Aylar önce
she’s tough. gotta stop hanging with the wrong crowd 🙏
Chief Meowmeow
Chief Meowmeow Aylar önce
Poor young girl, St. Louis is crazy. Also feel bad the paramedics funds aren't what they should be (look at the seat closely!).
BM FC Aylar önce
St. Louis voters needs to pass some better levies. That drivers seats femur looks like its broke too
Korina Clark
Korina Clark Aylar önce
God bless her
Leah Zara
Leah Zara Aylar önce
When u get shot and your mom won’t answer 😭😂
Luis Gabin
Luis Gabin Aylar önce
A TQ would have helped alot with the bleeding.
Austin Lebert
Austin Lebert Aylar önce
“Lots of blood coming out” “no theres a bullet down there” “biggest bone in ur body broken” ... some pretty garbage paramedics
Sara Ford
Sara Ford Aylar önce
For explaining to her what's going on and being honest?🤔
Austin Lebert
Austin Lebert Aylar önce
Well i mean to be fair, she broke her femur by a bullet not by landing on it and bending it back wards, so it shouldn’t hurt as bad imo
Ibrahim.m M-512
Ibrahim.m M-512 Aylar önce
omg that is very horrific 😟😭 poor girl , but the true question is who shot her ?!
Michael Green
Michael Green Aylar önce
GOD BLESS All Who Do This Service!
Erocketfries Aylar önce
ST. Louis is a very dangerous area.
Griffin Kay
Griffin Kay Aylar önce
Pay these people more.
Rxse Aylar önce
You can tell that rig has seen a lot 😂
EdgeyB Aylar önce
So what ended up happening to her?
ChiPrincess23 Aylar önce
All I gotta say is that young lady is a beast! She wasn't screaming or anything! Hope she has a speedy recovery!
throwiesand tags
throwiesand tags Aylar önce
What can i do to make you feel better Me: hella morphine
Rick Mahnn
Rick Mahnn Aylar önce
This gal is super beast. She took it like a champ. Now onto the law... Firearm laws wont stop this. These thugs that did this, most likely stole the firearm and did this as a gang initiation. Instead of jail time. People like them should face the same thing as What was done in the Inquisitions of Spain. It would send a cold hard reality of JUSTICE at its finest. No thug is scared of a iron-bar room and any libby has no brains to support this. But if we did bring this Inquisition back. This would end VERY fast. Knowing there is an IRON MAID or a Cat of 9 tails waiting in a Palace of Justice.
Tyrek Knowles
Tyrek Knowles Aylar önce
I’ve never broken any bones in my body (knock on wood) so I don’t really know what that feels like
AmericanPatriot Aylar önce
I don't know too many 20 y.o. girls who could have handled that pain like she did. They don't give you anything for the pain until the doc sees you.
Booplesnoot 7 gün önce
How many 20 do you even know who got shot -_-
Official Fse Momo
Official Fse Momo Aylar önce
Sad too say it's worse Dan this in st.louis every day I promise I live 2blocks from this scene they pulled too the kids school bus and got to shooting
Dead Faces
Dead Faces Aylar önce
The pain blinded her I’ve been there
James Flood
James Flood Aylar önce
Is that Michael Jackson? 🤭
Kelly M
Kelly M Aylar önce
Ouch that looks like it HURTS OMG
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