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Medics respond to an intoxicated man who hit his head and injured his lip but can't recall how in this clip from "2.3.20". #LiveRescue
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"Live Rescue” follows firefighters, paramedics and EMTs from across the country as they bravely put their lives on the line responding to emergency rescue calls. Emmy® Award-winner Matt Iseman joins “Live Rescue” with impressive media and medical credentials.
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A&E Aylar önce
Watch new episodes of Live Rescue Mondays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at aetv.com/schedule
DayKing Aylar önce
You guys need to be nicer and only yell at people who are threatening. besides that... LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!
Wylee 20 gün önce
This is the type of guy who wont show up to his own funereal.
Luke John Harris
Luke John Harris 23 gün önce
Fire team leader *have a seat right here, take a seat, have a seat* Chris Hanson is that you?
Erudit Burrniku
Erudit Burrniku 26 gün önce
Yeah, I can’t really blame the guy who socked him.
Michael Smallwood
Michael Smallwood Aylar önce
Is that Matthew Santoro?
AwesomeShot Studios
So, apparently, Weebles Wooble and they do fall down.
Timothy View
Timothy View Aylar önce
Not your business who saw it
Shelby Aylar önce
2 blocks = $4800
A. May
A. May Aylar önce
How frustrating for all them. You literally cant get anywhere with him. Just talking in circles lmao
AngelToxicity Aylar önce
Have you noticed the bar is 2 blocks from hospital
Anna Weiner
Anna Weiner Aylar önce
unvergleichlich 😜
Mychal Weitzman
Mychal Weitzman Aylar önce
dont go to browest (Barwest) in sac,
Ray Freeman
Ray Freeman Aylar önce
I want to see the video of his face when he got the ambulance bill.
Christopher Girimonte
have a seat & we'll send you to the hospital. then in about a month you'll get a bill in the mail for $3,000 dollars because you don't have insurance.
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant Aylar önce
webbles wobble but they don’t fall down
Alotaf Hindi
Alotaf Hindi Aylar önce
Trying to rationalize with a drunk person is one of the most aggravating things to deal with.
White Hulk
White Hulk Aylar önce
His smile looked like the Joker.
Sohrab Nayyar
Sohrab Nayyar Aylar önce
He should’ve been hit again for being so annoying
MoMo_ Beatz
MoMo_ Beatz Aylar önce
Why I dont drink lol
Haocheng DU
Haocheng DU Aylar önce
Only thing I remember from this clip is “Sac PD”
Sean Lagunday
Sean Lagunday Aylar önce
Barwest lmaoooooo
scott meyers
scott meyers Aylar önce
you are better off NOT having insurance, they will never garnish your wages. The ambulance takes people in 24/7 where I live in LA for people who probably don't even have an ID or social security number.
Riley Holz
Riley Holz Aylar önce
The three Fire fighters on the right with the dark hair are looking mighty fine 😮
C-light Aylar önce
Riley Holz - I was looking for your comment. I knew it couldn’t just be me who noticed
Kimberley Murray
Kimberley Murray Aylar önce
Who’s on First?
Dillon Bess
Dillon Bess Aylar önce
Ightwhaddyawanme to do.
ibuprofenPill Aylar önce
Rolling my eyes. He was probably being obnoxious, mouthing off to the wrong people and they split his wig. What a drunken fool.
VolvoMetal Aylar önce
Bible thumpers are annoying enough sober...
L K Aylar önce
I gotta get drunk and watch this again, see if he makes sense then...
Bob marley mon
Bob marley mon Aylar önce
It works!
Smythe Aylar önce
Lol nice 👏
Aaliyah Warren
Aaliyah Warren Aylar önce
L K great idea 💡 let me do that 🤣
L K Aylar önce
Awe they're so good with him.
B Dean
B Dean Aylar önce
Alcohol turns your mind and body to mush
cuntpuncher Aylar önce
I been there...
Courtney Aylar önce
ari shaffir
o o
o o Aylar önce
Erin Magill
Erin Magill Aylar önce
"well I got here after the fact as well" 😂
Carissa Guidry
Carissa Guidry Aylar önce
Firefighters still tryna question the victim after he said....he doesn’t remember anything?!!!
Tom-Tom Tom
Tom-Tom Tom Aylar önce
Dude getting hammered to lift up the spirit of Christ.
CurlyG65 Aylar önce
I bet the last thing he heard was the words ''GET OUT OF MY FACE''....
oleg94 Aylar önce
ohhhhhhhhhhhh thats gonna be an expensive face lift... should of just walked that one off
unknowntuber unknowntuber
the dirtbag that assaulted him will be serving a lot of prison time and will have a criminal record of felony assault he wont be able to find a job ever again. see how that works?
Janelle Bean
Janelle Bean Aylar önce
Mineyredz Aylar önce
Where was the referee? He got punched illegally! That's a foul.
llFromTheHeartll BiGSM0KE
and this is why I always drank safe n sound at my home... no DUI no issues, plenty of good times... been sober for three weeks no booze... stay in the gym.
Pipe Tunes
Pipe Tunes Aylar önce
He forgot jesus is a fictional character
Matt Kustom Kostumes
Pipe Tunes. Jesus of Nazareth was a real person. The only dispute is whether or not he was divine.
Greg Aylar önce
"I try to lift up the spirit of Christ" oooooh, he's _that_ guy, so that's why he was hit Edit: after watching the rest of the video, he's just a suuuuuper annoying drunk. Case closed
VolvoMetal Aylar önce
@CryWolf Adam Im wrong that im not convinced a god exists? Again stuff existing and happening is not evidence for a cause for it. You being told a god is the answer to every question is not confirmation one exists or is the answer.
CryWolf Adam
CryWolf Adam Aylar önce
@VolvoMetal look just admit it ... you're afraid that you're wrong... if you cant look around and see evidence of God literally everywhere then you are probably already lost.. good luck
VolvoMetal Aylar önce
@Fix That You are correct, i don't understand how im the ignorant one, please explain. Indoctination of children = brainwashing. Being fooled some seemingly non existant deity is your imaginary friend seems rational to you?
Fix That
Fix That Aylar önce
VolvoMetal you people are the worst, I’ve met plenty of people with different beliefs I can respect but when you start calling others brainwashed - you sound so ignorant and the worst part is you can’t even understand how.
VolvoMetal Aylar önce
@Joshua Talton You have nothing but an empty claim, like every other religion and cult. Makes no difference how many times you repeat it, you'll never convince rational non brainwashed people into your cult, keep targeting children, the lonely, weak and desperate, only targets that bite.
Marie Michaels
Marie Michaels Aylar önce
A night out at the bar & being drunk= a ambulance ride and student loan sized medical bill. No thanks, I will stick to drinking in my hotel room alone.
Marie Michaels
Marie Michaels Aylar önce
@Ray Freeman I already checked out the hotel. 😂❤
Ray Freeman
Ray Freeman Aylar önce
I'm on my way
yannis gouras
yannis gouras Aylar önce
That dude is white girl wasted
CnationMavs41 Aylar önce
Gimme a Little of Everything
I'm from Sacramento...you??
bigmike4758 Aylar önce
same shirt same face as Jeff Sokol.
Gamer Dan
Gamer Dan Aylar önce
$5,000 for a ten minute ambulance ride for a cut lip.
CloutMuzik Beats
CloutMuzik Beats Aylar önce
“Its like 2 blocks...” Hospital Bill: $2000
Jeff Aylar önce
@PRYVTgomerPYLE no state tax in NZ bud. So it's a lot closer than that, depending which state you live in in the US. Next time, before you claim to have done any research, just remember one google search isnt research😂 you are by no means an expert because siri told you. This just shows the problem with people today, a complete lack of willingness to look any deeper than a google search into anything, then proclaiming to be an expert on the subject. Have fun at your $7 an hour minimum wage job😂
PRYVTgomerPYLE Aylar önce
@Jeff 35% compared to 26%? You call an extra 9% not very much? Next time, make sure this info cannot be researched... Because this is a fail on your part.
Jeff Aylar önce
@PRYVTgomerPYLE actually most places with universal healthcare dont have a lot higher tax rate then in the US, cause instead of spending 700billion on their militaries every year they put money into things like healthcare... the US has 66× the population of nz and probably spends about 100× more on its military, with similar tax rates. Some governments just spend smarter
PRYVTgomerPYLE Aylar önce
@N M You are correct, his taxes are likely insane! Besides, New Zealand has a population of just under 5 million... America has 331 million. I'd say it is a lot harder to provide insurance for 331 million, opposed to 5 million. Fair enough? Then there are the politics involved, trying to convince that many people that it can be done, FAIRLY!!!
N M Aylar önce
@g g nothing is ever free. You pay for it in one form or another.
ChickenYale Aylar önce
No wonder someone knocked him out. Dude is a douchebag.
oddy Aylar önce
Someone punched me illegally 😂
chuck tallior
chuck tallior Aylar önce
Weeble wobbles never like to cooperate.
D Messer
D Messer Aylar önce
But they don't fall down
Gitch Fitness
Gitch Fitness Aylar önce
Bruh weeble wobbles haha
Leroy Bobby
Leroy Bobby Aylar önce
Somebody knocked his annoying a** out. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😊😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Leroy Bobby
Leroy Bobby Aylar önce
@Sean Haggard He's out by himself getting drunkigly annoying til someone hits him to sleep. He's lonely and miserable trying to drink away the pain. That's not happy. That's the opposite of happy. I'm getting stoned watching TRvid videos. That's happiness.
Sean Haggard
Sean Haggard Aylar önce
Leroy Bobby he’s drunk, seems pretty happy to me...
Fatimaalt Aylar önce
so he can’t remember what happened but he can remember getting punched?? i’m- 💀
Fatimaalt Aylar önce
lmao this episode is somethin-
Jessica Jennifer
Jessica Jennifer Aylar önce
He suddenly has imaginary friends 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Débora da silva ferreira silva ferreira
Live Rescue: Am I Wobbly? (Season 2) | A&E? Gostei do videos?
David Moreno
David Moreno Aylar önce
Hope his is ight
Geneva Hicks
Geneva Hicks Aylar önce
Dang...pretty bad,I don't get why ppl are always so drunk/do drugs
Geneva Hicks
Geneva Hicks Aylar önce
@Jordan Rejon true
Geneva Hicks
Geneva Hicks Aylar önce
@Aaron A ohh okay
Aaron A
Aaron A Aylar önce
I don't have a drinking problem. I can drink beer just fine.
Jordan Rejon
Jordan Rejon Aylar önce
Life is a long hard kick in the urethra
Cr C
Cr C Aylar önce
4 grand ride
Beyond Aylar önce
2:25 is all you need to hear. case closed
timbohouston Aylar önce
I got here after the fact of after the fact.
Allison B
Allison B Aylar önce
Dude: “He doesn’t remember” Firefighter: “Well, he’s a cop that got here after the fact” Dude: “Well, I got here after the fact too”
Bear17 K
Bear17 K Aylar önce
I died when he said that
DayKing Aylar önce
Mindy Cantrell
Mindy Cantrell Aylar önce
I laughed more than I should have 😂😂 He is too funny!!
lana lake
lana lake Aylar önce
@Beta Destiny It's funny! 🤣🤣🤣
Beta Destiny
Beta Destiny Aylar önce
Lmfao he got there after the fact as well, he does remember what happened, but he doesn’t remember
Jesse Cantu
Jesse Cantu Aylar önce
Went to the bar dressed like Freddie and left looking like a mummy ! Wobble dee wobble ! wobble dee wobble 😂
Xinthose Aylar önce
1:23 the drunk man is not doing a very good job in my opinion
Mad Max
Mad Max Aylar önce
How about you keep to your jesus opinions and not medical opinions?
E 416
E 416 Aylar önce
Are you a paramedic?
Patty Cole Productions
One question AM. I. WOBBLY. THO?
matthewmmk Aylar önce
“you know what i mean?!!?” “yea yeah yeh
Holly Warehouse
Holly Warehouse Aylar önce
Did he just say I’m lifting up the spirits of Christ??? In Jesus Name you wreck your head🤦🏻‍♀️
Louder Girl
Louder Girl Aylar önce
That two block ride will end up costing him over $2,000 I’m sure.
John Kelly Jean Baptiste
Louder Girl the sad realist of emergency services !
Snow Brz
Snow Brz Aylar önce
i see why the guy got punched in the first place
CryWolf Adam
CryWolf Adam Aylar önce
Yeah guys like that are funny but only in small doses...
elijah west
elijah west Aylar önce
One Random person who likes this will be a Millionaire this Year.
The Martian
The Martian Aylar önce
When in doubt, wobble about.
Sarah Weber
Sarah Weber Aylar önce
The Martian 😂
brianna reeder
brianna reeder Aylar önce
doctor: "you have 3 minutes and 43 seconds left to live" me:
jack daniel
jack daniel Aylar önce
@Blinding End cute girl in avatar, dull commentary, easy way to get subscribers.
Blinding End
Blinding End Aylar önce
You're posting this on every video It isn't funny tbh
buddah Aylar önce
Terris Mitchell Young
Oh,hey..that man is Presidential material there..that's the next USA president.
Angelina Campos
Angelina Campos Aylar önce
Who is exited for live pd tonight! I know I am! Leave a like if u are!👇🏻
YouTube Googler
YouTube Googler Aylar önce
I’m not exiting, I’m staying right here!
Barbara Aylar önce
Holly Warehouse
Holly Warehouse Aylar önce
Angelina Campos ❤️ Sorry bro waiting for the new Forensic Files tomorrow ✌🏽
Claire Foust
Claire Foust Aylar önce
Oh my gosh🤣
TWK sameer
TWK sameer Aylar önce
We need more 60 days upload more of it
Yeah dude u r wobbly
Beta Destiny
Beta Destiny Aylar önce
STEELERS NATION #19 “but we are not moving, how am I wobbily tho? Just because I been drinking doesn’t mean I’m wobbily”
Collect Gems OSRS
Collect Gems OSRS Aylar önce
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