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After pulling over a truck for having no plates, the passenger immediately jumps out and runs away. The driver then snitches him out, leading to a foot pursuit that ends in an arrest in this clip from "8.23.19". #LivePD
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8 Sep 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!
3rd eye Media
3rd eye Media 3 gün önce
A&E so did the other guy get his charges dropped for the case of paraphernalia isn his car seince dude got caught with the same paraphernalia who ran.
void ashley
void ashley 24 gün önce
A&E ok
EastCoastExotics Aylar önce
RexM 858 I’m guessing you’re new here. Welcome
RexM 858
RexM 858 Aylar önce
A&E hi
RexM 858
RexM 858 Aylar önce
Bryce DeCory
Bryce DeCory 28 dakika önce
He’s the... he’s the fastest.. he’s the fastest kid alive
Crazier every Day
Crazier every Day 53 dakika önce
Is this real? Lmao
LazySkull Saatler önce
I hope the other guy got left off after they found the meth pipe on the dude who ran.
Blizzard YT
Blizzard YT Saatler önce
he’s small asf
Toxic Ash Main
Toxic Ash Main 2 saatler önce
3:12 my uncle
ParadoxCheeto 3 saatler önce
Didn’t even put his crocs in sport mode smh 🤦‍♂️
Smoothvic 4 saatler önce
All that running from the police and not once did he think he should ditch the dope pipe in his pocket
trippie emily
trippie emily 4 saatler önce
ight bet
Kirill Iuzvac
Kirill Iuzvac 6 saatler önce
His friend really pulled a 6ix9ine on him
UnStoppAble 8 saatler önce
Love this show
Z'leah Saffold
Z'leah Saffold 10 saatler önce
Camera man on the run 😂 I would've fell out
Called Sarcasm
Called Sarcasm 14 saatler önce
Noodle 17 saatler önce
like on a real note some cops are hit or miss
sherry a
sherry a 17 saatler önce
He was wearing black ballet shoes, ool
axftyh 21 saatler önce
No arrest for Meth wtf i aint even know that was a thing!! Lol He did Rat tho so ig
Ankit Pant
Ankit Pant Gün önce
Is he wearing ballet sandals?
gods light
gods light Gün önce
Fu×kin wheel chair 1 minute in.. I got um!! Lol
GckSneakz Gün önce
We just gonna ignore that person on the scooter that just drove by ...💀
Gvlden Jakobi
Gvlden Jakobi Gün önce
does this dude have on CROCS
Isaac Sarinana
Isaac Sarinana Gün önce
Alan formula1
Alan formula1 Gün önce
No other way to get it in the body?????? You aint ever heard of people snorting it?
Alan formula1
Alan formula1 Gün önce
Driving a truck with meth and he gets let go.
Barry Biggs
Barry Biggs Gün önce
Karma's a b
grape gang
grape gang 2 gün önce
He has been snitch 9ined
SNITCH 9ine 2 gün önce
Xinzlo Gün önce
Big Rhonda
Big Rhonda 2 gün önce
Lmfbo better get'em before I do. Challenge accepted cop didn't wanna look bad on TV. Time to run off those glazed donuts
bill horowitz
bill horowitz 2 gün önce
Lmfao he ran in crocs!!!
Vrosicle 2 gün önce
“Turn around for me “ “Aight bet”
Gigi’s World
Gigi’s World 2 gün önce
Who tf wears crocs like that
52969RST 2 gün önce
He did him a soild
Alvin B.
Alvin B. 2 gün önce
Did the driver still get charged??
Jonathon Espinoza
Jonathon Espinoza 3 gün önce
The truck was the decoy, the wheelchair was the plug.
Viper iOS
Viper iOS 3 gün önce
6ix9ine 😂😭😭
SlowBuildz -
SlowBuildz - 3 gün önce
RCDude 3 gün önce
I spy a starchase.
Dirty White Boy
Dirty White Boy 3 gün önce
he had no way to shoot or smoke the meth,.......eat it,......
hydro pump
hydro pump 3 gün önce
1:00 the savage old Lady just zooming bye
liz haag
liz haag 3 gün önce
We got another 6ix 9ine
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso 3 gün önce
TRUMP AMERICAAAAAAAAAAAA (it could be one of your kids)
Guardian 2nd Ground Div
I appreciate the Indianapolis judges/officers for being cool when they could be, and harsh when they should be. I am thankful for their part in my transition from an undeveloped mind to a man that also holds himself accountable for the decisions I make, and with the presence of mind to factor in the people they affect. The word criminal used to mean dangerous to me, but now it just means moron. I don’t think I would have a clue how to carry myself , and keep safe without my having them to look up to. I pick up a lot of litter, as an act of gratitude, and I consider littering blasphemous, traitorous (for American citizens), and a conflict of interest for all living things on the planet. I salute the good guys, and your honor.
XxRDZ15xX 3 gün önce
If man is gonna run might as well have took the meth and everything drug related and go ditch it somewhere 🤦🏻‍♂️
Nicoli Des Etages
Nicoli Des Etages 3 gün önce
Why run and take the pipe with him literally there's no world where it's worth the risk of breaking the pipe and or getting caught with the pipe
Cash Money
Cash Money 3 gün önce
Police: Is this your meth? Snitch: No it’s not it’s the dude that ran 6ix9ine: he’s lying.
Joshua Deacon
Joshua Deacon 2 gün önce
Harshan bains
Harshan bains 4 gün önce
man really bump started a truck
King 4 gün önce
Walmart version of patty mayo
Tricia Smith
Tricia Smith 4 gün önce
I love that the dude in the truck comes back and tells the cop where the guy was and that he better get him before he did, LOL!! He didn’t want that meth charge!
Landon Crockett
Landon Crockett 4 gün önce
Only in Missouri
rara._ mafia
rara._ mafia 4 gün önce
them doing all that stuff the old lady own her electric chair :😂😂😂
DEAN 35 4 gün önce
This man toke off like a jet☠️😂😂😂
chris stone
chris stone 4 gün önce
“ yea alr bet dude “ 1:22
Joshua Litton
Joshua Litton 4 gün önce
There are MANY ways to get that drug in you my man. Jeez...
Ilija Djuric
Ilija Djuric 4 gün önce
Is that 6ix9ine snitching
LIL-_-DonnKEY 4 gün önce
Didn’t know tekashi was on live pd
Kristi Nicole
Kristi Nicole 5 gün önce
He put those crocs in sports mode and tore out 😂
Chr1stianCXXI 6 gün önce
So did his friend still get charged?
GivenLs 6 gün önce
The just zoomin down street on her scooter
moses strathern
moses strathern 6 gün önce
Fun fashion update: Lil' scamperin' meth dude sportin' sweated out t shirt, mandatory raggedy denim cut offs... AND... the Bro' Mary Janes sandal things to complete his arresting new jail ensemble.
balibandz 6 gün önce
@1:01 mans said skrt skrt
PyramidHead138 6 gün önce
you dont run from the cops if you truly have nothing to hide
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