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The best moments from Lake County, Illinois, including police engaging in a high speed chase with a robber and boyfriend arrested for domestic battery against his girlfriend. #LivePD
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18 Oct 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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A&E 5 aylar önce
Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!
Rob Wright
Rob Wright 2 aylar önce
White dudes go to hospitals. Lives that matter.
Jose Rocha
Jose Rocha 4 aylar önce
I liked how you guys kept following him without him knowing about it, that was awesome.
Jesse Richards
Jesse Richards 4 aylar önce
@Hearts it's a reupload
Donald Beetlestone
Donald Beetlestone 4 aylar önce
@Mutiny On The Bounty mgto?wats that?
Mutiny On The Bounty
Mutiny On The Bounty 4 aylar önce
MGTOW saves mens lives
Ruthlesss86 32 dakika önce
Lake county dan sodder haha. Crackle crackle
DestructionofFather 20 saatler önce
12:00 god that cop is adorable date me
Zoey Bledsoe
Zoey Bledsoe 21 saatler önce
"why did the woman contact first?" Women contact police first, men don't.
Mr. Oddly Fox
Mr. Oddly Fox 22 saatler önce
You guys are amazing for putting your content on TRvid!
Juan M. Leon
Juan M. Leon Gün önce
That female cop can arrest me any day. Lol
Roxanne Wellman
Roxanne Wellman 2 gün önce
He did not threaten to kill him self
Diamond xDragons
Diamond xDragons 2 gün önce
7:47 Is that Ron Perlman? He sounds like him and has his cut.
Caleb Cloud
Caleb Cloud 2 gün önce
Officer lobe can catch these inches
Caleb Mandrake
Caleb Mandrake 2 gün önce
Homeless Heroin guy staying in the baby mama's garage has a Hot Body. Too bad it won't stay like that. The drugs will catch up to him
JMSQUAD 2 gün önce
I don’t understand why they be lying when they ask do you have anything and the police find it 😭
Cody King
Cody King 2 gün önce
This is not a joke at all. I’m in love with Becca!! ❤️
Bret Shearer
Bret Shearer 2 gün önce
Becca is a solid 10 bro😳😍
Sean Bradley
Sean Bradley 3 gün önce
I don't want to make light of that dude's situation, but I want to get upset at the side of the road so Becca can find me and comfort me.
Ami Riegel
Ami Riegel 3 gün önce
Don't you guys think that 4 or 5 cars is enough? You remind me of a pack of dogs. There are othervthingscthe other cops could be doing besides following the chase
Worthy Martin
Worthy Martin 3 gün önce
is it just me or is deputy loeb kinda super hot
Chance Dawson
Chance Dawson 4 gün önce
I need detective Loeb to marry me.
BUBBA TV 4 gün önce
7:40 Sylvester Stollon Has Joined The Chat
arrowfence4 4 gün önce
15:00 best female cop I’ve ever seen she was awesome
James Pernula
James Pernula 4 gün önce
Lol this is clearly them lieing to get him out of the house
Jaime Lynn
Jaime Lynn 5 gün önce
Oh I agree, that was Definitely just his emotions. Everytime I get upset I forget how to walk and talk properly and pee myself. Man. I hate when that happens!
Brians Redemption
Brians Redemption 5 gün önce
Swear that lady cop, Rebecca Loeb, is one of God's finest creations. My Lord she's gorgeous. Wife material easily
Anita Adams
Anita Adams 5 gün önce
Poor guy. He needs to walk.
Matthew Mabry
Matthew Mabry 6 gün önce
I'm sorry but women shouldn't be cops. A lady who weighs 110 ain't taken down no full grown man
Tori Walthers
Tori Walthers 6 gün önce
The brisk dude made me sad man
Hunter Lyons
Hunter Lyons 6 gün önce
Becca’s hot asf tho who agree?
lis naye
lis naye 6 gün önce
"ask her if she loves me!" LMAOOOO i can NEVER stay serious whenever there's an intoxicated person being handled 😂
kay emery
kay emery 7 gün önce
Lake County Dan, crackle crackle!
Sabre22b 8 gün önce
Nice aggressive dominant body position, not listening to the victim.....and then other cops here are absolute bang on, diffusing, reasonable, calm etc. I think the term "mileage may vary"
MultIplay3r 8 gün önce
All that fun stuff!!
Adam A
Adam A 8 gün önce
4:25 "right herrr"🤣🤣🤣 it's hot in herrrr
chaos shadowlurantis
Thank you for saving my mans life salvador Ramirez
Yuuri 23
Yuuri 23 9 gün önce
So white tanks are considered dark clothes? I never knew... :|
C-Sec Officer 123
C-Sec Officer 123 9 gün önce
Deputy LOEB should come work on my shift
Doug Arnison
Doug Arnison 9 gün önce
Pink Brisque? I think he pulled a fast one on Officer Becca who coincidentally, can call me anytime.
thethreetrashgamers yep
9:30 homie sounds like bender
Julie Barnes
Julie Barnes 10 gün önce
Kudos to all these officers, you would not see this level of care in Australia at all by officers on the streets. xo Keep up the great amasing work you guys do.
Steve James
Steve James 10 gün önce
Cops got hoodwinked by that girl. Classic move, she's prolly cheating on him too
D Behistun
D Behistun 10 gün önce
"All these cops for just one guy, heh, yeh"
geetarmanpete 10 gün önce
I see a lot of questionable pig action going on here...
Digitalbumpin 11 gün önce
Get these female cops OFF THE ROAD. They are a liability and nothing more.
Digitalbumpin 11 gün önce
Unless there is LITERAL VIDEO they shouldn't be able to arrest anyone for abuse. It's one person's word against another. Cops are the true poison.
Deutsches Brot - German Bread
In this system the women instigate everything and the men go to jail.
VermylionMusic 11 gün önce
"It's dark and he's wearing dark clothing," she says about the guy in a white wife beater.
Joseph A
Joseph A 12 gün önce
Becca tho 😳
Tanasha Brown
Tanasha Brown 12 gün önce
Drunk People are funny until they get violence
Tanasha Brown
Tanasha Brown 12 gün önce
Females will put marks on themselves and show cops the guy did it.
Artichoke Hearts
Artichoke Hearts 12 gün önce
"you haven't had anything to drink tonight? No? So why are you crying so much?" Wow ME 🤣🤣🤣
Legenden 12 gün önce
11:04 _".... a man who _*_looked_*_ intoxicated"_ Camera shifts to the man - so drunk he's trying to hold on to the ground.
Purpl3 P0ny
Purpl3 P0ny 11 gün önce
@Legenden Lol thanks it was a perfect scene
Legenden 11 gün önce
@Purpl3 P0ny updated with timestamp. 😂 Turned out he wasn't though. But the shifting from what that officer said to him trying to swim through the ground to another dimension was hilarious. 😀
Oscar Back
Oscar Back 11 gün önce
Purpl3 P0ny
Purpl3 P0ny 11 gün önce
Can I have the timestamp I gotta see this for myself lmao
Franque Worren
Franque Worren 13 gün önce
That police woman talking to the guy who walked out of his house after finding his wife with another guy has a terrible grasp of English. She uses "super" as an adverb in every second sentence.
Brittany Martsolf
Brittany Martsolf 13 gün önce
Turned on live pd on my tv for background noise while I watch live pd videos on TRvid... I swear I’m not addicted officer
Bob Goldesberry
Bob Goldesberry 13 gün önce
Becca can frisk me any time.
Jonathan Willard
Jonathan Willard 13 gün önce
God I hate cops.
drh 7777
drh 7777 13 gün önce
7:45....Sly Stone...lol
Duane Ayers
Duane Ayers 13 gün önce
Until each Man knows that these ex-sicko woman are not worth it they will always be himed up. So freaking 🏃
Yeet Police
Yeet Police 14 gün önce
*dramatic music* “I lost my son years ago to this and I was trying to help him get sober” “Mhhhm”
demonocus metalocus
demonocus metalocus 14 gün önce
Police shocked that males don't report women who attack them 😂😂😂 1. if you do your friends will never let you live it down 2. see #1
OIF/OEF-0341 14 gün önce
How can they all this "live" if everything was recorded earlier? 🤷‍♂️
Garrett 15 gün önce
Becca is awesome
LilRask _
LilRask _ 17 gün önce
I thought they were disguising or altering that dudes voice... But wow! That's how he really speaks! LOL!
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