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An officer responds to a report of a woman carrying a big butcher knife around the neighborhood. She claims she had it for self defense against her boyfriend across the street but he claims he isn't involved with her in this clip from "11.16.19."
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In-studio host, ABC’s Dan Abrams, alongside analyst Tom Morris Jr., guide viewers through the night, giving insight to what audiences see in real time (via a mix of dash cams, fixed rig and handheld cameras), bouncing minute-by-minute between the featured police departments and offering an inside look at each live incident.
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20 Nov 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Have A Positive Day
Have A Positive Day Saatler önce
That’s not right to be calling people slow. When the lady who inboxed her smh
Kris Hammer
Kris Hammer Gün önce
I hate when I'm somebody's boyfriend and i don't know about it.
Marcus P
Marcus P 2 gün önce
Chains fake
Mylum O'Shinn
Mylum O'Shinn 2 gün önce
"oh look! Live PD is here! let me take my shirt off and wear my fake gold chains to show off how "hot" I am. Hes totally banging the crazy lady but won't admit in front of his lady. She knows her BF is banging the crazy lady.
Edward Carnby
Edward Carnby 3 gün önce
I'm genuinely surprised that her phone screen was intact
Chelsea Garner
Chelsea Garner 3 gün önce
This young guy instagram is prettyboylingo yall check him out 😭😭😂
Aaliyah Fernandez Gonzalez
That guy looked just like Trippie Redd to be honest
Beanos 1
Beanos 1 4 gün önce
That guy lookes like trippe red 🤣🤣
David Sastre
David Sastre 5 gün önce
Ugh, gross
Boring Brandon
Boring Brandon 5 gün önce
This is what we watch Live PD, the weirdest situations
Alehks 9
Alehks 9 6 gün önce
I saw a hot shirtless guy so I clicked the video =p he's so cute.
Alehks 9
Alehks 9 2 gün önce
@tïtāllåtíngtâcõ.mp4 dont straight guys stop to watch cute girls?
Alehks 9 😐😐
1234constantine 6 gün önce
I just wish people could pull their pants up. That's all. Just cover your under ware. It's called under ware for a reason. Its for wearing UNDER your other clothes.
Kayel Perez
Kayel Perez 6 gün önce
iThought dat waz Lil Keed 💀💀💀
reality check
reality check 7 gün önce
The morality in the United State has fallen in the last decade. Police officers need to stop being political pawns. City and state governments create endless illegal laws therefore police need to stop enforcing them.
Jarvis Telle
Jarvis Telle 7 gün önce
Sway lee
Jeffrey King
Jeffrey King 7 gün önce
Lil dude likes big chicks
Therealkaylina 7 gün önce
Omg that’s angel 🤣🤣 he gotta do better. I use to hangout with him when I was younger 😭
Chris Pierce
Chris Pierce 7 gün önce
2:28 it sound like he said he smoke with him
M. Simmons
M. Simmons 7 gün önce
Im telling my kids thats lil keed
1k Caribbean American
They were planning on asking the camera man if he can film their next music video
awesomeguynamedjon 8 gün önce
I prolly pay more for my studio apartment here in San Diego than that entire property rents for.
Wish 03
Wish 03 8 gün önce
Wanna be thug out here talking to the pigs 🐖🤐🖕🏾
Joey k.
Joey k. 9 gün önce
My man really wearing a trap house piece in front of the 12 lol
XWriter100 9 gün önce
Fiction is just plain boring when you compare it to reality.
Shawn Knotts
Shawn Knotts 9 gün önce
Was this around tax season?
baleDELgavilan713 9 gün önce
Thumbnail looked like one of the les Twins
Legendary Beast
Legendary Beast 9 gün önce
4-12 "Im 23 and on Molly"
Calvin Harrison
Calvin Harrison 9 gün önce
I wish there was a way for us to see shows like cops n live pd from the other perspective. Cause we all know thts the one we really interested in
Sam Norris
Sam Norris 9 gün önce
Stay classy people.
Evan White
Evan White 9 gün önce
Wtf is this
Cameron Hall
Cameron Hall 10 gün önce
She’s up there laughing, (side eyes)* idk what’s wrong with her 😂😂
Jakearoo27 10 gün önce
Lookin like Swae Lee
Metro Mmdk
Metro Mmdk 10 gün önce
iamtruflo1 10 gün önce
It’s not snitching if you tell on white people 😂😂❗️
Johnny Rocker
Johnny Rocker 10 gün önce
"She says that he's her boyfriend.... I don't know if he knows that.. " But is she really the neighborhood loony? Let us go to exhibit A.) 2:27
Dylan Thompsen
Dylan Thompsen 10 gün önce
Well that was anti climatic
Meek Dotty
Meek Dotty 10 gün önce
I just wanted to see the chains he had on
Louis Beckhom
Louis Beckhom 11 gün önce
I thought the dude with chains was trippie redd
Colorful Me
Colorful Me 11 gün önce
She need new meds
TEG Keelo
TEG Keelo 11 gün önce
He lucky kel and p aint around
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