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When a woman dumps dead animal remains on her ex-boyfriend's property, an officer helps the man dispose of them in this clip from "2.1.20". #LivePD
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In-studio host, ABC’s Dan Abrams, alongside analyst Tom Morris Jr., guide viewers through the night, giving insight to what audiences see in real time (via a mix of dash cams, fixed rig and handheld cameras), bouncing minute-by-minute between the featured police departments and offering an inside look at each live incident.
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Watch new episodes of Live PD Fridays and Saturdays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at aetv.com/schedule
Team OP
Team OP 29 gün önce
You should add a link to the police reports for these.
Jose Morales Jimenez
@Thot Exterminator @9t8D7y77y753o3o44e53o3o84ofo3irorirrototorororo53o3o53o3o53o3oD53o3o84ofo3irorirrototorororoD53o3o84ofo3irorirrototorororo53o3o84ofo3irorirrototorororo53o3o53o3o84ofo3irorirrototorororo53o3o84ofo3irorirrototorororo53o3o84ofo3irorirrototorororo53o3o84ofo3irorirrototorororo84ofo3irorirrototorororo53o3o84ofo3irorirrototorororo53o3o84ofo3irorirrototorororo53o3oD53o3o
riley dyck
riley dyck Aylar önce
A&E why you do diss I was eating I just wanted to eat while watching live pd peacefully
Robot831 Aylar önce
EdgyGazelle I don’t care any more
Eggo With 1 Subscriber
Debra King
Debra King 2 gün önce
He needs to carry Vicks vaporub, he'll probably smell that all night. No doubt about it, this little gal would have been useless on that call.
wesley couch
wesley couch 2 gün önce
I feel so bad for this officer.
David Oberle
David Oberle 3 gün önce
How can people hate on cops? If you're nice with them and, preferably, not a criminal they'll help you out even if it's not in their job description. 11/10
Ariane caskey
Ariane caskey 3 gün önce
If you read in the description it says a girl dumped dead animals on her ex boyfriends truck.
Lightly Abused
Lightly Abused 3 gün önce
Officer touches dead rotting deer: “It touched me” “I’m gonna throw up “ Me washing dishes and touches wet food: “ I’m gonna throw up”
Mike Oxmall
Mike Oxmall 3 gün önce
Wow that guy is a huge dbag. No wonder people are doing this to him
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 4 gün önce
Sounds like an ex girlfriend.
tigertank909 5 gün önce
i woulder if he said on the radio "never put me on that kind of call again"
Ha1luciNate 7 gün önce
Did you find your hand sanitizer
Drummer Dude
Drummer Dude 8 gün önce
3:12 Bang Energy Drink!!!
wget Desa
wget Desa 10 gün önce
i hope they put a warrant out for thatsicko.
imamoose007 11 gün önce
That cop sounds like he's about to quit his job.
Alexander Reese
Alexander Reese 12 gün önce
Did he get anymore animals?! Did she ever stop. How can you end it just like that. 😭
Nova Dragon5876
Nova Dragon5876 13 gün önce
This is what firearms are for!
William Kelly
William Kelly 13 gün önce
Buy that officer a beer man haha
mrobertson188 14 gün önce
Awesome cop for helping the guy out
Beth P
Beth P 14 gün önce
I gagged. I could smell this video.
Dohosan Vreeland
Dohosan Vreeland 15 gün önce
Kudos to that officer
Kbls Kables
Kbls Kables 16 gün önce
this cop and his deputy are heroes.
TheFunnyBuddy 19 gün önce
When I say go we lift it up. 1 2 3 ...
Don't Know
Don't Know 19 gün önce
i shouldnt have been eating while watching this
Gunny Sharp
Gunny Sharp 21 gün önce
Now that is one heck of a good officer. Not sayin they all have to do that but even though he was gagging he helped get rid of that dead animal. Big thumbs up bro👍👍👍👍👍
An Lu
An Lu 22 gün önce
Why is the cop doing it?
JohnandEve Foster
JohnandEve Foster 23 gün önce
who ever is doing that he belongs behind bars in a padded room.. just imagine.. he killed it, allowed it to rot then transported it to the front door of this guys house... he killed a cat to put in his truck.. the dude needs to hire a PI to follow this guy around and gather evidence against him.. they guy is truly sick and demented
Nycot 24 gün önce
Cop: (sees unidentifiable pile of fur, guts and bones that use to be an animal of some sort) What is this? Dude, god only knows
Joanna 24 gün önce
he has a really cute voice
Anna Weiner
Anna Weiner 24 gün önce
Super Klasse 🤨
Daily Doser
Daily Doser 26 gün önce
Reading the comments, I'm soooooooo glad I'm not the only one that wanted to know more about this case.
Popshot Gaming
Popshot Gaming 26 gün önce
if someone killed my cat and threatened me like this. I'd be sitting on the porch there you see with my loaded shotgun.
A 1
A 1 27 gün önce
Luv these videos
WDW Videos
WDW Videos 27 gün önce
PLEASE do not make the same mistake I did and do not watch this while eating lol
millermonsterair 27 gün önce
i have alot of questions now....
Aidan Irving
Aidan Irving 27 gün önce
i wanna see a follow up case.
Ron Simons
Ron Simons 27 gün önce
I hope they went and got the guy who did this. This is sick on multiple levels.
Jami Pereira
Jami Pereira 28 gün önce
Bravo zulu to that cop for helping out cause....ewwww!
astronaut dolphin detective
mad respect for that officer
OhhhMotion 28 gün önce
What would they even charge that guy with??
Audrey A
Audrey A 29 gün önce
Helllooooo Dep. Drayton
Ez 11
Ez 11 29 gün önce
These people were lowkey having fun😂
Quirky Quips
Quirky Quips 29 gün önce
Anyone kill an animal like that will kill a human being. He needs to be filing a restraining order. Threatening text messages. WHY didn't the officer make a report?
bojack 2611
bojack 2611 29 gün önce
I just watched this episode, any updates as to if they found out who put the dead animal there
Mia Martinez
Mia Martinez 29 gün önce
“I almost died” “I need a hazmat team” im dead
Ash G
Ash G Aylar önce
Good for him for helping, though. He could have just taken the report and peaced out.
nocla zednem
nocla zednem Aylar önce
This kind of story should be in gta. I mean seriously? therapist?!
Crow Aylar önce
Watching LivePD during my lunch break was not the best choice today. 🤢
mak w
mak w Aylar önce
i feel bad for the cop lmao
Cop states: "Ive picked up dead bodies" yep im sure he's the one that shot the unarmed victims.
Harry Knows
Harry Knows Aylar önce
but what about the guy and the text messages???
George Ferreira
George Ferreira Aylar önce
It was Godfather 1 actually.
Jofis Herbert
Jofis Herbert Aylar önce
Is this technically assault with a chemical weapon?
Haley Rowe
Haley Rowe Aylar önce
Why’d they have to zoom in on the poor cat like that 😭
Omar Gutierrez
Omar Gutierrez Aylar önce
What an awesome officer
Taylor Asher
Taylor Asher Aylar önce
I would invite that officer for coffee man I have respect for that cop
El Loko Kido
El Loko Kido Aylar önce
This officer such a nice man ..and funny too...ohhh it touched me 😂😂😂
Driveway STAR
Driveway STAR Aylar önce
This makes me proud to live in berkeley county!
Bri Aylar önce
That's just gross
Rudy Aylar önce
bro why that dude look like leo dicaprio
LukeNukeEm 2k20
LukeNukeEm 2k20 Aylar önce
The Stuart of Gondor over here
cribzorr Aylar önce
Just realised I had been breathing through my mouth keeping my nose shut watching this on autopilot
Brice Hale
Brice Hale Aylar önce
People threaten to kill this man an all u care about is your job description
splen did
splen did 23 gün önce
What an ignorant comment
Charles Smith
Charles Smith Aylar önce
Spent two tours overseas. Seen plenty of dead fresh bodies (not saying I did it at all) but a rotting body......is the worst.
Anubis Bonez
Anubis Bonez Aylar önce
omfg I was eating dinner watching this and when the zoom in of all those maggots came up I almost puked
EliseoOO Howell
EliseoOO Howell Aylar önce
People may get murdered but a dead dear is not in his job description lmao 😂
K Johnson
K Johnson Aylar önce
Im still waiting for him to say go.
That guy was a racist too i can tell! He was mad asf he had a brown cop which is why he kept making certain lil unnecessary comments!
splen did
splen did 23 gün önce
Honestly, nah I didn't get that from him but I have gotten that feeling from other white people when they've had black cops. He seems like a pretty chill dude, there's a whole whole lot more racist white people out there.
Melody Godbey
Melody Godbey Aylar önce
Vicks 44........omgoodness
NorthWest Firefighter
What a great cop!
james heyer
james heyer Aylar önce
Um, maybe some closure in these episodes
billy anderson
billy anderson Aylar önce
*cop scoops small pile of deer between the porch boards* “all right that’s enough”
my life
my life Aylar önce
I breathe through my nose ... I almost died , man this guy lmfao 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
Car Mad
Car Mad Aylar önce
Was anyone else watching this while eating and lost their appetite?
Gotopost tt
Gotopost tt Aylar önce
Scary how most comments here are either laughing at the tortured and dead animals or supporting the "woman" who did this, typical american mental illness i guess.
D Mac
D Mac Aylar önce
Almost always a Walmart logo
Robin Newbolt
Robin Newbolt Aylar önce
Bro... I just pucked
Samy Montoya
Samy Montoya Aylar önce
Employee of the Year!
J M Aylar önce
Get a shovel dig a hole and bury it. Why do you need to call the police for this?
Gentelm3n El Chapo
Gentelm3n El Chapo Aylar önce
It’s corona time
Sal Paradise
Sal Paradise Aylar önce
Revenge of the ex wife, girlfriend, boyfriend?
WarG Universe
WarG Universe Aylar önce
This cop is goated!
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