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Officers respond to a domestic dispute in which a young man was assaulted by his grandmother's boyfriend while trying to defend his nana. Police advise the boyfriend to leave and arrest him for an existing warrant in this clip from "9.27.19". #LivePD
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18 Oct 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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A&E 4 aylar önce
Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!
Why did the black kid get handcuffed first without hearing his side but hillbilly Jim gets royal treatment
Lorraine Butler
Lorraine Butler 26 gün önce
Roland Bigham
Roland Bigham Aylar önce
First thing they do is arrest the black dude
Hjeje Ejhej
Hjeje Ejhej 2 aylar önce
Props to the police involved, they would never help me with my abusive dad as a kid because they were to frightened or just took me to the “safe house” which never helped
Primož Novak
Primož Novak 4 aylar önce
I would advise you to do a QnA on how policing is done or tutorial of some kind about how cops proceed since the amount shallow people who, for a lack of a better word, are brainwshed enough to see racism everywhere and want a calm and professional cop fired. Love the videos btw it gives us europeans a better insight to cops in america.
Dawn Mayotte
Dawn Mayotte 45 dakika önce
Out of all the live PD’s i’ve seen i can’t believe they handled this like this. Lets cuff the grandson trying to protect his grandma and have a civilized conversation with the dude who actually had the cops called on him. Tulsa is straight cancelled.
Mello Jello
Mello Jello 18 saatler önce
Should of went to jail for putting his hands on them smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
Ant Christmas cookie
U guys are wrong the police only handcuffed the black kid cause some body called the cops on him so that’s why the police put him in handcuffs And plus for the people that say the cops are racist there not they are putting the black person in handcuffs cause the police got a call that a black person was in a white person house so the people that called the cops we’re probably thinking that he was trying to rob his nanas house.
Dimiyon Mclennon
Dimiyon Mclennon Gün önce
He loves his grandma 👵🏻👵🏻
Jaylon Hale
Jaylon Hale 3 gün önce
That Winnie dog dude
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 5 gün önce
2:59. The dog 😂
Ash bash 8717
Ash bash 8717 7 gün önce
That’s a great kid, idc what anybody says
Cesar Aguado
Cesar Aguado 7 gün önce
Records the dog
jordan cueto
jordan cueto 8 gün önce
Hey Krab men
Becca Shindorf
Becca Shindorf 9 gün önce
That's a weird title for that video it should be domestic In progress.
Evan Bitsko
Evan Bitsko 10 gün önce
Look the cops were super chill and respectful an all that, but y’all think it’s funny they immediately put the black kid in cuffs and the old man who was beating women and kids just got a nice talking to now in cuffs?
kzgameing 04
kzgameing 04 10 gün önce
My dude high asf
Mr.Edil92 10 gün önce
You know what I find racist is that when the police came he first put the colored son in cuffs
Jonah Motyka
Jonah Motyka 10 gün önce
And a great kid trying to protect his grandma
Jonah Motyka
Jonah Motyka 10 gün önce
This is one chill cop he cool
Vincent Alvarez
Vincent Alvarez 11 gün önce
Wtf smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Demario Render
Demario Render 11 gün önce
Soon he sees the color his cuffs
Tooshort2__dunk_ PSN
Tooshort2__dunk_ PSN 12 gün önce
Jesus Piece
Jesus Piece 13 gün önce
shamara gardner
shamara gardner 13 gün önce
1:36 how many donuts did he eat?
CurlyHugo 13 gün önce
Why aren’t patty mayos people that chill 😂
Aria Bunni
Aria Bunni 14 gün önce
That dog was like: 🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦗
John Cobbers
John Cobbers 14 gün önce
The cuffed my folk first when they walk up but not the white dude
Kay Tashell
Kay Tashell 14 gün önce
How does he just pull up , put the black kid in cuffs and Is being super nice to the one who abused everybody ... 🙄
strut 14 gün önce
Emoni Birdson
Emoni Birdson 15 gün önce
Im good bro
Redkorus 15 gün önce
"Im a strong man" he was just trying to protect his nana he shouldn't gotten put in cuffs.
Mottiv Vlogs
Mottiv Vlogs 15 gün önce
Y’all saying the police handcuffed the black guy first is probably because they didn’t want a fight to start
BigBuckz Ray
BigBuckz Ray 16 gün önce
Why would they lock the brown grandson up and not white dude first to understand what happened
Mark F
Mark F 16 gün önce
We just not gonna talk about the dog?
tay so hype
tay so hype 17 gün önce
Bro why they put the black boy in handcuffs bro 😡😡😡
Belial Wright
Belial Wright 17 gün önce
My thing is why they arrested the black dude and not the white man who caused all the problems 🤔
Newme Now
Newme Now 18 gün önce
looks like the cuffs have been on the wrong guy, dont you think ?
Miz Miz
Miz Miz 18 gün önce
So gets away with assault and doesn't get cuffs on him
What’s the t Sis
What’s the t Sis 18 gün önce
The boy did the right thing
Bwa Fabe
Bwa Fabe 19 gün önce
So how did the kid get detained before that white guy ... hmmmm
SHY BOY 18 gün önce
Just noticed towards the end how they tell him just go in nothing to worry about you're going to eat sleep and come out and you're going to be cleared out of warrants they clearly have his back!! race and color place a big part in law enforcement they don't love us bro black and brown got to stay together
Gregory Zernovak
Gregory Zernovak 19 gün önce
I bet he hurt doggo too. Poor doggo
Jany F
Jany F 23 gün önce
He is a good kid ❣️
Nakayla Badman
Nakayla Badman 23 gün önce
But like why y’all put cuffs on the innocent person
XixxyYT 23 gün önce
Bruh he just went up and handcuffed the black boy 😥
megan ambers
megan ambers 24 gün önce
it’s really sad they had to handcuff the kid who was only trying to protect his grandma, yet the aggressor is alright and shook hands with the officer...? bruh
JF Baker
JF Baker 24 gün önce
A fat cop is like a teacher who can't spell.
Jahmea Tenzie
Jahmea Tenzie 25 gün önce
Cop: "Girlfriend's son got assaulted by her boyfriend."Cop: ARRESTED SON FIRST????did not ask any questions when he saw the people.. just arrested the first nonwhite person he sees(WHICH WAS THE SON). please tell me how race isn't involved, enlighten me. the cop started asking questions right after he detains the victim. he made the assumption that he was the suspect.
ATL3xtra 25 gün önce
HEY Lets arrest the BLACK GUY FIRST!! HEE HAW!!!!
Michael Flugel
Michael Flugel 26 gün önce
Ok I've watched several episodes and the police are giving warning and ticket for seat belts but thier not wearing seat belts themselves click it or ticket
Bigbossofgmb 26 gün önce
Crazy he was gone let him go after beating on tht women and tht child
Sparza k8
Sparza k8 26 gün önce
Checked the black person for weapons but not the white person. Smh
K DIOR 27 gün önce
This racist.. he grab the black dude Bc he black but not the big white man who screaming ??! Black dude was the victim.. and y’all arrested him when he was just standing dere but not the loud mouth drunk white man.
JINOV 27 gün önce
and she will take that pos back into her home as soon as he gets released
Rawest SQUAD
Rawest SQUAD 27 gün önce
I feel this so deeply if u look in my picture this is all of our nana and this is so crazy
TH Prohibits
TH Prohibits 27 gün önce
this kid got 74 on his chest he a 974 gd
Nick Khalifa
Nick Khalifa 28 gün önce
3:00 best part
Cheyenne Forever
Cheyenne Forever 28 gün önce
Why the BLACK MAN had to get arrested first?
omar turner
omar turner 28 gün önce
That tuff
Danita Dickson
Danita Dickson 29 gün önce
This is some BS! Why is the black kid in handcuffs? And then the police officer goes over to the antagonist playing nicey-nice... I'm asking these questions. But anyone with eyes knows why this is happening! Get real
Ailie Paterson
Ailie Paterson 29 gün önce
The dog is just rubbing on the ground that is so funny 🐶🐶
Alfred Schuetze
Alfred Schuetze 29 gün önce
Cop be like I got a room bro 😂 utilities paid for free breakfast and free lunch we got a 60 inch TV screen in the eating area come with us it's gonna be fun ...yea I like that I'm down for that
Ahmarnie Stanley
Ahmarnie Stanley 29 gün önce
So immediately put handcuffs on the black kid. Hmm
Cameron Martin
Cameron Martin Aylar önce
He was just trying to protect his grandma just like I would and I’m sure all of y’all would
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