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When police witness car passengers reaching for something in their vehicle, one passenger insists it was muffins and not drugs in this clip from "2.1.20". #LivePD
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A&E Aylar önce
Watch new episodes of Live PD Fridays and Saturdays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at aetv.com/schedule
Raimundo Silva
Raimundo Silva 27 gün önce
Vocês são vocês são isso aí junto comigo sabia que
Raimundo Silva
Raimundo Silva 27 gün önce
É o que ela deu para mim tá passando para isso ficar esse daí fica alimentando o crime da Lara agora você que são policial que anda no combate do crime junto comigo vocês anda dessa forma junto comigovocê sair policiais que anda junto comigo no combate do crime vocês anda dessa forma junto comigo
Captain Nemo
Captain Nemo Aylar önce
koffi N S
koffi N S Aylar önce
You guys just searched the car and didn't find any drugs.Why are u forcing words out of that guys mouth?Many people have been jailed bcs u force words out of thier mouths and they say something that isn't true and thereby find themselves in jail for a crime they didn't commit.Especially black people,that's ur target.
OTTB love
OTTB love Aylar önce
why do u keep posting these boring clips like the past few videos u posted from livepd have been BORING AND LAME come on you can do better
Heidi Humel
Heidi Humel 2 gün önce
Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man? Do you know the muffin man, who lives on Drury Lane?
Justin Mitchell
Justin Mitchell 2 gün önce
He basically lied to God
Who eats muffins? make that a felony.
Katrinka SFBA
Katrinka SFBA 5 gün önce
Wow I just saw the cops pull some BS story Forest set up to arrest that ain't right
Dachdog 6 gün önce
It's not a traffic stop, it's bustin' chops!
R Ad
R Ad 6 gün önce
Cops telling lies
HATFIELDS97 8 gün önce
But if it was him he would've been arrested
lilly pod
lilly pod 11 gün önce
The camera man and cop have to be best friends by the end of filming
Mc? 12 gün önce
Cop said “molly pipe” I’m done
Ricky Fever
Ricky Fever 12 gün önce
Lmao a molly pipe 😂😂
danielthebear St. Anton
Anybody else notice his shawty like 40 years younger den him??
Ariel Harris
Ariel Harris 12 gün önce
I wonder how often they pull ppl with...heikfjrjiekdnfnrjedj Tourette’s over
Eightys Baby87
Eightys Baby87 13 gün önce
That's good police rite there
Aneles Zemog
Aneles Zemog 14 gün önce
"wasnt the best case" these mfs seriously only care about busting ppl and getting a pay out they have 0 regard for human life
Christopher R
Christopher R 14 gün önce
"Your honesty will go a long way with me." "Yeah, right. I have seen too many episodes of LivePD to know you're lying."
anna hanratty
anna hanratty 14 gün önce
It is so ridiculous when they’re completely caught and they still try to deny it lol
Tyrone Verser
Tyrone Verser 14 gün önce
And there you go folks that what happens when you don’t snitch
PaCo_Is_ A_TaCo12
PaCo_Is_ A_TaCo12 15 gün önce
With every purchase of Muffins, you get a crack pipe FOR FREE!
Nick 15 gün önce
What a waste of time. 4 officers for a meth pipe.
Bri Anna
Bri Anna 16 gün önce
This lady is dumb as ever. Talking bout some dmamn snacks
kricorg 16 gün önce
"Have you had any beers tonight?" "Sir, I've had two muffins beside a crack pipe." "Ok, you can go."
Kbls Kables
Kbls Kables 16 gün önce
this cop needs to be promoted. Hunt the whales leave the fish.
Mr McDonald
Mr McDonald 19 gün önce
1:20 sounds like he is waiting to give the jeopardy answer...lol And..What is crack for 500 alex! lol
Corderro Faulkner
Corderro Faulkner 19 gün önce
Don't put the crack pipe in the muffins bro
Sam Iam
Sam Iam 20 gün önce
That cop just tried to entrap her with lies. WOW
isbsey 21 gün önce
How do you get bold writing on these TRvid comments?
isbsey 21 gün önce
As soon as someone says "on God Almighty" or "on my baby's life" or "on my mother's grave" ....... they're lying!
OrbedFBR 22 gün önce
"These 2020 they don't lie"
dks13827 22 gün önce
I thought drugs were good and great ?? Jared Kushner.
The Hammer And Tickle
The Hammer And Tickle 22 gün önce
That's a sweet ol southern bell. mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm.
Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez 23 gün önce
Idk whose it is = cops gonna want to find more
Torin Jones
Torin Jones 23 gün önce
They must be some quality muffins
Ningen Supreme
Ningen Supreme 24 gün önce
3:23 *Are you sure about that?*
blappinOncoppaz 24 gün önce
Molly pipe?
Anna Weiner
Anna Weiner 25 gün önce
hochklassig 🧐
carlos Bdz
carlos Bdz 25 gün önce
Did anyone else notice this cop sounds a lot like rob dyrdek?
Reggie Chambers
Reggie Chambers 25 gün önce
Missed handshake @ 3:38
pudge boyardee
pudge boyardee 25 gün önce
Not my gumdrop buttons!!!
Katy Wingo
Katy Wingo 26 gün önce
When they start swearing to God, they're guilty.
Liquid Pixels
Liquid Pixels 26 gün önce
So...he was muffdiving.
CLow 27 gün önce
3:54 Since when did people start smoking molly out of pipes
Llama lama
Llama lama 27 gün önce
Free pipe with purchase of muffin
onenikkione 27 gün önce
they let them go cuz while they weren't donuts, muffins were close enough
Butter Sidedown
Butter Sidedown 28 gün önce
Molly pipe? What?
Div Zav
Div Zav 28 gün önce
Man... he got left hangin’ at 3:37 Nobody noticed that lol?
Bartosz Munzel
Bartosz Munzel 29 gün önce
what's a MOLLY PIPE ? xD
odds ins
odds ins 29 gün önce
Why didn’t the cop shake his hand?
Reginald Martin
Reginald Martin 29 gün önce
These idiots that call themselves cops are a disgrace to humanity. They're all racist. And they planted the so called pipe.
dungeonfrek 29 gün önce
Anything IN the vehicle that shouldn't be? Yeah, my back window.
Invader_415 Aylar önce
Quivver77 Aylar önce
Dude was about to pull his muffin cap blue.
Damnit Bobby
Damnit Bobby Aylar önce
He was eating her muffins?
kime hunt
kime hunt Aylar önce
That's not a pipe it's a muffin spoon.
Dave auf dem BMW
Dave auf dem BMW Aylar önce
Muffin new street slang for meth Bruh gimme the muffin
Chris Ross
Chris Ross Aylar önce
He got let go beacause he was the muffin man he probely gave the cops some muffins a muffin goes a lonnnggg way lmao
Ever Fragoso
Ever Fragoso Aylar önce
The Muffin Man The Muffin Man
Big al
Big al Aylar önce
They all say honesty goes a long way with me. And then they arrest them. And the cops wonder why people lie.
Elizabeth Created
Elizabeth Created 29 gün önce
Big al They didnt arrest them!! Did you watch the clip.
Steven Conrad
Steven Conrad Aylar önce
"He didn't do muffin"!
Chris Wilby
Chris Wilby Aylar önce
The muffin man yes the muffin man lol
The Vanilla Godzilla
That's what you get for dating the wrong kind of person, girlie. "God almighty... " ORLY?
DE EU Aylar önce
Tubby Custard
Tubby Custard Aylar önce
3:37 that fail tho
B P Aylar önce
The black community needs to see and share this video. And all the white guilt snow flakes 👍🏻👍🏻🤫💪💪💪
Mercurial Empire
Mercurial Empire Aylar önce
Do you know the muffin man the muffin man the muffin man 🤗
Alexander The Great
She is hella thick for a tweaker 🍑 ❄️
Rck Keller
Rck Keller Aylar önce
He’s gonna make a fortune when he sues the muffin company for putting drug paraphernalia in their boxes.
Randy Helton
Randy Helton Aylar önce
Should have arrested both of them for lying to the police.
Mikegetsstrong Aylar önce
Here in Texas especially in Montgomery county they would arrest you for something like this and charge you with whatever residual substance they can gather out of the pipe.
C J Aylar önce
Nikki Travis
Nikki Travis Aylar önce
"Do you know, the muffin man?" The Muffin man? "Yes, the muffin man!?"
Raymond rose
Raymond rose 6 gün önce
Oh I wanted to use that. Good one
Hank Hill
Hank Hill Aylar önce
Molly pipe..? Really? smh at that officer
Jesus Chimney
Jesus Chimney Aylar önce
If i was pulled over and thought there was a possibility of being taken out of my vehicle. But i was hungry .. id probably eat a muffin if i had one :L
OpFronk Aylar önce
Honestly I was waiting for the officer to ask if she knew the muffin man.
Dave auf dem BMW
Dave auf dem BMW Aylar önce
OpFronk LOL 😆😂😂😂
Jose Trujillo
Jose Trujillo Aylar önce
Most people reach for a cigarette when getting pulled over.
Daniel Grinnell
Daniel Grinnell Aylar önce
What a dumbass cop lmao tried every trick on the book to get them to incriminate themselves.
Admirals Club
Admirals Club Aylar önce
We’re all just going to ignore the fact the cop said “molly pipe” there at the end?
Jordan 27 gün önce
It's all the rage with kids these days.
random consumer
random consumer Aylar önce
Florida man arrested after playing with muffins.
Jude Albert
Jude Albert Aylar önce
@ 3:35 to 3:45 does the officer actually call the man a liar 🤔
John Nichols
John Nichols Aylar önce
Always wondered what happened to the 'muffin man' lol. Do you know the muffin man?
Messiah Mama
Messiah Mama Aylar önce
Ken P
Ken P Aylar önce
Got pulled over on Drury Lane
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