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Officers race to respond to a report of a man outside with a firearm. When they arrive on the scene, they find a group of kids playing outside with toy guns in this clip from "7.19.19". #LivePD
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31 Jul 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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A&E 8 aylar önce
Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!
Vincent Haro-Moss
Vincent Haro-Moss 16 gün önce
1k subs
Cactus Boy
Cactus Boy 18 gün önce
AleXiz ! Shut up no one cares
irma pena
irma pena 2 aylar önce
Yahir birthday party Salazar 14 good point
A&E yahir Salazar good
Kokosalmon Jaban
Kokosalmon Jaban 6 aylar önce
@Stay Home!! ²
Maximiliano H
Maximiliano H 2 gün önce
Got them shotgun is bigger than that cop. Looks like the new sara connor
J Hipp
J Hipp 3 gün önce
Did with the shotgun was waiting to play with his new toy.
XHitsugaX 6 gün önce
are u not allowed to carry in California? For a countr that is obsessed with guns they get kind of uppity when a gun shows up.
Offical x William23
Offical x William23 7 gün önce
Y he got a shot gun on a child
Wilson Romero
Wilson Romero 7 gün önce
They were probly scared but when the police told them to leave it was very funny.
la'alaai stevens
la'alaai stevens 8 gün önce
Dope Warehouse - Strains Showcase
Wasted resources caught on camera
Angel Ismerio
Angel Ismerio 14 gün önce
Salinas 😂😂😂
Aj arias Arias
Aj arias Arias 16 gün önce
I feel like pulling out the guns are super unnecessary.
JJEDO_ YT 16 gün önce
Jayla Pooh
Jayla Pooh 16 gün önce
What the heck this is my city😂
FeaR_Da_GoaT 16 gün önce
All these cops just for some lil cops
Gordo phunkin
Gordo phunkin 16 gün önce
Edgar's got busted
Bus Driver Jake
Bus Driver Jake 16 gün önce
R T 16 gün önce
Good show
Bacon With a side of Sagittarius
This is why I paint my co2’s
Rosibel Cruz
Rosibel Cruz 17 gün önce
Los cuhs 🤣
Ricky Flores
Ricky Flores 17 gün önce
Pinches morros 🤣
Maniya Palomino
Maniya Palomino 17 gün önce
was the shotgun really necessary
Albert Vidal
Albert Vidal 17 gün önce
My boy comes out with the shotgun looking the terminator
VRN BANDS 18 gün önce
The cuhs got caught up with la mamalona
VRN BANDS 18 gün önce
Los takuaches
MrDett 18 gün önce
I skipped to the good bit. Then I saw a cop holding kids hostage...
Olympia Tate
Olympia Tate 18 gün önce
Doing the most like for Wht
Olivia Sanchez
Olivia Sanchez 18 gün önce
Cali kidZ
Cali kidZ 18 gün önce
Takauches 😂
Jonah Hodges
Jonah Hodges 18 gün önce
Imagine. Lol the 2nd amendments a joke
Santiago Mercado
Santiago Mercado 18 gün önce
Those cops are the most coolest cops ever no cap
Damian Gaona
Damian Gaona 18 gün önce
Everyone gangsta until the cops brings the gauge
Skrampie 19 gün önce
Why do Jerry Tweek viewers watch this 😭
nat olinger
nat olinger 19 gün önce
Glock does make pellet guns lol i think one of them is called the Glock 17
nat olinger
nat olinger 19 gün önce
there’s also AR airsoft replicas that fire 1500 rounds per minute.
Jesus Mendez
Jesus Mendez 19 gün önce
The cop with the shotgun had me weak😂
Munty LEGEND 19 gün önce
They flew a helicopter over lol
Danny urzua
Danny urzua 20 gün önce
Pacman with the shotgun
Jessica Sanchez
Jessica Sanchez 20 gün önce
Bro the guy with a shotgun need to calm down you can't compare a shotgun to a pistol
Iris Karina Rodriguez
Iris Karina Rodriguez 20 gün önce
I would’ve said thanks for not shooting me in the face
SF49erfan1000 20 gün önce
That shotgun through me off.
eli 20 gün önce
831 stand up😂😂
Dna Forever
Dna Forever 21 gün önce
Should of taken the gun
Knight blitzz
Knight blitzz 21 gün önce
Fortnite 0:13
伤心自杀 21 gün önce
Pinches chuntaros
Douglas Sandoval-COMEBACK
This a great example when there is no yelling, cursing, screaming at the cops. Just cooperate, let them do their job and everybody goes to casa. Simple as that.
Anonymous Lastic
Anonymous Lastic 22 gün önce
Buddy with the shotgun came out like a defender on Rainbow Six Siege lmao
Mary Abraham
Mary Abraham 22 gün önce
Man got a shotgun whats with cops these days
Edward Lobato
Edward Lobato 22 gün önce
Anyone getting Blood in Blood out vibes. Cuz the guy with the shotgun look like chucky and the other Mexican with the mustache
fishing with Sam
fishing with Sam 22 gün önce
Good job 👍
fishing with Sam
fishing with Sam 22 gün önce
KeyStone - Topics
KeyStone - Topics 22 gün önce
The one in red it’s my homeboy 😂😂
Troy Diego
Troy Diego 22 gün önce
Takuaches 😂
Big C
Big C 22 gün önce
Dude came out with whole shotgun 🤨
Bober Bib
Bober Bib 22 gün önce
Kids probably been playing with gastation cap gun toys to much till they accidently grab real gun thinking its a capgun lol.jk
Alonso Perez
Alonso Perez 22 gün önce
wtf pigs brought out there whole armory
Dewayne Gibson
Dewayne Gibson 23 gün önce
This cop just pulled out the combat shotgun
Tre Myers
Tre Myers 23 gün önce
The guy with the shot gun that was unnecessary 🤦🏾‍♂️
Texas KushKingz
Texas KushKingz 23 gün önce
Dude whipped out that shotgun fast asf 😂 COD mode kicked in asap
RICHIE & VICKY 23 gün önce
Mf with the shotgun came out like he was Sean penn in colors
Aldo Htownsouth
Aldo Htownsouth 24 gün önce
POS all hands up on the floor and you still point your guns at them pos that's why yall getting dropped
Leo Garza
Leo Garza 24 gün önce
Pinches takuaches
Kevin Almiron
Kevin Almiron 24 gün önce
JayB Mackinn
JayB Mackinn 24 gün önce
Waste of tax payers money
Jay Herrera
Jay Herrera 24 gün önce
So many Edgar's
Juan Gabriel
Juan Gabriel 24 gün önce
Los takuaches cuh
Santiago Orozco
Santiago Orozco 24 gün önce
Pointing guns at kids 🚫👎🏼🖕🏼
Tryme Tv
Tryme Tv 24 gün önce
He just got that shot gun
Jay felix
Jay felix 24 gün önce
This happened to me and my 5 friends exactly like 10 years ago lol expect the police pulled up on us with m-16s 2
Jay felix
Jay felix 24 gün önce
0:54 dudes been waiting to pull that out all his career 😒
Too Widdit
Too Widdit 24 gün önce
Is the shotgun really necessary tho
Marlon Alvarez
Marlon Alvarez 24 gün önce
Plot twist : gun was real
SmallBank Aldahir
SmallBank Aldahir 25 gün önce
Los vecinos in the background de chismosos 😂😂
561ecc 25 gün önce
these cops so chill
MissMilly321 25 gün önce
Why they shake hand? those cops almost shot ya all ;D
abrokenthing 25 gün önce
okay I get that they need handguns to handle this situation but a shotgun? Lmao
rthym Extra
rthym Extra 25 gün önce
2:21 they really blurred out the red kids butt crack 🤣🤣😂😂😂
Jordan Medrano
Jordan Medrano 26 gün önce
They we’re trying to 6 v 5 with cops
freddy zamaripa
freddy zamaripa 26 gün önce
Dude got off the car like Blood in Blood Out "Get up Chucky!!"
Berken Billimon
Berken Billimon 26 gün önce
Bruh these are too much... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 why that homie brought a shotgun? Lol
Staypunchingbags All day
These boys and the cop with the shotti been waiting for this moment there whole lives
sicario martinez
sicario martinez 26 gün önce
if all cops were like this lol.. not like other ones don’t flex on me punch punch lol
pastilla01234 27 gün önce
hand shake at the end shows humanity from both sides
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