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The best moments from Richland County, SC including friends who get caught with weapons and drugs in their car, and a woman who gets arrested for smoking weed in public. #LivePD
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A&E 5 aylar önce
Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!
Bill McDonald
Bill McDonald 4 gün önce
@Walking Man You are 100% correct. Pigs
Bill McDonald
Bill McDonald 4 gün önce
@999alex9991 Pigs is all they are. There are no good pigs
Melina Bordas
Melina Bordas 12 gün önce
A&E wish you guys had these in the uk
VR Inks
VR Inks 21 gün önce
A&E I am watching now Eye 👁 In Jesus Christ Name
Amy Bainbridge
Amy Bainbridge 29 gün önce
Smoking dope around these kids? Jesus. This is crazy. That is such a small amount. Regardless of her being upset just give her a ticket
Ayman Oman
Ayman Oman 31 dakika önce
14:10 كفو اليمني يحاول يساعد 😂😂🇾🇪
Tim J
Tim J Saatler önce
I’m sorry but weather or not she’s a racist you have to admit that stopping someone for having a white T-shirt is desperate and wrong no matter who it is 🤷🏾‍♂️
Terrell Adams
Terrell Adams Saatler önce
I see tht camero all the time in two notch 😂
Caleb Dyer
Caleb Dyer 10 saatler önce
All she had to do was drop the butt of the j and she’s be free
East Oaklands Artie Bo-Bo
East Oaklands Artie Bo-Bo 11 saatler önce
Cop lied to him saying he’d talk to him about it and dude said it’s cool and this pig say “I can’t un- arrest somebody. I hate cops.
Thir13en 11 saatler önce
Can we get a follow up on the double homicide?
You Cant Skate
You Cant Skate 11 saatler önce
why they keep calling weed dope
agustin perea
agustin perea 12 saatler önce
The arrest for marijuana are stupid , Really are you going to take a person to jail for a half of joint ?
Elb Central
Elb Central 16 saatler önce
she has a point, she’s smoking in woods hurting no one, yet now she going to jail
hey its shoshy
hey its shoshy 18 saatler önce
I live in Canada. I smoke weed every day, and one of my favourite hobbies is going for long walks in nature and smoking. It's so weird to see people getting arrested for having a joint in their pocket lol. Everyone I know smokes weed. It's a completely different culture here, and weed is just accepted like booze or cigarrettes.
Piero 19 saatler önce
“You know what? You’re under arrest!”
Gregory Tingley
Gregory Tingley 20 saatler önce
Always wear pants
NYC AUDITOR 21 saatler önce
You speaks very well but can’t talk her at out of those handcuffs
Ivan Ramirez
Ivan Ramirez 22 saatler önce
Obama store
tr0nd15c Gün önce
What a waste of time & taxpayer resources; that chick smoking a joint in the forest should have been let go despite her bad attitude. Pathetic police work.
Kay Faith
Kay Faith Gün önce
Arresting someone for weed. Wow.
Michael Haulotte
Michael Haulotte Gün önce
Felt sorry for the guy stealing food,
H Nouh
H Nouh Gün önce
Since when do police have camaro’s
RDR 🌙 Gün önce
Arrested for the crime of poverty. Shame on this country.
Mubarak Widaa
Mubarak Widaa Gün önce
3:50 your Classic Excuse, 7:20 Great Defense though for a high chick, 11:30 yeah the suspects right there, "Heard them arguing for a quick sec. but didn't hear the bullets ha!?
kipang jamir
kipang jamir Gün önce
Free the black phanters
Sneakers O'Tool
Sneakers O'Tool Gün önce
2:56 looks like they forgot to grab the bag off the back of the cop car lol
RosySpeaks Gün önce
I'm from California where weed is legal so these cases seem so unnecessary.
10:30 lmao cop was like buuuuulshietttt
ChickenStrips Gün önce
The only crime here is that the cop Just pulled OFF IN A CAMARO 2:54
Brooklyn Dodger
Brooklyn Dodger Gün önce
Blake Sanders
Blake Sanders Gün önce
Why is the asian cop smiling...
KAMI KAZE Gün önce
Dewey Gün önce
Ooh my......I'm so sorry for what you go through on a daily basis. Keep the faith.
Hannah Nichelle
Hannah Nichelle Gün önce
She said “reverse discrimination” girl you’ve got an Asian cop, a black cop, AND a white cop arresting you. THERE IS NO DISCRIMINATION
Martin Gilliard IV
“It’s was that black guy smoking weed man” “Reverse Discrimnation” “Check The Footprints” 😂😂😂😂
supreme BIOSCULL
supreme BIOSCULL Gün önce
The girl in 10:10 is wearing South Park pajamas
The Goblin
The Goblin Gün önce
Yo but the gas station at 11:51 was Obama
REE EEE Gün önce
1:07 69 69
Miss Tee
Miss Tee Gün önce
15:25 a whole snack fine af🤤
Miss Tee
Miss Tee Gün önce
oh right blame the black guy with the dreads😂😂
leezus OG
leezus OG Gün önce
I can’t believe that white girl got arrested for smoking weed. Then the officer wanna say it’s dope and then arrests her just cause he feel like 🙄
Dallis H.
Dallis H. 7 saatler önce
Some people call weed dope
Angelica Roder
Angelica Roder Gün önce
He should be arrested for those pants
LuccVivid 2 gün önce
2:14 das a laxitive officer sees a shotgun Oh das a NERF GUN officer
Curtis Branham
Curtis Branham 2 gün önce
Since when did police use camaros
GrecianPrince 2 gün önce
“That’s not mine”
Justin Time
Justin Time 2 gün önce
That last one is a super dumbass
sᴏs 2 gün önce
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 2 gün önce
Always trying to blame the black man
Brandyn Theobald
Brandyn Theobald 2 gün önce
2:54 Right as the cop pulls away a baggie falls off the back of his trunk. Thats very unprofessional. Say they stopped someone in that exact spot that was actually innocent. They would pull the "Oh so that just so happened to be there" and they were actually wrong and put someone innocent away. Just saying careless police work right there.
lindkev 2 gün önce
5 cops to catch someone with a roach with more paper than pot good work guys get thoes crimanals how much do 5 cops get per hour
tiyani nkuna
tiyani nkuna 2 gün önce
black guy lol
Big 4x Jeff
Big 4x Jeff 2 gün önce
So she heard them arguing but didn’t hear any gun shots 💀
Big 4x Jeff
Big 4x Jeff 2 gün önce
So the girls has weed on her and weed where she was at and she has the nerve to say y’all didn’t get the real criminal....ig because he’s black with dreads he’s automatically a criminal.
Tom Pozsonyi
Tom Pozsonyi 3 gün önce
She should have kept walking.
Ian Stuart
Ian Stuart 3 gün önce
When I blame a black guy it always works. I don’t understand how this happened
Pr3ssPl4y 2 gün önce
Sometimes it does. Look at how fast that cop ran up in those woods in search of her imaginary character.
DJ L 3 gün önce
Is it just me or is richaland county police lucky, they have Comoros or whatever they r called. Dang our police have Fords and undercover cars and trucks
T B 3 gün önce
Bruh this dude just walked by the ppl with a whole gun on him like they not going to say come here smh
Dzenis Feti
Dzenis Feti 3 gün önce
Reverse discrimination??? Srslyyy??? Loool
shymiraw89 3 gün önce
That’s sad asf she’d just blame a black guy in the woods 🤦🏽‍♀️
Edits2Broke 3 gün önce
4:45 just gotta blame it on a black guy like it probably was not a black guy up their.
Brad Dunbar
Brad Dunbar 3 gün önce
The common denominator for almost all suspects, is that they claim to be innocent, and they are lying. No gun? Gun in the car. No drugs? Drugs in the car, or on their person. Lie after lie.
ABDULLAH.Q.R 3 gün önce
هههههه اليمني صاحب البقاله بلق على الزنجي الحرامي 😂😂😂😂 دقيقه 13
IronMaidenDoD 3 gün önce
Dont know why these people are getting arrested for owning fire arms and drugs.
Cam Good
Cam Good 3 gün önce
It's so sad that people are still being arrested for cannabis posession.. Here in Massachusetts, I'm hitting a vape pen in public right now as I write this lol..
Shame on her she blame on black man
-- 4 gün önce
Dang rip to those two guys
-- 4 gün önce
Green plant material
doyouevensmokebro? 4 gün önce
Wait her roommates shot each other and she was just sleeping???
doyouevensmokebro? 4 gün önce
Lol that dog bit his seat 😂😂😂
Nathan B
Nathan B 4 gün önce
So is nobody going to talk about the gas station named Obama
The Skinner
The Skinner 4 gün önce
So at 2:56 im pretty sure a bag of something fell off the cops car lol
portgas gasport
portgas gasport 4 gün önce
off chris blanding is so wooow
Hu7ter 4 gün önce
also these are fake asf
Logan Hood
Logan Hood 4 gün önce
Comaro cop car nice thats where my taxes go
Hayley Parmelee
Hayley Parmelee 4 gün önce
Boy, there’s no point in lying or running away! Makes it worse for you
Lord Paladin
Lord Paladin 4 gün önce
7:16 One of the cops must be a Thundercats fan. It is the same emblem.
MRV 4 gün önce
That dumb girl in the 2nd video is so stupid. She thinks just cause she is white she was supposed to be let go. She felt discriminated?!... 😅😂🤣
Shamara B
Shamara B 4 gün önce
You can't unarrest someone? Wtf.
JustABrand 4 gün önce
13:18 Egyptian Man and Woman
Cooper Rendon
Cooper Rendon 5 gün önce
Lmao 5 cops for a joint?!? Those cops are pathetic... just trying to throw around there power! That theory that most of them where bullied in highschool might be true!?!?
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 5 gün önce
06:00 leave that woman alone free!
Danny Kelly
Danny Kelly 5 gün önce
Reverse discrimination??? It’s no matter what race it’s still discrimination
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