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An officer pulls over a woman for driving 105 mph on the highway but she refuses to put out her cigarette or step out of the car in this clip from "11.16.19."
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In-studio host, ABC’s Dan Abrams, alongside analyst Tom Morris Jr., guide viewers through the night, giving insight to what audiences see in real time (via a mix of dash cams, fixed rig and handheld cameras), bouncing minute-by-minute between the featured police departments and offering an inside look at each live incident.
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21 Nov 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Wired Network
Wired Network 11 saatler önce
that officer must have a lot of Koppes in the family ;)
what lifes like
what lifes like Gün önce
We just passed a car...
Mylum O'Shinn
Mylum O'Shinn Gün önce
Its a Karen sighting out in the Wild!
Mylum O'Shinn
Mylum O'Shinn Gün önce
What is she? Five? Throwing a temper tanturam of a 2 year old.
1101001 2 gün önce
Just wondering if someone could tell me what the things were that that one officer put around the tires at 2:15 ?
David Guzmán
David Guzmán 2 gün önce
What irony he cannot speak for the tobacco he brings in his mouth, but he throws the cigar at the woman.
Colin S
Colin S 3 gün önce
Cop Sounds like Ray Romano
chuggggggy 3 gün önce
Ah yes, these type of girls need to be arrested. Thanks, Officer Voiceover.
Edward Carnby
Edward Carnby 3 gün önce
I understand that this cop is a big guy (for you) and he's pretty physically intimidating but this lady is waaay too insecure to be out in public on her own.
Guru Trips
Guru Trips 3 gün önce
Is that a Karen??
Ser ka
Ser ka 3 gün önce
Cop is hot but not his voice
Kyle Schuler
Kyle Schuler 3 gün önce
This cop needs to stop speaking through his nose.
SMNR 3 gün önce
Kermit the Cop 🍵🐸
SMNR 3 gün önce
Sounds like Kermit
Nick Costello
Nick Costello 3 gün önce
"stay out of my car" "Negative."
Louie Watson
Louie Watson 4 gün önce
This is the fruit of feminism folks...
Dark Sister
Dark Sister 5 gün önce
I would leave if I was her husband. Imagine dealing with this woman on a daily basis
Boring Brandon
Boring Brandon 5 gün önce
His voice doesn't match his face
Evan Hilton
Evan Hilton 6 gün önce
The cop sounds like fozzie bear
Jonathan Dahlquist
Jonathan Dahlquist 6 gün önce
Guy sounds like a Muppet.
Loli Swat
Loli Swat 7 gün önce
kris Sumerfelt
kris Sumerfelt 7 gün önce
"I WANT TO CALL MY HUSBAND!" If you act like that all the time I don't think hes going to be your husband much longer lol.
Randal Collins
Randal Collins 7 gün önce
When Kermit became a police officer.
alexis watson
alexis watson 8 gün önce
So unfortunate such a hot cop with such a terrible voice 😂❤️
Mjohnson0781 8 gün önce
👮 is missing a Tongue
T D 8 gün önce
officer sounds like Candycane from the Joy Ride movie lol
Mason Chrystie
Mason Chrystie 8 gün önce
still waiting for that one episode where the officer demands the driver to put both arms out window but later finds the driver is an amputee lmaoooooo
illegal alien
illegal alien 8 gün önce
Dude sounds like the guy from "Everybody loves Raymond" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
William Morgan
William Morgan 8 gün önce
I LOVE that she got 3 chargers. Stupid white B
Kat Ricketts
Kat Ricketts 9 gün önce
I can’t decide if this guy sounds like he has a frog in his throat or his side job is voicing Kermit the frog
Christopher Gerber
Christopher Gerber 9 gün önce
Cop: just passed a car going 105 mph Me: then officer how fast were you going?
Winston Syme
Winston Syme 6 gün önce
Head on pass in opposite lanes. He didn't pass it from behind.
Dildo Shwagins
Dildo Shwagins 9 gün önce
Just wondering if it’s legal or courtesy to smoke during a traffic stop?
Winston Syme
Winston Syme 6 gün önce
It's up to the officer. You are detained on probable cause of a criminal offense when you are being stopped for a traffic violation. During that time that officer has custody of you and is in most ways practically your parent. Whatever orders they give you, you have to obey at that time. You can take it to a judge later and there are remedies that can be applied after the fact. But anything safety related, like having an object on fire in your hand, is definitely going to be found to be completely reasonable. Don't even bother trying to complain to a judge on that one.
Cameron 9 gün önce
Kermit really thinks he's slick handing out tickets in Montana
kevin tallman
kevin tallman 9 gün önce
ya'll wrong..Bert done left sesame street, is trying to clean up the mean streets and all y'all wanna do is make fun of his voice..
Steve Aguayo
Steve Aguayo 9 gün önce
The cop sounds like ray Romano
Lenchelle Pruitt
Lenchelle Pruitt 9 gün önce
Spook West
Spook West 9 gün önce
She sounded like the girl and the bear on markiplier ylyl
Cobberman87 9 gün önce
Do not light that cigarette! (spits dip out)
A Mut
A Mut 10 gün önce
I could never take this cop seriously. Sounds way too much like kermit the frog
Matt 407
Matt 407 10 gün önce
Need more cops like this guy. Calm, professional, minimum force necessary to do the job. Have seen a lot of officers on Live PD who would have gone full "Rodeo".
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