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I surprised my sister with 100 dates!! IT GETS CRAZY hahaha
500k likes and Lexi will get me 100 girls to date in 24 hours!
inspired by 100 dates in 24 hours from @Airrack :)

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20 Haz 2022




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Brent Rivera
Brent Rivera Aylar önce
I had to put the broom away for this one, enjoy the video
Super Sayain Blue Vegito
@Sophia Pina A AAZ
alohaxmoon 5 gün önce
Marissa Contreras
Marissa Contreras 7 gün önce
Amy Burruezo
Amy Burruezo 11 gün önce
What happened to Bobby
gean pierre maroun farah
Amp World
Amp World Aylar önce
I want to see Brent go on 100 Dates in 24 Hours now 😅😍
Rhia Grimes
Rhia Grimes 3 saatler önce
Stella Crocker
Stella Crocker 4 saatler önce
Stella Crocker
Stella Crocker 4 saatler önce
Zerina Citaku
Zerina Citaku 7 saatler önce
Alex and Sofia World
Alex and Sofia World 10 saatler önce
But really lexi said herself that *she would set Brent on a date*on 500k likes
Zuri's Fun Review
Zuri's Fun Review 12 gün önce
Andrew with the drinking problem had me laughing
Leela Smith
Leela Smith 8 gün önce
Bobby was really sweet and I would have chosen him if I was in that scenario. And I also loved the wedding part with Andrew lol
Derp face
Derp face 14 gün önce
Andrews fake drunk was so good 😂
Kelsey Dickie
Kelsey Dickie 7 gün önce
I laughed my head off when Lexi said to Andrew .Andrew I can’t be with you unless you fix your drinking problems Andrew: how do you know😂
Lynx Aylar önce
How Andrew tried to save the wedding by being drunk is so funny
Edward Hinton
Edward Hinton 11 gün önce
@CherryBlossom Same
Ninja Cruz
Ninja Cruz Aylar önce
Ummm it really wasn’t
yusra Zafar
yusra Zafar Aylar önce
Lol yea🤣🤣🤣
Ashley Alain
Ashley Alain Aylar önce
@brook swift is it about how I said it's also weird about Andrew did to save wed
Ashley Alain
Ashley Alain Aylar önce
@brook swift how about what
Rebecca Myers
Rebecca Myers 9 gün önce
Andrew's pick up line: Honestly I don't even know why I here, we all know who you're going to come home to at the end of the day Lexi: Alright *pushes yes button* Me 🤨
Ava 7 gün önce
Set Brent up with 100 girls!! I love you guys, you always make my day when I’m down and you guys are the best people ever💕💕💕
message me on Telegram @zhc04
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Abby lee dance company!
Lexi’s “OH MY GWOAD” is iconic
Lilly Myles
Lilly Myles Gün önce
I love how Lexi gives them each a mini broom lol😂😂
Simphiwe Pila
Simphiwe Pila Aylar önce
"We all know who you are coming home to at the end of the day" -Andrew Davila, 2022
victoria eary
victoria eary 10 gün önce
I love your videos I wish she would never stop making them
Diya Mopur
Diya Mopur 11 gün önce
literally can't
Edward Hinton
Edward Hinton 11 gün önce
brent loves this
Christabel Jepchumba
Christabel Jepchumba 19 gün önce
Hey names Derrick
Ariya Aylar önce
Kaz 5 gün önce
I love that Pireson is still wearing sunglasses in a wedding
Jack the Crocodile
Jack the Crocodile 7 gün önce
Riley Phillips
Riley Phillips 8 gün önce
I'm excited to see Brent going out with a hundred girls
Jeremy rlly wanted to have lexi His face when he got eliminated his face tho 🤣
Cherish Boney
Cherish Boney Aylar önce
Can we just respect the fact that Andrew showed up to the wedding in a hat 😂
Lisa Chung
Lisa Chung Aylar önce
Kylee Stima
Kylee Stima Aylar önce
Lol so trueX i
Nevaeh Cor
Nevaeh Cor Aylar önce
Andrew and Lexi are perfect but why did he act like that at the weeding 🤣
Butterfly123 Aylar önce
@Lea Dalab EGGS ON 10,000 MATCHES! trvid.com/video/video-vYdlS46JJKA.html
ItsLuke Gün önce
"my broom days are over" *I keep laughing 😂😂😂*
Jessenia Matos
Jessenia Matos 14 saatler önce
Brent really wanted that 100 girls challenge 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Jaylee Jones
Jaylee Jones 15 saatler önce
Out of all of them for her I would pick Andrew for her at the end of the day he was right 😂
Marija 11 gün önce
OMFG I LOVE BOBBYYYYY. I really feel like theres a connection between them and i just feel really good about this guy. Hope to see him soon! pls Bremt bring him back :)
Lavenderblxssom #roadto200subs
I can’t stop with Andrew pretending he is drunk it makes me laugh so hard 😂tysm so much for the likes
Glenn Higgins
Glenn Higgins Aylar önce
@dh idru jgnfccģ ygk drunken in penas
Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White Aylar önce
I live in New Zealand what country do you live in New Zealand
Lavenderblxssom #roadto200subs
@Strawberry _Cow! it’s not about the looks it’s about the personality 😅😅
Strawberry _Cow!
Strawberry _Cow! Aylar önce
Mitch was so hot!
Tyliria and Montanye Show👭
@Andrea Nitti s
BFF Fun 8 gün önce
Brent: “looks like that betch is stealing away lexi” Camera man: “brenttttt that’s not familly friendly”
DilemGamez 13 gün önce
I'm sure every person that sees lexi falls in love with her!she's litteraly so pretty
Mckenna Call
Mckenna Call 9 gün önce
As soon as I saw Jeremy in the thumbnail I knew that I needed to watch it
Louise Lane
Louise Lane 9 gün önce
To be honest Mitch is super nice! And put in a lot of effort I would of picks him tbh
Cheyenne Peterson
Cheyenne Peterson Aylar önce
The little brooms too cute and funny 😂 and Andrew "your going to regret this Lexi" the fact that Jeremy lasted longer makes it funnier thought it would be the opposite
Cheyenne Peterson
Cheyenne Peterson Aylar önce
@sped heads ik that's what makes it funny 😂
sped heads
sped heads Aylar önce
Its scripted. Thats why
naomi herrmann
naomi herrmann Aylar önce
obviously, it wouldn't be the opposite...
Jelly wonderland
Jelly wonderland Aylar önce
@Janice Eltagonde The kissing booth!!!! HE TRIED TO GET MORE! Also that is funny And every one likes lexi R and Lexi H
Michael Gold
Michael Gold Aylar önce
ann hare
ann hare 7 gün önce
The fact that Jeremy is in it too it's so funny
MyLifeAsIzzy Gün önce
Jeremy and Andrew I would have just said I already hangout with you enough.
Aegan Sima
Aegan Sima 5 gün önce
I kept watching this because it was so funny!!!
Jenny Alban
Jenny Alban 6 gün önce
"This is a terrible mistake" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but he looks like very calm
Charlie Thacker
Charlie Thacker Aylar önce
The fact that he always finds a way to include the broom 😂😂
luv.Charlotte Aylar önce
It’s Megan
It’s Megan Aylar önce
Ashlyn Rose
Ashlyn Rose Aylar önce
Evellyn.MonSter I respect everyone who were involved in this Seriously the best piece that i ve ever seen on TRvid 💌 Hate off to well all 💟 love your videos3
GianPlayz Gün önce
Andrew's act on the wedding was so funny
Rose Antwi
Rose Antwi 17 saatler önce
When she said "all you guys can leave", she meant everyone except Bobby.
Don’t giveup 247
Don’t giveup 247 2 gün önce
I’m so supriesed that Jeremy was still there and not andrew
Sadie Olson
Sadie Olson 9 gün önce
Dang idk why but I wish I knew a guy that looks and acts like Jeremy. He's honestly pretty cute ngl
Ben Azelart
Ben Azelart Aylar önce
The poor Ben that got out cuz of his name😭 sorry bro…
ani shorts
ani shorts 15 gün önce
I wish Ben got back with lexi
nonya business
nonya business 20 gün önce
Ben it was your fault
Monica Ladron
Monica Ladron 25 gün önce
Just. Because of a name?
Kathy Johnson
Kathy Johnson 26 gün önce
Omg 😆
shelby hull
shelby hull Aylar önce
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 2 gün önce
I was eating my blue takis when I saw Drew face I burst out laughing🤣🤣 he was shocked 🤣😭
KAI Lucking
KAI Lucking 4 gün önce
The way lexi says jemery get out of here had me laugh so hard
Tony Chivers
Tony Chivers 8 gün önce
🔥. it was so funny when Bobby gave lexi a hersey kiss instead of a real kiss😂🤣😅
Adrianna Hornbaker
Adrianna Hornbaker 5 gün önce
Lol Brent I feel you being single 🔥🔥🔥
Ryleigh McMillan
Ryleigh McMillan Aylar önce
The fact that Andrew was in there and acting being drunk was so funny
jj s
jj s Aylar önce
so many bots smh
Olivia Surprenant
Olivia Surprenant Aylar önce
@iiKxmTaeii samee hahha
karan h
karan h Aylar önce
ya and lexi likes funny guys
iiKxmTaeii Aylar önce
Aspen Aylar önce
Christian Sumagang
Christian Sumagang 13 gün önce
700k likes already, cant wait for brent to go on a date with 100 girls
Orges Sopjani
Orges Sopjani 11 gün önce
bro when i saw andrew at the church i was like dying from laugh
•SmileMabel! 4 gün önce
Bobby’s wedding objection make laugh to heck
♡Scarlett♡ 13 gün önce
I literally saw Jeremy so many times 💀
Gabby Aylar önce
So we're just going to ignore Jeremy smiling like its the best day of his life in the thumbnail 🤣 🤣
alpacalovesies Aylar önce
@Cilviamaxi wdym?
Cilviamaxi Aylar önce
LP reacted d ryt way, she is Sweetlove.Monster need of over drama, or over consider ations. She don't deserve considerations. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ, ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.😍❤
🌸Annie🌸 Aylar önce
The avocado Family!
Hahha i know right😭😂
Dashing_28 Aylar önce
Poor Jeremy....
Cecilia Kingsley
Cecilia Kingsley 8 gün önce
We've passed 500k likes already 👍💓. We need Brent's video 🎥
message me on Telegram @zhc04
☝️☝️🆙Thanks for watching you have been selected among my lucky winners message me to claim your prize~..
Camila Bonilla
Camila Bonilla 9 gün önce
Lexi: i i think he is spying on us The camara man: I HAVE NOW EARNED THE POWER OF INVISIBILITY Btw when brent says that we shouldn't be spying on them they show lexi and the other dude and u can clearly see a person holding the camera right infront of them 👇
Pers Gamer
Pers Gamer 20 saatler önce
The fact that Lexi doesn’t say “oh my god” she’s like “oh my gwad”
JC Herms
JC Herms 2 gün önce
4:35 to 4:44 is so awesome 😂
Michelle McCarthy
Michelle McCarthy Aylar önce
The fact that this was like a whole season of the bachlorette within 13 minutes and honestly more entertaining just goes to show how great Brent is doing as a creator. Well done Brent!
joe who
joe who Aylar önce
This idea was copied ben needs more original content
Saanvi Khare
Saanvi Khare Aylar önce
@Sister_charlez fax
Sister_charlez Aylar önce
He took the idiea from airack but I still like Brent’s version morr
bdsmStore.com Aylar önce
@Ruben T Go treat yourself by shopping for adult toys at our online store
GamingCentre 13 gün önce
it feels so good that they live very close to me and i recongnize all these places that they go to
Lov3ly 3 gün önce
Andrew scene Andrew :STOP I OBJECT *falls* . Lexi: I told you I can’t be with you unless you fix your drinking problem , Andrew:how did you know 💩 That was the funniest part haha
Lexi 9 gün önce
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥♾ i love your videos so much they always make me smile and laugh
Lasse Koivula
Lasse Koivula 5 gün önce
i want to see ben go on 100 dates in 24 hours now
Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦
The little brooms too cute and funny 😂 and Andrew "your going to regret this Lexi" the fact that Jeremy lasted longer makes it funnier thought it would be the opposite
William Kidu
William Kidu Aylar önce
Richard Haywood
Richard Haywood Aylar önce
My name is Kendrick and your better than Bret
Richard Haywood
Richard Haywood Aylar önce
Love you Lexi I like your videos
Jaliyah Walker
Jaliyah Walker Aylar önce
Da bois
Da bois Aylar önce
@Caitlyn Butler that support for bot accounts
the gymnastics girl hehe
Hahahaha this is so funny 🤣
'If u were a vegetable ud be a cutecumber' hat had me dying until I remember a cucumber is a fruit aaaaaaah.
LaRayne Gallimore
LaRayne Gallimore 10 gün önce
Jarumy and Andrew has to remember this because they see her every day
Samantha 11 gün önce
Why Andrew is so funny I'm dying of laughter
Elise touch
Elise touch Aylar önce
The fact that he always finds a way to include the broom 😂😂
ashlyn ♡
ashlyn ♡ Aylar önce
stolen comment LOL
Cilviamaxi Aylar önce
LP reacted d ryt way, she is Sweetlove.Monster need of over drama, or over consider ations. She don't deserve considerations. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ, ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.😍❤
Dominion Aylar önce
R.I.P broomie
Sammantha playz
Sammantha playz Aylar önce
Marshmellow Cooooool
Marshmellow Cooooool 12 gün önce
It was so good I can’t believe they went on a yacht with only boys and one girl
Heer Vaghela
Heer Vaghela 2 gün önce
Bobby and Matt are perfect Lexi 💞
Kyleigh Dagostino
Kyleigh Dagostino 3 gün önce
I hope Bobby shows up again. They were so cute together
Doris Chen
Doris Chen 4 gün önce
Oliver is so nice. I wish Lexi would give him another chance and make a video with him
Aditya Nuna
Aditya Nuna Aylar önce
I think Andrew's performance at the church was by far the best and the most obvious😂
Lov3ly 3 gün önce
Wild Karen
Wild Karen 9 gün önce
Oh he won by qlot
Megan Kipa
Megan Kipa 11 gün önce
ivyduhhlol 13 gün önce
@Nikita Caruana yas translation to plastic 😭
Selena 14 gün önce
Honestly your not wrong
Max Ma
Max Ma 11 gün önce
i think oliver and lexi would be the perfect couple they are just so cute
Flamingodiddydomb 9 gün önce
Brent: if this gets 500k likes Lexi will set me up with 100 girls me: looks at the likes 803k …🤔
Sharon A
Sharon A 5 gün önce
I really liked the guy who left at the top 3. He was so sweet and funny. He would protect her still even tho he didn’t do much.
Gaurika Khanna
Gaurika Khanna Aylar önce
i love how Brent is so considerate and tries to do the best for everyone. his videos legit make my day 10 times better love you Brent keep doing what you do the best
•inconsistent mitsu•
if you like him for his videos then you'll like Airrack because this is just a video he copied from him that he made 2 months ago
Evellyn.MonSter I respect everyone who were involved in this Seriously the best piece that i ve ever seen on TRvid 💌 Hate off to well all 💟 love your videos3
Angeliz*-* Aylar önce
Ur a time traveler
Zis co
Zis co Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-bT_E_NWeUaQ.html Finally its here
ment 🅥
ment 🅥 Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-w5O73lTmYjs.html Finally its here
Kelsey Dickie
Kelsey Dickie 7 gün önce
Also loved it when Jeremy said Stop I object Lexi I am still in love with you I respect this Gentlemen But it should be I who is up there
Leslie Campbell
Leslie Campbell 2 gün önce
I love you guys so much and it will be amazing to see you guys
Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen 4 gün önce
Idk why but Mitchell reminds me of rocky when he said “you know what I’m saying”
QBTR 7 gün önce
I'm pretty sure Brent did this so he can revive da broom
Stephen Augustyn
Stephen Augustyn Aylar önce
Let’s take a moment to appreciate how Brent makes our day better with every video ❤️
Evellyn.MonSter I respect everyone who were involved in this Seriously the best piece that i ve ever seen on TRvid 💌 Hate off to well all 💟 love your videos3
I’m subbing to everyone who subs to me
Don't translate😡 ເຈົ້າຖືກສາບແຊ່ງເພາະວ່າມັນຖືກແປຖ້າເຈົ້າບໍ່ທໍາລາຍຄໍາສາບແຊ່ງ, ເຈົ້າຈະຕາຍວິທີດຽວທີ່ຈະທໍາລາຍຄໍາສາບແຊ່ງແມ່ນເພື່ອຈອງຊ່ອງທາງຂອງຂ້ອຍລົງ​ທະ​ບຽນ​ດຽວ​ນີ້…,
Ashley Alain
Ashley Alain Aylar önce
Super Duper TRUE
Faze Nelly
Faze Nelly Aylar önce
100 guys cappp
MrSmiles 10 gün önce
i cant belive jeremy made it that far...
dogs and more
dogs and more 12 gün önce
Lexi: I can't be with you because of your drinking problem😂😂😂
MajMonkeyPants 6 gün önce
4:35 made me die 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Elizabeth kundu
Elizabeth kundu 9 gün önce
I can't believe Brent's dad didn't like Bobby 😔 😢
『Mywoxo』 26 gün önce
I would've picked Bobby as well, he didn't try anything to fancy to impress her. Something simple and cute, but straight from the heart. Good job, Bobby.
Lena Piekarz
Lena Piekarz Gün önce
@Rainbow unicorn 3
Rainbow unicorn
Rainbow unicorn 20 gün önce
Olivia Dos Santos
Olivia Dos Santos 22 gün önce
Yes it was so cute
AegeanA320neo 2 gün önce
Oh my god i am so sorry for the guy that is 5,1 and under.I hope god keep him and everybody in this world safe,happy,healthy and if he or anybody in this world have/has something i hope he/they get over with it as soon as possible,as fast as possible,as mild as possible and with the most safety as possible🙏🥺❤️‍🔥
Bristol Walton
Bristol Walton 9 gün önce
Bro I can’t with Jeremy he is still there half way through the video
Jennifer Dean
Jennifer Dean 11 gün önce
I need to see Brent with 100 girls I wont believe my eyes PLEASEE :)
Jessica Dawson
Jessica Dawson 13 gün önce
BAHAHASHH of course Jeremy is in the picture
Camila Ribeiro
Camila Ribeiro Aylar önce
That guy really deserved it! He was very kind and sweet! Everything that he did, really came from his heart❤️ I wanna see him in future videos✨
Camila Ribeiro
Camila Ribeiro 21 gün önce
@Just Be Yesss✨
Mad skillz
Mad skillz 23 gün önce
I wanted Mitch to win he was a nice guy
Just Be
Just Be 24 gün önce
He was very generous and he was a gentlmen
Lara on roblox
Lara on roblox 25 gün önce
@LegendLaiba Your not so sure
Nick Teepell
Nick Teepell 25 gün önce
That's sweet
Lqvly_dqys💋 14 gün önce
Most the guys were sweet but I will always ship Lexi + Andrew!! Landrew💗
Spotlight cookie
Spotlight cookie 6 gün önce
I saw Ian Boggs omg so cute I am waiting for the Ved where Brent date 10l girls 😂❤🎉
Eada Gün önce
When she eliminated Oliver I was like noooo he was my favorite
Teresa Dieudonne
Teresa Dieudonne 5 gün önce
I wanted her to pick andrew🥺 i feel bad for andrew
Phoenixthebest123 25 gün önce
I love how Lexi has no hesitation dropping the boys in the pool
Doris Chen
Doris Chen 4 gün önce
Ev🦞 20 gün önce
I thought Jeremy would be out first😂😂😂
Naomi Metheny
Naomi Metheny 24 gün önce
@bobi miiu lol that was so funny
bobi miiu
bobi miiu 24 gün önce
I can’t believe Jeremy got to the top 6 then she strongly eliminated him
luisa guerra
luisa guerra 4 gün önce
But she still went with Andrew😂
Leoni Barratt
Leoni Barratt 3 saatler önce
So funny 🤣
Amanda Altoft
Amanda Altoft 11 gün önce
When I heard mitch I was so sad HE WAS PERPECT😭
Diana Nario
Diana Nario 4 gün önce
LEXI I have a good one for you "Is an airplane nearby? Or is my heart taking off?"
Agnes4life Aylar önce
Let’s appreciate Brent always put a smile on our face ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Evellyn.MonSter I respect everyone who were involved in this Seriously the best piece that i ve ever seen on TRvid 💌 Hate off to well all 💟 love your videos3
A and B Gaming
A and B Gaming Aylar önce
Yes let’s appreciate
Dulce Hernandez
Dulce Hernandez Aylar önce
@Brent Rivera awwww
laceyy.x 2 saatler önce
I’m dating a boy that looks exactly like Bobby and his name is also Bobby 😭
Hadeal Zaid
Hadeal Zaid 2 gün önce
It was so funny 😂 Andrew in the wedding part (b.t.w I ship Landrew )
Quinn 87
Quinn 87 3 gün önce
I’m still waiting for the video with Brent and 100 girls
sugaralt acc
sugaralt acc 4 saatler önce
that little hershey kiss isntead of a real kiss got me to really like bobby lmao
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