Little Girl Gets Birthmark Removed 💞 

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24 Eki 2023




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@Td_TheNigga 13 gün önce
Props to the parents for saving the child from a life of getting bullied
@mariortiz7971 13 gün önce
Some birthmarks can also be cancerous so it's always good to monitor if it's changing for anything
@user-ph5ti9hx9m 13 gün önce
Such a beautiful girl GodBless the amazing doctors and the little angle for being so brave❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@Duncan9910 13 gün önce
Hermosa bebé
@shaniarogers 13 gün önce
So true 😮
@wolfey1579 Gün önce
Such an amazing recovery. It Looks like it was never even there in the first place. Good to see that she's doing well
@theNimboo 5 saatler önce
Are you blind there is a huge vertical scar
@mingd6590 4 saatler önce
@mineandmine4528 Saatler önce
The scar will continue to fade as she grows. It’s good that the parents had the surgery done while she was a toddler. She would have gotten bullied a whole lot because of her mark.
@Iya_forever Gün önce
She is adorable with or without the birthmark ❤❤❤❤ I am so glad the surgery went well and I hope she lives a long and happy life😊😊
Es una bendición está Bb
@tinabaldwin961 5 gün önce
I’m so happy the surgery went well. I hope she lives a very happy life.
Wonderful 🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤❤
@Justinprow Gün önce
A happy life without shit stain
@Justinprow Gün önce
@@taneeshajackson1817 no, it's what people say when they see such people. and I speak from experience, not to be pitiful, but that's just how it is
@Trikucian 22 saatler önce
Watching her put on the little surgery gown had me tearing up 😢. What a strong little girl, so happy to see she healed well
@user-hh8sk6hz4x 18 saatler önce
@Ecl1ps3_2 8 gün önce
Not only saved her for being bullied, those marks can also provoque cancer later on, props to the parents
@jesterplays983 8 gün önce
Bro fr stole the top comment with it's first reply....wish coppyright was on youtube comments
@@jesterplays983 No he was just agreeing with it and adding his own thoughts. Calm down, dude.
@Moon_wolf450 8 gün önce
@@celestialknight2339seriously ppl need to chill
@stealth_official 8 gün önce
@@jesterplays983bro chill tf out. Ain’t no one need copyrights on comments 💀
@Mike-we3rb 8 gün önce
@@jesterplays983hahaha yeah that’s all gen z’s do
@dalestaley5637 15 saatler önce
The surgeon and team did a great job. As a anesthesia provider, I'm so proud of Dad, who is calm, supportive and loving. The more anxious the parents are, the more anxious the child is in our experiences. Transferring that calmness is significant.
It's so refreshing to see these commerce being this positive! Props to the incredible parents for providing the needs of their child, well done mom and dad! ❤
@DogloverTravis 8 gün önce
Whether it was cancerous or not, saving your child from getting bullied is a noble cause.
@LeoX78 7 gün önce
No birthmarks are cancerous
@kkrb1212 7 gün önce
No, it’s not.
@kkrb1212 7 gün önce
That’s the same stupid justification for circumcising a baby boy incase he ever changes in front of his peers in the locker room and might get bullied. Let her chose for her self if she wants it removed. Birthmarks aren’t cancerous. Putting her under general anesthesia isn’t without risk and we can teach people not to bully instead of undergoing cosmetic surgery on the off chance they could get bullied.
@sparagmos4748 7 gün önce
​@@kkrb1212 As it was on her face it's not the same at all. Bullying and teasing are not going to stop so it is unrealistic to say that that is the solution.
@mightyace3374 14 saatler önce
Dad holding her to make her feel safe is heart warming
@keysky767 20 saatler önce
Her beautiful eyes and lovely smile were as precious as ever and brought tears to my eyes.🤍✨
@buckeyehockey1979 8 gün önce
As someone who grew up being bullied, you saved this girl from so much psychological damage. She was already beautiful, now she is even more so.
@doiexist4047 8 gün önce
They also removed it for saftey reasons
@Makenziethedog 8 gün önce
I hope everyone reading this finds the Lord God almighty and accepts that he came down from heaven, lived a perfect life, died for our sins and 3 days later rose from the dead. If you believe that, declare that Jesus is Lord and repent for your sins then you can go to heaven!! A place with no sin and sadness a perfect place! “May the Lord bless you and keep you make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26 God bless and I hope to see you in heaven!!😊
@rickydoesstuff 8 gün önce
@@Makenziethedogim athiest
I’m so sorry you were bullied. It’s a shame so many kids and adults are bullies. I’m sure you are able to be more understanding than most.
@Janksta 8 gün önce
@sandrakuppersmith3731 11 saatler önce
She is simply beautiful! She has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen!❤
This is so touching anyone with a heart had to feel joy for this lil pretty Angel✨
@akasmhack21 10 gün önce
Glad you did it for the little princess. This is a very cruel world we live in, and you saved her from a lifetime of harrassments and bullying. Good parenting
@tipper6733 9 gün önce
WHAT!?!?! What does a cruel world have to do with the parents removing her melanocytic nevi?
@romystumpy1197 9 gün önce
Shes a little girl not a princess,thats why so many young women want to be treated like princesses
@ppriti9 9 gün önce
​@@tipper6733she might have been teased or made fun of at school / college etc.
@tipper6733 9 gün önce
@@ppriti9 I asked SPECIFICALLY, “what does a cruel world have to do with the PARENTS” decision to remove anything? The world’s reaction to their child was NOT the reason the baby had surgery. This was not cosmetic surgery, at ALL!
@salcalderon2125 Gün önce
She was beautiful from the very beginning. My heart is melting! 🙏🏽🥹😍
@armanjenson1482 23 saatler önce
So young yet so brave to get a surgery. The little girl is truly a warrior i am terrified of surgery so i try my best to avoid hospital. May this little girl grow up beautifully and live a peaceful life.
@lilli-xc1dw 2 gün önce
She has the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen they just melt my heart
@Enkhee-wd7eq Gün önce
I agreee😊
@WalterSposito 8 saatler önce
May God never cease to bless you. You are a beautiful little girl.
@savannahleeross7373 11 saatler önce
She is so gorgeous, I honestly was too mesmerized by her beautiful eyes to notice the birthmark!
@prismatic7 12 gün önce
This isn’t a matter of just bullying/self esteem. This is a matter of safety aswell. Having a massive birthmark in a primarily exposed part of your skin can cause melanoma or skin cancer from sun rays.
@gavintheblossom2082 11 gün önce
I have 1 on my wrist
@dr.ayendri3034 11 gün önce
Exactly,i was going to say that only!
@janainagcamargo 10 gün önce
Exatamente!!!! Pensei nisso primeiro.
@LeoninDangerous 10 gün önce
My brother has this one in the neck
@armorkinggaming1933 10 gün önce
​@@gavintheblossom2082 That can be covered easily
@aundreahcervantes5734 22 saatler önce
This darling baby girl is GORGEOUS! Just looking at her and seeing that PERFECT smile! My heart can't take it! 🥹😭💖💓❤️
@steamoreeno 28 dakika önce
seeing a someone go from an infant to a young child is so heartwarming
@hersheysfloyd 10 gün önce
Beautifully done. It's saves her from so many things and lots of tears
@sparza1990 10 gün önce
How do you know? You can just tell the future of other beings? How do I acquire this power
@rowan_8111 10 gün önce
It actually saves her from cancer
@bryan1377 10 gün önce
@@sparza1990yes because it can lead to bullying, shame and influence her life negatively. That is just the honest truth
@I_JUST_LOVE_MEN 9 gün önce
​@@sparza1990Well, that's the fact
@lol-ot4pn 8 gün önce
@@sparza1990 Common sense. Either you have it or hope youll have it in the future lmao.
@sarasoleman1661 13 saatler önce
Bless her, she is so delightful both before and after the operation. May she live a happy and prosperous life!
@anarosemay3923 Saatler önce
She is so beautiful. Bless her little soul
For those people that are saying “oh you shouldn’t have removed it” or “she was beautiful from the start” the parents are well aware of that, and she is beautiful with or without the birthmark, but they are removing it for her own sake in the future when she goes to school, so she doesn’t get bullied. Edit: I m very aware that it could cause infections or medical problems, which is another reason that you would remove it, and o think the only reason you should remove it, I am just saying, that people are cruel and it could mentally drain her.
@nicoi7369 8 gün önce
And also cancer
@JamesPain1203 8 gün önce
Can't bully someone that loves themselves. Plus to get a surgery that young for any other reason other then medical is extremely risky.
@Ebunoluwa13 8 gün önce
​@@JamesPain1203Do you even know what bullying is because you are clearly wrong. The reason of the bullying might not affect her but the bullying itself is mentally draining. Nobody wants to be surrounded by people constantly insulting them, giving them grief and possibly chasing away potential friends just because of a mark on their face even 8f they're not insecure about the mark.
@priyeshagarwal2644 8 gün önce
​@@JamesPain1203that birthmark would be much harder to remove after she becomes an adult
@JG-lb6ld 4 saatler önce
Saving this little angel from a childhood of bullying and a lifetime of corresponding trauma it would have inevitably caused her is truly a noble act.
@absinthealice Gün önce
Beautiful baby before, beautiful baby after! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it's a shame that so much of society would cast shame on such a lovely soul! Fast healing, little one! May your life be filled with wonder and joy! ❤
She truly is a beautiful little girl, so glad that this was something her parents took care of while she was young.
@JWookie4 Gün önce
Best parents ever. I had a large birthmark on my leg that looked just like that. I was bullied all throughout elementary and middle school. People used to make fun of me and call it ‘shit stain’ and ‘caca’. Kids used to come over and bend down and pretend to shit. I had mine removed in high school. I never wore shorts and still don’t to this day. Always jeans. Love this video. ❤❤❤
@franklinauguste415 4 saatler önce
I'm sorry that happened. It's time now let it go please.
@johnmoran3186 20 saatler önce
It’s heart warming to see such a beautiful story..
People who think she is cute❤
@leonpro6515 Aylar önce
@sofieglarbo1523 28 gün önce
@saidbenfetta9922 28 gün önce
@chloeeddy9334 28 gün önce
Me and I feel bad
@your.fav.sienna 12 saatler önce
I feel so bad. This almost made me cry. Amazing parents that is really uncontrollable and you guys are so amazing. She is absolutely beautiful. And her name is so pretty.
God bless all of you, the girl and the parents. Lots of joy and love !!!
@staceyingram9643 3 gün önce
That smile as a newborn melts your heart, what a sweet girl!
@rawansupennapa4826 2 gün önce
@berniefleming2766 2 gün önce
Thank God for hands of surgeons and murses
@prettylillything 2 gün önce
Ur sweet
Held my breath at each interval of her life...needless to say the "ending" is awesome, bless god
@kathleenreyes4345 4 saatler önce
Oh so happy you had it removed❤ She is a beautiful girl!! People can be cruel. My husbands aunt has a birthmark similar to that. She is in her 80s. It was never removed because years ago, such a removal was life-threatening! People stare at her all the time and even make cruel & mean comments😢
This is probably the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The parents were making her laugh and they cared about her so much that they decided to go to the doctor and get the birthmark removed and I just can’t believe what happened
The parents are one of the best parents i seen last time on internet
@RikudoTrade 8 gün önce
@Makenziethedog 8 gün önce
I hope everyone reading this finds the Lord God almighty and accepts that he came down from heaven, lived a perfect life, died for our sins and 3 days later rose from the dead. If you believe that, declare that Jesus is Lord and repent for your sins then you can go to heaven!! A place with no sin and sadness a perfect place! “May the Lord bless you and keep you make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26 God bless and I hope to see you in heaven!!😊
@@MakenziethedogAmen 🙏🏾
@kkrb1212 7 gün önce
Yeah, no they aren’t
She was beautiful from birth but as parents we want the best for our kids . She is even more beautiful and God bless her
@tjokinen670 3 saatler önce
This child has a beautiful smile
@jenifereddings6190 2 gün önce
Thanks for saving her from a life of bad people saying awful things to her. You have done her a great favor. She IS TRULY BEAUTIFUL!!!❤
@Sunflower_12_ 2 gün önce
Yea that was my first thought All the bullies
@matthewm9261 Gün önce
Pretty sure insurance covered the procedure
@cathymeaney498 Gün önce
Her eyes and her smile are just so sweet!!!
@blackened5845 Gün önce
Not just bullies, but her self-steem too.
@torialexis19 Gün önce
😭😭❤️ baby fever all over again seeing her newborn stage.❤ beautiful babygirly
@mstngsali1 10 saatler önce
She was beautiful before and she's beautiful now. What a sweet girl. ❤
@acricucci9760 Gün önce
Precious little girl, beautiful before surgery, beautiful after surgery. How wonderful that she has such a loving mom and dad.
@bubachubb Gün önce
well not before surgery but after surgery i agree
@user-pt7rb1xx5r Gün önce
너무 사랑스러운 아기에요 눈물이 나네요
@CrustyRat.1 Gün önce
@@bubachubbshe was beautiful before and after.
@Gd-jq6mz 19 saatler önce
​@@CrustyRat.1she was gonna get bullied the shit out of her. Empty words don't count be practical
@saraabdelkader7457 17 saatler önce
She looked beautiful but still running the line of beauty
@jessy-kkipirtoglou7217 9 saatler önce
Oh gosh! Those bright blue eyes and huge adorable smile!! What a beautiful little girl! 😍💕😍💖
@IDontKnowYou.. Gün önce
She will thank you when she's older. She's so cute😍
@black.static 18 gün önce
Don’t lie to yourselves. Yes she is beautiful but removing it is for her own sake. She’s avoiding bullying, and possible cancer in the future
@Carmie-xoxo-zv2gp 17 gün önce
That's just it
@h...r...6327 17 gün önce
@hopehope4837 17 gün önce
صحيح صدق فيما قلته❤
@haniajozwiak07 17 gün önce
@beguireis6790 17 gün önce
Oh thanks for explaining, i thought they just thought it was ugly when it wasn't
@ghostwritter1075 4 saatler önce
She was and will always be beautiful!!!!
@gd6349 16 saatler önce
Your Precious little girl is an Angel!!! And oh my goodness!!! Those Beautiful Blue eyes!!!❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏Blessings on you all !!
@Billiard-cp1my 8 gün önce
What a beautiful job. I hope this lovely little girl heals well with no scarring and doesn't require further surgery.
@lillypurvis8206 8 gün önce
Me to
@Kaizama_ 8 gün önce
Me too
@sunset5802 8 gün önce
Me three
@kkrb1212 7 gün önce
It will scar. No way around it. They chose cosmetic surgery for her. She may have preferred the birth mark.
@sandrafoy4992 11 saatler önce
This child has the most incredible eyes 😊
@user-nb7vn5mx6x 20 saatler önce
The more you get older you remember the old days that you get happyer and happyer
@Turdthief 8 saatler önce
@Nikkiet100 11 gün önce
Those mesmerizing eyes! When she’s bigger, she will so appreciate you doing this for her.
@sparza1990 10 gün önce
No she wont
@sparza1990 10 gün önce
They took away her only thing that made her unique and beautiful
@@sparza1990I would appreciate not being fucking bullied for the rest of my life or getting cancer. I already know how it feels to be bullied for something being different about your body, so trust me, she will appreciate this.
@sparza1990 9 gün önce
I’m sorry, I wish no one was ever bullied
@rsmaier7806 2 saatler önce
What a sweetheart she is.
@thinghoejie Saatler önce
This is so much love. This little girl is strong ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@vaibhavshukla4136 7 gün önce
Her smile is heavenly, God bless her
@Dee-ro7tj 7 gün önce
@Valerie...editzz 23 saatler önce
respect to the bravery of this young girl. ❤
She was beautiful before the surgery too, and u made her school life even more beautiful!
@cheapthrills9609 4 gün önce
This little angel is a true match for such wonderful parents . My thanks to all the doctors involved.
@avalikaj8790 Gün önce
Omg that’s so cute. Just remember she was beautiful from the start
@eternalchild7272 Saatler önce
She was beautiful with that mark on her . When I see the mark that was there before surgery , I see blessings in it . Without the mark too , she is beautiful . Love and beauty is seen on the eyes of a beholder . People who are not sensible will mock , laugh and bully anyway with something or other as a cause . She is cute and may she grow up with the inner beauty which is more important . God bless the child ❤❤❤
@bseiber22 8 gün önce
Such a beautiful child. The birthmark was a beautiful part of her, but I certainly applaud the parents for saving her from the cruel kids she will meet and the potential health issues that could stem from it. I love stories like this. Edit: I'm not being a liar guys and gals, I'm stating it how I see it. I have two daughters who are young and I would hate to see them go through something like that, but I would love them and think they are beautiful regardless. You can't explain the love you have for your children. What is the point in all the hate.
Dont lie, the birthmark is awful
@BattleCatEn 8 gün önce
@rubyoro0 8 gün önce
I hate liars.
@logand8975 8 gün önce
She's not lying tho-
@tristenroberge9764 8 gün önce
@@dehydratedskellybones it wasn't actually. It was a part of her. Granted, it could have caused a lot of danger to her physically and affected her mentally because of people like you wanting to put down what people are born with and ultimately don't always have complete control over.
@melissarichards769 2 saatler önce
Not just a beautiful little girl but also a strong brave little girl ❤❤️'💓💕💗
I had the same birthmark on my neck. I had it removed at 17. In 93, it was a botched job - still not nice to look at but better than what I started with. Bless the little Bairn, she’ll be happy x
@frostwastaken6729 7 gün önce
The parents saved the girl from getting bullied, what a noble action.
@asie 7 gün önce
i got told that darker birthmarks can hide cancer (they are harder to look through since they're darker) and you have to get them removed just in case :)
@user-ow1og1xl3b 7 gün önce
True my parents didn't act fast enought now im 14 when I was a baby I had a weird sickness but were still not sure and yh now my two front teeth are yellow they were yellow at the start but now they're even more and I'm kinda getting bullied alot for them but I still handle it of how my parents always tell me how special I am bc of having it and some ppl have bigger problems
@CristyB66 7 gün önce
She will be bullied anyway.
@giulianadiaz5896 6 saatler önce
That smile is just adorable ❤ a very lovely angel
@Jesslovescats45 10 saatler önce
Aw she's adorable! The little yawn at the start 🥰
@renukulkarni1417 9 gün önce
She has the most beautiful eyes! God bless her ❤❤
@donnamosley4161 9 gün önce
What is exactly what I was going to comment😊
@sugarbaby685 9 gün önce
Those eyes were gorgeous, weren't they. Second only to her smile!
@renukulkarni1417 18 saatler önce
OMG 924 likes mom I am famous!!!!
@theshineprjct 10 saatler önce
It healed so well! 🥰🙏🏾💯She’s so cute!
@mystarry9684 20 saatler önce
Shes perfect. So beautiful. With loving parents who understood the assignment. Right on mom and dad.
@BenDover-ed4rm 5 gün önce
Some of these doctors are so amazing they deserve all the grace
@bru42 5 gün önce
1 percent bad
@celiasmith2547 11 saatler önce
What an angel😇 God is so good. She is a gem💎
@user-jm5kr4in7s Gün önce
She is an adorable! Those eyes. God bless your hearts!❤️
@drashtipatel9462 10 gün önce
She's strong but her parents are fighters... The strongest 🥺 Because having this much amount of patience and gentleness is ... 🙌🏻🙌🏻
@agnesfennessy4695 8 gün önce
comment 1
@annettemasden8487 12 saatler önce
She is adorable and her eyes are beautiful .I am so glad that you have found a physician to remove her birthmark. May the Lord be with on this journey 🙏
@fernandoleon8915 21 saatler önce
She's beautiful ❤️❤️ God bless this little girl
@GhostRider03 Gün önce
That must've been the hardest thing to go through watching her in a hospital bed... so thankful she recovered. Bless this family
@lrichardson2360 7 saatler önce
Oh, the eyes on that little sweetheart!! Gorgeous!!
@annukimuni3389 13 saatler önce
Too much love to loving parents who know how brutal this world is. She was going to exposed to a lot of bullying, whether on the street or at school.
@jenniferrading2381 2 gün önce
Her little footsteps into the hospital ... precious little soul. Her parents were brave and I'm so happy to see her doing well post surgery 🫶🏼
My heart broke watching her little body putting on the gown.
@user-ec6my7eh9o 19 saatler önce
She’s so pretty and beautiful even before surgery❤
@denisemcdougal6445 3 saatler önce
Such a beautiful smile she’s adorable
@D60ii 13 gün önce
She's a really beautiful child, her eyes are the color of the sea❤❤.
@seekorhide 12 gün önce
Ew wtf
@Moshime_ 12 gün önce
​@@seekorhideGeez it's just a compliment
@D60ii 12 gün önce
@@seekorhide EW what?
@D60ii 12 gün önce
@@Moshime_ It's not a compliment, it's a fact .
@AnonAnonAnon 17 saatler önce
She is absolutely adorable! My daughter is 11 but I loved the times when she started walking right up to her going to nursery.
Bless her heart she's a beautiful little girl
@user-ps4ku5df5x 9 gün önce
Salute to parents.. They save the child from getting bullied&give her a beautiful smile. 😍
@tipper6733 9 gün önce
This was not cosmetic surgery to avoid bullies.
@58lanie 9 gün önce
still precious ❤❤
My name is sienna😂😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉❤❤
@frstsight3819 9 gün önce
@AndwithW1 Gün önce
I love how people can do this and save their kids from trauma. Of kids just not caring about anyone but themselves.
@mariagee 20 saatler önce
So precious.. she will thank her parents when she gets older🫶🏾
Can we show some appreciation to nurses, surgeons and doctors that are trusted with the lifes of infant human beings every day just like this one. Some doing the most delicate and life risking surgery on earth. They are true heros. Especially in England where they are paid next to nothing to do the same jobs. ❤
@aaronaaron5861 7 gün önce
Nurses maybe, but doctors? Never heard of doctor being considered a low paying job in a developed country
@meganclark79 7 gün önce
Really??? Our nurses depending on what kind of nursing usually start at 80,000 I know traveling nurses that make like 150,000-200,000 yearly!!!! And Dr's PLEASE I WISH I made what a Dr. Made!! Depends on Dr. But like a dentist I dated for 10 yrs from 20-30 he had a 4 car garage a huge house and like 3 very exp cars (for America) and he was 28 and had been working with a practice and took over the practice at his age of 30 when the other dentist retired!!!! And I wld think a dentist is lower than a hospital Dr. I mean my son's pediatrician drives a Porsche SUV. So Dr in America any range make good money esp if ur parents paid for ur schooling cause so many ppl that become Dr graduate and automatically have to start paying for the 250,000$ debt from college loans
@nelliedean7088 7 gün önce
@@meganclark79nurses in the U.K. get low wages but our teachers get more than in the USA not sure why it’s that way round.
Glad everything went well for that little girl hopefully now she'll be able to live her life without worrying of having low self esteem about her looks or getting bullied because of her birthmark
@user-zs2dw1cg7y 31 dakika önce
To everyone saying that they could have let her take the decision when she gets older , i went through it myself. I had a class 3 underbite that my parents didn’t wanna deal with when I was a child , they told me I could do it as an adult because they didn’t believe that it would become more of a problem than it was. I went through bullying and it didn’t make me stronger , having to accept myself didn’t make a better person. I had to get my jaw broken and get a painful treatment to extend my upper jaw at 18. I had to wear braces longer than I would have as a tween , get my jaw shut with wires for weeks , work in pain and take meds for 3 months. She will never have to say that she wished her parents had done something sooner. Also , there’s multiple ways to fade scars and they’re much easier than dealing with cancerous cells.
@williamdoran6493 7 gün önce
Her eyes and that smile can light up the world.
@medzanix8797 7 gün önce
Lucky this ain't on IG reels 💀
@ULTRAEGOVEGETA26 7 gün önce
Why did they remove her n word pass? 💀
@valtex9038 7 gün önce
​@@ULTRAEGOVEGETA26nahhhh whyyy 😭
@shayla212 7 gün önce
No fr❤😊
@stephanieespada904 17 saatler önce
What a beautiful baby!! So happy and sweet
Her eyes.. they are so beautiful. This baby was a gift from god.
@TheLemon420 7 gün önce
Saving your child from bullying is crucial, especially when it has to do with physical deformities at a young age. It's a time in someone's life where they are the most impressionable and vulnerable. These parents did the right thing.
@user-ze2fr5id2b 7 gün önce
And for those who lack of the financial needs/the means to, are bad parents that did the wrong thing.
@cornflakes6605 6 gün önce
​@@user-ze2fr5id2b I've never seen someone miss the point so completely. Is this a joke? Are you trolling?
@nazzyshearts 6 gün önce
It doesn’t have to be about bullying some birthmarks need removed
@KawaiiHintai 6 gün önce
​@@user-ze2fr5id2bI mean if you can't afford to have a kid and spend all the money you can on them you're already a bad parent.
@user-ze2fr5id2b 6 gün önce
@@cornflakes6605 What am I missing? I'm on the point. I'm carrying on the contrary view. With every point made, a rebuttal exists to reinforce the premise of a discussion.
@aidenoleary7406 9 saatler önce
Broke my heart. You are all so beautiful.
@myrtleborodziuk7163 23 saatler önce
God bless her ,and she took it like a trooper .🙏👍🥰
@Ann_Harlow 7 gün önce
I understand why some people in the comments are saying they shouldn't have done that and it was their child's decision But they just saved their kid from possibly a lifetime of bullying, depression, self-harm, and who knows what else. Yes we should all embrace what makes us unique and beautiful, but neither should any child have to suffer from bullying bc of this.
@kellyann4073 7 gün önce
That’s so silly for people to even say. They gave her a gift because they’re fortunate. My parents had a sizable birth mark removed from my forehead as an infant and I only found out a few years ago it ever happened. It’s the best time to do it!
@J-wm6jo 7 gün önce
Some birthmarks grow and spread over the face as the child grows. I watched a medical show once were a young woman wanted to have a birthmark that covered about 1/3 of her face removed. They showed a picture of her as a baby when it was just a small birthmark but doctors advised against removing it because they said it wasn’t hurting her but by the time she reached adulthood, it covered 1/3 of her face, Some plastic surgeons offered to remove it at no charge to her, but it was going to take at least two painful surgeries and skin stretching procedures to remove it. It was also affecting the function of her eye lid, not attention her social life. Doctors said that if it had been removed when she was a baby, it would’ve been a quick simple surgery with a small scar that would’ve faded by adulthood and would’ve saved her a lifetime of emotional pain besides the pain of having to go through the skin stretching procedures, and then surgery resulting in a much larger scar.
@lsimon343 7 gün önce
@@J-wm6joI saw that episode !! I agree with you!! That’s a horrible looking thing on her face and ABYONE would want that thing removed. I’m so sick of people these days “ it’s her choice” her choice?? By the time she was old enough to have a say she’s already branded literally and by everyone as the girl w the horrible birthmark. The parents did her a favor!!!
Removing it when she’s old enough to decide would have left a big scar. Kids would have bullied her in school. Glad her parents saved her from that!
@goojo173 7 gün önce
I grew up with a chicken nugget sized cystic hygroma and never got bullied for it. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a lump that grows around your neck and the bottom of your face. Mine was fortunately small, but noticeable enough to be prime real estate for bullying. The only person who ever commented on it or made jokes about it was me. As a kid, I’d get people to poke it because it was funny. I’d make up all kinds of bullshit stories about how I got it to make people scared and concerned, then laugh at them when I revealed how mundanely it just grew on its own. Nobody but me ever really saw it as a joke or defect. It was just kind of there. I got it removed at 22. I don’t think the parents deserve scorn for removing the girl’s birth mark, but they don’t really deserve praise either. Chances are she would’ve been totally fine either way. Any choice the parents made would’ve been understandable and fine, if you ask me.