List of Fruits and Vegetables in French [Increase your vocabulary] 

Learn French with escargot
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Hello everyone, in this video we will learn vocabulary about fruits, vegetables, herbs, and seasoning in French!
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List of the vocabulary in this video:
Abricot = Apricot
Ananas = Pineapple
Ail = Garlic
Asperge = Aspargus
Artichaut = Artichoke
Aubergine = Eggplant
Avocat = Avocado
Banane = Banana
Basilic = Basil
Betterave = Beetroot
Brocoli = Broccoli
Cannelle = Cinnamon
Cassis = Blackcurrant
Carotte = Carrot
Céleri = Celery
Cerise = Cherry
Champignon = Mushroom
Chou = Cabbage
Chou-fleur = Cauliflower
Chou rouge = Red cabbage
Ciboulette = Chives
Citron = Lemon
Citron vert = Lime
Citronnelle = Lemongrass
Citrouille = Pumpkin
Concombre = Cucumber
Cornichon = Pickle
Coriandre = Coriander root
Courgette = Zucchini
Curcuma = Turmeric
Curry = Indian curry
Curry vert = Green curry
Durian = Durian
Échalote = Shallot
Épinard = Spinach
Épinards d'eau = Morning glory
Fraise = Strawberry
Framboise = Raspberry
Fruit de la passion = Passion fruit
Fruit du dragon = Dragon fruit
Fruit du jacquier = Jackfruit
Germes de soja = Bean sprouts
Gingembre = Ginger
Grenade = Pomegranate
Groseille = Redcurrant
Groseille à maquereau = Gooseberry
Haricot = Bean
Ketchup = Ketchup
Kiwi = Kiwi
Laitue = Lettuce
Litchi = Lychee
Longane = Longan
Maïs = Corn
Mayonnaise = Mayonnaise
Mangue = Mango
Mangoustan = Mangosteen
Menthe = Mint
Mélisse = Peppermint
Melon = Melon
Mirabelle = Mirabelle plum
Moutarde = Mustard
Mûre = Blackberry
Myrtille = Blueberry
Navet = Turnip
Noix de coco = Coconut
Oignon = Onion
Oignon de printemps = Spring onions
Orange = Orange
Pamplemousse = Grapefruit
Papaye = Papaya
Paprika = Paprika
Pastèque = Watermelon
Patate/Pomme de terre = Potato
Patate douce = Sweet potato
Pêche = Peach
Persil = Parsley
Petit pois = Pea
Piment = Chilli
Poire = Pear
Poireau = Leek
Poivre blanc = White pepper
Poivre noir = Black pepper
Poivron = Bell pepper
Pomme = Apple
Prune = Plum
Pruneau = Prune
Radis blanc = Turnip
Radis = Red radish
Raisin = Grape
Ramboutan = Rambutan
rhubarbe = rhubarb
Romarin = Rosemary
Sucre =Sugar
Sel = Salt
Taro = Taro
Tomate = Tomato
Thym = Thyme



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