Lionel Messi Wins Ballon d'Or 2021 | FULL CEREMONY

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Lionel Messi Wins 7th Ballon d'Or 2021 | OFFICIAL





28 Kas 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Fad3nHD Aylar önce
Messi Presentating Ballon d'Or at Parc des Princes: trvid.com/video/video-V21Y2C3KbLk.html And here is why He deserves: trvid.com/video/video-kGlIV0h7JrI.html Video has polish commentary, because I'm from Poland.
kan Aylar önce
Lewan deserved more. Leo in this season sucks
Bartek Ksia
Bartek Ksia Aylar önce
Abbod9 AMSTHB A Aylar önce
Andreas Prayogo
Andreas Prayogo Aylar önce
Wow 7 France Award.. Congratulation Messi
عاشق كرة قدم
Eyad ahmed
Eyad ahmed Aylar önce
Suarez's reaction doesn't change each time messi win a Ballon d'or, he's always happy for him
Gudang Garam
Gudang Garam Aylar önce
Scandal its real. 👉trvid.com/video/video-2miK9DcVEjg.html
Anesuishe Kwangwari
Because he knows its a robbery
Gracia DOS-RES
Gracia DOS-RES Aylar önce
Footballer Lionel Messi argues with a journalist during the gala evening after the golden ball trvid.com/video/video-7VG95rtCank.html
@Scar Face I think not this one but the 2020 for sure they robbed him be proud that he is your legend competing for the best award
Saad Nature
Saad Nature Aylar önce
@Alawi Alawi mbappe was sad and Envious. He should play 15 years on very high Level in order to be compared with Messi. But the poor men seems to have forgotten
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Aylar önce
Lewandoski is a man with such a big heart. He looks sincerely happy for Leo. Respect to both!
der Adi
der Adi 23 gün önce
Lewandoski is a man with such a big heart. He looks sincerely happy for Leo. Respect to both!
Lord Banana Master
Lord Banana Master Aylar önce
Lewandoski is a man with such a big heart. He looks sincerely happy for Leo. Respect to both!
dolita windo
dolita windo Aylar önce
Lewandoski is a man with such a big heart. He looks sincerely happy for Leo. Respect to both!
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Aylar önce
Lewandoski is a man with such a big heart. He looks sincerely happy for Leo. Respect to both!
Fds Sdf
Fds Sdf Aylar önce
He is so confident but also so humble. This is all because he knows his value and he is also a grateful person. Good Job Messi, we will love you forever.
Melissa Atieno
Melissa Atieno Aylar önce
Vamos Leo Messi. You deserve the ballon D'or. You are and always will be the best footballer in history.
paganini Aylar önce
Respect for lewandoski
Achraf Hakimi
Achraf Hakimi 17 gün önce
Michael Peasah
Michael Peasah Aylar önce
Michael Peasah
Michael Peasah Aylar önce
@Obaid Malik no, martin tappin.
Dj Chuyy
Dj Chuyy Aylar önce
Robert Lewangoalski
Chun Ming Wan
Chun Ming Wan Aylar önce
derlis baez
derlis baez Aylar önce
Humildad, respetó 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Jan Hohenadel
Jan Hohenadel Aylar önce
How Messi starts laughing when his kids came in the video is so sweet
Akhil Varghese
Akhil Varghese Aylar önce
IKR! So sweet
Despicable Al
Despicable Al Aylar önce
I seriously wanted Lewandowski to win That man doesn't get the praise he deserves
Ashutosh rai
Ashutosh rai Aylar önce
Legend for a reason... Gracias messi for giving the epic football experience..♥️
Emil Cioran
Emil Cioran Aylar önce
Luis Suarez, you will for ever be among the greatest Barca legends. A wonderful person.
عاشق كرة قدم
PromiscuousPapi Aylar önce
@Giovanni Battista Dagnino mate do you know rich it is for a guy with an Italian last name to point the finger at other players In judgement? You match fix, you have always had cb's that commit criminal tackles, you dive when nessesary but you're finger pointing when suarez bites a player who won't be injured as a result? Head out your ass mate.
Giovanni Battista Dagnino
@PromiscuousPapi from your comment I immediately understood how stupid are you. Just calling competition biting someone.
Giovanni Battista Dagnino
@Matt Rye chiellini didn’t bite someone, he just committed a foul with hands, not even dangerous for the player. So there’s a huge difference
David Febreeze
David Febreeze Aylar önce
Suarez is a great player but anyone who calls him a wonderful person is just a deluded fanboy😂
Nature Tails
Nature Tails Aylar önce
What a humble guy Messi is! He always gives credit to his team and teammates rather than him...❣️❣️ Simply Best...🐐🐐
Gilberto Torres Jr
Gilberto Torres Jr Aylar önce
I love how his kids are just sitting there chillin like “yeah, that’s dad.”
Michael Bläsgen
Michael Bläsgen Aylar önce
So ridicolous.....
Beluga Aylar önce
M.S.K MCBRTK Aylar önce
hhe Aylar önce
@Beluga correct
Cung Cung
Cung Cung Aylar önce
I love how Lewandowski's reaction doesn't change keep smile after Messi name was announced.
Ramon Nunes de Souza
Atualmente Messi ainda é o melhor do mundo
MP Aung
MP Aung Aylar önce
Lewandoski is a man with such a big heart. He looks sincerely happy for Leo. Respect to both!
Hamdan bin Mohammed Bin Rashid al maktoum
@Natamonte hello
Michelange Ngomo TV
trvid.com/video/video-BFsrNT7z5Pc.html watch real reactions of people on Messi ballon d'or
SUJITH M.P Aylar önce
@Pratip Bhowmick don't say nothing done in barcelona because he too didn't played they qondt win the copa del Rey. And as a team the were doing their best to get to the top in league and they were heading towards as well. Even they were able to with stand atheltico Madrid.
IamGAIA Aylar önce
@A Gamer even Messi praising Lewa is fake as f*ck.
Natamonte Aylar önce
He is such a nice human being, even looking at his face!
Stanley Naicker
Stanley Naicker Aylar önce
Congratulations Messi You really are a very talented football player Well deserved and keep entertaining us fans
Gordon Space
Gordon Space Aylar önce
The Greatest Footballer Of All Time. NOW OFFICIAL !
Kayvan Kermani
Kayvan Kermani Aylar önce
Lewandowski needs to score 200 goals in a season to win Ballon dor
KAPO 15 gün önce
@Kayvan Kermani dont be dumb, i know very well that messi form right now is bang average but we are talking from january to october when the ballon dor voting ended so stop saying bullshit cause everybody knows salah is the best right now.
Kayvan Kermani
Kayvan Kermani 15 gün önce
@KAPO Theres no question Salah is playing better then Messi don't make me bring up stats you delusional Messi fanboy.
Kayvan Kermani
Kayvan Kermani 15 gün önce
@KAPO bro open your eyes Messi is an old man now even Mbappe is better at PSG. he can't even compare with top scorer top assists of the Premier league Salah anymore. I actually watch football by the way i don't go by Fifa 20 ratings..Stats will tell you Salah is best open your eyes
KAPO 15 gün önce
@Kayvan Kermani my child,we arent talking about now, we are talking from january 1 to october when messi was on top without xavi and iniesta,lewa won that champions league in 2020 so that has no value in 2021,just watch the stats from january to october and stop being a focking hater.
Kayvan Kermani
Kayvan Kermani 15 gün önce
@KAPO Imagine Messi as an old man accepting his 20th Ballon d'or. It will become a reality if this keeps up lol
Umar 1 Lion
Umar 1 Lion Aylar önce
Alhamdulillah congrats Messi for Ballon d'or 7 🏆🥇✔️
Soyen Aylar önce
111 goals in two years, and still no Ballon d’Or for Robert Lewandowski 💔 Lionel Messi thinks he should have one: “Lewy, you deserve your Ballon d’Or. Last year, everyone was in agreement in saying you were the big winner.” 🤝
Marten Toll
Marten Toll Aylar önce
@ChrisChras 9000 how is it clear I'm a Ronaldo fanboy?😀 I like them both, all I said was that Messi shouldn't be getting these awards, but I'm sure this will be his last. And because I say that doesn't mean I wanted Ronaldo to win or win more, I hope none of them win this award again, it's just killing the reputation of the award, the more popular you are, more chance you have to win. While you call Ronaldo had easy goals in euros, so did Messi. He scored 3 out of the 4 goals in the group stage from which 1 was 90+3, 1 was a penalty and one was given on a plate for him by di maria and in knockout stages he didn't do anything special. not saying that Ronaldo did. Ballondor is a yearly award, Messi had a alright 7 months, but this season he hasn't been playing well at all while Lewandowski has kept his form throughout. Before you call me Ronaldo fanboy think twice next time. You are Messi fanboy and don't accept any other ideas
bb adam 100
bb adam 100 Aylar önce
@ChrisChras 9000 They both had a total of 3 individual awards
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Aylar önce
@bb adam 100 He still won it anyway along with being the best player.
bb adam 100
bb adam 100 Aylar önce
@ChrisChras 9000 If Copa America was played every 4 years like Euros yes without a doubt it's fair for him to win.. But no it was played 3 times in 5 years (2015 2016 2019) and now again.. So imo it being played often shouldn't have enough value to overtake Lewandowski 4 titles
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Aylar önce
91 goals in 1 season.
Salsa Colombia
Salsa Colombia Aylar önce
Imagine having the opportunity to meet Messi and honor him while he's still alive. In the future people are going to talk about a man who was out of this world and they won't believe how great Messi really was. I'm considering getting a tattoo of him during his prime, such an inspiration
c0de TearZ
c0de TearZ Aylar önce
This man can collect as many awards as he wants but nobody looked better on the ball than Zidane, best player to have ever existed real class and art
Maxim Skabkin
Maxim Skabkin Aylar önce
В очередной раз убеждаюсь, что Луис Суарес - прекрасный человек и отличный друг! И мои поздравления Месси и Левандовскому. Они отличные футболисты!
The avighna gaming
The avighna gaming Aylar önce
Messi the legend ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ace Cream
Ace Cream 4 gün önce
Messi watching his highlights: 😐 Messi watching winning Copa America: 🙂 Messi watching his kids: 😄
Aditya Prasad Pattanayak
Man, he didn't smile a single time until his kids arrived on the big screen.. Such humbleness.. 🐐❤
K Aylar önce
humbleness is when you downplay your achievements and trophies, not when you smile 💀
riquelmeone Aylar önce
tax evading humbleness. give it a break
David Gomes
David Gomes Aylar önce
he didn't smile cause he knew he didn't deserve it
Mela Nowa
Mela Nowa Aylar önce
Maybe he feels awkward? Maybe he is aware somewhere deep inside that this award should go to Lewy? This is how I take it.
antu kamba
antu kamba Aylar önce
@Xify agreed
Bilal Atabey Official
Outrageous, and Lewandowski remained very calm when Messi (seated next to him) was called forward. Truly a professional, Lewandowski 👏👏👏. It would be gentle for Messi to hand over the prize..
Alex Papachristopoulos
Why would the greatest player of all time not deserve this? He should be getting it every year from the day he was 20 years old until now. All the other winners should hand their prize to him!
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Aylar önce
That Ball belongs to Messi. At least for 2021.
Tuoyo Amuah
Tuoyo Amuah Aylar önce
Never. #Messi deserves it
Cesar Delgado
Cesar Delgado Aylar önce
@Omar So you think that Messi deserved it in 2018? At least that something
Cesar Delgado
Cesar Delgado Aylar önce
@Vannessa Garcia The thing that lewa, or rather C.Ronaldo dick riders won't admit that in 2018 Messi had an even better g+a stat than lewa had this year and had also won the double, and yet Messi finished in 5th place of the ballon d'or that year. Did you see Messi's family and friends cry that Modric(a player who hadn't even a fifth of Messi's stat) won it? Of course not, that's because Messi is class..
Sakhila Ryndong
Sakhila Ryndong Aylar önce
I am so happy for messi my fav player ever 😘😘 love u messi keep it up ,❤❤
José Luis Lagos
José Luis Lagos Aylar önce
Grande Messi tu eres grande muy grande felicitaciones
KhannaNuran Aylar önce
GOAT Messi 🔥
Luis Campos
Luis Campos Aylar önce
Just like a legend one said “he will win five, six, or seven Ballon d’Ors, he’s incomparable, he plays in another league.”
Hamdan bin Mohammed Bin Rashid al maktoum
@EMAN SWAT hi dear
Hamdan bin Mohammed Bin Rashid al maktoum
@싫은지 you are too funny and I would like to be your friend
ben eichmann
ben eichmann Aylar önce
Apri Fransiskus Sembiring
@Rahul Sudhakaran different season bozzo
AKAAL PLAYS Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-440lKyjZ3Ng.html MESSI WON
Dinh hao Tran
Dinh hao Tran Aylar önce
Messi là số 1! Huyền thoại không có đối thủ!
Gaming World
Gaming World Aylar önce
Show respect for this legend
Rawan Aylar önce
GOAT 🐐🇦🇷♥️♥️♥️
Supriya Barahi
Supriya Barahi Aylar önce
Congratulations Messi❤❤❤
Eram Buttar
Eram Buttar Aylar önce
English subtitles should also be there as Messi is a global heartthrob.
BG Bertik
BG Bertik Aylar önce
Ballon dor is French messitology honour so what.
Jimmy Baliwalla
Jimmy Baliwalla Aylar önce
Why are people mad in replying to this comment. He just asked for English subtitles, what's wrong in that...
Ben Charm
Ben Charm Aylar önce
So true
hhe Aylar önce
let's learn math kids!, one has 5 the other has 7 who has more????😏😏
LeChevalierNoir Aylar önce
@Rohat Rasoul that was the season 2019/20 which the balon dor got canceled and he absolutely deserves no doubt but yesterday balon dor was for season 2020/21 and Messi won it cuz he deserved it more than Lewa this year
Fátima Romero Contreras
Maravilloso! Dios bendiga a Messi! !! Desde Venezuela!
Hangout 📧 👉 fz3.aed@gmail•com
como estas hermosa dama saludos de la familia real Dubai
Kiran Devi
Kiran Devi Aylar önce
My favourite player and my motivational soul Messi sir love u heartly
felix Sansio
felix Sansio Aylar önce
I like Messi's humbleness
Antonio Gonzalez Lao
También queremos decirte algo que pensamos que ws importante,no te olvides de la afición del barça....no directivas no compañeros de vestuario.....solo los que te han cuidado desde pequeño en este deporte que tanto Amáis.....⭐
Zubeir Lakhani
Zubeir Lakhani Aylar önce
Sometimes messi himself doesn't believe how good he is 🤣
Nature Aylar önce
hhe Aylar önce
@Chris aaaw, you finally admit you're a ronaldo braindead fanboy🤣🤣🤣
hhe Aylar önce
@Chris aaaw mr ronaldo fanboy left the fanbase after knowing he is a fraud😭😭😭
Mozart Aylar önce
Sometimes Messi himself doesn't know 2010,2019,2021 he got golden balls while some players are more deserve than him.
Dillon McLaughlin
Dillon McLaughlin Aylar önce
How tf did messi win? Bro hasnt done sht at PSG
DN Dheeraj
DN Dheeraj Aylar önce
King of football 🤴 Messi ❤️
Artem Konovalov
Artem Konovalov Aylar önce
messi sucks and he must not be given the award cause his 2021 season isn't outstanding and 2020 as well
heru yudiarto
heru yudiarto Aylar önce
Lionel Messi meets all the qualification to win 7 th Ballon d' Or 2021. Congrats to him
Cientifico Global24 TV
Soy Brasileiro y estoy muy contento por Messi y espero de todo corazón que gane el mundial 2022 el es mejor que Pele y se merece un mundial
kachchap himanshu
kachchap himanshu Aylar önce
Congratulations Mr messi .👏👏
Coffee Boy
Coffee Boy Aylar önce
Now that he got the seventh dragon ball, he may wish the world cup for Argentina 😃
Zhakhan R
Zhakhan R Aylar önce
Comment from stupid
Michael Trumph
Michael Trumph Aylar önce
@Atheist beast It's called football, you dummy. And I probably forgot more about this sport than you'll ever know.
Nope that's not an easy one. Only one man army can't stand a chance. The team must be good enough to pull out the chance for world cup
Atheist beast
Atheist beast Aylar önce
@Michael Trumph you don’t know much about soccer my friend.
Michael Trumph
Michael Trumph Aylar önce
@Atheist beast It's a fact, not my vision. Belgium, France, Italy, England, Spain, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands - all are way stronger. Even the likes of Croatia, Portugal etc are probably stronger.
Mey Angel
Mey Angel Aylar önce
What i love of messi is his humality
mayank bhaskar
mayank bhaskar Aylar önce
0:20 mbappe's eyes of inspiration looking at the GOAT
ruang info
ruang info Aylar önce
Amazing 🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Anas Mahmud
Anas Mahmud Aylar önce
Very humble person 😌🙏
Don't give up
Don't give up Aylar önce
We have to admire Lewan gestures and facial expression. What a gentleman. He came into the Gala like a winner with full of sportmanship.
yesmyninja 25 gün önce
you don‘t know him at all
tactical doctor
tactical doctor Aylar önce
Pin this🙏#critical thinking**😇😱😱 Messi 100%%deserved this ballon d'or cuz (I always loved lewa but the things he said in interviews just changed that since yesterday have been supporting Munich since 2018 cuz of lewa but not anymore) 1.Why Messi earned it. Was more of a overall threat not like lew or Ronaldo to be at the cutting edge of the knife to score brunch load of goals in form of tapins or penalty just look how many penalties just lewa has in his total goals m.trvid.com/video/video-PKcaBP580yU.html ((( in 2010 Messi score 60 goals and only 1 was a penalty factos🤗🤗🤗👍👍 sometimes I just think and laugh that how many goals pendu (penalties +tapins merchant ) whould have scored if he didn't get penalty and tapins 😁😁😁have u ever seen Messi looking for his teammates to cross him the ball for an easy tapin like lewa or penaldo??factos😁😁👍👍 2. Messi scored twice as much out side the box goals as compared to lew which further show that Messi has more quality goals where lewa is just another penalty box poacher like penaldo (Messi in side or outside the box equally Lethal) 3.messi had 5 free-kicks but lewa had zero 4. Messi was the best dribbler 5.has way more assist and if are going to say that lewa is a striker then uno reverse on u kid😉😉 that way he has more goals cuz his teammates will always pass to him at the end of the build up phase but Messi is in main man of the build up phase so he can't be involved in both factos 😁🤗 Ans I didn't talk about copa cuz I always said(2014 to 2021) team trophies are not a measurement for quantifying how good a player is even though Messi always carried them but they never won and even now I m not gonna change my statement when Messi as always (nothing new)carried argentina to the final but this time won😭😭😭 while being the best in every area but **team trophies are not won by 1 man** And now more facto please watch the link which I also post after writing this🙏🙏🙏
ainun adlan
ainun adlan Aylar önce
lewandowski is Legend
Gabe G
Gabe G Aylar önce
@hhe Siuuu!! Lol! Messi is the greatest and CR7 is butthurt about it. Cry everyone a river narcissist Ronaldo. Messi has been the best for many years and didn’t have to rely on tapins, taking all the pks and getting angry when his own teammates scored. Lmao 🤣 penaldivo
Barlin Jay
Barlin Jay Aylar önce
@Nitish RD 🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣 you are correct, he keeps seeing he doesn't hate Messi.
solomon kyari
solomon kyari Aylar önce
Finally this dude spelt Penaldo with his 7 dragon balls. 🐐 GOAT!!! Messi is bigger than ballon d'or. Thiago Messi will continue where his father stopped.
J CrazyHawk
J CrazyHawk Aylar önce
Even God cheers when Messi scores a goal! 💕🔥💯👍
DIEGO LAGOA Aylar önce
God is a Madrid fan, that why he wears in white. -spanish quote since the 50s
Apo Apo
Apo Apo Aylar önce
Take a moment to think about how lucky we are to see him, how lucky we are ..
hhe Aylar önce
let's learn math kids!, one has 5 the other has 7 who has more????😏😏
Oluwasogo Oyetunji Southpaw
I'm glad for you Leo Messi Congratulations
ncs for life
ncs for life Aylar önce
Just look at how Lewa is smiling,how self controled could he be in that moment
Gracia DOS-RES
Gracia DOS-RES Aylar önce
Footballer Lionel Messi argues with a journalist during the gala evening after the golden ball trvid.com/video/video-7VG95rtCank.html
Blacqlisted Vikas
Blacqlisted Vikas Aylar önce
@Kazuya Yes you're right ronaldo shouldn't have those 5 anyhow cause he thinks its crap
La pulga Magic
La pulga Magic Aylar önce
@hhe it's totally a fake statement wtf you are talking Messi officially said that he will not donate to People who kille childrens in 2014. And you know in 2018 when Argentina conducted last friendly match against Isreal Messi denied that and he said As a UNICEF ambassador, I cannot play against people who kill innocent Palestinian children. We had to cancel the game because we are humans before we are footballers." And Argentina cancelled that Match after this. Stop making shits without knowing anything
hhe Aylar önce
let's learn math kids!, one has 5 the other has 7 who has more????😏😏
davinalopez2134 Aylar önce
@Kazuya its not rigged when he wins right?. moron
QoBa LFK🐊🐲
QoBa LFK🐊🐲 Aylar önce
Bravo my King Leo 💪
Dosu Israel
Dosu Israel Aylar önce
Now who's the real authentic GOAT? From Accra, Ghana to Barcelona, Spain. We say congratulations to you Lionel Messi..... Comes next season, please! Give another player a chance to win it, so that the gab would not be too vast. Lol Congratulations once more. Am very happy for you.
Congsi Pham
Congsi Pham Aylar önce
Congrats to you M30! Félicitations à toi, Messi!
DIYA SHATYA Aylar önce
Lewa and messi always smile even if other player get's the award!! ❤️
Timings Aylar önce
I'm happy that Messi won but feel sad for Lewa, got a lot of respect for him, he truly deserved it last year when there was no award cermony and he has played so well this year too, Messi wasn't a clear number 1 this time, it was a close race I gotta admit!
Hamdan bin Mohammed Bin Rashid al maktoum
@Khôi Anh you are right
Dek Aylar önce
@Shxdow la liga is lol not close
Shxdow Aylar önce
@Dek right, I forgot that ligue 1 and La liga are way clear of bundesliga😂😂
@Unruly T we dont see only goals man
@Khôi Anh psg part doesn't even count
The crazy life of ibrahim
Congratulations to messi Am a Cr7 fan but still i will Congratulate lionel messi Bcz u Worked hard Congratulations Messi!😊
W Sana
W Sana Aylar önce
Respect of MESSI
Sadique khan
Sadique khan Aylar önce
Congratulations messi! I cried for ronaldo. 😭
ShevvR Official
ShevvR Official Aylar önce
Well deserved 😍
Semir Özerkan
Semir Özerkan Aylar önce
I can watch Messi smiles over his kids reaction everytime he gets an award all day,what a legend you deserve all the awards Messi!!
usa Aylar önce
@Hello bs
Semir Özerkan
Semir Özerkan Aylar önce
@Hello im a huge lewa fan as well as Salah but unfortunately so these kinda awards always finds CR7 or Messi, Since growing up with Ronaldinho,Rivaldo, Zidane Del piero era i see more and more differences on these awards, i truly wish Lewa and Salah could have at least get their own awards
Mario Adalso
Mario Adalso Aylar önce
It's a joke, this plebiscite. There is no logic here. Messi got a golden ball because most journalists come from the Spanish or British colonies and they show these leagues there. Lewandiwski has been the best for a long time. He was right to say once "la caberett"
Hello Aylar önce
@usa Lewa Robbed 2020 2021 was messi lewa Playing his whole year in. Bundesliga messi played in Laliga Lewandowski Is ahead in Goals + Assists Messi in Trophies International Goals International Trophies Copa del Ray copa America Most MOTM most outside the ball goal Copa America Golden boot Copa America MVP and international trophy is preferred more Any debate from your side for Lewandowski?
usa Aylar önce
Naa not this
Abraham Luther
Abraham Luther Aylar önce
Congratulations my footballer Legend! 👏👏👏👏❤️
Omar Wario
Omar Wario Aylar önce
He don't deserve it
Sweet Kayooran
Sweet Kayooran Aylar önce
Legend of football 😎
RIZKY BATE'E Aylar önce
King leo is the best
MohamEt abdi BiLe
MohamEt abdi BiLe Aylar önce
It 's unfair that Fifa must reconsider Respect for Lewondiski 🙏
Moeez Malik
Moeez Malik Aylar önce
King 👑
Aero Aylar önce
This year proves that Leo has become a victim of his own greatness…anyone else has that year and it’s not even in question , Leo is inevitable he makes the sport a art like no one else and at the same time remembers where he came from…Lionel Andres Messi - The greatest footballer in history 🇦🇷🐐
hecticpez Aylar önce
@Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay poor messi he was injured so let’s discredit his bad performance(s) 🥺
hecticpez Aylar önce
@Cole Merchant he scored against the farmers of South America and then in the semi final and final got ratings around 6. Would he have won the ballondor if they got knocked out before the semis? He had the same stats minus the trophy. Lewa more deserving imo, and in most people’s opinions. Btw not a ronaldo fanatic, I’m just a fan that calls it how I see it.
Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay
@hecticpez He played injured in the final. Don't you guys remember?
oj vic
oj vic Aylar önce
@Michael Thorne what did lewandowski do for his county??
oj vic
oj vic Aylar önce
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Aylar önce
Just look at how Lewa is smiling,how self controled could he be in that moment
Peter Ofoka
Peter Ofoka Aylar önce
Congratulations to Messi
Chandra Khanal
Chandra Khanal Aylar önce
Congrats messi 😍
Hazim hazimovch
Hazim hazimovch Aylar önce
Messi is the best He never took a rest Messi will be ours And we will be his lovers Messi is strong He never be wrong He is also nice And he never lies!!!!!
dev vlog
dev vlog Aylar önce
Congratulations my favorite footballer Lionel Messi
Erick Leon
Erick Leon Aylar önce
Yo pienso que si es injusto ya que debemos de reconocer a quien se merece no entregar el mérito de otra persona y todo esta bien
Наргиза Соатова
King Forever❤️
DJ Jonatek
DJ Jonatek Aylar önce
Congratulations 🎉🎉 Messi. Lionel the Messiah. 7 Ballon dors. .
Johan Cruyff “Messi will be the player to win the most Ballons d’Or in history. He will win five, six, seven. He is incomparable. He’s in a different league.” PS: Thats why Messi deserved 2021 ballon d,or👇👇 La Liga Top Scorer. 🥇 Copa América Top Scorer. 🥇 Copa América Top Assister. 🥇 Copa America Most MOTM. 🥇 Copa América Player of The Tournament. 🏆 Copa América Winner. 🥇 Copa Del Rey MVP. 🏆 Copa del Rey Winner. 47 Games ⚽️ 38 Goals 🅰️ 14 Assists ◾Most Chances Created. ◾Most Dribbles. ◾Most Pre Assists. ◾Most Key Passes. ◾Most Through Balls. ◾Most Progressive Carries. ◾Most Passes into final third. ◾Most Free Kick Goals. ◾Most Goals from outside of the box. ◾Most Man of The Matches. ◾Most Average Rating.
tdeb79 Aylar önce
@GAMER MAN No. Kids, definitely DON'T be like Ronaldo. Well, do be like him when it comes to work ethos, but leave the rest (namely his personality) out. Stay humble and generous to others, don't be boastful, egocentric and vile (when things are not going the way you'd like them to go). Ronaldo has proven to be a toxic narcissist, a very, very bad role model - in this world, we already have enough of them in positions of power.
Roro Dutta
Roro Dutta Aylar önce
Respect both -by a messi fan
Roro Dutta
Roro Dutta Aylar önce
@GAMER MAN oh penaldo fans
Partha Sarkar
Partha Sarkar Aylar önce
@zakaria djouzi if it is based on trophies then it should have been jorginho bcoz he won the euros and the ucl both of which have much higher standards than the Copa America and a domestic cup....
Partha Sarkar
Partha Sarkar Aylar önce
@zakaria djouzi it is not based on performance of current season and last season he was instrumental for the success of both Italy and Chelsea...
CAN'T SMILE Aylar önce
We all know who is messi and what amazing player he is... Buut this year lewandoski deserve it
Baer Rojo
Baer Rojo Aylar önce
Pritu B
Pritu B Aylar önce
Respect ❤️
Жасур Aylar önce
Lewandowski was to be awarded the Golden Ball in 2021
Sohom Mitra
Sohom Mitra Aylar önce
Suarez is the true friend..his expression will never change when Messi gets award Neymar isn't here If he was here he was also very glad....True Soprtsmanship from Messi to Lewa❤️❤️
Dark Knight908
Dark Knight908 Aylar önce
They are like brothers
harrier1 Aylar önce
@Ivan Martinez next time look before writing did not mention him once whats he even done on (HOW MUCH A WEEK )???YEA DONT THINK SO ONLY GOT INJURED 2 WEEK AGO🤣🤣🤣
harrier1 Aylar önce
@Ivan Martinez and that's your claim to fame ok ok ok haaaaaa
Ivan Martinez
Ivan Martinez Aylar önce
If you must know Neymar is injury, he has a grade 3 level ankle injury
Santo Teguh
Santo Teguh Aylar önce
Wilson Cárdenas
Wilson Cárdenas Aylar önce
Muy vien por messi por su 7balon de oro y un saludo muy grande para levandosky
Ishar Sughnen
Ishar Sughnen Aylar önce
He is a football God and will always be till the end of time.
Sara Choque
Sara Choque Aylar önce
No endisen a las personas el Dios verdadero es celoso y puede tomar represarias con el
ElemeNt Aylar önce
Месси конечно великолепный игрок но последнее время он стал играть хуже и не достоин Золотого меча а вот Левандовски заслужил эту награду.
Govind Rai
Govind Rai Aylar önce
Congratulation messi you are the best footballer in the world 💞
Alexsander Ferreira
Meus parabéns, Messi e sucessos, na sua carreira!
Nazir Lebanon
Nazir Lebanon Aylar önce
Love you messi ❤️
VALANCE 18 gün önce
Messi 👑🔥
Sandokan marijana
Sandokan marijana Aylar önce
SpicyMusicPiano Aylar önce
He deserves? After last season? HAHAHAHA. Lewandowski should win.
Tush Pi
Tush Pi Aylar önce
Imma leo fan but you must feel for that man and his helpless smile ( Lewa ). Man that was heartbreaking.
Govind Krishnan
Govind Krishnan Aylar önce
I Love Messi because of his Simplicity even after achieving these many records😍🥰
Mario Adalso
Mario Adalso Aylar önce
Lewandowski is better in every aspect.
sahad tp
sahad tp Aylar önce
Ajitem Pisal
Ajitem Pisal Aylar önce
Feeling bad for LEWA he is the true legend , Even messi's team cant win their league
Darkmedos Aylar önce
He is a legend for scoring goals in a farmers league. I don’t hate the guy but since you wanna be like this, let’s talk facts
Lionel Messi TOP 👍
Mani Bharathi
Mani Bharathi Aylar önce
World best player once again he prove our strength god bless you messi. Please look another 3 Ballon D'or award.i trust you
Doll Doll
Doll Doll Aylar önce
I've lost interest in these awards because I already know it's Messi or Ronaldo. We need other players to win these awards too. I don't believe Messi and Ronaldo are the only good player in the World.
The Lionel Messi Era (2009-2021)
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Messi & Antonella Roccuzzo 2021