Lionel Messi Vs Real Madrid Dirty Tacticts ● Showing Them Who Is The Boss

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28 Şub 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Bleeding and still playing like a boss. That's my icon.
Mahdi Saleh
Mahdi Saleh Yıl önce
Sergio Ramos should get a yellow card at the beginning of every match, just by default!!
Wouva Yıl önce
Tomorrow it's El Clasico again! Can't wait to see some Messi magic and Madrid frustrations! :-D Awesome video btw!
Saleh Yıl önce
Bruh neymar wouldn't even be able to play football for rest of his life if he faced those tackles
Binary Tree
Binary Tree Yıl önce
I remember those match's between 2010 and 2014 even now I can't understand how Pepe could do all those falls without a red card, they were very clear and sometimes the refer could see them very well
David Real
David Real Yıl önce
"If a human can't compete with an alien then Ronaldo can't compete with Messi"
Sabin Messi
Sabin Messi Yıl önce
If Var arrived that time every tackle made by ramos and pepe on messi deserve red card
Isaiah Martinez
Isaiah Martinez Yıl önce
True talent! He had the whole team trying to injure him.
Pattaya Toni
Pattaya Toni Yıl önce
No one can imagine how much I love Messi !
Fc Barcaray
Fc Barcaray Yıl önce
Not even dirty tackles won't stop him.....
Herbert Alvarez
Herbert Alvarez Yıl önce
Messi is undeniably the Best. Even Ronaldo's son its a fan of Messi.
SilverRat Yıl önce
The day he retires will be the most remembered day
And there are people who say that this man can't success in Premier League because Englishmen are "violent"
Udir Bachok
Udir Bachok Yıl önce
They try to break his ankle but they didn't realize that he is the G.O.A.T.
Samuel Semere
Samuel Semere Yıl önce
The commentator defined Messi 100%.. He is the best there is, he is the best that ever has been, possibly the best that ever will be!
Alberto Aguado García
Messi Siempre THE BEST💙❤
deepu alias Najiketas Abhimanyu pj
Messi is pure gift of God, what a player. If they don't foul on him he would have scored 100 of goals every match.
The Preaching Clown
There is Earth,
3 Stars
3 Stars Yıl önce
His temprament has to be admired! He just keep's getting up and scoring. What's not to like?
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