Lionel Messi vs Manchester United (Away) (UCL) 2018/19 HD 1080i

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Credits - FCBarcelona, UEFA and Laliga

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12 May 2021




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Anuj Das
Anuj Das 2 gün önce
I love you
[culevaca ]
[culevaca ] 7 gün önce
Messi has scored 27 goals against the top 6 EPL teams in 35 appearances. There are still those morons who say he wouldn’t fare well there.
Trissy 9 gün önce
Leo 🐐🤌🏼😮‍💨😭💚
Marcos Olvera
Marcos Olvera 9 gün önce
Janina Mulia
Janina Mulia 10 gün önce
Smolldini tried to kill Messi
zoaaa pc
zoaaa pc 18 gün önce
Old trafford owner messi
Aadil Muhammedshah
Aadil Muhammedshah 20 gün önce
00:51 Degea👀
Ian Rak
Ian Rak 21 gün önce
The best player of all time, Period.
kiwi90s 22 gün önce
why is the vid so zoomed in? looks not good
Beds10Comps 16 gün önce
To avoid copyright
Muhammad Iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal 25 gün önce
He's briliant player..
Markush mati Soy
Markush mati Soy Aylar önce
Rolahadhifootbaal turnament
Candid Heart ❤️
True legend!!❤️❤️
Jn Aylar önce
Imamm Imam
Imamm Imam Aylar önce
Messi 👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Nom Lom
Nom Lom Aylar önce
The black body concomitantly embarrass because aluminium postprandially kiss underneath a deeply rod. warlike, amused grip
Tejas Pathak
Tejas Pathak Aylar önce
He changed his boots
Omario 482
Omario 482 Aylar önce
0:50 the look on de Gea's face though
Raktim Santikary
Raktim Santikary Aylar önce
One of the most underrated assist
Riko Lamlagang
Riko Lamlagang Aylar önce
Smalling brutal idiot defense
Rich Jebs
Rich Jebs Aylar önce
Watching these clips reminds me of how amazing Messi is but at the same time a few days later they lost to Liverpool 4-3, which brokeee my heart!!
juste kader
juste kader Aylar önce
Amazing 👏
Spooky Rat
Spooky Rat Aylar önce
Messi was fouled almost every possession
Suryansh Bhandari
Suryansh Bhandari Aylar önce
00:51 de gea 😂
Ghassen BL
Ghassen BL Aylar önce
biased commmentators .. not fairplay ... no surprise just to see how english supporters behaved when they lost against Italy it's understandable how english are not fairplay
bhaskar mukherjee
bhaskar mukherjee Aylar önce
English are blatant
DKR# Aylar önce
That make me so angry they all waiting for Messi nobody move
Summy Houston
Summy Houston Aylar önce
The alcoholic pint scilly prepare because wire genetically choke by a ashamed ostrich. abnormal, impartial rifle
Yash Kaimariya
Yash Kaimariya Aylar önce
0:40 It was messi's father.
Sakeer K
Sakeer K Aylar önce
Pique helped out barca massively in this match defensively the ones who watched that match will know
Minh Pham Sy
Minh Pham Sy 2 aylar önce
They thought MU would be defeated by Barca, but no, they were defeated by Messi, alone
Tareq Ahmed
Tareq Ahmed 2 aylar önce
Visca barca visca catalonia boss Messi. The greatest of all time.
Muan Hangshing 🇮🇳
no background music, thanks to the editor.
Beds10Comps 2 aylar önce
khldoun ibrahim
khldoun ibrahim 2 aylar önce
all those passes man
Jeremy George
Jeremy George 2 aylar önce
0:19 does anyone know the song?
A S 19 saatler önce
Country roads (a different version from the original)
thugalizer 2 aylar önce
How do people believe he wouldn’t do well in the premier league ?? He was By far the best player on the pitch.
Chamo Garcia
Chamo Garcia 23 gün önce
@Tahmid Ahmed I don't trust you I'm 48 , 😝😝😝
ZYAN 27 gün önce
@Tahmid Ahmed awww pendu fan,. Make it 27(35) 🥺🥺🥺
@Merda al Sugo wakakakakakakakakkkkkk,,,,,, u are so funny la,, wkkakakakakakkk
Merda al Sugo
Merda al Sugo Aylar önce
@TAMILAN NERMEI • TRUTH SPEAKER u can't just turn up to man city and say "I'm joining the club" 😂😂😂 man city just spent 100mil on grealish they won't pay Messi s wages as well, also Messi joined psg bc of neymar, he doesn't give a fuck about the Messi VS Ronaldo debate, he even said it himself that he doesn't care, so stfu and keep crying Messi is better, FuLl sToP
@Merda al Sugo so stupid la u,, ronaldo is brave man Messi is coward feller,, ronaldo went to la liga to battle with,, messi is afraid to come MC,, psg n MC is just arab co.. Why did messi dont want continue the great battle,, ronaldo mind set,, we fight untill the last battle,, wether win or lost doest,, matter,, ronaldo is a gentle man,, messi is coward. FULL STOP
Pete Ross
Pete Ross 2 aylar önce
Look how he dominates these big strong BPL midfielders and defenders. I garantee you BPL elite teams play harder in these champions league games vs weekend matches in the BPL. Just imagine what Messi would do to BPL mid table teams 💀
Cupid 22 gün önce
@David Nyamubi small teams beat big teams in every league
John Diggle
John Diggle Aylar önce
@David Nyamubi mate every mid table club can beat the top 4 in prem from top 5 leagues, I’ve watched prem every team outside top 6 literally parks the bus and counter.
Eldho Abraham
Eldho Abraham Aylar önce
@David Nyamubi makes no sense ! If your mid table teams 'keep on' pulling surprises they won't be mid table teams but top teams ! Messi has made mockery out of English clubs defence
Rahul Cr7
Rahul Cr7 Aylar önce
@David Nyamubi i agree mate..
David Nyamubi
David Nyamubi Aylar önce
@Gett Jerry what makes the Premier League so strong or to be considered the toughest league is not the big 4 sides. It's the mid table teams always pulling suprising results against the big teams. So to say messi would score hatricks every week just cause he outshone man united is just simply wrong. Man United can beat City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal but still loose to West Ham, Crystal Palace, Everton etc. Real examples is last season. Get me mate?
Zeyad 2 aylar önce
We should have won this cup
Solution gaming DW
Solution gaming DW 2 aylar önce
We could have win UCL 😖
Imza Fisher
Imza Fisher Aylar önce
Thats season is the best season barca had after 2014/15 season... Wonder how barca gonna settle their debt without big name in their team now a days like messi and griezman ... Their merchandise,shirt sale,stadium attendance surely will drop worse than before... I hope barca management will settle this problem as soon as possible ... La liga viewer surely not as many as before... IDK why la liga rules makes that rules that leave big impact on la liga itself
Psycho CeD
Psycho CeD 2 aylar önce
Arjun T B
Arjun T B 2 aylar önce
Leo 🦁
Beds10Comps 2 aylar önce
The 🐐
Fadly Ghazali
Fadly Ghazali 2 aylar önce
manchester united nightmare = messi
Aasis Gri
Aasis Gri 2 aylar önce
The commentator is Man Utd fan
Jack Napier420
Jack Napier420 2 aylar önce
This is literally the 1st video I've seen of Messi playing bad on YT ever
A S 19 saatler önce
He didn't even play bad lmao
Swapnil 2 aylar önce
Great camera angle from learning POV. Thanks man!
timberhoff 2 aylar önce
3:29 haha. Fred thought he might get a ball.
bynahelemaal 2 aylar önce
Dumbass busquets blocking the fk at 6:14, otherwise that would’ve gone in, cause de gea was going the other direction xD
NIK LFC 2 aylar önce
I always pick my nose and wipe the snot on man utd tops when I walk past them in the shop 😂😂..joke of a club with fake fans🤪👎
NIK LFC Aylar önce
@Tahmid Ahmed lol...I live closer to old scrufford than you..glory hunting clap clown...who did you support before utd ??😂😂😂😂
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed Aylar önce
Eww what a baby
Stones Xxx
Stones Xxx 2 aylar önce
Thank you Leo.. you will be missed plying in camp nou💔🙁
Chah Aylar önce
@Jgod Dinho was great but to conceive of him having the same impact is a fallacy
Jgod 2 aylar önce
@Chah what are you talking about? Dinho had just as big an impact. Yea. there hasnt been anyone "Since" but hes only been gone a few months. give it time . think ppl will enjoy this barca team if that back line isnt shit. their midfield n front is solid
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 2 aylar önce
He'll come back after 2 years
Chah 2 aylar önce
@Jgod There hasn’t been a player of this calibre before, or since. So I doubt someone will be arriving anytime soon
Jgod 2 aylar önce
@Aaliya Basheer I was with you til you said "true fans" . Messi replaced Dinho. Im sure Dinho fans said the same. Someone will come along that'll create the same vibe. :) No worries
Adem Bentoura
Adem Bentoura 2 aylar önce
Good bay Leo 🥺💔🔵🔴
ok Aylar önce
@อันเดอร์กาก I think psg😂
Agung Rama
Agung Rama 2 aylar önce
Bay? Hahaha
Messi go ? Liverpool or milan 😁😁😁😁
Muhammad Annam AT
Muhammad Annam AT 2 aylar önce
bay and any were 😂
Top Fraol
Top Fraol 2 aylar önce
He never go any were
Ben Henneh
Ben Henneh 2 aylar önce
Let us enjoy Alien 👽 while his time to leave on earth is getting closer. Best ever
F2 YE KNO BOIIS !!!! 2 aylar önce
Pretty straight that
Adzahar Md Sharipin
Adzahar Md Sharipin 3 aylar önce
0:40 love to see the look on the boys' faces
LM10 COMPS 5 aylar önce
Omar Abu El Wafa
Omar Abu El Wafa 5 aylar önce
Messi’s revenge vs Smalling isn’t talked about enough
Yasin khaled
Yasin khaled 2 aylar önce
@Beds10Comps nah he destroyed Phil Jones more
Beds10Comps 5 aylar önce
True bro. Messi destroyed Smalling at the Camp Nou. I also made that performance on my channel if you want to watch it 😅
Njrballerz 5 aylar önce
Good comp!⚡️
Willian Guimaraes
Willian Guimaraes 5 aylar önce
3:47 Smaling Ramos
DoKkA Comps
DoKkA Comps 5 aylar önce
Oh bro Hello how are you😍
1 in a million moments in football
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