Lionel Messi vs Liverpool (Home) UCL 2018/19 - English Commentary - HD 1080i

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Lionel Messi vs Liverpool.
Uefa Champions League Semi-Final, 1st Leg 2018/19.
FC Barcelona 3-0 Liverpool 01/05/2019.


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5 Ağu 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Stephen Paul
Stephen Paul 9 saatler önce
Anyone after united's humiliation 😂
JXMIE 3 gün önce
Messi was out here carrying more than we thought god damn coutinho and dembele should’ve put Liverpool to bed
F3 NiniSlayer
F3 NiniSlayer 3 gün önce
Messi carried so hard in this match if his teammates didn’t stuff up so much barcalona could have won 5-0 at least
ElDannyTACANA 5 gün önce
El Barcelona no merecia a Messi
Sajjad Mrd
Sajjad Mrd 6 gün önce
Best player in the world Messi No 1 🙋‍♂️
Muhammad Ishaq
Muhammad Ishaq 6 gün önce
Should have 5-0 or 6-0
yisak zacharias
yisak zacharias 6 gün önce
12:38 dembele's look😂🤣 ...he hugged Leo and try to console him like someone else did something bad to messi..OMG this guy is the worst player ever!
AC0UTL4W5 7 gün önce
What in the world was that shot from dembele 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Không Chào
Không Chào 7 gün önce
A chuyền những đường chuyền rất đẹp nhưng đồng đội a quá kém
신슈퍼 7 gün önce
Messi's pass is not clear
Samrat Ghosh
Samrat Ghosh 8 gün önce
One of the Messi's Iconic Match 👍👌
Zaki 8 gün önce
sergi roberto was a clutch player here, whoever doesnt notice it in this video and is critisizing him now, atleast respect what hes done in big games like this, el clasicos and so many other games. kinda sad to see him unable to carry the ball and run with it like before
Akshaii Ess
Akshaii Ess 8 gün önce
08:12 Suarez doesn't care that he had missed.. he just so happy for messi scored. I miss them man.
Trissy 9 gün önce
Leo 🤌🏼😮‍💨💚🐐
John Harbirth C. H. Marak
100 percent better than Ronaldo
Dipak Dipu
Dipak Dipu 10 gün önce
Messi is Humming bird
Mr. Warrior !
Mr. Warrior ! 10 gün önce
stupid are those who says Ronaldo is the world's No1 player, but honestly Messi is far far far better than any other player. Maximum time Messi plays like this, but have you ever seen Ronald playing like this? Ronald scores when he gets key pass from his team mates and creates less key pass.
mahdi ibrahim
mahdi ibrahim 10 gün önce
This is one of Messi's majestical performances. His free-kick is a masterpiece. It's a huge drag that Barcelona lost the second match in London due to their shitty manager's tactics. Messi should have won this version,
ben sher
ben sher 10 gün önce
Coutinho and dembele didnt even deliver anything or won us anything even worse they cost us so many wins an titles. Its incredible. And even worse with their transfers they destroyed the market and Barcelona
ben sher
ben sher 10 gün önce
Dembele biggest fraud in history
ben sher
ben sher 10 gün önce
It was like everyone was afraid to shoot but messi... damn and in the second game at Anfield what did barca miss for chances my word. Coutinho dembele suarez...
Farhan Wasiq
Farhan Wasiq 10 gün önce
messi runs the show..!..GOAT
P .A
P .A 10 gün önce
Only if dembele had scored 🙄
Aijax Ahmad
Aijax Ahmad 10 gün önce
I had Goosebumps after watching this video 😊😊
Nile1899 11 gün önce
The last season Messi was passionate about Barca, and they let him down...
Harold 11 gün önce
The fact demeble didn’t take a touch pisses me off
Mavul Varghese
Mavul Varghese 11 gün önce
Only this match is enough to prove who is messi
footballgoals 11 gün önce
This amazing performance shows you why messi is the greatest of all time. Who else contributes this much in a single game against one of the best clubs. I cant believe barca let messi down man.. no one deserved the 18/19 ucl more then messi. Just heartbreaking
Ruben xalxo
Ruben xalxo 11 gün önce
I.know.pely.and.Rona do.and.god. Of.hand.goal.then.c.rolodo Messi.and.nemar.world.class Players.god.gifted
Sargent Alpa
Sargent Alpa 11 gün önce
5:51 the nutmeg tho
Anthony Kauan Lopes de souza
Ele não é deste planeta
Alex S.
Alex S. 12 gün önce
I'm still sad Messi left 😢
Nkumbu Sichalwe
Nkumbu Sichalwe 12 gün önce
Barcelona purely robed Messi his champions league
bupe musonda
bupe musonda 12 gün önce
Till this day i can't understand why the penalty wasn't given for that handball
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos 13 gün önce
this game should have resulted in more goals
Broo I realized that game should’ve been 6-0 not 3-0 how could they miss so much chances like that
John Cena
John Cena 14 gün önce
Clear handball
Gonzalo Morales
Gonzalo Morales 15 gün önce
15 segundos de anuncio antes eran 5 mira vos TRvid la conch* de tu tía
everytouch 15 gün önce
6:26 that pass . how they not finish that
مصعب المصري
مصعب المصري 16 gün önce
وين محمد صلاح ههههههه
Tubai Indu
Tubai Indu 16 gün önce
He was something else with Barca ❤💔
Daniel Nissi
Daniel Nissi 16 gün önce
I miss Messi in Barca shirt
Kobad Kobad
Kobad Kobad 16 gün önce
The deafening sunshine beautifully kill because wire electrophysiologically mend on a plant tin. amusing, ossified donna
joel 28
joel 28 16 gün önce
He literally destroyed the whole Liverpool team😂😂
Anomalie 16 gün önce
van dijk yeah i see u 2:01
Gane san
Gane san 16 gün önce
messi create all the opportunities but the team player always missed it
Lennart H.
Lennart H. 16 gün önce
Watching this today makes me sad
Jecob Reza
Jecob Reza 16 gün önce
I couldn’t believe how Barcelona smoked that lead. Felt so bad for messi. Now Barcelona playing even worse. Don’t know when the good days will come back again. Just like how Barcelona was winner even before going on the field. I hope messi win everything again for one last time with psg. And hopefully Barcelona will rise again so strong that they will be winner even before coming on the field like 2009-2015 era.
tay kean
tay kean 16 gün önce
If Pique shot instead of dembele, i think barca will win champion league, 4:0 , it hard to come back for liverpool, as you think it hard to motivate team to come back for 5 goals to win against barca
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza 17 gün önce
seguro que dembele marca en la vuelta y ganamos la champions :c
dambar gc
dambar gc 17 gün önce
Dembele that miss, the biggest flop in the history
Srajdeep Awasthi
Srajdeep Awasthi 17 gün önce
Ronaldo fan for me Ronaldo is the goat but this was a real real masterclass performance of performances that you will not see in many years to come and steam let him down
Naaz 18 gün önce
Es increíble que como por momentos llega a punto de perfección inigualable. Es un genio absoluto
ABHAY RAJALE 18 gün önce
Even my little sister shoots better than dembele
Nf mobile
Nf mobile 19 gün önce
unsto pablo
unsto pablo 19 gün önce
No I know why Dembele is just a speedy dribbler in FIFA Lol. 5 star weak foot?? Bruh
Michael Lubin
Michael Lubin 19 gün önce
Interesting angles. Messi in the trenches!
Benson Koijam
Benson Koijam 19 gün önce
Messi is involved in almost every Barcelona goals. That is a FACT!!!
Thiago Gaston
Thiago Gaston 20 gün önce
3:28 Impresionante
Matias Craxker
Matias Craxker 20 gün önce
Todavia no puedo creer como erro eso Dembele, practicamente nos quito la UCL de ese año, porque veniamos arrasando con todo, ganarla ese año hubiese cambiado muchas cosas 😪
Hussein Ndax
Hussein Ndax 20 gün önce
There was not fabinhos bread that day
Hussein Ndax
Hussein Ndax 20 gün önce
There was not fabinhos bread that day
Shamim javed Chowdhury
Is HE God?
Sakimlung kamei Sakimlung
That free kick differences the inborn talents and hard work Messi and Ronaldo Sometimes hard work is useless 😕
DM Bro Vlogs
DM Bro Vlogs 20 gün önce
I want this performance in PSG
مصطفى المهندس
Fabinho was in terrible against messi
Anik Chowdhury
Anik Chowdhury 20 gün önce
1:54 this was an Handball 😥
Dishan JJ
Dishan JJ 20 gün önce
I really like Messi the way he touch the ball he is so fast,he is always dengerous the way he play.he is perfect in all part.except only in his height he is flop
Данте Алигьери
Barcelona is nothing without messi 000000000
Sirjan Magar
Sirjan Magar 21 gün önce
[ Jay. ]
[ Jay. ] 22 gün önce
The difference is that with Xavi and Iniesta he didn't have to come so deep, and usually was the key to unlock a defense in the final 3rd. He knew Anfield was gonna be a long game, EVERYONE knew that there's no such thing as a lead going into THAT stadium. They missed way too many opportunities here.
Ricky 22 gün önce
Messi quando foi ao chão no final do jogo parecia ter percebido que aquele gol perdido faria muita falta
Ricky 22 gün önce
Esse jogo foi incrível
Ricky 22 gün önce
Barça deixou de aproveitar a melhor fase da carreira de Messi. O que este homem jogou nesta temporada foi um absurdo.
1234 14 gün önce
At the end of this season u will see his statistic
Rossi 22 gün önce
Messi 👍💪🥰
Ihtesham khan
Ihtesham khan 22 gün önce
That free kick😍😍😍😍
Dr Stone
Dr Stone 22 gün önce
Although Messi is a beast. Valverde showed what was this Barca. Klopp learnt the lesson. Messi was covered in Anfield and Barca disappeared. That happens when your playing system is just give the ball to Messi.
Abdul Malta
Abdul Malta 23 gün önce
All Barca fans tough this was MU team lol 😂 nah this is 6 times Champions Liverpool FC I respect Leo and we lost this away game coz of Leo Messi and still if dembele did score up 4-0 y’all still going to lose it in Andfeld 5-0
Kent Li
Kent Li 23 gün önce
why 11 not fired ?
Congratulations The G.O.A.T!
Atul Bora
Atul Bora 23 gün önce
Just when you think he's done everything, he comes up with even more special... Lovely commentary
Heiji Mikata
Heiji Mikata 16 gün önce
Take a free-kick like it’s a penalty. Heavy swagger vibes from Messi’s technique.
Eklavya Kumar
Eklavya Kumar 23 gün önce
Honestly messi and liverpool deserved the UCL, but not barcelona.
Kratos Gaming
Kratos Gaming 23 gün önce
What about leo messi vs Liverpool away match🤣🤣
Max2coolMayur 23 gün önce
8:50 wait for few minutes and you’ll see. 😀
Max2coolMayur 23 gün önce
Compare this to today’s Barcelona. Oohhh man .
Pablo C
Pablo C 24 gün önce
Dembele y las defensas le quitaron la champions , q bAile le metió al mejor Liverpool , Messi ❤️
Ifeanyi Abia
Ifeanyi Abia 24 gün önce
Pique always Overlaping like clueless chicken, he distracted Dembele that contributed to the missed chance.
Osama Mama
Osama Mama 24 gün önce
12:31 Messi knew THAT DEMBELE MISS would come and haunt barca in 2nd Tie
Rizqi Alfian
Rizqi Alfian 24 gün önce
Nitish Patil
Nitish Patil 24 gün önce
Greatest individual performance ever🐐
Lue Thao
Lue Thao 25 gün önce
busca a Dios
busca a Dios 25 gün önce
Vinicius y el equipo la cagaron si no campeonaba el barva
I Queen leader
I Queen leader 25 gün önce
Love from india🇮🇳
Pavel Diaz
Pavel Diaz 25 gün önce
Hahaha why didnt put the other match in liverpool, that lost 4-0 hahaha then they were eliminated of that UCL
Sonam Dorji
Sonam Dorji 25 gün önce
God of the game!!!!
Shubham Prabhakar
Shubham Prabhakar 25 gün önce
Messi loves Barcelona. You don't need any proof for that but this video . We'll miss you leo , come back soon 🙏
Abhivek Sharma
Abhivek Sharma 26 gün önce
What a free kick messi is ❤
DIEGO 26 gün önce
pon el partido de vuelta a ver xd
Gane san
Gane san 26 gün önce
Messi 🥳
Littel pikcy
Littel pikcy 27 gün önce
If the impostor is sus in Among Us…
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