Lionel Messi vs Juventus (UCL Final 2015) English Commentary - HD 1080i

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Lionel Messi vs Juventus.
Uefa Champions League Final 2015.
Juventus 1-3 FC Barcelona 06/06/2015.


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26 Tem 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Finn Gray
Finn Gray 2 gün önce
One of the best performances of all time
Wahid Spike
Wahid Spike 5 gün önce
My favorit messi hairstyle
Ajesh TH
Ajesh TH 7 gün önce
Mascherano ❤️busquets❤️
Ajesh TH
Ajesh TH 7 gün önce
Alves ❤️pique❤️alba❤️
Ajesh TH
Ajesh TH 7 gün önce
Xavi ❤️iniesta ❤️rakitich ❤️
Ajesh TH
Ajesh TH 7 gün önce
Messi❤️suares ❤️neymar ❤️
Yury Henrique
Yury Henrique 8 gün önce
14:19 ...
ivyjen _21
ivyjen _21 8 gün önce
this is what cr7 fans dont understand you dont need g/a to have a good game and messi has more ga while performing better whithout
MIZ TV 9 gün önce
Pogba doesn't look like messi 🤣
Sergio Suárez
Sergio Suárez 9 gün önce
Pepepero Messi no marco gol en esa final asi que todo su esfuerzo, creatividad de generar , gambetas y absolutamente todo lo que hizo en esa final no vale porque no marcoo gool, (logica de un chupagampis de penaldo)
ba_mutale 9 gün önce
Trissy 10 gün önce
Such a beautiful season 😭😭🤌🏼. MSN 💚😩
Hardik Choudhary
Hardik Choudhary 10 gün önce
Goals and assist won't show this performance , anyway in that too he is best.
Павел Цап
Павел Цап 10 gün önce
Браво Месси
Павел Цап
Павел Цап 10 gün önce
Оэто фантастика
hamza el faik
hamza el faik 11 gün önce
Look at barca back then and look at it now
Iam SRK 11 gün önce
Good old days 😌
Dhruba Bala
Dhruba Bala 11 gün önce
Awesome 👍
100summers x
100summers x 13 gün önce
Miss the Barca. Glad I could experience it.
Marcolino Atomo
Marcolino Atomo 16 gün önce
This match was robbery with VAR it would have been probably different
Sebas. 7 gün önce
Fax it should have been 4-1 with that penalty hand ball😅
Emmanuel David
Emmanuel David 16 gün önce
It would have been a crime if MSN failed to win the champions league together.
rosa armando
rosa armando 16 gün önce
Hello neymar and Messi and suarez
TEKO 16 gün önce
Eyes Like Oceans Music
1:19 Who farted?
Juliawan 18 gün önce
Barca Old🥺
Alberto Chirindza Chirindza
Great players
Ledion Zendelji
Ledion Zendelji 20 gün önce
That was a lot of damage… MISS THE OLD BARCA 💔💔💔
Nibin Joseph
Nibin Joseph 22 gün önce
100% JESUS
Rian Wahyudi
Rian Wahyudi 22 gün önce
Epsa 22 gün önce
This hurts to watch with how they’re playing right now
pkrbh krbh
pkrbh krbh 22 gün önce
Helena Owin
Helena Owin 25 gün önce
Gobinda Bro
Gobinda Bro 25 gün önce
Jai Shree Ram Jai Hanuman ❤️❤️❤️⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽
Jѳпатнап 𝐸𝓁 𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑜
2015: MSN🔥🔥🔥 2021: GOATwaite, Luke de jong, Depay🤡🤡🤡
Jesus Dominguez
Jesus Dominguez 27 gün önce
What a team this was. I am happy that at least Messi gets to play with Neymar and Mbape before retirement. 🐐
HT・GH۝STツ๛CODM 24 gün önce
Messi greatest of all time
TUSOM 2x 27 gün önce
Best xl ever in braca..
Fendi dhiki
Fendi dhiki Aylar önce
Rindu msn😌
Izyan Haikal
Izyan Haikal Aylar önce
I want luis Enrique back to Barca 😌
DemonAris Aylar önce
Back when Barca was the best club in Europe
Vito corleone
Vito corleone Aylar önce
Barcelona used messi most underrated quality in this match.. Every team knew that messi is the danger man.. They all gave messi a lot of attention.. Even if he was just standing there there were 3-4 def focused on him... So according to my understanding they didnt use him as a striker, nor a creater.. They just used his presence... To take the focus away from other players... Watch the match and ull know what am saying... He was doing long balls cuz to much def was focused on him and the other players wich were only reach able with a long pass did movement when ever he touched the ball...
Ugly Nigguh
Ugly Nigguh 15 gün önce
Wtf lol ?ThEy JuSt UsE hIs PrEsEnCe ? Go watch Suarez and Neymar performance. The 3 of them were locked
Aman Deep
Aman Deep Aylar önce
Messi ground mein kisi se cheating nhi krte. Love you❤🤟 so
Aman Deep
Aman Deep Aylar önce
When four bullet train in one way path then it is impossible to stopwatch by piolet.
Akskns Sbsb
Akskns Sbsb Aylar önce
Muñiz Alberto
Muñiz Alberto Aylar önce
Raj Gurung
Raj Gurung Aylar önce
Missing old barca🥲🥺🥺
Colin Cha
Colin Cha Aylar önce
When he shaves it’s serious business
Abey Samuel
Abey Samuel Aylar önce
See the first goal it was like 2 attacking midfielder now Barcelona lack that kind of intelligence
Antonio Martínez
Antonio Martínez Aylar önce
El Barcelona durante 12 años a sido un sueño verlo jugar no sólo Messi, chabi,pujól,iniesta ,y todos an hecho huna maravilla de fútbol
19:41 el mejor tridente de la historia y se han dado cuenta que los 3 representan a los 3 mejores paises de america messi(argentina) luis suarez(uruguay) neymar(brasil)
Republik Gamesss
Republik Gamesss Aylar önce
7:54 look,, GHOST
ovoj 𓆲
ovoj 𓆲 Aylar önce
This makes me so sad 💔😕. Hopefully we will rise up from the dust and be great again as a team as a club as Barca ,Visca Barca❤💙
Tobías Avalos
Tobías Avalos Aylar önce
Que fachero ese messi xdios😍
Armand Fasha Meibiansyah
i miss Barcelona old :)
bhaskar uniyal
bhaskar uniyal Aylar önce
11:34 poor bonucci 😂😂
A.R.RIMON™ Aylar önce
Imamm Imam
Imamm Imam Aylar önce
Messi and Naymar....... 👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪
Tejas Pathak
Tejas Pathak Aylar önce
I wish they become this quick again
anis bhuiyan
anis bhuiyan Aylar önce
Sur Yadi
Sur Yadi Aylar önce
I like messi
FC BACHIS Aylar önce
2015 barca was unstoppable. I wonder if juventus actually showed up believing they could win this game
D _
D _ Aylar önce
The glory years
Raymond Sitorus
Raymond Sitorus Aylar önce
I see shadow in 8.00. Is that ghost? Come on. Is it just me who see that?
VISHNU Aylar önce
Its a ghost😉
Nehpets Ttocs Nosirrag
This is for the 96 people who gave this a thumbs down..... SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!! 🧛‍♂️
Mebanteilang Manner
Messi's hair style was not good but attracted.
Iddris Osman
Iddris Osman Aylar önce
My love for Messi is indescribable 😭💖💖🔥🔥🔥
Ivan Swift
Ivan Swift Aylar önce
*His vision is just on another level*
Abdinasir Ibrahim
Abdinasir Ibrahim Aylar önce
No one, absolutely no one, plays football better than Lionel Messi. Very intelligent on and off the ball.
Aníbal Miguel Cariga Lazaro
cuando el barcelona tenia nivel
Md Yus YB
Md Yus YB Aylar önce
Messi needs a better haircut than this
DDKAY Aylar önce
*_Best offensive player of all time_*
Jordan Sangma
Jordan Sangma Aylar önce
14:10 one word dope
CNN CNN Aylar önce
These years Barcelona was the strongest team, Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Iniesta, it was a fantastic team, but Messi is a miracle of the football world, thanks for being there, and making football even more beautiful, Barça is always in my heart💯💕👍
Danilo Garbeline
Danilo Garbeline Aylar önce
We'll miss u genius, visca barça
Mubarek Osman
Mubarek Osman Aylar önce
11:34 man what a run 😳
Andi riski
Andi riski Aylar önce
12:56 Busquet and Messi connect 🔥
TechBuzz Aylar önce
Its a great puzzle that Messi has defied all these horror tackles, kicks and stomps still remains fit with such consistency. He being a big match player and in final for the first time he wasn't on the score. 👁️👄👁️
Md Forhad
Md Forhad Aylar önce
Hatimi Rajawi
Hatimi Rajawi Aylar önce
This Barcelona was deadly asf, shame to see what they've become today
albert enstein
albert enstein 14 gün önce
Now raja fc is much better than today barcelona 💚💚
Nicholas Karuga
Nicholas Karuga 19 gün önce
With Harry Kane's accent... "in shambles"
Josealberto Borbonosuna
@Ali Yafai ese barça le ganó al Bayern esa temporada porque no tenía la plantilla titular sin rooben,Ribéry,mario.y Lewandowski con la nariz fracturada apenas jugo
Ali Yafai
Ali Yafai Aylar önce
Liverpool Bayern would lose against Barcelona if this is final Both lucky club
Nathan Zeichner
Nathan Zeichner Aylar önce
How far they have fallen
Uriel 2 aylar önce
Pogba and Vidal couldn't STOP to the best of the history
Hassan Reigns
Hassan Reigns 2 aylar önce
Ni GGA 2 aylar önce
Ronaldo - one of the best humans to ever play football . Messi - not human. Thats it
Ni GGA 2 aylar önce
After all these dramas , people still think ronaldo is the greatest , yes ronaldo is one of the best but never above messi . Did any of these happen when ronaldo went to Juve ?? Nahh messi just shook the whole fucin world . Hail messi . You know by now who the greatest is
Ugly Nigguh
Ugly Nigguh 15 gün önce
Ronaldo was elimates by that Juve. Then proceed to win against them in final and scored one the best UCL goal ever against them. While Messi one that time then got bullied 3-0 against them 2 years after. Messi was eliminated against Atletico Madrid each time he played against them in UCL, Ronaldo eliminate them each time they played against them. Know you facts before talking. Ronaldo is as great as Messi.
Grace Afeikhena
Grace Afeikhena Aylar önce
It happened in Real Madrid, could Messi recreate this again without any of this squad??? No???? Now he’s left let him Recreate this, Messi can never turn a hopeless game around like Ronaldo, y’all should stop being biased 🙄
Shopnobuzz with Nayem hasan Rasel. ❤️❤️
Now messi again win champions league with PSG and his friend neymar. ❤️
Farid A. Qadiry
Farid A. Qadiry 2 aylar önce
It’s sad that we don’t have neither one of MSN now
Uriel 2 aylar önce
Don't worry man, better things are comming... MCN
oxyz ch
oxyz ch 2 aylar önce
I'd cating supplicate i would-be poser i should adaptive i had phonetic letting lte etlnet
Mankhat Wangsa
Mankhat Wangsa 2 aylar önce
Messi plays Pure football
Joshua Ekasiba
Joshua Ekasiba 2 aylar önce
Who is here today crying 😭 2021
habiburrahman 2 aylar önce
Here after he leaving barcelona
犬熊玉 2 aylar önce
Best player in football ever He can score fk like Beckham Pass like scholes Accurate long shots like scholes Dribbling god like maradona Run fast like Roberto carlos Through ball like xavi A complete player
Ugly Nigguh
Ugly Nigguh 15 gün önce
@golden brown yes, PSG prayed for him when he miss his pen against them last year lol. They were concerned about his mental health.
Ugly Nigguh
Ugly Nigguh 15 gün önce
Yet Neymar was statisticly the best dribbler in Europe from 2014-2015 to 2019 dribbling past more players.
Abdul Arief
Abdul Arief 18 gün önce
@Alberto Chirindza Chirindza this is football not headball😁😊😛
Alberto Chirindza Chirindza
golden brown
golden brown Aylar önce
When Messi has the ball the other team start praying !!!
NM10 2 aylar önce
MSN terbaik 🔥🔥🔥
AS Channel
AS Channel 2 aylar önce
Miss you Leo from Barca fan
Zineb Amgrod
Zineb Amgrod 2 aylar önce
Messi left 😢
Putu Irwan
Putu Irwan 2 aylar önce
Good bye messi
Leandro Bernardo 6B
Leandro Bernardo 6B 2 aylar önce
Thank you, legend
Kees Veerman
Kees Veerman 2 aylar önce
If Maradona, or any footballer, is or was the greatest player ever in the world, then Messi was never born!
DDKAY Aylar önce
@MESS! LUV Offensive playes => brings danger on/off the ball, scores goals, dribbles past/successfull 1v1, creates chances dropping deep with dangerous passes, get fouled, scores freekicks/pens, kicks corners, manage to get out of tight spaces situations/pressure and threat in the box and from far/outside the box. I think I've said it all. And Messi is perfect in everything except threat by heading in the box and shots from more than 25-30 meters. On the other side, Ronaldo can't manage 1v1 like Messi, dangerous passes like Messi, consistent free kicks accuracy/on target like Messi, to get fouled as many times as Messi, to get out of pressure/tight spaces like Messi, brings danger on the ball/ball carryings like Messi and precise outside of the box goals like Messi.. So what ?
madness Aylar önce
@MESS! LUV who?
MESS! LUV Aylar önce
What's about Ronaldo
ᴾᴱʸᵀᴼᴺ Aylar önce
Messi is better than maradona Messi is the greatest player all of time
Ronaldo Il fenomeno
@Luther Cunha this is the best talent ever in fotball history watching this video.. Butt 3 hard injury distruing carrier .. trvid.com/video/video-z0rS-laDNkk.html
one x 1vibro
one x 1vibro 2 aylar önce
Kien Nguyentrung
Kien Nguyentrung 2 aylar önce
Kien Nguyentrung
Kien Nguyentrung 2 aylar önce
Ipal woh
Ipal woh 2 aylar önce
False 9 great position for messi
Serene Hymn
Serene Hymn 2 aylar önce
Already missing the best trio Messi, Neymar and suarez🙏
Mariano Cruz
Mariano Cruz 2 aylar önce
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