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This is part 1 in a series where Linus and Luke migrate their home workstation to Linux. In this episode, each decides which Distro they'll use, and then tries to run a game on it.

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0:00 Intro
1:07 Choosing a Distro is Confusing
4:27 Linus' Distro Choice
5:16 Luke's Distro Choice
6:04 OS setup
13:44 Linus tries Manjaro
17:08 Luke Games
17:55 Linus Games
19:19 Conclusion
20:20 Pop!_OS Explanation

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24 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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nom dom
nom dom Yıl önce
At the very end of this, there needs to be a live stream with Anthony breaking down everything he would have done
Gwynbleidd Yıl önce
@MaxArceus no its not, what youre describing is exactly what windows is
MaxArceus Yıl önce
@lies damnlies Again, I've used linux for 2 years, and though it never got as bad as what Linus had here, it certaintly was a bitch to use full of weird issues. Was Ubuntu in eh.. 2014 or so? I've never had any software on windows outright break my computer, nor have I heard of it ever happening tbh, except of course malware designed to do it.
MaxArceus Yıl önce
@seeibe Alright, that would be okay, and probably interesting yeah. I thought people wanted to see breakdown of 'what went wrong'.
seeibe Yıl önce
@MaxArceus I think you're wrong there. Neither Linus or Luke made any mistakes. But it'd be entertaining to see what kind of crazy tech knowledge Anthony would have to bring out to fix the problems Linus was having. Also it'd be entertaining to see Anthony realize how difficult some things can be for regular people that he takes for granted.
Strule Yıl önce
as a Linux user for more than 10 years, that error Linus had is totally on the developer side, Linus did what any first time user would do. The part where he follows an online tutorial and it says "sure, type the Yes, do as I say" is a classy rookie mistake
Maciej Sopyło
Maciej Sopyło Yıl önce
@Strule You have two, or even more types of systems, like you say. But fundamentally it's still GNU/Linux and it will still allow you to screw up if you want (actually it's more of the GNU part that allowed that, the kernel had nothing to do with that ;p). And if you lock that down completely, you limit the ability of the user to try new stuff as he gains experience. When I started using Linux I was scared of the terminal, now the only GUI app I use is the browser (and some game dev stuff). If I had to install another distro to try anything advanced I might have gone back to Windows.
League of legends Shorts
@Max Maria Wacholder desktop environment is a part from system files and it should not be easily deleted because the user wanted to install an app its not like i hate linux i love the idea behind linux and tried to daily drive it 10 years ago and i use on on diffrent pcs but for a normal user its not easy to deal with that kind of issues that should not happend in 1st place
bierrollerful Yıl önce
@IsoMacintosh The underlying issue was that a bad package had dependencies that were conflicting with installed packages (pop-desktop etc.) - which then had to be removed before the installation could begin. It wasn't like the OS removed the desktop environment for shits and giggles; it was the package that _required the OS to remove the DE_ for the wrong/bugged reasons (there are good reasons to remove DEs). In that sense, it *is* like installing a bad driver/windows update and then blaming the OS for being unsuable.
EoS Yıl önce
@IsoMacintosh did you read the channel addendum? The package was broken for a few hours, Linus unfortunately tried to install it at that time without having updated the system prior. It's a bug sure. But the delivery system did its job as intended.
IsoMacintosh Yıl önce
@bierrollerful No, downloading program A and then having system feature Y get removed is not comparable to GPU drivers breaking the GPU. And the fact that it got fixed doesn't change the fact that installing steam on windows would never have this sort of issue.
McLarenFanas Yıl önce
I damn near shat myself when I realised he was removing his desktop environment with the broken steam package lmao
Warren Garabrandt
I gasped audibly. My co-worker had questions.
thorgrotle Yıl önce
yah .. i cried a little ;)
abocwsg Aylar önce
The way that luke was hyping it up, I almost thought he was going to do something like Arch, Gentoo, or Linux from scratch. And then he said Mint and I almost died laughing.
Theo 21 gün önce
I use mint btw?
Clifforus Yıl önce
Linus: *bricks Pop!_OS in 15 minutes* Me: "well at least this can't get much worse" Linus: *installs Manjaro* Me: "uh oh..."
sh1pme2themune Yıl önce
Works on my machine.
Marcio de Paiva Rodrigues
I bet you are an arch Chad
xolagix Yıl önce
Yeah, that won't go so well.
nebulous Yıl önce
Same :D
Aydin Pramasta
Aydin Pramasta Yıl önce
Linus typing "Yes, do as I say" and hit enter without actually knowing what will happen is killing me. But I don't blame him. It was part of the user experience that new users have to come through. I hope distros will get better UX knowing the linux community is growing heavily.
Caspar Hughey
Caspar Hughey Yıl önce
@Han Hong 1%? Lol
Anton1699 Yıl önce
@John The Cooling Fan In Linux's case, sure. Not that 99+% of the population care, they'll think their computer is broken. And I disagree if we're talking about Windows, macOS, Android or iOS. The GUI is absolutely part of the product one would call the “operating system” there.
John The Cooling Fan
@Anton1699 GUI is not a part of the OS and it's sad that a lot of people think it is.
John The Cooling Fan
@kaldo Not everything on the Internet is written by specialists.
John The Cooling Fan
@bob bob I'm not very familiar with popos or most of ubuntu derivatives, but I believe that steam package in official app store is kinda broken and incompatible with important system packages. Linus has been warned *multiple times* that continuing can have serious consequences, but he just ignored these warnings. From what I heard in other places, flatpak version of steam would be the way to go. Flatpak installs and runs applications in little containers that are isolated from the host, so there is no conflict. Of course it's popos devs fault that steam package conflicts with system packages. And this is not the case for at least Arch-based distros, where steam and discord can be acquired from distro's app store with 1 click. I hope distro developers/maintainers will see this video or at least will get reports of the issues highlighted here.
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro Yıl önce
Holy crap, I miss Luke on LTT. Glad he's doing what he's doing now, but it is cool seeing him on a classic challenge-type series.
Jesus Barrera
Jesus Barrera Yıl önce
I want to see more of ZIPPY P
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro Yıl önce
@OutOfAHat Yes, I know the WAN show. That format was not what I was really talking about, though.
OutOfAHat Yıl önce
i mean you can watch the WAN show if you want more of luke
jalonso Yıl önce
@The middle way Nicky V ftw!!!
burgersnchips Yıl önce
After you've both fumbled your way through all the challenges I'd love to see an Anthony video where he explains how to do each thing properly
kaldo Yıl önce
No, I completely disagree. Anthony shouldn't have to explain how to do something properly, it should just work properly. This kind of shit is exactly why most people won't use Linux.
B4GG Yıl önce
it needs to be two videos, one where he speedruns the whole challenge in a 10 minute video and the second where he breaks down where they went wrong and how to correct the problems made. Would be great for newcomers who wish to not only follow along but then understand.
TacticallyGrumpy Yıl önce
@Brandon yeah, his video would just be "man uses computer normally". Him troubleshooting all of this and explaining why things were fucked and how they would be fixed would be an interesting video.
sligit Yıl önce
Unfortunately following random terminal instructions from the internet is the Linux equivalent of installing s random .exe that claims to fix your problem from a Russian FTP site. It's a mistake you hopefully only make once.
Brandon Yıl önce
Or just react to this with his own improvements
Amrish Lakhisaran
Even as someone who has been daily driving Linux for a decade, the stuff in the first 5 minutes gives me a headache. We really need to do better. Other than that seeing Luke just breezing through mint was nice, and I can't wait to see the rest of this challenge
Sodium Yıl önce
​@Amrish Lakhisaran That's largely enough to confuse the average user.
Paul Frederick
Paul Frederick Yıl önce
@MrOscar you need to work. You lack discipline!
kevlarandchrome Yıl önce
@Undy Excellent description of what daily driving Linux was like until I finally gave up and sadly went back to Windows.
Amrish Lakhisaran
@Sodium the only thing I see are his monitor issues, and lutris not being in the software manager. But then I do daily drive mint, so please tell me if I overlooked something
Undy Yıl önce
​@MrOscar Exactly. My experiences with Linux can be summed up as following: 1. I want to do something. 2. Try to do it by myself. 3. Fail. 4. Google a solution. 5. Oooh it's so obvious, let me try that very easy 3 step guide. 6. Somehow the solution fails on the very first step. 7. Google some more. Only get vague results in obscure places on the Internet. Finally get someone who experienced a similar problem and has figured out somehow that you first need to install some weird system components that no newb would ever even know about. 8. Install those components - somehow it goes smoothly. 9. Try the Google solution again. 10. Finally it works just as advertised. 11. I want to do something else... ... ... 31. Back to Windows!
Cherky Yıl önce
Lol Luke not being able to pronounce "nouveau" got me cackling. The man's got the Frenchest last name and lives in a country where French is one of the official languages lmao
kaldo Yıl önce
@Robotische Hilfe I mean, that's false but okay.
Just Another Commenter
@Grilled Flatbread There is a large difference between pointing to Ukraine on an unmarked map (not even country borders) and pointing to "Europe" on a world map. Not to mention that Ukraine is in Eastern Europe, while most westerners think of Western Europe as "Europe", leading it to be less known than Germany, France or Italy as a country.
Grilled Flatbread
@Just Another Commenter Former secretary of state Pompeo cursed out an NPR reporter and demanded she find Ukraine on a map last year... He was convinced most Americans did not know where it was, nor cared.
Zach Yıl önce
@Poisson Puerile He is bi-national iirc, and he is not the only anglo-canadian with a french last name
Alex Hobbs
Alex Hobbs Yıl önce
Linus's Pop OS experience is an anomaly in my experience. As is Luke's Mint experience XD
Parker Yıl önce
Same. My experience is switched, Pop OS was easy and Mint was a pita.
sbot50 Aylar önce
i love how luke said "im not afraid to get my hands dirty" and then proceeds to install the most beginner friendly distro (except for maybe pop_os)
sbot50 7 gün önce
@crackpotfox noone cares about my input, but i agree with you. It was kinda super obvious lol
crackpotfox 8 gün önce
@Cracked Emerald God forbid someone have to ~~Read~~. At the very top it said "WARNING You are trying to uninstall the following essential packages..." How much more clear does it need to be.
Cracked Emerald
Cracked Emerald 8 gün önce
​@crackpotfox yes he should've read the friendly wall of text and seen exactly what was the problem
patrlim 10 gün önce
@crackpotfoxa lot of people don't read the terminal output, he should know better though.
crackpotfox 10 gün önce
@patrlim If linus read what he was doing, he'd have seen what all it was removing. This was clearly him just being intentionally obtuse...
Tushar Anand
Tushar Anand Yıl önce
This is literally the most anticipated and hyped up video of the year for ltt
Anton Westin
Anton Westin Yıl önce
​@Richard Baker Like it just did in Luke's install then.
Fallen7Pie Yıl önce
@TeaMaster *flash backs of TOX code* yah, no, not true people. Open source but so tiny no one has every done a real audit is a problem
TeaMaster Yıl önce
@Fallen7Pie lol, well, there is a sizable group of people who thinks that if something open source then its secure xD
jebril Yıl önce
@Richard Baker everything just worked in Mint
Fallen7Pie Yıl önce
WolframaticAlpha Maintaining an OS is hard. There's a reason even simple android spins tend to die, it's a lot of work and the people who know how to do the work usually expect pay for their efforts
Loez Anya
Loez Anya Yıl önce
Luke: Everything okay. Linus: i hate my life
agafaba Yıl önce
vwesekjewerse fttvrcvdstfgrfdhkjlsjdrkjop agreed that it's people recommending Linux to people they shouldn't, and most people shouldn't. What Linus went through is pretty normal for someone new to Linux, it's just that most people don't share the mistakes they make while learning. Linus still had steam installed and a game up and running in one day on his second distro so it's not exactly like he had no clue, he just shows it all because it helps the video do better lol
jebril Yıl önce
@boomboomboom it was an issue for him cuz the live boot doesn’t run on any graphics drivers once you install the actual OS it’s fine
Zulous Yıl önce
@NoGoat Linus is the meme where the guy puts a stick in the spokes of his bike
Voyajer Yıl önce
@boomboomboom Only in the live environment, which he said.
tatsu Yıl önce
17:28 OMFG I can't believe I just learned a linux thing from LTT after using linux for 15 years. I did not know about the background processing option! Thanks Luke! EDIT : I came to re-watch 10:28 ...* feels good * ahh! never gets old!
tatsu 6 aylar önce
@k4b00m personal
Lord Darth Vader
Lord Darth Vader Yıl önce
Ikr same with me. Though not a long time user but still like 2 years of usage
AyesC Yıl önce
This isn't a Linux exclusive feature btw. Windows and macOS can do this too.
hypurban Yıl önce
Vulkan isn't even 15 years old, lol.
Sublustris Yıl önce
It's not Linux specific, it's there for Windows too, and it's relatively new, it was added about two years ago.
rngQ Yıl önce
The issues you guys had are really bizarre, we do need more user-oriented people legitimately using Linux the way an average person would, so we can improve as a whole, super glad to see Luke back on!
kaldo Yıl önce
@Anders Jackson No, that's a stupid way you're twisting my words. In your analogy, it's obvious that pointing a gun at your foot is a bad idea. In mine, it's not an expected behavior, just like is the case when an installation of legitimate software would completely destroy an OS.
Post-MIA Yıl önce
@sitdown they will notice the difference when they plug in their webcam and it doesn't work properly for whatever reason Linux decides to be difficult.
Anders Jackson
Anders Jackson Yıl önce
@borkzilla well, yeas and no. Yes, Linus Torwalds has a say on anything that goes into the kernel. But the development are done all over the world. What people usually call OS, is the desktop and distribution. And there you have lots of different settings. So that is what Linus asked for, to be controlled and all should work on the same software. There are no way in hell that you will make all Gnome developers to start work in KDE, or on the other direction. Make all KDE work on Gnome. And what is clearly a better solution? I would say that I like Gnome way much more then KDE. As KDE is a maze of setting, that you need to change to have a working DE. And then you have all other software, that people work on. And no, there are not that many distributions that are suitable for beginners. It basically is Ubuntu, Mint, Pop! OS, Fedora. That is it. And about DE, well that is KDE and Gnome. There you have beginners combinations. And as I wrote, anyone that suggest any other distribution to a beginner, should also give them their phone number and support 24/7/365. (and that is half serious) :-)
Post-MIA Yıl önce
@No One Interesting, Idk might be cause people are lazy and dont want to do the work them selves, sometimes people ask for someone to resolve their problems without ever exerting their own time and effort to figure out the issue themselves. I would genially ask the community for help when I'm really stuck. Thinking back to it, I think this is quite good as through self trouble shooting you can begin to understand the software more and more and actually learn to use the software, as oppose to just being thrown the answer which many people are used to no in days. Than again you can argue people dont want to learn linux, just like people never learned windows and just want to load an os and play their games or surf the web with very minimal troubleshooting.
Anders Jackson
Anders Jackson Yıl önce
@visualdarkness I beg to differ. At least not without the pre configured installation image from the manufacturer. So again, if you don't want to go into the command line, buy a pre configured machine with Linux installed. By the way, this was what Linus went out of his way to do, by going out to the command line, when he didn't needed to. *WARNING: The following essential packages will be removed.* *This should NOT be done unless you know exactly what you are doing!* *'You are about to do something potentially harmful. To continue type in the phrase 'Yes, do as I say! '* ** If you write "Yes, do as I say!", then it isn't a mistake what you want to do. And yes, there ARE legitimit use of this, when you actually want to do this that Linus asked the package manager to do. If he had not forced his will onto the package manager, and convinced it that he knew what he did, he would still been running Pop! OS.
Xersize 23 gün önce
As someone who never used Linux before and then daily drove Pop for about a year, you did fine. It took me 3 tries to actually install it (because I'm not at all computer savvy, so that's 100% on me, not on either Linux as a whole or pop!_OS), but being fairly bad at computers in general it was a fun experience. I learned a lot during that year, there was a lot of new things, and problems, to experience when you've used only Windows for 30 years but with googling and asking friends, I actually managed to do everything I usually do on a computer, including gaming.
MegaManNeo Yıl önce
After a decade of Linux I get through the shit Linus had to go through. Luke had a super relaxed experience until here (WAN show teases real surprises coming up) but still, I'm glad you guys show purposely what's the issue for so many when considering to give Linux a try.
Level1Techs Yıl önce
Had a legit panic attack at "Yes, do as I say!" -- that warning as meant as the safety breaker to prevent newbs from tripping over what happened but much love guys, no hate. we have a ways to go and this is not discouraging :)
Too Few Secrets
Too Few Secrets 5 aylar önce
That whole line ought to be bright red, along with the "essential packages" one. Pretty colors are what gets a user's attention.
redmanticore Yıl önce
this whole ordeal was pretty funny in hindsight. if i were an average user, id be too scared to use any linux distro again! hah. nuking the whole computer by just trying to install steam...lmao. like a clever prank. as you very well know, in windows program installing culture, you just always press yes yes next next next, the _worst_ thing that can happen is that it installs bloatware that you need to uninstall later.
Paul Jefferies
Paul Jefferies Yıl önce
​@Alex Davis Apologies if you'd replied, I didn't click through 400 comments to find yours. Not sure what attention anyone expects to get in TRvid comments. Do you think Linus is above courting common tricks for more revenue (he's basically running a tech-nerd clickbait channel); the bigger the channel the more temptation, surely? I guess plenty of ordinary users do dumb stuff, running random commands you don't understand, then disabling the protections, then acting surprised that things went badly [if you have backups experimenting helps you learn, breaking your system teaches you a lot]. Just Linus seemed before like he had more of a clue about computers. Did he do the install live, I could understand not paying enough attention to installing a novel OS if you were doing that, but it seems like what he did was far too measured to be idiocy. I guess either way it doesn't reflect well regardless of whether Pop!_OS should have behaved like this.
Alex Davis
Alex Davis Yıl önce
@Paul Jefferies I meant the "do as I say" part... The fact I already replied to essentially this exact comment makes me think you said it just to get some cheap attention (mocking your claim Linus would deliberately screw something up as if he needs views that bad)
TheDark0815 22 gün önce
At first I was really confused why Linus had to type "Yes, do as I say!", because in my 5 years using Linux on my Office Laptop I can't remember ever having to do that, especially for a seemingly simple install. It took only a few moments to realize why though.
Verglas Yıl önce
Been dual booting for years. Using Mint for almost 80% of my gaming, and Proton is slowly closing that out. Hoping to be 100% within a few years!
Frank Seyen
Frank Seyen Yıl önce
@Verglas for AMD you better use the MESA driver instead if the proprietary driver if you want to play games. It offers more FPS in most games and better support for games in general.
Verglas Yıl önce
@MutleeIsTheAntiGod Linux Mint is the Distro(Like Windows 11), Proton is the compatability lair that Steam uses to make no Linux games work on Linux. So, install Linux Mint, turn on the proprietary drivers for AMD or Nvidia, download steam, enable proton for ALL games from within Steam, profit!
So for gaming, would Mint or Proton be better?
Simple Electronics
FINALLY THE LINUX VIDEO! Thank you so much for doing this. I've been building computers and have been the active tech support for my friends, family and 2 workplaces for at least the last 15 years and Linux is DAUNTING, just like your experiences. Thank you for giving people like me a voice, to show the Linux pros that they love Linux BECAUSE they are pros - same reason why I like windows!
James Healy
James Healy Yıl önce
@Matt DLG I have a spare SSD I just need to harvest from a laptop I was planning to chuck it on, I'm aware it's not something I should avoid forever but the fragmentation and level of choice is particularly difficult for me. I plan to follow this series closely.
Matt DLG
Matt DLG Yıl önce
@James Healy Take the time to learn it. Give PopOS a try. Once you figure it out, and figure out just a little bit of bash/terminal, you will never want to use Windows again. Linus made a boo-boo because there was a problem with Steam and PopOS at the time, which was fixed pretty quickly but he wasn't aware of it. Other than that, you saw how easily it installed on his PC, easier and faster to install than Windows. Just make sure secure boot is disabled, and make sure Windows is "fully" shutdown (check the advanced power options) if your going to dual boot or Windows will mess with your Linux boot-up.
James Healy
James Healy Yıl önce
Great comment, 100% agree. I'm the helper to everyone I know on windows, but linux just scares me.
Johannes Yıl önce
20 minutes of pure OSI Layer 8 goodness, love it!
אני באמת יהודי
I was frankly shocked neither of them had to reconfigure the systems dhcpd daemon. Happened to me like five times when I installed arch.
Jacob Applin
Jacob Applin Yıl önce
I have experienced every single issue that both linus and luke had happen when using ubuntu and I had some similar audio issues when i first tried out manjaro. In the end I think manjaro's a great choice I think it will work out for Linus in the end.
NoGoat Yıl önce
Feels good seeing Luke back on the channel outside of the WAN show.
naidanac1 Yıl önce
@mike n wut?
Lorenzo Van Oordt
@mike n you seem not not actually know the real story of how it used to be in the old office house
Jared Henderson
Jared Henderson Yıl önce
@mike n what are you talking about?
Estor Yıl önce
@mike n Can you elaborate on that?
mike n
mike n Yıl önce
@Alex Davis im must glad he put his big boy pants on instead of the leecher he felt like when he started lol, the stories of his "office" attire would have made me and many people i know quit in that setting lol
moto5394 Yıl önce
I’m glad that you guys also struggle as much as I did with Linux. After 1 week where I spend most of my time on google trying to find out how I can use the Distro I gave up and got back to Windows.
Sunglow Yıl önce
you're doing great guys, don't let the linux trolls get you down! I'm glad linux is finally coming under the spotlight so noob-oriented programs will get attention and in turn get fixed. It's always good to see new people in the community and we welcome you with open arms!
Luke MacInnes
Luke MacInnes 7 aylar önce
Live cds are one of my favourite parts of most linux distros it's super useful for whenever you mess something up or need to do some heavy drive management
Harbir Singh
Harbir Singh Yıl önce
Okay, Linus's experience was definitely on the tail end of the worst case scenario. I've installed different distros a couple times only but the experience was always similar to Luke's.
Pauliebb Yıl önce
@Eugene apt commands are always sudo, the issue is it removed most of the needed popos files too, apt did notice something was going on and asked him to type that line to continue
Doughbag Yıl önce
@Square Root Linus could've tried reading the prompts, and did skip a crucial warning...but it wasn't his fault. It was a bug -- and a major one. Things like this happen in the OS world. Right now even Microsoft, one of the biggest companies in the world, is struggling with bugs popping out of everywhere on Windows 11. Stuff like this unfortunaty happen.
Evan Dark
Evan Dark Yıl önce
This almost happened to me once (but unlike Linus I stopped before deleting my entire DE), when I tried to reinstall an older package (after a system update kindly "updated" the KDE default theme to look completely different). I "fixed" it by force installing *both* conflicting packages with dpkg (apt wouldn't even let me do it 😊), but after that apt continued to whine about it every time I installed something. Finally I gave up, installed the "new" package, extracted the files from the old one and just overwrote the new files with the old one. Problem solved. Moral of the story: always use the most powerful tool in your arsenal.
FableBlaze Yıl önce
@Diego At the very least it should be handled differently from other packages. If you want to uninstall your window manager then that should be a separate command and not happen as a side-effect of installing an application.
fine Yıl önce
My experience usually starts off about as badly as Luke's. And when I load the virtual machines back up after a few months of not using them, then they likely behave more like they did with Linus. That is, if they even load back up, when they worked just fine the last time I used them.
TheChumbinator 27 gün önce
I love to see linus using manjaro near the end of the video. It's currently my favorite.
Nicholas Leroux
Nicholas Leroux Yıl önce
God I missed seeing Luke on Camera, glad to see he's back for this series!
Navhkrin Yıl önce
Yea man, Luke and Linus content was one of my favorite stuff, I was pretty sad when Luke took a more off-camera role. I want to see him more
Logical Regress
Logical Regress Yıl önce
@Evert Chin Ye i noticed that too lol
Evert Chin
Evert Chin Yıl önce
he was huge last few times i saw him on camera... now he is *huger
Chris McWhinnie
Chris McWhinnie 5 aylar önce
Linus playing Cave Story brings me so much joy it's not funny. It's an incredibly nostalgic game for me.
Sverd Yıl önce
I have been waiting for this series, I have been running Manjaro for 1,5 years now as my main daily driver. The only thing I miss is some of the newer shooters. Keep it up, it might end up as a positive experience :)
Mango F.
Mango F. 4 aylar önce
Love seeing a challenge where my daily driving distro (mint cinnamon) is going up against the operating system I'm considering switching to! My first laptop was an old pos my dad saved and made usable with mint, and while I tried windows and chrome due to school, I went back to mint because everything I've ever owned ran kinda ass on windows. I daily drived mint through the end of highschool to now and I'm really, really debating making the swap to pop. I'm late to the series but I'm excited to see how this goes! EDIT: I am now aware how obvious it is I commented BEFORE continuing with the video...
Jonny Oliveira
Jonny Oliveira Yıl önce
I think this video is a great oportunity to get some things strait. Specially for those making articles and guides target at new or potentially new users. Also its a wake up call for the community that often don't understand what a beginner user really is, it's really strange.
Jeetesh Abrol
Jeetesh Abrol Yıl önce
I had a similar experience on linux mint that Linus had on pop os. I was trying to install xtreme download manager (installed xdm instead). The login screen began acting a little different. So I was removing xdm and I removed all sessions of xdm and was not able to boot into GUI. I just read from a forum and installed lightdm and everything works fine now.
NesRetro Yıl önce
Gotta love when Linus try’s to do the easy route and it’s really the hard one.
Mr Artistimo
Mr Artistimo Yıl önce
@pitch the ripoff The average uni student apparently doesn't know how file directories work.
Terepin64 Yıl önce
@Todd Price is irrelevant. Just because it's free it doesn't mean it is immune to criticism, or that it can sux without consequences.
Dubl33 Yıl önce
@Nekdo except i learned windows as a literal child and i didn't manage to brick the os when i did, i don't know if it would've been the same with linux, but then, that would've been like 9 years ago or maybe more
pitch the ripoff
pitch the ripoff Yıl önce
@Mr Artistimo You're acting like the average user isn't capable of looking up tutorials online, which happens on Windows anyways. People aren't that stupid.
TheOneHoff Yıl önce
Super hyped for this series. Shame about pop-os, it is by far my favourite distro I have used. Wish you gave it another chance before bailing, but I can completely understand why
Terry Olson
Terry Olson Yıl önce
I've been looking forward to this for awhile. When I heard of this challenge, I switched my main PC to Linux as well, so it is interesting to compare my experience to theirs.
Potatopotatopotatopotatopotatopotato POTATOPOTATO
I'm so glad this series has finally launched
tree music
tree music 4 aylar önce
just got my framework laptop and i'm challenging myself to use linux as well,, very excited to see what it has in store for me
TheQNigma Yıl önce
That's definitely gonna be an my favorite series 😀
Frank Yıl önce
The first part where Linus talks about how confusing it is to choose a distro based on those tech review sites has annoyed me so much over the years. They make no sense, and resemble 0 consistency most of the time.
digiryde Yıl önce
@Mathew Gordon lol - Who has time to play games anymore? I have "Married With Children" The games are with the children. :)
Ethan L
Ethan L Yıl önce
They're really bad. Basically just click bait. When I started with Linux in 2005 there was really only one option for new users, Ubuntu. I distro hopped from there but it made easing into things a bit simpler.
Dylan Yıl önce
@Robert English What does your comment have to do with mine? I said the authors aren’t Linux gamers, not that you can’t game on Linux.
Kuhluh Yıl önce
@Zulous well, he did
Benjamin Gross
Benjamin Gross Yıl önce
I'm so hyped for this whole series!
Hoover Tesla
Hoover Tesla Yıl önce
We love you. Thank you for trying Linux!!! And glad I'm not alone in struggling with it. Oh, and I've been daily driving mint for YEARS. I still have all those same issues.
Dryadxon Yıl önce
I have the feeling that if he had used Fedora he would have had fewer problems, but I am still satisfied that Linus is trying Linux on his main rig. Can't wait to see the next parts of this series, or should I say adventure 😂.
maticman94 Yıl önce
I agree fedora is great for gaming, but I probably would have recommended pop. That steam thing is just bad luck, what timing.
Namaste Programming
For Linux Gaming Pop OS was best first choice but unfortunately some dependency issue happened
Zayn Ghaboos
Zayn Ghaboos Yıl önce
You can't game on a hat!
TheXipherZero Yıl önce
Manjaro was a good fallback. I have actually had better luck getting Windows versions of games running under proton than native versions due to library issues, so running proton and custom proton (Glorious Eggroll Proton) may be a better solution. Glad to see you eventually got there tho ;)
Mike Butler
Mike Butler Yıl önce
Good to see Luke back infront of the camera. As a long time Linux user I have sympathy for you guys. Linux is great but it has a long ways to go. I could recognize what was about to happen after you did that steam install, but it's also painful how badly that's communicated at every stage.
Neoxon Yıl önce
Linus has been hyping this series up on WAN Show for weeks now, so I’m glad to finally see it go live.
Ben Grupe
Ben Grupe Yıl önce
@boomboomboom it ltt own streaming service where you pay to view content
boomboomboom Yıl önce
@Ben Grupe what the hell is a floatplane?
Taurion Bruni
Taurion Bruni Yıl önce
​@NoAgendaStudios​ Not going to happen until they finish the series on TRvid. Its a hot topic with the steam deck soon to arrive, and is going to continue to be for a few months
Linuxes Yıl önce
@NoAgendaStudios but it's been making the wan shows longer. The last few have been longer than usual
Daniel G
Daniel G Yıl önce
This is awesome. I have tried to use linux many times before, and unless it was simply old hardware that needed new life, I stuck to windows 10. This was fun to watch as I went through many of these issues and more, including trying on a surface book 2 lol
BismoB Yıl önce
Thanks guys for bringing this up! I hope this video enlight many people to come together to improve Linux so it’s more focused on user experience and design something that works or troubleshoot without any terminal involved. Terminal is good but GUI is always preferable because it is easier to remember. Beware of many harsh-linux-people coming at you, either attacking you from ideology stand point or just straight-up their ego, I’ve been there lol. But I believe in this community to stay neutral and objective.
mattig89ch Yıl önce
Mint is a great choice. Always recommend it to non-linux users as a first go-to. Good choice Luke!
ATP-Ray Yıl önce
Loving this series. Linux is something that will be future in 2-3 years.
Igor Beňko
Igor Beňko Yıl önce
keep it up guys, fight for the win :) I dont know how well this is going to go, but would be great to see Anthony show us how its done "properly" (of course, because he has prior knowledge and know where the traps are).
TechPlasma Yıl önce
It would be really cool if LTT wrote up a massive article that gives new Linux users the rundown of what the differences and advantages are between the different Linux distributions. One that doesn't have these same pitfalls.
Abteilungsleiterin bei Antifa E.V. gGmbH & Co. KG
Writing a good text about what distros beginners should try is actually quite simple. Wrote one for you, right here. YT doesn't like it & removes it even after attempts to change every word it could possibly find offensive. I guess the world just isn't ready for my writings...
Abteilungsleiterin bei Antifa E.V. gGmbH & Co. KG
@Sputnikcosmonot endeavour is rolling release. It's just arch, with an installer. Do not recommend that as beginner friendly without warning.
MD Zaid
MD Zaid Yıl önce
But then, no body will understand it 😂. Users will again complain about "jargons". Lastly, we don't stick to one distro & DE, we just switch when we feel like to do so. Most of us are "hardcore" linux users but probably none of us are "hardcore" distro user.
Sputnikcosmonot Yıl önce
good rule of thumb is just avoid rolling release as a noob. So fedora, pop!, mint, ubuntu, endeavour work best.
Stewart Post
Stewart Post Yıl önce
The biggest problem is that those articles assume your package manager has a working steam installer. I've had other problems where a lesser used package was just so out of date it didn't work. The workaround is getting .Deb packages or whatever and installing those, but this seems to be generally discouraged.
Kluckie Yıl önce
Mint always sounded like the Linux distro that suited me best and glad that one of them is using it to give me a feel for it. For my next computer I plan maining Linux because I've been getting sick of Windows BS and it looks like Windows 11 is going to be the thing that final gets me to migrate. However, I think that I'm gonna set it up so that it can dual boot into Windows for the applications that I just can't get to work in Linux or just don't have the patience or time to make work.
Abd Alhaleem Bakkor
As a linux exclusive user for years now I watch you with pain in discomfort while still laughing at the same time 😂
Lebeinder Badewanne
I switched my gaming pc to Linux because of your videos. I use Pop OS and am very happy with it. Almost every game i own works out of the box and some run better than ever before under windows. What a shame that Pop OS didn’t work for you.
slalom sk8er
slalom sk8er Yıl önce
Finally the wait is over! So curious if switching got easier then when I did it around 2000. For me the hardest part was to unlearn the windows mindset and get over the frustration of having to start over.
Lewis Massie
Lewis Massie Yıl önce
I've been eyeing up Mint for a while now, so I look forward to seeing how Luke gets on with it
HollywoodRono Yıl önce
Linus: Chooses Pop!_OS because it's the easiest. Pop!_OS: breaks completely
Ben Grupe
Ben Grupe Yıl önce
@Sanyi Major official Ubuntu flavors are pretty good I run kubuntu on my pc.
Ben Grupe
Ben Grupe Yıl önce
@Sanyi Major you should try it again it running pretty stable on my pc and my server I have one server running 18.04 and one running 20.04. 18.04 been running stable and fine for years. Never have any issue upgrading only had an issue with apache2-doc package but that was fix by reinstalling it.
AbsurdDive Yıl önce
@yellow fire hydrant The one thing I've learned after trying pop (and later on Manjaro) is this *Keep the documentation on deck, and ALWAYS follow whatever guide you're using to the tee* This helps avoiding future headaches and you can kinda figure out where you F'd up so you don't have to do a full re-install
Splooshie Yıl önce
@f1ameyy By sheer dumb luck, the Steam package was broken at the time of filming. The mistake is entirely on Pop!_OS's end
DurschfallTV Yıl önce
@Matthew Blackwood I mean i tried popos once but not really just installed it on someone elses pc with dualboot if i ever needed to rescue their data. In generell i never had a good experience with ubuntu based system either go debian or don't lol.
Kingkor Roy Tirtho
Fine choice, manjaro I'm glad that you bricked pop!_os accidentally as you'll encounter many problems with this Ubuntu based distro but manjaro even being based on Arch is more user friendly compared to debian based distros
Bobby Hinner
Bobby Hinner Yıl önce
This is great. I’ve been running fedora for a few months myself and I love it. Ubuntu and pop gave me enough issues I decided to try something else. Although I have an issue with sound in some games, and really really long prerendering times before games will launch
GamePlayerCole Yıl önce
Honestly this series has been so hyped for me, that I've switched back to Linux on my laptop after not using it for the last year!
Pako St
Pako St Yıl önce
Cool video and smart take on installing the systems on different drive entirely :) Now THAT is something a novice wouldn't consider to do with utmost terrible effects
The TNA Hunter
The TNA Hunter Yıl önce
A super enjoyed watching you guys step out of your normal element. I'm turning something new. Thanks for the interesting video
TheXGamer Yıl önce
Microsoft: *Released Windows 11* Linus: *Switched to using Linux* Microsoft: *You weren’t supposed to do that.*
Evert Chin
Evert Chin Yıl önce
@Robotische Hilfe Linux community be like: you are holding it wrong!
Robotische Hilfe
Robotische Hilfe Yıl önce
Linus: break the challenge up because of the problems Linux community: you weren't supposed to do that
logirex Yıl önce
I can think of few mainstream videos on youtube more beneficial to Microsoft than this one..
ManWithBeard1990 Yıl önce
Yeah, weird stuff like that can sometimes happen. The best way to avoid that, I think, is to update the system after a clean install, before installing anything else. After all, chances are pretty good that someone else has had that problem and it's already been fixed with an update, much like with Windows.
TheBronx Yıl önce
YESSSSSSSSSSSSS finally! I am glad that Linus ended up using Manjaro, after many distros I ended up here too! Mostly for KDE but anyways. It is not going to be smooth, I know that already, but hopefully we can all be constructive about it and make something positive out of this experience.
Celician83 Yıl önce
Glad to see @Luke_Lafr back in action in a challenge! Really need to do more vids bud. I know your busy with Floatplane stuff, but pop your head out a the office every now and then
baconsticks Yıl önce
Seeing Luke on camera made me extra happy :')
Lukáš Czerner
Lukáš Czerner Yıl önce
Yeah, I hate that “Don’t do it unless you absolutely know what you’re doing” jargon too. Gets me every time :D
David Tech Nerd
David Tech Nerd Yıl önce
Watching Luke hosting something in the LTT channel is really nostalgic
Mr.B_CNC Yıl önce
Its good to see that even other people have the same experience ive had with this. Have used both pop and mint, i favored mint greatly. But still ended with windows.
Basil Cat
Basil Cat 6 aylar önce
What shocks me is that Luke had few to zero problems with Mint, but Linus broke his system with an apt command.
infiltrateassimilate 2 aylar önce
Use "display" to configure your dual monitors in Linux Mint, it's a lot like Windows when you configure that part.
Silverhawk Shayhan
You guys did a great job with setting up Linux. I'm currently doing the same challenge because of the steam deck. I started with pop os and I had a similar experience as Linus but I was able to install the pop os desktop to get the desktop back. I did try to daily drive pop os in a dual boot setting with windows but pop os didnt feel right to me so I switch to kubuntu. Kubuntu is my favorite distro because of the stock kde with plasma and its similar to windows. Audio can be difficult in Linux but it works great once it's working. Thank you Linus and Luke for doing this video.
Robert Peters
Robert Peters Yıl önce
super happy to see Luke back in something other then WAN show.
Deion Smith
Deion Smith Yıl önce
Finally, can’t wait to see who struggles most
Saba Siwach
Saba Siwach Yıl önce
@CFWhitman I see thanks for the info. Upto date isn't the only thing. Like the arch environment and the arch wiki overall just felt soo much better to me personally. So my plan is to get arch on a main oc, and I'm interested in trying out the new fedora as well. But for now I'm sticking with mint
CFWhitman Yıl önce
@Saba Siwach This is largely not an issue for NVIDIA users. Of course, if you want to be bleeding edge, then a rolling distro will do that for you. The alternative in Ubuntu would be to install a PPA for the packages you wanted to be more up to date, or to use Flatpaks or Snaps for end user application software.
Deoxal Yıl önce
@Christopher Pedersen Well I guess this is a good case for the Android / iOS model where you can't modify the system image with a package manager. There is Fedora Silverblue and a few others but I wonder if at scale it's impossible to give users freedom with that model. I suppose in the near term we could make it so package managers don't need sudo to install and uninstall anything that doesn't need root like Steam but to install another DE or go terminal only, you would need sudo. Also if Steam could go Flatpak or AppImage by default that would be nice.
MD Zaid
MD Zaid Yıl önce
@RealFlicke Because it is now always an update issue. Sometimes a package depend on old version of dependency, which is depreciated / not available. In that case, update doesn't works. In my experience, 99% times, it is update issue.
RealFlicke Yıl önce
@MD Zaid If that's the case, the system should tell the user to update the system.
Chris Yıl önce
yeaaah rather unfortunate situation with PopOS, its a shame because its been working out really well for me this past year. Anyway I enjoyed the video, looking forward to the rest of the series
Lokakalo 2 aylar önce
Thanks for doing this. I mained Linux for over ten years and my experience with it was basically the same as Linus's far too often, not that I ever inadvertently uninstalled my DE. I hope one day Linux can be as painless as Windows is for me.
TriviaTastik 2 aylar önce
For new linux users: Linux isn't really an operating system that has one distro for all needs. However, even though there are many distro's, your decision shouldn't lean on Ubuntu or Fedora because of their compatibility info given by forums or blogs. It should be your decision because of how well you can adapt to it. Try out Ubuntu, Manjaro, Debian (Mostly Debian Based Distro's), Arch, or others and see what you like. There could be amazing features in some, you just wont know unless you try.
ditsie Yıl önce
its a good thing you switched to Manjaro, now we're basically comparing Arch vs Debian. Pop is Debian too, so it wouldn't be as interesting. High hopes these videos will contribute to some necessary changes to Linux, as a Linux user who prefers GUI's I think it's necessary
Marc Lambrechts
Marc Lambrechts 3 aylar önce
I have a new computer now with the latest Nvidia GPU. I chose the "recommended" option for drivers in Linux Mint. They didn't work. I did a web search about it, but I could clearly see my pc was not using my GPU. I just went to Nvidia, chose the graphics card and OS, downloaded it and then realised it was between the options that I could have chosen. I did this and everything went perfect. Just a reminder for people that always follow the OS "hint".
Osservatore Esterno
Osservatore Esterno 2 aylar önce
I choose the raccommended driver and it works fine. 3060 ti btw
📱 Demetri Panici - Productivity / Notion Coach
This is even better than when Linus tried to use Mac vs iJustine on windows
Seanthiar Yıl önce
@Johnny Thunder Don't think so - MacOS and Linux are both based on Unix ...
Johnny Thunder
Johnny Thunder Yıl önce
Imagine if iJustine was challenged to use Linux like this! She would be dying her hair the windows logo by the end of the day!😂
vu3aym Yıl önce
Linus: "You're a control freak!"
Nexipal Yıl önce
I want a V2 of the video when the new version of SteamOS goes live because this will probably be super seamless
Valentin Roux
Valentin Roux Yıl önce
Yeah i had the same issue with my first linux install (Mint), it crashed out of nowhere and couldn't get it back working, but i've been running it flawlessly for a few months since i reinstalled it. In the end, i've faced no major issues other than getting used to the "get apt install ..." and knowing the file system, it's nice to have a bloatware free experience for once !
Trillykins Yıl önce
Amazing. I've had plenty of nonsense issues that has bricked my Linux installations (not Pop! though), but simply installing Steam is quite a feat, especially for an operating system that is supposedly focused on gaming.
Peter Müller
Peter Müller Yıl önce
Thank you! Videos like this do wonder in attracting new users especially by pointing out was has to be improved in order to not hinder attraction
John Moore
John Moore 5 aylar önce
The past ten months have been pretty good for Linux gaming. I've been daily driving Manjaro for almost 3 months, and haven't had a single issue in any game.
Vasileios Karympalis
Finally!!! I've been waiting for this series for what seems like forever! Probably because they were teased mercilessly on every recent WAN show, so much so that the hype has gone through the roof! I've been mostly "OS agnostic" during the 20+ years of my experience in the field, but using Linux has always been a challenging experience... Great job! 10/10
Etienne Picard
Etienne Picard Yıl önce
This was an interesting watch. I've never tried to run pop os, so no idea why/how things went to shit like that for linus, but I'm glad things seem to have worked (mostly) better for him with manjaro. Though yeah, sound is an area where Linux needs a lot of improvements. Alsa's interface looks like it's out of the dos era and pulse, built on top of alsa, is an absolute mess.
0xEmmy Yıl önce
5:00 Manjaro does have pretty good NVIDIA support (and it sets itself up correctly by default). I wouldn't be surprised if it's doing the exact same thing Pop does on that front.
Mitchell Ortiz
Mitchell Ortiz Yıl önce
This reminds me of a call I had with a client recently. They pointed out a server I had behind me and I was like “ya, it’s a Linux server I’ve been working on”. He asked “what are you doing with that?” And I replied with “wiping it and installing windows”
EarlZMoade Yıl önce
Same experience I had with ubuntu based distros. Moved to Manjaro and now to arch and honestly I just find stuff breaks less often.
Audiojack Yıl önce
Can't wait to see the next part.
platotle Yıl önce
I'm gonna pretend Linux is the reason it took Linus forever to release this on TRvid
Alec Yıl önce
On the latest WAN show they say it was due to all of the new product releases (Alderlake, Short Circuit content, etc)
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams Yıl önce
I too chose Pop_OS for my "abandoning windows" OS (after abandoning Gentoo right after making it work which took hours every day for 2 weeks), and I've had some odd behavior but installing steam was super easy for me, lol. The main problem I had with playing the games I wanted with my new Linux PC was that my video card was an R9 270X and the games told me it wasn't a video card at all, lol.
Peter Müller
Peter Müller Yıl önce
I laughed so hard at the broken steam package bricking your desktop xD
Christiann Kulcsar
I'm glad you went with manjaro. I daily drive it and love it.
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