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Zelda meets Final Fantasy in a duel of iconic swordsmen!

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Thecasualist 19 dakika önce
Going to ignore that last bit about the supernova because I don't think they realize that its just a gravity attack that shaves 3/4 of a characters current life. Which means anyone with more than 1 HP remaining can survive supernova.
dusk rider
dusk rider Saatler önce
So you have link a win and cloud a win in the same fight done twice,
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Saatler önce
Because the first battle's research was rubbish. They literally made this one, because they knew how poor the research was in the first one.
Lord Mirishiki
Lord Mirishiki 6 saatler önce
I'm wondering when we are going to have the winners tournament. All the winners of past death battles being put in a ladder match till only one remains.
Ike Illue
Ike Illue 39 dakika önce
@Lord Mirishiki I mean, you basically would be. Superman is a previous winner, which means he would be facing off against someone like, Solid Snake, who is also a previous winner. I'm not saying that it would suck, I'm just saying that DB would never do it, because the fights would be so incredibly unbalanced, as well as the fighters having nothing to do with each other.
Lord Mirishiki
Lord Mirishiki 42 dakika önce
Also they already do pair up opponents with nothing in common and vastly different power scales. Did you not just watch this video? "1/10th the speed of light on link- and multiple times the speed of light for cloud" the power difference doesn't get more blatent than that
Lord Mirishiki
Lord Mirishiki 45 dakika önce
Mate your acting like I'm saying put superman against SpongeBob or some BS. Your opinion is that a winners circle tourny would suck and never happen. My opinion is it would be awesome and should happen.
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Saatler önce
@Lord Mirishiki This isn't exactly an opinion thing. You asked when they are going to have a 'winner's tournament', and the answer is, its not going to happen. They aren't going to purposefully pair up characters with, not only nothing in common, but also with such vastly different power scaling that the winner is blatantly obvious.
Lord Mirishiki
Lord Mirishiki Saatler önce
We're all entitled to our oppinion
SCP-835-JP Keteru Yamiko
SCP-835-JP Keteru Yamiko 7 saatler önce
Death Battle! Sonic The hedgehog Vs. SCP Foundation Why??!
Christopher Polanco
Christopher Polanco 9 saatler önce
George of the jungle vs Tarzan
Lars 10 saatler önce
Here’s one I’ve had in mind for a bit, Galaxtus (Marvel) Vs Unicron (Transformers)
Mike Ropaynus
Mike Ropaynus 12 saatler önce
10,000 tons is like 300-400pds easy! He is intense
Dendiesel Gaming
Dendiesel Gaming 15 saatler önce
Now I agree wholeheartedly that Cloud would stomp Link, but DB had a Cloud v Link a long time ago where they said link would win because he could z-target.
Jose Cordero
Jose Cordero 20 saatler önce
Link should've played the song of slow time from Majora's mask because it not only slowed down the game clock it slowed down everyone's movements, and while he plays the ocarina of time, time stops.
Phazon Madness!!!!!
Phazon Madness!!!!! 5 saatler önce
@Jose Cordero It shows that fairies have limits. Even then, Cloud can keep his sword impaled in Links chest, killing him each time he revives until he runs out of resurrection.
Jose Cordero
Jose Cordero 7 saatler önce
@Phazon Madness!!!!! Not in oot. And this is for all links not specific ones.
Phazon Madness!!!!!
Phazon Madness!!!!! 7 saatler önce
@Jose Cordero There's as also Link needing the Shrine of Resurrection to heal in BotW.
Jose Cordero
Jose Cordero 8 saatler önce
@Phazon Madness!!!!! But that's the only scenario in which they don't work. (Although we don't know that for sure, since in games they don't show links head getting chopped off)
Phazon Madness!!!!!
Phazon Madness!!!!! 9 saatler önce
@Jose Cordero Not likely, they seem to have a limit on what they can revive. It probably won't work on bisections or decapitation.
Link Eastwood
Link Eastwood 20 saatler önce
*Link gets split in half* Mifa's Grace: " I missed the part where that's my problem "
Apollyon Noctis
Apollyon Noctis 13 saatler önce
I don’t think Mipha’s grace can save Link from being split in half. Besides, he already used it at 14:56
Rinick Warsong
Rinick Warsong 21 saatler önce
Bull I wonder how much they got paid for this one by Square Enix
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 19 saatler önce
Then where's your evidence Link wins? And consider the counters Cloud could have before you say anything.
Pedro Salinas
Pedro Salinas Gün önce
I beat Cloud's ass multiple times in smash... fake news
devil man cry baby’s Akira Fudo vs Tanjiro from demon slayer
Singesuke Nxumalo
Hey please do Yujiro Hanma from Baki vs Akuma from street fighter
Justin Littlefield
Alright so hear me out. Darth Vader vs Pain. Star Wars vs Naruto
oumar itshak
oumar itshak Gün önce
Raven dc vs gwen tennyson
Samuele Harkins
Samuele Harkins Gün önce
Catjohnny Esso
Catjohnny Esso Gün önce
End game Cloud is more than enough with Ultima weapon, mystile, ribbon and min-max build with ful, 255 stats. Giving him ridiuclous attack power, 60% physical attack dodge and 50% magic dodge and full status ailment immunity. Any strategy should work against link really. Normal attacks with 4x cut materia dealing max damage each hit. Not to mention he can add effect Hades to inflict a ton of debilitating status effects on opponent for free. Or you can put destruct materia in for instant death.anyone without status immunity instant will be taken down easily even if they havw mucn higher power level. Cloud also has accesses to Hero drink which doubles his stats (can go over the max 255 stats). And elixir which fully restore health and mp. He can also auto revife himself by summoning phoenix up to 5 times in 1 fight while damaging enemies. If the enemy has some dodging abilities, can just spam KOTR which is unavoidable and deal max damage for 13 times. You double cast this and then mime each turn so it costs nothing. Repeat until enemy is no more. In Advent Children , Cloud is even stronger and possibly have the break damage limit on his new sword to the point that he doesnt need to rely on KOTR anymore since it takes too long. I don't see how Link has any chance to even compete against him. He can beat mid game Cloud with enough clever tricks but I think in term of physical damage, Cloud is already stronger than Link in the early game because that Buster sword is huge. Once Cloud hits more than 1000 damage, all Link's wouldn't have enough strength to even do a sword clash without being pushed to the ground.
Chopper Dave Show
Chopper Dave Show 2 gün önce
Have you guys ever thought about showing a possible winning scenario for the weaker opponents with a con of more work but happier fans and getting two seperate death battles from every project
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
I can guarantee you that isn't even a thought on the drawing board. That would increase the overall cost of each DB by such a huge amount, it wouldn't even be close to being worthwhile for them to do.
Abel Mayfair
Abel Mayfair 2 gün önce
By this logic wouldn't Tifa also be able to survive the super nova exploding in her face? Yet she lost to Yang...
CrisMegaFan XD
CrisMegaFan XD Gün önce
They admitted they really fucked up in that Fight
oumar itshak
oumar itshak 2 gün önce
you should do a yugioh death duel.
oumar itshak
oumar itshak 2 gün önce
annoying orange vs fred
one lavender lab
one lavender lab 2 gün önce
been a year since i've been here
Nubesteak 2 gün önce
Cloud - 1 Link - 1
NeoXSora 2 gün önce
Mitsurugi (Soulcalibur) vs Sekiro (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice)
Fayruj Durrani
Fayruj Durrani 2 gün önce
Perchè Link ha persooooooooooo?
basedboyzfl 2 gün önce
But yall said link beat him cuz of his shield the first time 😂😂😂 Been sayin cloud , yall need to redo all yall death battles.
Jasxon Evans
Jasxon Evans 2 gün önce
Um no not all of them because there would be too many and there wouldn't be new ones.
IceALPHA 10 2 gün önce
Worst death battle 😠
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
@IceALPHA 10 Unfortunately, thats kind of the case. Cloud is physically superior to Link, and not by a small amount. And Cloud's arsenal counters basically everything Link has. Just as an example, composite Link could use something like Chateau Romani, and Nayru's love (things from different games, so normally wouldn't be able to combine), in order to have 3 days worth of damage immunity. However, Cloud can just cast dispel, and turn Nayru's love off, or use something like flash to bypass the damage immunity, and just kill Link. Basically it boils down to this. Cloud beats Link, and adding Link's arsenal from multiple different iterations doesn't change that. So, why not incorporate them into the fight, in order to make cool scenes?
IceALPHA 10 Gün önce
@Ike Illue ok, I don’t think this match was good. And not in they way you expect. To be honest I’m fine with cloud winning, but I have a problem with links items. Link was able to use all weapons from every past hero. Which makes me a bit mad. Like link isn’t just the same person. All links are different people, with individual great abilities. so seeing link go down, while having every item from the past hero’s is what makes me upset. I would be fine if Link lost while only having the items of the breath of the wild link, since it looked like that’s the hero they were you using in the fight. So seeing link lose, while having the abilities of all the other links. kinda makes it seem like if link didn’t have any powers from the other links, he would easily lose
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
@IceALPHA 10 Well, thats why I wrote out a whole paragraph ranting about it. So, chat away.
IceALPHA 10 Gün önce
@Ike Illue no I didn’t really mean to say it was a bad death battle. Just wanted to discuss it with someone. You open to talk about it?
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
@IceALPHA 10 I wouldn't say its the worst, as there are some pretty bad ones, but as far as how they actually set up the over view, and there were also a couple of scenes in the fight that were pretty bad (namely the part where Link uses the 4 sword to actually split. Its like all the action was happening off screen. It was unfortunate). At least they didn't low ball Cloud this time, so much that it changed the result of the battle, like they did with the first match up.
Zackary Harris
Zackary Harris 2 gün önce
Sliver sable marvel vs DC Talia al ghul
CosmicG777 2 gün önce
Didn't we already see this? Are they just on repeat?
VorpalSZN 2 gün önce
yeah they re-did the matchup. it was kinda outdated
raggeddie !
raggeddie ! 2 gün önce
One of my favorite death battles !
MemeMachine 3 gün önce
Its still 1 - 1 Waiting for the 2025 link vs cloud Link gonna take the W once and for all 😤
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
@Jasxon Evans That depends on the feats Link gets. If he continues at the rate he is going, it wont really matter if Cloud gets new feats or not, if his current feats still outclass Link like they do currently.
Jasxon Evans
Jasxon Evans 2 gün önce
I think there also gonna wait until Cloud gets new feats too because it wouldn't be fair.
WolvesTeeth 3 gün önce
Cool animation but your guys' explanations and reasoning for a lot of things is just inaccurate
Susan Walls
Susan Walls 3 gün önce
Calling it right now, it's gonna be Batman vs Ironman.
The Cinder
The Cinder 3 gün önce
Impressive fight, but given the triforce is an ancient relic of granting any wish, and fierce deity being a god killing form, I feel you could throw them at each other forever, and there would be a different outcome. But that triforce shield at the end should be able to block Omnislash level 5
Phazon Madness!!!!!
Phazon Madness!!!!! 3 gün önce
The full Triforce wasn't in this battle, just the Courage piece. The animation doesn't determine the winner. Any inaccuracies in the animation is purely for entertainment and visuals.
Jayson619 3 gün önce
Link lost bcos Death Battle team learnt not to be favorable towards Nintendo.
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
@Jayson619 I highly doubt they are going to do many of these. The above was a special case, because Cloud was their first RPG character, and they just didn't know how they wanted to handle RPG characters. The reason they remade it at all, was because the system they used back then was completely different from what they settled on now. On the other hand, something like Gaara vs Toph, their style of research hasn't changed, so remaking it for the same reason they remade this one wouldn't work. There isn't a different far more powerful controversial canon for the characters, so remaking it for the same reason they remade Mario vs Sonic wouldn't apply. And that episode didn't mark any kind of significance, so remaking it for the same reason they remade Samus vs Bobafet wouldn't apply. There is just no reason for them to revisit match ups like that.
Jayson619 Gün önce
@Ike Illue The Link vs Cloud rematch is one of hopefully many upcoming corrections made by them in the past. A Gaara vs Tolph where the former should have won rightfully against the bender will do justice.
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
@Jayson619 I just realized that I completely misread your post. I read it as saying that DB started being bias against Nintendo, which is clearly not what you were saying, upon second reading. I was reading your response, wondering why everything you said was making sense. Though, using Saitama in your example is a bit weird to me. Saitama is really not all that terribly powerful by fictional character standards, but I suppose it made your point.
Jayson619 Gün önce
@Ike Illue correct but in the first meeting years ago Link was given a barrage of biased buffs that makes no sense. Fights where certain combatants should have lost but won was bcos of Death Battle's favoritism. Until Goku vs Superman where they have to rely on science and facts that Superman was just too strong for Death Battle. Even if Saitama were to fight Superman the latter will win by measuring their strongest attack. Saitama has a final punch that can split the clouds. After measurements and calculations about 120 Megatons of TNT was needed to pull that off but it's a pale comparison to the sextillion tons required to destroy a planet by Superman's punch and it can even go higher than that. Science and Facts beat favoritism. And this was justice done right for Cloud.
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
Link lost because Cloud is physically superior, and has an arsenal that counters Link's.
Chris Iorio
Chris Iorio 3 gün önce
Love it when they have a rematch of previous combatants with updated skills
J-Dawg 777
J-Dawg 777 3 gün önce
4:42 The only joke from Death Battle I've honestly found funny for a while
J-Dawg 777
J-Dawg 777 3 gün önce
I'm surprised Barb doesn't work for you guys with the amount of puns you come up with
vineet jain
vineet jain 3 gün önce
It seems like death battle is getting lesser views these days. Doesn't come as a surprise, rematches and awkward matches like mickey against Yoda.... People care less and less of these battles day by day.
Michael Dennis
Michael Dennis 3 gün önce
All right this is my last death battle suggestion shovel knight versus the main character from ghouls and ghosts
Breezy ThaGreat
Breezy ThaGreat 3 gün önce
Sweet Johnson vs Johnny Gat, Noob Saibot vs Fumikage Tokoyami, King vs Kinnikuman,
Hello World
Hello World 3 gün önce
I swear, if they composited the links…
Hello World
Hello World Gün önce
@Nicholas Hewitt Fair point, lad!
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 3 gün önce
How else do you do it without the comments being full of "Link would win if he had X equipment"? It's certainly better that they chose composite since most of the Links are similar physically, and what makes them mostly different is the equipment, and allows them to leave no stones unturned. It also justifies giving Cloud all materia.
Steven Tyler Tries It
I wish it hard cut to a smash bro fight.
Invader Zim VS Stitch
Scott Bowersock
Scott Bowersock 3 gün önce
satsuki kiryuin vs princess celestia
Terrill James
Terrill James 4 gün önce
Suggestion superman or goku vs omniman
Jasxon Evans
Jasxon Evans 2 gün önce
Bro that's not even a fight Omniman would get stomped.
Kaiser Isaiah Foo
Kaiser Isaiah Foo 3 gün önce
It's such a massive stomp for Omni Man against both that you'd probably feel sorry for that poor guy
Jomila Gaming
Jomila Gaming 4 gün önce
Can we please get a Kisame (Naruto) vs Jimbei (One Piece) Death Battle?
Theinen84 4 gün önce
Minor note, but Cloud didn't "fail" to join SOLDIER. Sephiroth ended the war before he could join. They were no longer recruiting for SOLDIER. But he was notable enough to be placed under their most elite squad.
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
@Theinen84 Everything I said is in the original game. Yes, the war was over, but Cloud still could have joined SOLDIER, if he was mentally capable of it. His physical strength, though not on the level of a SOLDIER, was still incredibly impressive (he was able to lift, and use, to at least a small extent, the buster sword, before the enhancements). But the whole point is, Cloud was ashamed because he couldn't make it into SOLDIER, not because SOLDIER wasn't accepting applicants. It was a matter of Cloud failing at the thing he promised Tifa he would do. Its also not an either or things, as far as the effect Nibelheim burning had on him. Cloud was ashamed at the fact that he failed to join SOLDIER, and he was horrified at the fate of his hometown. But it wasn't either of those things that actually broke him. What broke him was being injected with Mako and Jenova cells, because he wasn't strong enough mentally to handle it, which is why he wasn't accepted into SOLDIER in the first place.
Theinen84 Gün önce
@Ike Illue unless that's some retconned stuff for the remake, just not true. If that's remake, then i bow out, as i haven't played it. In the original game tho, he says that by the time he made it to midgar, war was over. He was placed directly under them tho and met Zack. Zack trained him more and told him about his adventures and stuff. He wasn't physically on their level until after he killed sephiroth when they gave him the g-cells. It would be quite impossible to be on level with them before that. It was his hero destroying his hometown and his family, having to kill that hero and then his one friend, the only person he thought he had left in the world, that broke his mind. Then when tifa found him in midgar, he snapped into hero mode since the last willful thing he did was protect her from sephiroth. So he put together his fragmented mind to what it was. His embarrassment from not getting into SOLDIER was just him putting on the helmet and not talking around tifa when they were on mission at his hometown. If they changed that, just silly that not getting into a war squad made him depressed over the death and destruction of his hometown, with his mom burning alive.
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
Not quite. Cloud was physically capable enough to join SOLDIER, but he wasn't mentally strong enough. Basically, the mako injections would, and did, shatter his mind. That was actually a major part of why Cloud fell into such depth of depression, because he failed to make it into SOLDIER.
jrgreat86 4 gün önce
I know there is always hate on these videos on who lost and who won and why and so on. But to me there just fun videos to watch and guess who would win. I love the zelda series and link is my favorite character from gaming. Im sad he lost and a little mad obviously. But its still entertaining to watch.
Byrd Person
Byrd Person 4 gün önce
Do cloud vs lightning
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
@Villager If we are being honest, it was probably just Toriyama that said that, because he has a very uncomfortably weird obsession with his creation. He probably has mommy issues that he is able to more or less come to terms with by fantasizing about a strong *insert name for a female dog* stepping on him or something. Apologies for being super negative here, but I have a very special hatred for Final Fantasy 13, as its the first game where they kind of just stopped trying, because they knew they would make money anyway (at least, thats my theory on how one of the best video game companies the world has ever seen, could make such a complete 180, and go from putting out excellent games consistently, to putting out garbage consistently).
Villager Gün önce
What's the point they're both from the same franchise and even if lightning wins because square enix said it themselves that Lightning is the strongest protagonist in the Final Fantasy series
Byrd Person
Byrd Person 4 gün önce
I dont believe killing a being that can move 5hat fast means that you can also move that fast i mean i fully think cloud would win but cloud is not in any way 1200x the speed of light....
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
@Byrd Person Except its a matter of reaction. Would you accept it as a reaction speed feat, if someone threw an object at Bahamut at 1200 times the speed of light, and he reacted to it? Why would flying toward an object at 1200 times the speed of light be any different? Either way, the distance between the objects is reducing at the same rate, and if that distance reaches 0, then a collision will happen. Its literally the exact same thing.
Byrd Person
Byrd Person Gün önce
@Ike Illue because he can only travel at that speed using fighting moves is a whole diffrent story
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
@Byrd Person Your right. They should have made them actually move at 1200x the speed of light in the combat, in order to make it more realistic, and have the fight end in a trillionth of a nanosecond. Game mechanics are there to make it so that we, as the one playing the game, can actually play it. If they were actually moving at those speeds, we wouldn't be able to comprehend it. The only alternative is making the assumption that Bahamut chose not to move at those speeds, despite showing that he was capable of doing so, which doesn't make sense. Why would Bahamut choose to let himself get hit, and ultimately lose the fight, when he could have easily outpaced his opponent?
Byrd Person
Byrd Person Gün önce
@Ike Illue because when they fight they are clear as day not moving the speed he was moving in space this is legit the biggest ass pull
Ike Illue
Ike Illue Gün önce
The thing is, how do you land attacks on the being that can move that fast, unless you are capable of moving relatively close to that speed?
mason vancamp
mason vancamp 4 gün önce
Rimiru Tempest VS Ainz Ooal Gown
fish face
fish face 4 gün önce
Which link was this supposed to be?
Josh Hopkins
Josh Hopkins 4 gün önce
Dude link can dodge and deflect lasers
SuperBadspeller 4 gün önce
DC Steel vs marvel falcon
Sani01 4 gün önce
I'm a month late but damn that was epic 😎🙌
Petar Skakic
Petar Skakic 4 gün önce
Will there be a round 3?
Petar Skakic
Petar Skakic 4 gün önce
Im asking since Link won round 1 and Cloud won round 2 so we need round 3 for sure.
Paul McAllister
Paul McAllister 4 gün önce
It would have been awesome if the 4 swords links Each used different masks!!! Especially if one of them alongside with the fierce deity was the giant's mask!! And the other was the stone mask. I would have loved to see the great fairy great sword
CornCob 4 gün önce
What happened to miphas grace he should have been revived
NotWesley 4 gün önce
@CornCob 14:55 I believe. It's right before link transforms and after cloud heals
CornCob 4 gün önce
@NotWesley can you leave a time stamp
NotWesley 4 gün önce
Miphas grace was before fierce deity
Brandon Bolender
Brandon Bolender 4 gün önce
Xenomorph queen vs. Queen chrysalis (aliens vs my little pony)
Casual Chris
Casual Chris 4 gün önce
Baki vs Scott pilgrim
999 FINE
999 FINE 4 gün önce
Am i the only one that feels jipped because Bahamut/ Shiva/ Knights etc... did not make an appearance in the fight??
MonadoMan 4 gün önce
This was a very close fight because Link was dominating most of the battle
Thunderclapboi 5 gün önce
my boi won after so many years
james stabile
james stabile 5 gün önce
love how they give cloud access to more than two Materia and things swap sides.....
Mike H
Mike H 5 gün önce
I would love to see Harley Quinn vs. Black Widow
Nick Acevedo
Nick Acevedo 5 gün önce
Your gonna tell me that link won last time with less items or powers but he lost now when he had the power of a semi God smfh😭😂
Cloud stomps.
Torst Wolf
Torst Wolf 5 gün önce
I would love some fights with 'fate' characters like the servents Karna, Achilles, Heracles or even Archer Emyia
Kurai Kage
Kurai Kage 5 gün önce
I'm a Cloud Strife superfan. He's my all-time favorite fictional character EVER.....and I underestimated him. I thought Link's Mipha's Grace, Triforce of Courage, and Fierce Deity's Mask would edge out, but I keep forgetting Cloud can take A LOT OF FREAKING PUNISHMENT! I will never again doubt best boi.
Lite paw
Lite paw 5 gün önce
13:17 That awkward moment when you realize that those vases Link broke were probably Aeirith and Zack's Ashes T.T
Lite paw
Lite paw 5 gün önce
@Amane Mizuhashi it's head canon i made As it seems logical as there are two jars broken also the news of the Japanese voice actor married each other made me happy.
Amane Mizuhashi
Amane Mizuhashi 5 gün önce
...how do you know they were cremated? Aerith's body sank into the lake at the City of Ancients (and was probably absorbed into the Lifestream from there) and Zack was literally pulled into the afterlife. Also, did you know Aerith and Zack's Japanese voice actors got married in real life? Heartwarming, isn't it?
Nathanial Cartwright
Please do Blade vs Klause
Etran Gray-Mane
Etran Gray-Mane 5 gün önce
Here's the logic I see in this video: If somebody is able to run a mile in one minute, and you beat them in a fist fight, then you can run one mile in a minute.
Byrd Person
Byrd Person 10 saatler önce
@Apollyon Noctis i dont think link wins i just think them using the math they use is rediculous
Apollyon Noctis
Apollyon Noctis 14 saatler önce
Devil’s advocate: It wasn’t about how fast Cloud could move. Because he could even keep up and react to Bahamut, this means he could easily react and keep up with Link who was much slower. It’s more about Cloud’s reflexes than his speed. Besides, tanking a Supernova is still probably more than enough to tank anything Link could throw at Cloud.
KabutoSushi 2 gün önce
As much as I've tried to have some nuance with them I honestly just hate these comparisons. How does a dragon traveling through space fast enough for whatever feat. at all equal to how fast that same entity is moving during a fight when you consider the method of travel? That's like scaling the hyperspace travel method of a starship to how fast it's guns fire lmao.
Byrd Person
Byrd Person 4 gün önce
Its the worst math ever they do the same thing with every deathbattle link moving out of the way of that single directional beam of laser doesnt make him faster than light it gives him the ability to walk slightly to the left and cloud killing behemoth doesnt mean cloud can fly 1200x the speed of light this site has lost all its credit to anyone who understands comics or video games
Keiren Rawnsley
Keiren Rawnsley 5 gün önce
Do freddy frostbear 🥶🐻 vs cyber sub zero 🥶🤖 vs ice piggy 🥶🐷 vs snow golem 🥶🎃
Matthew Allard
Matthew Allard 5 gün önce
I have a suggestion Nickelodeon hero's vs Cartoon network hero's for example Captain planet vs the Crimson Chin
Nyana 5 gün önce
Ok this animation was probably the best yet like ever. Y’all remember when they simply did moving pixel art? Dude they improved so much. But yeah now link and cloud r tied. My hope is that link wins again.
Nyana 5 gün önce
@KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULU you presented great opinion there good job. Sucks I didn’t ask though.
Cloud wrecks. The debate is over.
Link 5 gün önce
@Yumm Y naw i ment its gonna be realeased next year thats why. if botw 2 was gonna be in a decade i would just be happy with this one.
Yumm Y
Yumm Y 5 gün önce
@Link Then they should wait until the entire FFVII Remake is complete, by that logic. That could be another decade.
Link 5 gün önce
they not gonna do another rematch for this. which kinda peeves me. cuz i really wanted them to wait atlst till botw 2 to come out first then do a rematch
Unknown Youtubers 999
Do Omniman versus Homelander
LeviathanSpeaks1469 6 gün önce
Dystopian Boogaloo: Caesar’s Legion VS The Republic of Gilead 💥
feh meh
feh meh 6 gün önce
Supernova, if you pay close attention to the beginning, is a summon materia.
feh meh
feh meh 6 gün önce
Did not even use any hero drinks.
feh meh
feh meh 6 gün önce
Chrono is best boy. Fight me.
feh meh
feh meh 6 gün önce
Hand waves away that all links are same link and then later has link fight link in another video....
Mocha Latte
Mocha Latte 6 gün önce
Link would win if he just spammed side B
SamCH 2001
SamCH 2001 6 gün önce
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 6 gün önce
The salt is with this one.
Oon Kymppa
Oon Kymppa 6 gün önce
Link wasn't giving it his all. He was fighting right-handed so of course he would lose.
Jake Nelson
Jake Nelson 6 gün önce
death battle somehow always gets it wrong
IceALPHA 10 2 gün önce
@Nicholas Hewitt they gave link almost everything from every link. Mind you, all of the links aren’t the same charecter, just a incarnation of the hero. So it kinda sucks to see link lose to cloud while having almost everything. They gave him all the op items from every incarnation and cloud still won. I would be fine if they made link win with the breath of the wild items only.
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 6 gün önce
@Jake Nelson I'm assuming you're just salty and have no actual evidence then.
Jake Nelson
Jake Nelson 6 gün önce
@Nicholas Hewitt this video
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 6 gün önce
Your evidence?
Firenze 64
Firenze 64 6 gün önce
My biggest problems with super nova are 1. Sephiroth shouldn’t need meteor if super nova already summons meteors 2. He can use it multiple times 3. It does no damage the earth 4. Most importantly its not a killing move, it brings you down to low hp but cant kill you no matter what, insinuating its a spell, not an actual supernova. Its not even his most powerful spell either. Not saying link should have won but I question this whole cloud survived a supernova, also scaling him to bahamut is just dumb
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 6 gün önce
@Firenze 64 Where is any evidence Bahamut is just an illusion? The description of Supernova was my evidence. Genesis simply just summons Bahamut, with no evidence of illusions. And who's to say Sephiroth isn't above Bahamut? Sephiroth is planetary AT MINIMUM thanks to the Lifestream. All Bahamut did was do major damage to the moon.
Firenze 64
Firenze 64 6 gün önce
@Nicholas Hewitt except this was based on a feat that someone else did in a spin-off game that came out years after ff7 and isn’t properly explained, for all we know that whole fight might have been in an illusion created by bahamut, and if bahamut was actually that fast It would make bahamut leagues more powerful than even AC Sepiroth.
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 6 gün önce
@Firenze 64 When it comes to this sort of battle...All series can have that stupidity. Link can dodge lightning only to be killed by rocks. Consistency isn't really a BIG matter here.
Firenze 64
Firenze 64 6 gün önce
@Nicholas Hewitt cloud just before fighting Sephiroth struggles against soldiers firing bullets, are those bullets also many times faster than the speed of light? Didnt know about the Japanese version that was informative but nothing about cloud puts him as many times faster than the speed of light in his game, hecan dodge lightning putting him AT lightspeed but he barely escapes explosions multiple times in the story, and if zack was really that fast he wouldn’t have ever got hit by any of shinras bullets protecting Cloud, heck he just could have super soniced cloud away
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 6 gün önce
For 1. It's not like it doesn't take time for him to use supernova every time 2. Yeah, so? 3. The description of the move implies it brings you to another dimension to damage everyone so no collateral is done 4. In the original Japanese version, which takes precedent, Supernova is a straight damage move And are you really saying Cloud isn't COMPARABLE to Bahamut? Are you really gonna say Bahamut isn't even 10% of his travel speed? And before you say Zack fought Bahamut...Cloud is superior to Zack.
Thoa Pepe
Thoa Pepe 6 gün önce
Reed Richards vs Rick Sanchez
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia 6 gün önce
Dante (Devil May Cry) VS. Jin Kazama (Tekken) or Spawn
soulproductions 6 gün önce
This mu is now possible due to smash ultimate
Jaylen Lenear
Jaylen Lenear 6 gün önce
Asura vs. Kratos
X Men
X Men 6 gün önce
Finn the human (adventure time) Vs Morty Smith (Rick and Morty)
Karl Eha
Karl Eha 7 gün önce
Why not do a borderlands episode.
Red King
Red King 5 gün önce
@Burning Cloud Bro me, Scourge, Ultratype, and so many other people have clapped this dude. And he's still over here Acting like Death battle is still the word of god.
Burning Cloud
Burning Cloud 5 gün önce
@Red King Just ignore him man... He is just so disrespectful to people and can't accept their opinions
Red King
Red King 5 gün önce
@KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULU How does that prove I'm salty? Oh wait, it doesn't. In fact, that looks like you're salt for when I Debunked you multiple times. I was needing some so thank you for your tears and salt. I appreciate it.
@Red King 🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂
Red King
Red King 7 gün önce
Because they can't do research and will screw up the scaling for borderlands That's why.
thestormdragon 7 gün önce
guys, you need to do team rocket vs tronn bone
Vincent Watson
Vincent Watson 7 gün önce
Nicholas Doyle
Nicholas Doyle 7 gün önce
Now I'd like to see Eren VS Kaneki Ken (from Tokyo Ghoul) Bit of a size difference, but both Titans and Ghouls eat humans, they have super regeneration powers, they can harden themselves (given the right circumstances). Both characters have tragic backgrounds (but polar opposite personalities), they're considered the "Kings" of their respective species, Eren could contend with Kaneki for a little bit with his ODM gear (but his Titan Shifting powers are when he's obviously stronger), and at the end of their respective series' they turn into GIGANTIC monsters
snacco snacco
snacco snacco 7 gün önce
Tequwyd 7 gün önce
pov: you forgot who won the first one
@Red King You’re a joke. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Red King
Red King 6 gün önce
@Jasxon Evans I mean. It's not like sora defeated both Cloud and sephiroth multiple times. It's like people just ignore the games and lore and just make up excuses.
Jasxon Evans
Jasxon Evans 6 gün önce
@Red King Yes, finally someone agrees Sora beats Link. I hate when final fantasy fans like to downplay Sora saying he can't beat Cloud. When Sora can.
Red King
Red King 6 gün önce
@Jasxon Evans They mostly get things wrong, even if the outcome is correct. Well Sora has FAR better magic, abilities, more blades to work with, along with universal to multiversal scaling and has inaccessible speeds. Sora I hate to say it but even if I use the multi Link arguements, kinda gets negged.
Jasxon Evans
Jasxon Evans 6 gün önce
@Red King I guess but sometimes they are accurate though. Also I have a question Do you think Sora beats Link? I know Sora beats him.
KINGX127 7 gün önce
Maliodis (seven deadly sins) vs rimiru ( I got reincarnated as a slime)
I got Trapped in a room with Wilbur Soot
The History Of Castlevania
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