Lindsay Lohan Debuts New Accent and Confuses Her Fans

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The star says it's just because she's studying so many languages at one time.




2 Nov 2016




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Entertainment Tonight
More from Entertainment Tonight: bit.ly/1xTQtvw
Dance Queen
Dance Queen 4 aylar önce
we're human. we adapt depending on the communities we are in. it's all about community.
Deborah Dobbie
Deborah Dobbie 21 gün önce
She sounded the exact same.
Jessica Brem
Jessica Brem 21 gün önce
That’s high talk lol I do that also when high
Lydia Regal
Lydia Regal 29 gün önce
Nope not at all
Dat Dood
Dat Dood Aylar önce
Nani Aylar önce
Honestly my accent changes all the time , I'm American and from NY and somehow I talk with a birtish, Irish or Canadian accent not to mention saying stuff in other languages. Given I do study other langues spanish, Korean, chinese, thai I guess in a way I pick if up from what I hear a person say , not intentionally but like unconsciously and some times subconsciously like I hear it and other times someone says I said it with an accent even like a country accent or Italian accent. Given I'm always surrounded by many types of people including my family we all have different accents from liking in other states and countries
Mohammad Farukh
Mohammad Farukh Aylar önce
shes talking to a turkish person she cant use the vocab she wants she needs to speak slower whats wrong with u guys
ika's tips
ika's tips Aylar önce
Any Algerians here ❤️❤️❤️
BoOoOoOoOoO Aylar önce
Another Madonna wanna be except Madonna did her fake English accent
WE expAnd
WE expAnd 2 aylar önce
Cute. Beetle likes. 🎈👍🧚‍♀️💝
kjdnyhmghfvb 2 aylar önce
that is not a change speech pattern, that is a notable accent.
kjdnyhmghfvb 2 aylar önce
Fluid in French...Yeah okay.
onenightwme 3 aylar önce
Hahaha shes nuts! I love it
GZA 3 aylar önce
Perhaps I'm just dense, but I didn't hear the slightest difference in her accent..
Jacqueline Laster
Jacqueline Laster 3 aylar önce
There is no accent, she's just pronouncing the letter T when she's talking. Get a grip.
DJ 3 aylar önce
Sometimes you start picking up different accents on a subconscious level. I'm from California and I spent some time in Mississippi. After just six weeks there, the accent was starting to rub off on me, even though I didn't want it to. I ended up having to concentrate on my words when I spoke to continue talking in my normal way.
Nunu Nafrini
Nunu Nafrini 4 aylar önce
Mental illness smh
SuperSuperdude88 4 aylar önce
Drugs are powerful
SuperSuperdude88 4 aylar önce
Babannananahahahhahahahah omg
Babyface0603 5 aylar önce
Lindsay Lohan has fans?
Marisa Oakes
Marisa Oakes 6 aylar önce
That is a "Vodka burnt" throat from too much drinking and cigarette smoke! Every girl in my trailer park has it by age 30! 🍸🚬
Ron Walzer
Ron Walzer 6 aylar önce
Thank You!!!
Pink Mink Killa Cam
Pink Mink Killa Cam 6 aylar önce
Mk ultra
M se
M se 6 aylar önce
Mk ultra.
Jessica L
Jessica L 6 aylar önce
I was expecting an.english or Australian accent or something wtf was that
Almodather M. Fathallah
Well, I guess it's just another way Lohan hopes to retain attention following her downfall in Movie World.
princess4883 7 aylar önce
She only put an accent on because she was having an interview with a foreigner who had an accent and may have wanted her to understand her by speaking broken English. I do it all the time when I speak to people from other countries , it’s just a habit ..
TheChickenRiceBowl 7 aylar önce
I don't care who you are, if you're doing stuff like this at her age you're way too old for this shit. I grew up in different states and my accent has changed alot and does have different variations depending on things like my mood, energy level, sobriety, etc. But, an accent doesn't change that drastically in such a short period. I know that a lot of celebrities don't really have as much power and influence as they're deliberately made to look. A lot of them, if not most of them, are controlled by managers and PR teams. But, they do still hold a lot more power than a lot of people. It's childish that many of them waste it like this. The amazon is burning, the president is fleeing from righteous impeachment, the earth is dying, people are struggling to survive in the midst of this oncoming technological revolution, and this is how you're spending your time, money, and influence that could be used to aid in any of these catastrophes? Tired of this shit.
Rachel No
Rachel No 8 aylar önce
"I'm Professor Gellar"
X13zee Noah
X13zee Noah 8 aylar önce
I looked this up because I just randomly thought of it. 😂😂😂
X13zee Noah
X13zee Noah 8 aylar önce
Haakon Hamnes
Haakon Hamnes 8 aylar önce
She's speaking with Arabic accent.
MMaya 8 aylar önce
she doesn't sound like she has different accent, she just sounds like she's struggling to speak, like she has sore throat and her voice is hoarse...
Vestigation LLC
Vestigation LLC 8 aylar önce
Xanax and crack. Yes, crack not coke. I think she actually smokes crack.
Angel Anna Prophecy Watcher
Lindsay Lohan is clinically insane
Michael Strong
Michael Strong 9 aylar önce
Tyler Rogan
Tyler Rogan 10 aylar önce
As a British person, she doesn’t sound British at all. She sounds like someone who’s native is Arabic, smh.
DezTheQween 10 aylar önce
She hates herself
PasscodeAdvance 10 aylar önce
Lindsay is like the default skin from fortnite. Keeps changing
Kyril J
Kyril J 10 aylar önce
My family is Slovak and I lived in the Czech Republic for five years and speak Slovak, but my English accent is not Slavic but Southern because that's where I was born and raised. She's full of shit.
45cc Country
45cc Country 10 aylar önce
Leave Lindsay alone, leave Lindsay alone, wah wah wah 🤧😭😪
Elle Fleming
Elle Fleming 10 aylar önce
How does she even have a career?
Spencer Gray
Spencer Gray 10 aylar önce
Bunny Biedenharn
Bunny Biedenharn 10 aylar önce
Sorry, but I don't hear any difference at all. She still sounds like she got lost, after stepping out from her trailer park in Hamtramck (or any other low-class place place in the Great Lakes Megalopolis, where the women sound like chainsaws), and on the way to the nearest convenience store or discount cigarette palace, somehow ended up in Hollywood.
Sluga Bunny
Sluga Bunny 10 aylar önce
yawn.. worst accent ever keep studying
The Bug Bouncer Luikart Skarda Super Hero
Crazy fake accent kidnapping crazy bitch. ✌💀✌
Okey Dokey Lokey
Okey Dokey Lokey 11 aylar önce
What accent? Sounded like an annoying yank all the time.
Dinka Basuki
Dinka Basuki 11 aylar önce
I can somehow relate cos I speak Bahasa Indonesia as my first language, English second and I can get by with my Kiswahili and am now learning French. Somewhere along the line, my speech patterns have changed from what it used to be.
Abi T
Abi T 11 aylar önce
such a cutie pie... i tell ya... please appreciate her...
gorilla glue
gorilla glue 11 aylar önce
whatdoyouneed? doyouwanttowatchmovies? come.
Charlie Tango
Charlie Tango 11 aylar önce
I really miss the cute little girl she was in The Parent Trap. I hope she is doing better...staying clean and sober.
BellicIV 11 aylar önce
Guys this is obviously the British twin.
Planetsian Evans
Planetsian Evans 11 aylar önce
It's not just the accent, its the fake broken English, the simplistic, short sentences and the pauses that she does, as if she's trying to remember what the english word is... it kills me every time lol. Such a twat
Art Lady
Art Lady 11 aylar önce
No nope she was hanging around many , let’s say hummm how to say it , Muslims and middle eastern people and took up their affect . So simple to understand literally .
Dan Ran
Dan Ran 11 aylar önce
What a dumb bitch!
Tia Kennedy
Tia Kennedy Yıl önce
Irish Accent ? She Is Irish ☘️
john Yıl önce
Cocaine really is a hell of a drug isn't it?!
juan ramirez
juan ramirez Yıl önce
Cocaines a hell of a drug
DalDal Yıl önce
It happened to me. English is my first language and after I learned korean as a kid, my language pattern, jaw shape and pronunciation has changed.
Trailmarker Three
Sounds like 2 packs a day.
Moriah Montoya
Moriah Montoya Yıl önce
Adrian Goodwin
Adrian Goodwin Yıl önce
She's fake as fuck she wants to be a fucking Muslim, they can have her
Jesse Fulton
Jesse Fulton Yıl önce
Geeez wtf is wrong with people. Her new accent? She sounds normal to me. Get a life
ricofernandez18 Yıl önce
"Debuts" new accent... I can't :D Jesus fix it
Amira Rose
Amira Rose Yıl önce
She sound the same lol
sad bear
sad bear Yıl önce
she just has brain damage y'all leave America's sweetheart alone
David C
David C Yıl önce
I personally believe that US Americans are unable to do so because the Dubai and the Ibiza and the Mykonos...
Andrew Tolan
Andrew Tolan Yıl önce
Lilo is batshit cray
Louis Payan
Louis Payan Yıl önce
It's her illuminati Clone
Alvin Diaz
Alvin Diaz Yıl önce
Does she do heroin ??
Red Red
Red Red Yıl önce
She's smoking clove cigarettes and doing herion over there
Roxanne IamAwAkE
Roxanne IamAwAkE Yıl önce
What theee fck man wowwww she's so wierd
H C Yıl önce
It's not so weird...she's an actress. It just sounds like she is trying to speak in a way foreigners understand her better. I do the same thing subconsciously...you just start speaking how they would. If you are in a foreign country long enough it happens but eventually just switch back to your normal accent
Mindy B
Mindy B Yıl önce
I watched her new show and now the accents gone 🤣 I cant
Maloree Yıl önce
Z Z Yıl önce
Ok Madonna.😒
thriftinbilly Yıl önce
She’s a real role model. Instead of maturing with age, tell outrageous lies to the entire world.
erihead21 Yıl önce
Hahahahaha 🤣🤣 she’s so crazy lmao
K Cat
K Cat Yıl önce
Something is definitely off with her!
Some ppl tend to adapt their accent to where they are living. Everyone is different but ive heard alot of ppl do this.
Carolyn Elliott
Carolyn Elliott Yıl önce
Soooooo many alters. MK ultra right there
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