Lil Pete - Toast (Official Video)

Lil Pete
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Directed by Adrian Per
Stream / Download: "Toast" now: Empire.lnk.to/Toastpete
Official Video by Lil Pete - Toast (Official Video) © 2019 Public Housin' / EMPIRE




14 Jun 2019

Toast (Official Video)Lil PeteLil Pete - Toast (Official Video)Public Housin' / EMPIREHip Hop & RapEMPIRE




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R3J3CT us
R3J3CT us 3 saatler önce
If you don't stand for something you gonna fall for nothing
IsraelG20 19
IsraelG20 19 4 gün önce
"If you dont stand for nothing then you gonna fall for nothing" Real shit💯🔥💸💎🙏
Mark Gutierrez
Mark Gutierrez 4 gün önce
This shit go hard my boii keep doing your think g much love from Santa Maria
Ricardo Hotboy
Ricardo Hotboy 6 gün önce
Hardest song out this summer! Off tops🔥
Veronica Robles
Veronica Robles 6 gün önce
ygigga 12 gün önce
Young Kuzzo - Lil Nutty P! Woo Koo!
Shrun Thompson
Shrun Thompson 15 gün önce
I just heard of you bro & this iz Ab$olute FiRe🔥💎💲🏁 I subbed!!! Keep doin yo thang💪🏿💪💪🏽
Jhoan Rosero hernamdez
Ey bro of Colombia 👍
Edgar Teran
Edgar Teran 16 gün önce
This shit Is wak
w c
w c 18 gün önce
finna blow tf up
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos 18 gün önce
This shit is TRASH!!!! NO LYRICS NO SENSE. This is strait Kindergarten
Leo 19 gün önce
I seriously dont get this. Generic beat. Monotone voice. Just saying what's on his mind. Has "lil" in his name unironically. Basic lyrics (for the most part). Just plain ignorant and unnecessary flexing. Don't, spam me. I like rap, when it's unique. Not this sh- h*ck. If you like it, thats fine! I just wanted to point that out. Maybe i just don't get it. Idk
Jerry Fernandez
Jerry Fernandez 20 gün önce
Slept on like a mf !
Niko Brown
Niko Brown 20 gün önce
Sheeeesh always droppin bangas
rockin_witthee_ best
rockin_witthee_ best 20 gün önce
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 21 gün önce
I made a promise album was fire but this shiit straight shiit
Adan Garcia
Adan Garcia 22 gün önce
Who else here before a Milly 🔥
Anthony Newton
Anthony Newton 16 gün önce
Adan Garcia idk how this don’t have a mill. Better than the song he put out last week which was also dope. But this one a vibe.
G 22 gün önce
Shout out to Pete I been locked up but I still show love when I can boy
John Smith
John Smith 23 gün önce
More trash!
BluetipsVOL 2
BluetipsVOL 2 28 gün önce
I call this one out of water HAAHAHAHEUEHH
Scyler Jackson
Scyler Jackson 28 gün önce
This still ain't at a mil ?
Bambi Garcia
Bambi Garcia 29 gün önce
Nonnie Rodriguez
Nonnie Rodriguez 29 gün önce
This ain't getting the love it need. Positive Slaps 💤🤝
Alan Amador
Alan Amador 29 gün önce
Diss goes hard😈
Nike Eli
Nike Eli Aylar önce
Toast Pete🥂 #KeepitLitMyBoi🔥
barber green_thumb
barber green_thumb Aylar önce
Dekese Phoenix
Dekese Phoenix Aylar önce
Still slappin 2020🔥
jasmine vargas
jasmine vargas Aylar önce
one day @lilpete aka rodriguez jackson
Javier Rodrigez
Javier Rodrigez Aylar önce
Wyd is this shit Bro! Come onnnnn
Michael Medina
Michael Medina Aylar önce
If I can bring my brother back for a day I would
Keven Perez
Keven Perez Aylar önce
Lil Pete underrated asf 🔥
pimp gang Alex my hubby
They’ll never understand me let’s get that understood 🌧🌧
Erik Velasquez
Erik Velasquez Aylar önce
Came a long way
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez Aylar önce
King Nxte
King Nxte Aylar önce
When I was listening to this My headphones caught on fire. Because this FIRE af.
RobsWitThe4 Fo
RobsWitThe4 Fo Aylar önce
On my kid this shit slaps 💯
Issac Estrada
Issac Estrada Aylar önce
Nigga said “2018” whip🤣🤣😭
Issa Macias
Issa Macias Aylar önce
Heart of a lion 🦁 and mind as a goat 🐐 that line slaps and keep elevating u always going to rise 👆
Tili's Hauling Company
This go
The Munch Kronicles
He go to Rodriguez high school?
Ruben Arroyo
Ruben Arroyo Aylar önce
This aight but that old lil Pete better
Boo Dowlen
Boo Dowlen Aylar önce
keep grindin P much love from the gangway
KURBY BGK Aylar önce
one of my favorite rappers 🔥
carlos martinez
carlos martinez Aylar önce
Vraj Patel
Vraj Patel Aylar önce
Location - Gta V
Robert Butler Jr
Robert Butler Jr Aylar önce
ART DAWGG T.V Aylar önce
they need to put this on 2K or Madden 🔥🔥🔥
Marko Anaya
Marko Anaya Aylar önce
Went soft.
Trapped Aylar önce
Another one💪💪💪 Great consistency from lil pete.
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