Lil Nas X - Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover) in the Live Lounge

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Lil Nas X performs a cover of Jolene by Dolly Parton in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge




21 Eyl 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Luciferdesrea 15 saatler önce
I was NOT ready for this and he just utterly slayed the song.
E O 19 saatler önce
Gelila 20 saatler önce
Storm Welsh
Storm Welsh 22 saatler önce
dalekskaro 23 saatler önce
How the fuck did I miss this glorious cover?!💞💞💞💞💞Keep singing!!!
Behnoosh Nasri
Behnoosh Nasri Gün önce
Morgan Turbiner
Morgan Turbiner Gün önce
Meezy Moon
Meezy Moon Gün önce
James Panciezko
James Panciezko Gün önce
The original song had amazing beat, and instruments , wheres it at ?
Desiree Simpson
Desiree Simpson Gün önce
WOOOOW now this is mind blowing !!!!
David Al Pratama
David Al Pratama Gün önce
I heard coli coli coli coli
John Bollinger
John Bollinger Gün önce
Sorry but Dolly & Miley do it better
mrhocuspocus Gün önce
amen, my friend
Mackenzie Moore
Mackenzie Moore Gün önce
My fucking hero
Katy Fuller
Katy Fuller Gün önce
He sings it like Jolene already took his man and it’s his last attempt to keep him. Love it.
Big D
Big D Gün önce
Love it!
pwincessgigi Gün önce
Well done. Very original cover.
AntBeeCatDog Gün önce
This man’s voice is gravely and very sexy
Gospel News
Gospel News Gün önce
28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; -HOLY BIBLE
Stephen Craig
Stephen Craig Gün önce
But did you like the song ?
K King
K King Gün önce
Beautifully done I'm so impressed This man is so Talented he definitely showed out with this new album.
Aksel Marmol
Aksel Marmol Gün önce
country nas x is still the best
F King Opinions
F King Opinions Gün önce
Been meaning to listen to this since I heard of it. Even better then I thought!!
Emilija Šimkevičiūtė
His voice is something else..
eva 2 gün önce
he is so talented!
zen 2 gün önce
💛Perfect & Amazing💚
David Gilmore
David Gilmore 2 gün önce
When Nas sings this it reminds me of falling for a straight man even when you know it won't work and then he falls for your best girl friend. It's a weird type of hurt and defeat
RMD Cade
RMD Cade 2 gün önce
Great work by the session band, too!
Мария Меркулова
Crystal Dawn
Crystal Dawn 2 gün önce
Not many songs gives me chills
Bennett Potluri
Bennett Potluri 2 gün önce
Will this be on Spotify?
Doug Markwith
Doug Markwith 2 gün önce
How is this guy famous? He seems to lack any discernable talent.
Gospel News
Gospel News 2 gün önce
6 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: 27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves the recompence of their error which was meet. 28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; -HOLY BIBLE
Randi Pearson
Randi Pearson 2 gün önce
I didn’t like this version at first but it grew on me …. He did good 👍..I think it was heartfelt which is what made me like it
Connie Anne McEntee
Connie Anne McEntee 2 gün önce
Saint Salieri
Saint Salieri 2 gün önce
Is someone kept on staff to remove any comments that aren't gushing praise? This is an unnatural comments section.
Apurba Raj Satyal
Apurba Raj Satyal 2 gün önce
I like Miley Cyrus one better though. This is greattt too 🔥
Kristin Kalyta
Kristin Kalyta 2 gün önce
Love dolly and the best, collab would be amazing!!
Kristin Kalyta
Kristin Kalyta 2 gün önce
I like the rendition but how cool would it be to have dolly doing the harmony!! Would be the best collaboration.
Sammy Kinzler
Sammy Kinzler 3 gün önce
Something so elegantly restrained… he’s incredible
Skip R
Skip R 3 gün önce
I come from a very conservative country where it's all too common for loving gay couples to break apart because one dude's parents forced him to marry a woman. You can't compare this to Dolly's version, but hearing Nas -- a gay man -- begging a woman not to take away the only love he'll ever know just hits too close to home.
Amanda C
Amanda C 3 gün önce
Way to RUIN a wonderful amazing song.
holy wayne
holy wayne 3 gün önce
no1 RUIN anything apparently
Damir Kurbonaliev
Damir Kurbonaliev 3 gün önce
Wow 👏👍❤️
FABI 3 gün önce
Mick Idiot
Mick Idiot 3 gün önce
I don’t get any emotional attachment like many of you here. His voice isn’t unique nor does it stand out. No different than karaoke. I’ve liked Lil Nas X which makes this all the more confusing. Why does anyone think this has any soul to it?
Max Kaplan
Max Kaplan 3 gün önce
This guy has no voice... it sounds crap
jo jonsen
jo jonsen 3 gün önce
wonderful whispery voice..maybe not this song tho . Chris Issacs , now there is something to try also, I think you would sound amazing singing " I don't wanna fall in love "
bryan Rasmus
bryan Rasmus 3 gün önce
The fact that he just broke up with his Boyfriend makes this so much more emotional
Quinlan Adolph
Quinlan Adolph 3 gün önce
*country boy I loveee ya* 😭
monsterkiller5 3 gün önce
Based on the story of Thats What I Want, I imagine that Lil Nas X's man is a gay man that knows it'd be easier to pretend that he was straight. Jolene offers the lifestyle of a straight man with a beautiful wife and family, which would be accepted by society much more so than a gay man marrying another gay man. Lil Nas X accepts that even though he's proud he's gay, he understands that other gay men are ashamed and don't want to deal with the scrutiny that comes with dating/marrying another man. He's begging Jolene to let him be happy but knows that if she wants to start a family with his man she could because his man doesn't want to deal with being ostracised by his community. Or maybe he just likes the song lmao, but thats my two cents
Paul Bernhardt
Paul Bernhardt 3 gün önce
Everyone congratulating him for singing with autotune on, yet dolly sang it with none, didn’t need it to sound good. Like these new age singer who half ass it and use autotune to correct themselves. OG artists didn’t or rarely used autotune cause they had true talent.
John Myers
John Myers 3 gün önce
I would love to hear and see how he would cover sweet transvestite from rocky horror picture show probably will never happen but I can dream
larry459714 3 gün önce
Didn't really make the song his own. Would liked to have heard a little variation.
Savannah vlogs!
Savannah vlogs! 3 gün önce
His voice is so deep and rich its really nice to listen to!
Lexy Blu
Lexy Blu 3 gün önce
i wanna see a duet
DropbearPDX 3 gün önce
This is such a beautiful rendition of an incredible song. It is so....stunning and soulful, and wow! This man is so talented, creative, gorgeous, and I feel we will see a lot from him , and it will be a lot of everything, because he can and will do it. A great artist pushes boundaries. ; ) He is true to himself and this song brings tears to my eyes because it is so beautiful. Bless you Lil Nas X. 🤍 You are a treasure. If anyone is hating on this, ask Dolly Parton what she thinks. She likes it. A lot. FYI - Mindy Smith and Dolly Parton do a beautiful version as well. But this is my new favorite. : )
Josh hattingh
Josh hattingh 3 gün önce
What.....bs is this?
Queen Lady
Queen Lady 3 gün önce
His voice gave me chills, I'd love to listen to this live.
N Alnajar
N Alnajar 3 gün önce
No one does it like Miley Cyrus
Marianna_ 3 gün önce
Vanessa Massacre
Vanessa Massacre 3 gün önce
I've never heard one of his songs honestly (I mean I did on Instagram and stuff but I've never actively searched for one of his songs) and I can just tell he's a great artist, it's a beautiful cover!
Laura Belcher
Laura Belcher 3 gün önce
Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla
Nothing insightful at all in this performance. Not sure what people are hearing.
Jeremiah Gabriel
Jeremiah Gabriel 4 gün önce
How did I only see this now?? This is awesome.
Bowen Staines
Bowen Staines 4 gün önce
Auto-tuned and multi-tracked in a studio, not live.
Vinta Smoullz
Vinta Smoullz 4 gün önce
i dont like it your supposed to do better than the original not undercook it
Andrea Carlson
Andrea Carlson 4 gün önce
My favorite cover of this song! And I was raised country music. Love lil nasx
Tregg Gabbard
Tregg Gabbard 4 gün önce
Someone at work told me about this and I swore it was gonna fucking suck. Consider me proven dead wrong.
24 Hours
24 Hours 4 gün önce
I feel his pain I tried to beg for my man back but I guess I wasn’t good enough
firehailtree 4 gün önce
absolutely beautiful version, its so sad and haunting 🥺
Frank Carter
Frank Carter 4 gün önce
As a diehard Dolly fan I really wasn't expecting too much. I stand corrected. Great cover.
MightyMagicTV 4 gün önce
confession : I'm straight but idk maybe id be gay for him
madelief 4 gün önce
i need this on spotify asap
Elle McIntyre
Elle McIntyre 4 gün önce
I never knew how much I needed this cover. killed it.
Stephan Williams
Stephan Williams 4 gün önce
He should be thrown in jail for this
Reginyra 5 gün önce
This is good. I did think he had pointed ears for a good 30 seconds and thought it was completely fitting somehow then realized it was his ear piece thingies and I'm kinda sad.
Owain d'Ylisse
Owain d'Ylisse 5 gün önce
I am not a big fan of his own music, but he has a nice voice! He's also very funny and brave. I like him!
Hashem777 5 gün önce
فري فاير #h2shem777
J. P.
J. P. 5 gün önce
Clifton Madden
Clifton Madden 5 gün önce
Oh hell yeah!
Parkerr 5 gün önce
Doesn’t even sing on key
Miyuki chat room
Miyuki chat room 5 gün önce
1:56 Sweety, can I be your only love?
InfestedChris 5 gün önce
such a soothing voice.
Sarah 5 gün önce
My favorite dolly song 😩
lil niplay
lil niplay 5 gün önce
nobody gonna say anything about his one elf ear? lol
oNatalie 5 gün önce
Goosebumps! Absolutely love this cover
Rob Cumpian
Rob Cumpian 5 gün önce
K. M. Raj
K. M. Raj 5 gün önce
Damn! This man is amazing! 😩😍🥰
Carla Castro
Carla Castro 5 gün önce
damn!! that voice!!!
Carla Castro
Carla Castro 5 gün önce
damn!! that voice!!!
Gray Lady Thrift
Gray Lady Thrift 5 gün önce
I must admit that I was not expecting to like this, but I can’t stop watching the video.
Eden Savage
Eden Savage 5 gün önce
Him being gay adds a whole other level to the song. Love it. Love him.
Greg Simspon
Greg Simspon 5 gün önce
Wow he is amazing..I bet he did...
Spud Boy
Spud Boy 5 gün önce
I don't see what all the fuss is all about.
Nucleus Medical Media
Lil Nas X can do it all.
David Gün önce
Miley Cyrus is much better at this song lol
Presley L
Presley L 6 gün önce
I think I’m going to stick with someone who can actually sing and that sticks with God ( that means I’m going with Dolly)
Dawn Updegrove
Dawn Updegrove 6 gün önce
meh heard better covers at the pub
Shiloh Reading
Shiloh Reading 6 gün önce
I wish this was slower, so I could listen to it longer.
joshua howard
joshua howard 6 gün önce
Felipe Eller
Felipe Eller 6 gün önce
Any chance of this absolute masterpiece dropping on spotify?
Nathan Keesler
Nathan Keesler 6 gün önce
His voice reminds me of Leonard Cohen.
The Southernmost Sun
I'm here for this cover, great, no notes. And oddly enough, the comment section is lit too with all the positivity.
theamazingcj27 3 gün önce
Just don't sort by new comments
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