Lil Nas X, Cardi B - Rodeo (Official Audio)

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Official audio for "Rodeo" featuring Cardi B by Lil Nas X
Listen & Download '7' the EP by Lil Nas X out now: smarturl.it/lilnasx7ep
Amazon - smarturl.it/lilnasx7ep/az
Apple Music - smarturl.it/lilnasx7ep/applemusic
iTunes - smarturl.it/lilnasx7ep/itunes
Spotify - smarturl.it/lilnasx7ep/spotify
Animated by FvkRender (@fvckrender)
Produced by H+ Creative (@hplus_creative)
Creative Direction by Blake Kathryn (@blakekathryn)
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Facebook - facebook.com/LilNasX/
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Twitter - twitter.com/LilNasX
#LilNasX #7EP #Rodeo




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Mikeisplanespotting 2 saatler önce
This video is nostalgic, galactic and fantastic.
Veronica Thelwell
Veronica Thelwell 6 saatler önce
Love your video's
Veronica Thelwell
Veronica Thelwell 6 saatler önce
Shreky Boi
Shreky Boi 16 saatler önce
Just for clarification, We do not fw cardi b
Midnight Luna
Midnight Luna 17 saatler önce
Luna's the one who showed me this fire. I listen to this because it's flamming, most of the lyrics are relatable and to honour Luna. I miss her I never got to thank her for showing me this😔🎧💜
Ekansh Rajgaria
Ekansh Rajgaria Gün önce
you were rewinding the video you could have done better in the video
PR l
PR l Gün önce
cardi better than the other remix
Giselle Velasquez
Ur Boi
Ur Boi 2 gün önce
Ima be honest. First remix were cardi b killed it
Westyn Thompson
Westyn Thompson 2 gün önce
Nas you are almost at 10mil
Stefft3t3 vs1
Stefft3t3 vs1 2 gün önce
Im addicted to this song. It is crazy
Its Mee
Its Mee 2 gün önce
I'm the only that the bass is to much? I played this in my car, and the bass was to much haha 🇩🇪
YEET Sticks
YEET Sticks 2 gün önce
1:37 is cardi b Indian
Sick Lil Masochist
Sick Lil Masochist 3 gün önce
Does anyone else get dejavu from this song and video?
Petit Pain
Petit Pain 3 gün önce
lil : old nas : town lil nas x : my horse man
Dannii 3 gün önce
I know most of yall dont like cardi verse on here but I be gettin hyped to it idk why 😭
Javon Dunn
Javon Dunn 3 gün önce
This song is me RN
Jonah Kabasakalian
Jonah Kabasakalian 4 gün önce
This song was good until cardi b came in. Her part was trash
T_iiagoo 20 saatler önce
Say one more word.
Iliqna Dimova
Iliqna Dimova 4 gün önce
I miss this guy
Habiba Ech chagdaly
Habiba Ech chagdaly 4 gün önce
Lil Nas x il the clapping
x Voldaz
x Voldaz 5 gün önce
i find this version with cardi b is better than original song, i'm think beacause i'm french and i'm not understand all lyrics lmao, his flow add something
Polly Bennett
Polly Bennett 5 gün önce
Ashley Elise Taylor
Ashley Elise Taylor 5 gün önce
OMG what is that!
iiam.journee 5 gün önce
2020 ANYONE ? 🔥😎
Daiga Ozola
Daiga Ozola 5 gün önce
This man is the first artist i've ever known in my entire life to have evrey remix so much better
M M 5 gün önce
Cardi ruined the song, as always.
Stefan Williams
Stefan Williams 6 gün önce
This man is ah fucking god this song hard asl
Felipe Arruda
Felipe Arruda 6 gün önce
Rei do Gado
Shanna Kingbird
Shanna Kingbird 6 gün önce
Nate O
Nate O 6 gün önce
55 THOUSAND people don't like Nas X took everything back from them
Ponpokopin Yang
Ponpokopin Yang 6 gün önce
This slaps harder then my grandma
SISCO 7 gün önce
This guy cant make bad songs
UNLUCKY Gamer 7 gün önce
Or so I thought
UNLUCKY Gamer 7 gün önce
Haha my comment on top
karle kh
karle kh 7 gün önce
UNLUCKY Gamer haha you dumb
I t a ch I U c h I h a
Can we have a moment of silence for the people came here because of this tiktok dance that includes this song
Austin Nguyen
Austin Nguyen 8 gün önce
Cardi was good on this song but lets be real...Nicki woulda been so much better.
Braza, the Noob
Braza, the Noob 8 gün önce
This looks like the brazilian telenovel Rei do Gado opening okay
FlamingGaming 8 gün önce
LaQuana Lawrence
LaQuana Lawrence 8 gün önce
I thought he was gay
jordann gonzales
jordann gonzales 8 gün önce
if i take you every ware you wound'nt know how to walk
Michael myers eating chips
Animation is reminding me of Howard the alien 😂
MΛDΛRΛツあ 8 gün önce
Des french
Alen Zcn
Alen Zcn 8 gün önce
I dont Like the Cardi's Verse
clorocks bleach
clorocks bleach 8 gün önce
Dont worry guys theres versions without cardi
Hakim Byrd
Hakim Byrd 8 gün önce
So they just gonna loop them two scenes fot almost 3 mins wow😂😂
get noob
get noob 8 gün önce
Cardi b: Hit hard like an armadillo Me: wth is that
İsa Güçlü
İsa Güçlü 7 gün önce
*I'm hard like armadillo you don't know what is armadillo?
Derek2802 9 gün önce
peachy peachy
peachy peachy 9 gün önce
0:51 just looks like Lil Peep's voice
Coast Vanwyck
Coast Vanwyck 10 gün önce
This is one of those songs that sounds even better loud
Ferdianto -
Ferdianto - 10 gün önce
Fck tik tok
Yo_Oli Pop
Yo_Oli Pop 10 gün önce
Aye check my songs they are too wild and good if you like lil nas x
Game Boi 75
Game Boi 75 10 gün önce
Can u make a music video for dis
Holy Glucamoly
Holy Glucamoly 11 gün önce
Cardi's part at 1:40 makes me wanna sneak up on someone's man just to slap him on the growl part.
WingsAndEngines FlightS
Rodeo! Please let me know.
Zane Rinehart
Zane Rinehart 11 gün önce
Ight so have y’all noticed that a bull isn’t a horse you don’t put saddles on them u ride them for 8 seconds the jump off
Precious Covington
Precious Covington 11 gün önce
Why everybody hating on Cardi. I don't like her personality but I like her music. Personality and talent are two different things 🤷🏾‍♀️
Precious Covington
Precious Covington 9 gün önce
@TJ Martin tell that to her millions of dollars and followers.
TJ Martin
TJ Martin 9 gün önce
Yeah and she doesn’t have talent
Huhsauce 11 gün önce
Robert E Sihotang
Robert E Sihotang 11 gün önce
Guilherme Alves
Guilherme Alves 12 gün önce
E os Brasileiros pô no remix
Alexis Staley
Alexis Staley 12 gün önce
This song is the one that should’ve gotten famous
Fruity 12 gün önce
Lil Nas X finna make a song for evrey animal lmao
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