Lightning Round: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown | NFL

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1 Şub 2023




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ashton woods
ashton woods Aylar önce
This is what I like to see. Everyone having a good time and making fun of the Cowboys.
Korean Life
Korean Life Aylar önce
@o hernandez That's literally the equivalent of saying, "I know you are but what am I?" as a come back. It makes no sense. LOL
Brandon Tong
Brandon Tong Aylar önce
@DC4L y’all stink 🤣🤣🤣
Moom Aylar önce
@DC4L rent free? Y’all paying 2,500$ a month just to get some attention😂😂the eagles won a Super Bowl, went through a whole ass rebuild and made it back to the Super Bowl in 5 years and the cowboys haven’t been to the nfc championship in like 25 years😂😂😂
George Aylar önce
Everyone love Big D in their mouths….
GrantYT18 Aylar önce
I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but as long as the players are having fun and the commentary is this good and light it should be worth supporting. they just came off a long season something like this feels like good change of pace.
GrantYT18 Aylar önce
@flyingchimp12 we're not. we've had the new minigames for some time but not flag football. It's an adjustment is all
flyingchimp12 Aylar önce
Why y’all acting like they haven’t been doing this for years and years…
LuxLoose Aylar önce
@No No you're so triggered over overpaid athletes is sad
LuxLoose Aylar önce
@No No wow a random TRvid account that means absolutely nothing to me. Yea your words resonate with me I really give a crap about your comment. Idc what you think, why would u think otherwise
Whereyahidin Aylar önce
The cowboys can't even escape THE PROBOWL TROLLING 😂😂😂😂😂 ELI MANNING IS LOVING IT.
jaPaul Walton
jaPaul Walton Aylar önce
Rory Tribbet
Rory Tribbet Aylar önce
I got that weenor, I got those balls
TheBlackMambaGT Aylar önce
Cowboys can't even catch a break 😂😂😂😂 Can't blame Dak for that 😂
Aye-Tana Aylar önce
@M2urn every fan says it’s their teams year 😭 the cowboys Jus got a bigger fanbase .
TheCrypticOmen Aylar önce
Ik it's goofy, but I can't be the only one who enjoys watching the players just have fun and smile
Ryukami Aylar önce
I think it's great. A fun distraction to fill the gap between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl where players are out there doing live action versions of the old Madden minigames having a good time after their seasons are over while the two teams left are prepping for the biggest game of the year.
Artemis Aylar önce
I enjoyed the pro bowl activities and the flag football games. All of these players seemed to be having a blast the whole time, they could just relax and enjoy this weekend. And given the comments I have seen on the clips of the games on TRvid and on social media, people truly enjoyed all these activities and want this brought back next year. And bring back the Manning brothers too. And we need more little games like these as well
Coffee Stain Music
Coffee Stain Music Aylar önce
That's what you wanna tune in for? Just to see players smile? Lol what? People really trying here...
LightsOut Lamonte
LightsOut Lamonte Aylar önce
Annual Tradition I love for Us and the Players
Jeremy C
Jeremy C Aylar önce
@Antonio Edwards The best of the best play next week
Mark C
Mark C Aylar önce
hendrickson doing that 5 ball catch was impressive af
NbleSavage Aylar önce
Hendrickson is a freak. Good to see him getting some pub and having fun.
Old Dragon
Old Dragon Aylar önce
...and coming back from a broken wrist to boot!
John's Fish Room
John's Fish Room Aylar önce
Then Hendrickson drilled 3 targets, guys got skills
randumo24 Aylar önce
It was definitely the right two from the AFC. Bitonio is the biggest dude there & definitely has the worst shaped body to be catching balls, & making those catches just 1-handed was pretty damned skilled too.
MOOSE Aylar önce
man someone give these announcers a contract they had me dying 😂
Ian Haslacker
Ian Haslacker Aylar önce
@ItisTrainFix on god that has to be racist
Fuk 12
Fuk 12 Aylar önce
facts they tb they got confetti out here 😂😂😂
ItisTrainFix Aylar önce
“Take it ray Lewis” is a wild quote
Samuel Osborn
Samuel Osborn Aylar önce
As a Dolphins fan I want to say...I wish Eli showed this side while he played. Then more people would give his 2 super bowls the proper respect they deserve. Thank you Eli bc of you Miami is still the only undefeated team in NFL history. You're a legend and a pretty funny dude.
Jeremy C
Jeremy C Aylar önce
And now with that extra regular season game, that undefeated record gets even harder to accomplish
Michael Seaton
Michael Seaton Aylar önce
I cant lie... this commentary is A1!!! 🔥🔥🔥 I'm dying over here 🤣🤣🤣
nickelbus Aylar önce
Yea dey been stoopid as hell lol
Josh Aylar önce
The Manning Superbowl showdown where both Peyton vs Eli play against each other would've been awesome to watch
xBlaak_Sushii Aylar önce
It was HIGHLY unplausible but imagine the Manning Brothers, coached by the Harbaugh Brothers, in SBXLII. That would've been the Ultimate Brother Bowl
ThatFanBoyGuy Aylar önce
The Super Bowl we always wanted but never got
Torrey Jr.
Torrey Jr. Aylar önce
We got the Kelce bowl
Carbine64 Aylar önce
Next year I'd want a flag football game between Peyton's team and Eli's team, but maybe they'll change the coaches up next time.
Taki Aylar önce
“Eli got that default swag”😂
Fuk 12
Fuk 12 Aylar önce
who said dat😂😂
Dawn Welch
Dawn Welch Aylar önce
I think it’s nice to see something so different for the ProBowl - and granted, this is the inaugural year for it, so it does appear hokey and will certainly get tweaked here and there, but I loved seeing the fellas having fun!! Why not have some awesome lightness after being all serious (playwise) all season? Thank you for being brave to put on something different; this makes me more likely to watch ProBowl week!
my09 Aylar önce
Trey Hendrickson came fresh out of that close game with Chiefs still red hot at the Pro Bowls.
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson Aylar önce
With a broken wrist
Dirty Mike
Dirty Mike Aylar önce
Everyone is having so much fun, love the new pro bowl format
eltzrothm1 Aylar önce
Hendrickson is clearly the MVP of this one. 5 balls caught and 3 targets hit.
Omar’s Memory Bank
The commentators are what makes this gold 😂
Chase Jones
Chase Jones Aylar önce
😂Especially Marcus spears had me crying
BENNYtheballerONE YT
1:43 "how bout them cowboys" that line made me laugh I almost peed💀💀💀💀
Jay Scott
Jay Scott Aylar önce
😂😂😂😂 on god
Rico Johnson
Rico Johnson Aylar önce
Buddy that was 2 seconds
Zeke Jordan
Zeke Jordan Aylar önce
Lol I hope you didn’t peed.
Asson Mifays
Asson Mifays Aylar önce
These commentators make this well worth watching 😂😂 they know how ridiculous this is
Jay H
Jay H Aylar önce
@Jasonexactly, she was the most professional but still kept a sense of humor throughout
Brad Arbeiter
Brad Arbeiter Aylar önce
This would instantly make the NFL better if these were permanent announcers for games.
Isaiah Williams
Isaiah Williams Aylar önce
@Sosa 3ØØ why u like that 😐
Jason Aylar önce
@Sosa 3ØØ nah u a big hater she was the main one on point
Michael Goemmel
Michael Goemmel Aylar önce
No they are garbage
 Daily Dose Of Random
Who else didn't know the pro bowl already started 🤔
Kameron Graham
Kameron Graham Aylar önce
I thought it starts on Sunday 😂
Rafał Aylar önce
@Bobbyhillthe3rd why would your phone auto correct video to vidoe LOL
Same 😂
Clay Hodge
Clay Hodge Aylar önce
"He caught the balloon just like he play....aggressive! " 😁😂🤣
CJ Phillips
CJ Phillips Aylar önce
3:36 that one handed water ballon snag on the right side was clean
Yunghomie does it
Yunghomie does it Aylar önce
went unnoticed by hella people 😂😂😂
Chill Introvert
Chill Introvert Aylar önce
I need Marcus Spears and RGIII calling games together 😂 they have absolutely been the stars of this pro bowl with the jokes
VGN Aylar önce
Cowboys getting roasted even during the pro bowl 💀💀💀
saigondese Aylar önce
pain just pain everywhere
JM gonzales
JM gonzales Aylar önce
@The Big One hmmm, no pretty sure its tie with 5.
The Big One
The Big One Aylar önce
@JM gonzales more superbowls than your favorite poverty franchise
Rico Johnson
Rico Johnson Aylar önce
@JM gonzales that don’t even make sense
JM gonzales
JM gonzales Aylar önce
worse franchise in the league?
Moosh Aylar önce
This is such an improvement already. I hope other sports leagues take this into consideration.
rafa57games Aylar önce
Eli's face when he realize it isn't water is precious
FKC Aylar önce
I watched this for 14ish minutes and was entertained enough to not be on my phone. More than I can say for majority of shows. Fair play to ya ProBowl
Webstar Gaming
Webstar Gaming Aylar önce
The extra game in a sport this brutal is always tough I like this idea so everybody can have fun and be serious because there is such a little chance at injury
WolvesTM Aylar önce
The being selected to the Pro Bowl should be a reward. Vacation and fun. Like in the USA, its common to have a "senior party" the night before High School graduation. My school rented out an indoor amusement park; Bowling, arcade, laser tag, water park. Thats what this iteration of the Pro Bowl reminded me of.
Waterdancer 52
Waterdancer 52 Aylar önce
I love this event! Proud of the NFL for stepping up and coming up with an alternative to the Pro Bowl normal game that is so much more fun with no risk of injury
Atomic Diamond Fishing
Eli's face when it wasn't water is gold this is way better than the game they used to have
Artie Johnson
Artie Johnson Aylar önce
Trey Hendrickson Representing the Cincinnati Bengals like a boss!!! Awesome job Trey!!!
Frost Aylar önce
John Breaux
John Breaux Aylar önce
“Eli Manning has default swag” is the best passive aggressive diss ever 😂😂
nickelbus Aylar önce
Sherry Weems
Sherry Weems Aylar önce
I'm loving all of this!!!! Everyone's having soooo much fun! I need a ticket.
Ghost Face
Ghost Face Aylar önce
Man I hated seeing Hendrickson leave the saints. Dude is a baller in all aspects
Bob Cobb
Bob Cobb Aylar önce
Love the new games! Definitely wished I would have caught this live. I'll be watching them next season.
Annette Nelson
Annette Nelson Aylar önce
Really enjoying these Pro Bowl Games. And it seems like the guys are having fun with it too.
CrashTwan Aylar önce
“Take it ray lewis” is so outta pocket🤣
Christina Gomez
Christina Gomez Aylar önce
I’m not going to lie, I thought these pro bowl games would be goofy and awful but these are so entertaining, I love this. Can’t wait for the flag football game honestly
Roy Patton
Roy Patton Aylar önce
Everyone is having fun, and nobody is getting needlessly injured. This is a win for everyone.
Justin Hill
Justin Hill Aylar önce
I love that they're revamping the pro bowl. Changing it to a flag game means that they'll actually compete instead of just trying to avoid getting injured. And the skills challenges are fun. Dodgeball was a great idea.
FedorMachida Last
FedorMachida Last Aylar önce
Hendrickson is a beast! Great athlete.
Kenton Godfrey
Kenton Godfrey Aylar önce
The greatest part about this is that the final 4 guys in the SKILL challenge are all linemen! 😂 Just goes to show the big boys are the best athletes in the business 😤
Christian Mcallister
"The most aggressive splash I've ever seen" "Yeah, it clapped." Lmfao
The Replacements Gaming
I loved how Bitonio was just killing this!!
Flow Aylar önce
This was fun, enjoyable and just funny RG3 is an amazing announcer and instead of trash ahhh flag football we get this masterpiece of a show
K N Aylar önce
Marcus spears is such a gifted commentator! Always represents for us big fellas
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Aylar önce
I’m completely fine with this I had a good time watching it competition is just fun to watch between athletes I’d be fine watching them even play chess against each other 😂💯
Anthony Sclafani
Anthony Sclafani Aylar önce
waaaaaay better than the usual game where no one tries
Abe Lincoln
Abe Lincoln Aylar önce
I can't wait till we have brady walking around these sidelines cracking jokes as well. Gonna be fun to watch him transition into commentary.
MockEmperor 953
MockEmperor 953 Aylar önce
I have a good feeling that this Pro Bowl will be one of the best pro Bowls in history
Michael Parish
Michael Parish Aylar önce
"No pickle ball around here" this commentary is hilarious 😂
Byers Aylar önce
16:28 That catch was insane 😂
Timothy Landon
Timothy Landon Aylar önce
“How bout dem Cowboys 🤠” 🤣🤣🤣
Gage OwO
Gage OwO Aylar önce
​@Nuke Steelers and Patriots have more though? Tom Brady has more also lol. You guys haven't been to the Superbowl in over 25 years. Haven't won the divisional round in that time either. You're literally replying to every comment that mentions the cowboys. I swear your fanbase can't take a joke ever
ScranemDranem Aylar önce
@Nuke bro the patriots and steelers have 6 SB lol
Timothy Landon
Timothy Landon Aylar önce
@Nuke I was talking about mine Ik it’s a nerd name lol
Mark Sprinkle
Mark Sprinkle Aylar önce
I remember "Field Day" in 5th grade. Good times!
Sam King
Sam King Aylar önce
Derek Carr, Tyler Huntley at the Pro Bowl... Word is that Nate Peterman is expected to make an appearance tonight, as the Pro Bowl honor's the NFL's finest!
OK2EZIE Aylar önce
I love this and it looks like the players love this, even the announcers is in it. How people be hatin on this is wack
OK2EZIE Aylar önce
@Matt&Lindz if the shoe fits wear it, you do t have to like it but to the people who can’t even see these dudes are having fun and think these athletes are only there for their amusement is whom I’m talking about
Matt&Lindz Aylar önce
Just cause someone doesn’t share your opinion of what’s entertaining does not make them wack. Stop crying
Brian D.C. Smith
Brian D.C. Smith Aylar önce
These events are six thousand times better than anyting the pro bowl NFL has ever done
StevenP727 Aylar önce
Marcus Spears is killing me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he's so funny
chocotengoku Aylar önce
22:18 “Take it Ray Lewis” 🥴 Hahaha she said that with a little evil in her 😂
Brownd Beanz
Brownd Beanz Aylar önce
It's like playing games at the cookout 😀 good vibes
Rantavious Williams
🤣🤣🤣 “How about them Cowboys” that killed me
kY Aylar önce
this commentary was great 😂
john done
john done Aylar önce
I can me watching this next year. Love the commentary too. Much more fun than regular safe football game.
Kenny Simeone
Kenny Simeone Aylar önce
man i miss trey Hendrickson and i’m pissed the saints let him go. i’m so happy to see him still balling out tho
Jeff Aylar önce
Loved it, great setup of fun
rianrosco Aylar önce
Watching linemans catch punts is crazy
Jacob Veu
Jacob Veu Aylar önce
Commentary has been amazing so far. The Eli Manning default swag was gold lol
Johnny N
Johnny N Aylar önce
Genuinely enjoyed this, bring it back!
Russell Jones
Russell Jones Aylar önce
Showdowns in this year are great
Jessejames Aylar önce
I can remember playing this in early elementary. Brings back a lot of memories
Zach Robinson
Zach Robinson Aylar önce
My boy Hendrickson representing!
Hatslippers Aylar önce
Trey with one of the most dominant pro bowl preferences I've ever seen
Jacob Porter
Jacob Porter Aylar önce
Trey out here styling with that broken wrist!!
Tyree k.
Tyree k. Aylar önce
Love to see so many cowboys fans. Thank y’all for supporting 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jb Aylar önce
This reminds me of field day at school 😂😂 I remember playing this game
Fito N
Fito N Aylar önce
Love these type of events. Thus is what makes pro bowl stuff fun
Dawn Welch
Dawn Welch Aylar önce
I agree - I remember how much fun it would be during All Star Week during the baseball season - watching all the different events, seeing the guys having fun with their families…seeing this kind of Pro-Bowl has that feel now, too! I bet it will get adjusted as needed; first time for things are always a bit weird…but this really was fun!
BENNYtheballerONE YT
The cowboys getting roasted is hilarious 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Jose A. Lucas
Jose A. Lucas Aylar önce
@Nuke they're not much of a joke as the Cowboys
Nuke Aylar önce
bros a raptors fan 🤣
Ambient Cotton
Ambient Cotton Aylar önce
She said “wait til we get to the juggz machine. We’ll see who’s mouth is open then.”😆🤘🏼
PTxE Reaper
PTxE Reaper Aylar önce
Every skills competition I've seen this year the commentary is so hilarious.
MVP Mahomes
MVP Mahomes Aylar önce
This gives me vibes of a middle school party
Rani Asaad
Rani Asaad Aylar önce
sad that this is what the nfl decided to do. just bring back the skills competition from the 2000s. was entertaining and showed players skills
J. Caston
J. Caston Aylar önce
This is a good change of pace from the normal probowl activity
Felipe San Miguel
Felipe San Miguel Aylar önce
I'd like to think of Pro Bowl weekend as a precursor as to what the hell am I gonna do all offseason after the Super Bowl is over and done with?
Late Nights
Late Nights Aylar önce
Formula 1 my guy 🦾
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher Aylar önce
Watch UFC and boxing . Fight card every weekend
K.S.N. 1517
K.S.N. 1517 Aylar önce
@MrMister XFL got so cheap tickets too so yeah.
MrMister Aylar önce
XFL in late February and USFL in April if you want more football on tv
Rob Graffy
Rob Graffy Aylar önce
BEST. PROBOWL. EVER. since the 90's.....
towel head timmy
towel head timmy Aylar önce
In 3 videos I have already got more out of this then I would of the pro bowl football game. Nfl did good on this one.
Broncos Stampede
Broncos Stampede Aylar önce
Trevor Lawrence Is Funny Asf
R L Aylar önce
First round feels like footballer playing cricket…soft catch
Key Major
Key Major Aylar önce
I like this new Format of the pro bowl … Better than the tag football game of the past
Zeke Jordan
Zeke Jordan Aylar önce
Honestly I still like the Pro Bowl, yeah its not how it used to be but still fun to watch.
Incredulous D
Incredulous D Aylar önce
8:34 "oh my goodness Jeffrey" Absolutely slaying me Like the dude is roasting everyone for their catching, but Jeffrey. Jeffrey comes up and he's just like. Sigh. Jeff.
HotHandQuis Aylar önce
Joel Bitonio my guy!! Amazing dude, was my locker mate my freshman year at Nevada
Vamp9190 Aylar önce
Nothing can beat the late Sean Taylor's hit on the punter, but this new Pro Bowl is pure gold!
Jack Heminger
Jack Heminger Aylar önce
trey hendrickson absolutely dominated damn
Hemlock Aylar önce
This is pure genius!!
DP MuddaSucka
DP MuddaSucka Aylar önce
That switch catch by Trey Hendrickson was underrated! "That was pretty cool" damn right!
joy productions
joy productions Aylar önce
I'm a cowboys fan but man this is hilarious
Benjamin Feige
Benjamin Feige Aylar önce
For the Niners and Bengals players, nothing like going ferom serious tackle football to catching water balloons in less than a week.
lol... I love that they're so focused & serious
Ben Roberge
Ben Roberge Aylar önce
Trey Hendrickson=elite athlete
WPO Wolfpack International
Those sports announcers know they was having some fun lol😂but go Niners💪🙏
Vincent Aurel Monces
This is much more fun the actual pro bowl game
Christopher Agudo
Christopher Agudo Aylar önce
Man I’m a cowboys fan but I’m laughing at all the jokes right now they deserve it 😂
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