LIFE CHANGING DECISION (We're not Selling Our Catamaran)

Sailing La Vagabonde
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22 May 2022




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Pita Bread
You know, Lenny could do an episode by himself. "Life on board through the eyes of Lenny" People watching. A show about nothing. A kid watching adults interact. It's not as silly as it sounds.
Glen Gamble
‘I’m not a little ghost…I’m just Lenny.’ Heart officially smiling ❤️
nursejewl28 B
The nanny is a hit of an addition to the vagabonde family. Love her, her laughter is contagious and the moments we see her on camera she has such a down to earth demeanor.
chris jarret
I’m an executive chef and have been working in kitchens for the past 20+ years and about 6 years of cooking on boats and yachts.
Marielle Sasaki
I love these longer episodes. I literally caught myself just smiling while watching. Thank you so much for these!
ron prince
By the time Lenny is twenty he’s going to have sixteen years experience in film making and videography both aquatic and terrestrial. Will anyone believe that on his resume.
Coleen Goodell
Lenny is becoming such a darling little boy. He is looking, acting, swimming and speaking beyond his years. I'm amazed at the transformation of both the boys. And I bet Lenny is going to be the best big brother ever. Thank you for bringing others like myself along for your adventures. Stay safe and God bless.
Anita Farwell
😍”Is everything all right, momma?” When Lenny asks these questions, they just melt my heart. Such a little grown-up, but such a great heart to have a such a young age.
So great to see the girls and you all laughing so much recently. We all try so hard to be healthy in our diet and exercise, but forget that laughter is one of the best things we can do for our health. Good on ya!
Yeah Right
You are getting REALLY REALLY good at doing these episodes. The way you sell the products you endorse is natural and effortless! Great job!
Shay Bae
Shay Bae Gün önce
That was such an awesome idea, I would love to learn your lifestyle and just give it a go. I’ve always loved being surrounded by water and the idea of living on a boat. I hope to sail with you soon, I’ll be looking into the charter for sure! 🤍
Javier Echevarria
Elayna your skin is … just perfect. The results of the treatment are visible and outstanding. C9ngratulations
Ashleigh C
Can we just have a moment when Darwin was sitting in the background, clapping whilst you both were enjoying your iced coffees. Seemed so content with himself 😇
Amber Baty
Lenny is doing such a great job with his swimming.
Joe Murphy
I have been your videos for years, and they ALWAYS make me smile. Somehow, watching you guys makes me feel that the world is gonna be just fine.
I was waiting for Riley to announce himself as "Admiral of the 'Armada de la Vagabonde'" lol it would be really cool if they slowly collected boats and sailed them in a sort of fleet
Resplendent Clarity
Rhiley has such a way with words. 🤣 His description of how his sleep deprivation feels is in point!
SLV I wanted to thank you for the inspiration. This past weekend I passed the ASA 101 basic keelboat class. I had never even set foot on a sailboat in my entire life, and now I can tell you the difference between a mainsheet and a halyard among other terms. If it wasn't for this channel I wouldn't have found a new love for adventure via sail. Thanks.
Laura Williams
Haven’t commented for some time but felt the need to today. In my gut it felt like such a wasted opportunity to just let SLV II go. Love this idea! So happy that the SLV II story continues to live on!
Frank Brants
Frank Brants 21 gün önce
WooHoooo!! So glad you found a way to keep the Outremer!! She's such a significant part of your family, I couldn't stand the thought of selling her.
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