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The Lexus LFA (Now ~$1,000,000 CAD, ~$800,000 USD) is just about everyone’s favourite supercar - and it’s no surprise as to why. The handbuilt naturally aspirated V10 with its meticulously engineered exhaust note. The mind-bendingly fast sequential gearbox. The carbon fibre infused chassis. There are so many reasons why the LFA holds a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts all over the world. But will it live up to the hype and be the exception to the saying ‘don’t meet your heroes’? Watch as Thomas and James attempt to pick their jaws up off the floor and review this automotive legend. SUBSCRIBE!

Huge thank you to Drive Motorsports for making this possible. www.drivemotorsports.ca/ | @drivemotorsports.ca

And to Michelin Canada, for replacing the tires.




Post-production by Karston Chong and Thomas Holland

Music from Epidemicsound.com and Artlist.io

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26 Eki 2021




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Throttle House
Throttle House 2 aylar önce
Thank you all for your kind words. We’re absolutely blown away by your comments. This was a truly special experience and our editor extraordinaire Karston did an incredible job with the final product. And yes, don’t worry. Harrison did indeed get to drive his dream car. 😉. Thanks again everyone, and stay tuned. We’ve got more wild stuff coming.
Royan Raj Laxman
Royan Raj Laxman 2 gün önce
You guys nailed the review, i mean really it gave me a piece of experience how sick is that car 🤯
Brian L
Brian L 6 gün önce
You guys make fantastic videos and convey of sense of being there along with you guys that I haven't found in any other automotive YT channel. Great work and amazing LFA!
pedro ramos
pedro ramos 15 gün önce
@giorgio tommasini i seen a white 1 cruising through Brighton le sands.. i stood there like an idiot unable to speak
Hasan Farooq
Hasan Farooq Aylar önce
The way how James said Lexus LFA aligned with the music was so beautiful
Quartz Nation
Quartz Nation Aylar önce
So if I see one during a red light sitting next to me I should kindly ask the driver to put it on sport mode and Rev it? 😯😃😄😁
ScatterVolt 2 aylar önce
The existence of this car will forever be like passive income for the Lexus brand as a whole.
Mikio Norton
Mikio Norton Aylar önce
ezyoffice ong
ezyoffice ong Aylar önce
@Mez Oddly enough, most automakers, including German autos, do not make their own gas-engine turbos (they outsource it), while Lexus and Toyota manufacture their own, that's how they control quality and reliability. Mercedes do make their own Diesel turbos, though.
Matthew Sharpe
Matthew Sharpe Aylar önce
@Hotobu The infotainment system is mostly how people listen to music, the radio, and make phone-calls, and maybe use the navigation - all of which any Lexus can manage to do - and in fact for sound quality, Lexus is again usually at the top end, which might be more important to a lot of people than having compromised sound, but being able to check their instagram or whatever. Sure it's nice to have the latest wireless android auto etc, but it's not necessary. Yes, you are totally right a lot of people do base their buying decision on how flashy the gadgets are - those people are in my opinion, foolish, or at least not really interested in driving. Ultimately no matter what you buy it'll all feel out of date in a few years regardless, but the vehicles reliability, driving dynamics and personality remains.
Hotobu Aylar önce
@Matthew Sharpe This is a great reply if your intent was to miss the point. Other than a steering wheel the infotainment system is how people interact with the vehicle. Lexus is still a decade behind. It absolutely does play a factor in sales.
Matthew Sharpe
Matthew Sharpe Aylar önce
@Hotobu Terrible interior? Are you kidding? Lexus interiors are both beautiful and durable - sit in a BMW, then sit in the equivalent Lexus model, the BMW will seem like budget crap (because, really whilst BMW's look nice, they use shit materials in most of their interiors and when you interact with them you can feel it). Sit in an Audi and then the equivalent Lexus, the Lexus will feel just as premium, but won't creak when you press on things they don't expect you to touch. I'd agree the infotainment is always a couple of generations behind, but if that's the most important thing in a car to you, you have weird priorities.
Tony Bland
Tony Bland 2 aylar önce
The L-F-A with the downshifts at the end gave me goosebumps. Well done lads.
dnegel 9 gün önce
LFA sound vs Ferrari f50 sound? What you guys think?
Abetown Neufeld
Abetown Neufeld 11 gün önce
Same same
Vinicius Falchi
Vinicius Falchi Aylar önce
Thought because of the spoiler it wasn't gonna happen ... It sure did
MrNick98 Aylar önce
I was gonna comment this too
Initial deez nuts
Initial deez nuts Aylar önce
the entire video gave me chills lmao
Gabriel Ali
Gabriel Ali 2 aylar önce
The LFA is the definition of the Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.
M D Aylar önce
@Amir or how long it took, or the money they wasted making it all those years.
M D Aylar önce
True and they made no money whatsoever by the end of the crazy long development. Not feasible for any car company long term.
prism828 Aylar önce
LFA has the structural look of an American muscle car with the exquisiteness and elegance of design of an Italian car with the perfect engineering over all German cars put together.
Tira 2 aylar önce
Ferdinand Bardamu
Ferdinand Bardamu 2 aylar önce
Styling. Gearbox. Infotainment. Relentless.
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia 2 aylar önce
I literally almost cried when Thomas started drive the LFA, crazy how much a car can make you emotional. The LFA will forever be a dream of mine.
A great
A great 14 gün önce
And then they ruined it with cringe jokes
Howard Kwok
Howard Kwok 18 gün önce
YES, Same here.
Param Shah
Param Shah Aylar önce
I did too. Ill freely admit.
Yasser Hanbali
Yasser Hanbali Aylar önce
Exactly how I felt
Bryan Mcgoon
Bryan Mcgoon 2 aylar önce
Ken Mosesian
Ken Mosesian 2 aylar önce
More than a car review, this video perfectly demonstrates what's possible when you make your living doing what you're passionate about. Beautiful in every way. Thank you.
Paul 18 gün önce
ELF Kids Videos
ELF Kids Videos 2 aylar önce
That was an epic review. Standing and applauding.
Gerhard Hoenecker
Gerhard Hoenecker 2 aylar önce
@Brendan James Noncarguy spotted.
Brendan James
Brendan James 2 aylar önce
Andrew Duong
Andrew Duong 2 aylar önce
@RAZGR1Z these two videos should be in a playlist of their own.
RAZGR1Z 2 aylar önce
Agreed. Check out Savagegeese's LFA mini-documentary as well. They dive deep into the history and mechanics.
liquidtunes 2 aylar önce
The LFA will remain a testament to an era of mechanical art that's already seeing its sunset. Watching these cars run now is like watching your love in their best years, still strong, alive and beautiful. I'm sure similar wistfulness has been expressed for various standouts across eras. Well, this one is ours.
Donovan M
Donovan M 20 gün önce
Perfectly put.
liquidtunes Aylar önce
​@Eliud I hope the next time you shed a tear is when you hear the LFA in person 🙌🏻😊
Eliud Aylar önce
This is the first time I cry to a comment on a car review.
MrSoiSauce Aylar önce
@Bill Heughan it’s not one that appeases the “environmentalists” (I say that in quotes cuz they’re not actually environmentalists, despite claiming 2 b that; they’re just Tesla Stans), so while it might b faster and maybe even a little bit better, there’s so many Tesla stans now that it’s impossible 2 convince anyone that alternative fuels r better than electric power for any reason
SDFcommander Aylar önce
Well said. I agree 100%!
kao the numberblocks
kao the numberblocks 2 aylar önce
Still the BEST and MOST beautiful engine sound EVER. There's no other like it....
Strikye B
Strikye B 3 gün önce
@c0lutch correct, also Yamaha makes grand pianos.
indie soul
indie soul 6 gün önce
​@c0lutch Toyota's Lexus LFA contains engines entirely designed and manufactured by Yamaha.
Frankie Teo
Frankie Teo 14 gün önce
This is the engine which Lamborghini wish they could build. But then, they never faced in F1, did they? Toyota did!.
Robert D.
Robert D. 27 gün önce
Well, there is the Carrera GT.
Savo&Bojana Knezevic
Savo&Bojana Knezevic 27 gün önce
7.3 v12 brabus
AloisBlazit 005
AloisBlazit 005 2 aylar önce
It really is crazy how everyone who drives this says its the best car they have ever driven. It must really be that good. I know I’ll probably never drive it but i really hope i somehow do
oot Aylar önce
@Tiago Almeida >OP: "Said it was slower than everything it ran up against" can you even read? OP's comment above is FACTUALLY WRONG and I am factually correct. The LFA was FASTER than every production car in history it ran up against on the track when it was released. It's obvious you don't know the difference between a stripped down racer and a street legal production car. If those stripped down racers had to comply with all legal regulations, crash protection, pedestrian protection, protection from the elements etc and be able to drive on real roads including speed bumps etc then it's lap time would be considerably slower. The fact that you think legal production street cars should be compared to stripped down racers shows your ignorance.
Tiago Almeida
Tiago Almeida Aylar önce
@oot Making a distinction between them doesn't take the record away from them and just because the LFA was fast around the tracks, that doesn't mean the public received it well, which was the OP's whole point
oot Aylar önce
@Tiago Almeida The LFA Nurburgring was part of the production run. The other 3 cars were stripped down racers and not production street legal cars.
Tiago Almeida
Tiago Almeida Aylar önce
@oot You're too quick to call people wrong without doing some research, you think I don't know about the Ring record ? It was the Nürburgring editon LFA and Motortrend said it was actually the 4th fastest time, all this is easy to find ☺️
oot Aylar önce
@Tiago Almeida You're wrong. LFA production years was 2011 to 2013. LFA broke the ring record in 2011. As I said LFA faster on the track than any McLaren F1, Enzo, Ferrari, Porsche, Zonda, Veyron, Lambo made before it and even the year after it started production.
Ho Lii Fuk
Ho Lii Fuk 2 aylar önce
"The perfect car doesn't exi..." *A Lexus LFA has appeared*
Taha Benaziz
Taha Benaziz 2 aylar önce
@Kristiāns Ozoliņš no car can reach that level of perfection that porsche is a another 911 but the lfa cant be replicated by the people who made it its the best car in the world
Kristiāns Ozoliņš
Kristiāns Ozoliņš 2 aylar önce
992 GT3 has entered the chat
BigJigglyPanda 2 aylar önce
This is one of the best car videos, if not THE best car video I've ever watched.
acobos00 Aylar önce
Savagegeese video on the lfa is amazing too
ScalyChannel589 2 aylar önce
@Jay Parikh agreeed that or the 599 clarkson review in Scotland near to the end of top gear
Ryan Kenny
Ryan Kenny 2 aylar önce
hello panda
Kingturtle 2 aylar önce
yo homie ily, but this is not where I thought id see you
Allan Cifuentes
Allan Cifuentes 2 aylar önce
And carfection with the manual GT3 wss sublime
zee 25 gün önce
this car proves that whenever Toyota is determined, they'll absolutely nail it no matter how much time it takes because they like to do things right. They own the economy car sector, hybrid sector, truck sector and with this one car they've won hearts of millions around the globe. I almost see no negative comments about it on any video or from any person. I doubt any car other than the LFA has had that kind of an effect ever before. I hope they do it right with the next LFA too but it's guna be hard in a world of new emission standards and shrinking engines. we might never see such a masterpiece ever again.
dan725 2 aylar önce
This is the best review of anything ever. The passion of these two car enthusiasts, their rapport and humor, and their emotional experience with this car was just beautiful. The editing was so good. I’m in utter awe. I never watch a youtube video more than once. I made the exception here. The pure happiness everyone exhibits, and the absolute love for their jobs everyone at TH exhibits just comes through here so much. The sound, the dialogue, the editing… That was 20 minutes of pure joy and fun, and I really wish it was longer.
gtmaniac 2 aylar önce
Just by listening the sound of that V10, many grown man cried. What level of black magic that the engineers (both Toyota & Yamaha music) poured in making this mechanical masterpiece sounded like heaven! Superb video & superb cinematography too!
Victor Mccaskill
Victor Mccaskill 2 aylar önce
Amazing job guys. Hearing that downshift with L F A at the end had me feeling so emotional. I know we may never hear a orchestra of this kind again in production.
Alex McBroom
Alex McBroom 2 aylar önce
@Victor Mccaskill oh yeah every last nut and bolt was thought about
Victor Mccaskill
Victor Mccaskill 2 aylar önce
@Alex McBroom very true. A lot of thought was put in to this car. Very impressive.
Alex McBroom
Alex McBroom 2 aylar önce
@Victor Mccaskill the single clutch unit was also lighter as well!
Victor Mccaskill
Victor Mccaskill 2 aylar önce
Fun fact, the reason for the single clutch is because the creator of the LFA wanted the feel of the vehicles shift to mimic a manual shift so you can feel connected with the cars mechanics and still feel that shift thrust as you would with a manual. This was purposely done so you can enjoy the same excitement as the feeling you get from the manual.
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 2 aylar önce
That downshift at the end while spelling out LFA was just pure art
Ross Serpant
Ross Serpant 6 saatler önce
Music was a perfect match as well. Really suits the car.
Dakota 12 gün önce
Brought a tear to my eye it was so beautiful.
Anthony Barnett
Anthony Barnett 23 gün önce
Literally gave me chills
AndrewinTas Aylar önce
Marvin L.
Marvin L. 2 aylar önce
Yeah I got goosebumps at that moment
analystK Aylar önce
this deserves an emmy award - the cinematography, the shots, the angles, the music, the narrative, all in unison to truly depict how epic the LFA really is. remarkable.
Steve S
Steve S 2 aylar önce
I've been watching this channel since near it's beginning when it was just Thomas. I have promoted it on my own groups/forums for a few years now, and I've always been proud of the journalism and just great entertainment from fellow Canadians. While I've always joked around and called you guys the Canadian Top Gear, I've only said that as a means to express the quality of the content. I watched Top Gear as many did, never missed a show. But it wasn't just the cars, it was a part of my day where I was able to escape my daily issues and drama, and just laugh and smile...as I watched a few fools enjoy cars as I do. While the old Top Gear is long gone, Throttle House has long taken it's spot in this household as my escape from the real world, even if just for a moment. Thanks for the content, thanks the laughs.
Dr. Olawale Ogunlana
Dr. Olawale Ogunlana 2 aylar önce
TBH I cried like a baby at the very end. A befitting review for an engineering masterpiece. I hope to drive one of these in my lifetime ❤️. Throttle House, you guys are the best! Thank you for sharing these emotions with us.
xtm86 2 aylar önce
The amount of love for automotive and this car in particular is mind blowing, thank you for this masterpiece of a video. Even not being the most enthusiast about the LFA in particular I felt a sudden urge to connect to this arguable masterpiece.
Cole Sliva
Cole Sliva 2 aylar önce
the three downshifts while L F A was being spelled out literally might be the coolest thing I have ever seen in a car review
shakke52 2 aylar önce
Tyrone McAuley
Tyrone McAuley 2 aylar önce
Fuckin A is in L F A
Michael Gakanga
Michael Gakanga 2 aylar önce
@YT Sux even then...this is their best production ever. I saw it from the start. To be honest, I think this video will have a better production value than that of a Centodieci
Jissan Huq
Jissan Huq 2 aylar önce
I hate most superfluous things. But. Not. This.
Seek Discomfort:))
Seek Discomfort:)) 2 aylar önce
Hahahhaha LOVE IT ❤!!!!
Justin Madden
Justin Madden 25 gün önce
The emotion shown by you guys in this video brings tears to my eyes. The sound of those downshifts sends a tingle down my spine. I (and many others) will never experience this car in real life but thanks to you guys it’s as close to real as we will get. Thanks for the journey.
Mike Folsom
Mike Folsom 2 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing this, guys! I always loved the LFA...have seen a few on the road. The way the engine revs and sounds cannot be duplicated today with the turbo motors everyone is using. I truly loved the genuine enjoyment each of you had as you drove it...truly emotional!
Nathaniel Mckenzie
Nathaniel Mckenzie 2 aylar önce
One of the greatest car reviews I’ve ever seen, everything about this gave me chills. This review was from the heart of throttle house to reach the hearts of us throttle house supporters! Thank y’all for this one 🙌🏿🙌🏿
chris doucet
chris doucet 2 aylar önce
I felt genuinely haply for you guys as I watched this video. By far one of the best ones I've seen. I was disappointed however. I though for sure I was going to see the camera man driving and you guys filming as this was his fav car and how excited he was.
chevymaro92 2 aylar önce
The level of this film was just INSANE ! Took me back to Top Gear Days. and that V10 ! what an absolutely amazing sounding unit.
Marie Pascale JHONSON
Marie Pascale JHONSON 2 aylar önce
range rover new model 2022 with integrated aircraft propeller trvid.com/video/video-F6Uyk5sazFo.html
nitrobuddy Aylar önce
I was listening to this one while working and at the end with the audio I closed my eyes to hear the LFA, my mind was quickly filled with serotonin and my body covered in goosebumps as my eyes teared up. It may sound odd getting this much emotional satisfaction through the simple sound of an automobile. However the fact is that it is no simple sound. It’s a sound that took years and dozens of engineers to produce. Products like this are not made for fiscal gain but to produce art and push limits and make new. That is what engineering is and that is what the LFA is and I can’t wait to be an engineer and to do the same.
Guilhem Jager
Guilhem Jager 2 aylar önce
Wow. I usually really enjoy your videos, but this is just on another level. You can really feel the emotions this car must procure. Great job Throttle House!
Shawn Damon
Shawn Damon 2 aylar önce
The sound of the LFA I have always loved ! Remember the commercial years ago with the champagne glass?! I remember saying to myself "what in the world is this beautiful thing?!" Still an amazing stand out today ! Congrats on being able to review it and bring your experience to all of us :) !
T-Amsterdam 2 aylar önce
I absolutely love everything about this film! This has been my favorite car for years and you guys proved again that this car is something special altogether.
Vinay Kapoor
Vinay Kapoor 2 aylar önce
What's even better is that it's a reliable SuperCar 🔥
SunKingOzy 2 aylar önce
definetly more reliable than a McLaren
Zlatko A
Zlatko A 2 aylar önce
@The Diecast Fanatic more than you muppet.
Zlatko A
Zlatko A 2 aylar önce
@kes Sin I do have a brain champ. No my neighbour doesn’t have one. Yes I work for a Lexus dealership so have an idea of the cost to service one. No I don’t work for a Bugatti dealership.
R C 2 aylar önce
@abidamn Please don’t make me drive a drive a Lexus LX. The only thing going for it is reliability.
Pieck Finger
Pieck Finger 2 aylar önce
Thanks to the forged internals.
MaxVR6Cordoba Aylar önce
This video may or may have not made me shed a few tears. It's not even the fact that they put so much good work in it, it's mostly because first of all, the LFA is one of my ultimate dream cars, and 2nd, those reactions... There's nothing that's faked, all these emotions... The LFA truly is a great car, this video proves it even more. I watched alot of videos on this platform in my 16 years of existence, but this, this is by far, the best video I've ever seen in my entire life. Thanks, Throttle House, for highlighting the car the way it deserved. Thanks for this emotional roller-coaster, and thanks, for letting people like me, who will probably never be able to obtain such a car, be a part of this. Seriously, thank you.
Deepak Dongre
Deepak Dongre 25 gün önce
A perfect review for a perfect car with a perfect ending. I was smiling with an occasional tear of joy in my eye simulating what you guys were experiencing. Made my day! Thank u so much.
Bas Lacor
Bas Lacor 2 aylar önce
When I watch this video and imagine I would be there, hitting the throttle and hearing the noise, instant goosebumps and a bit of an emotional tear. Having owned an IS200 and IS300 SC makes it more special to me. As always, but now more than ever, sound editing and trying to get the emotions onto the screen works out so well. Indeed, you think you long for a sigaret…
Iven Wu
Iven Wu 2 aylar önce
I've watched this at least 6 times and the sound of the car, paired with the awesome editing and commentary from you lads, still amazes me each and every time Keep up the amazing work team!
Joshua Winebrinner
Joshua Winebrinner 2 aylar önce
I never thought a car review would make me so emotional. This was unbelievably well made and produced. You guys are *LITERALLY* the best car reviewers today.
Milia Milan
Milia Milan 2 aylar önce
Me too, i almost cried 😢
ScalyChannel589 2 aylar önce
The clarkson review of a Ferrari (599 I think) near to the end of top gear in Scotland is unbelievable
Joshua Winebrinner
Joshua Winebrinner 2 aylar önce
@F L R S H yeah I have, they’re basically the bar.
F L R S H 2 aylar önce
You haven't watched top gear
Maelstrom8 2 aylar önce
THIS video demonstrates why we love cars. The passion. The anticipation. The mechanical connection. The sound. The sensation. As most of us will never get the chance to drive one of these... Thank you for this. It was like being in the seat with you guys. Well done, gents. Very, well done!
Niloc Whalehands
Niloc Whalehands 2 aylar önce
By far my favorite car of all time. Truly the definitionof a supercar. When everyone says Toyota makes beige and can't build a racecar/supercar, they didn't build the most powerful, quickest, or fastest car, they built a engineering marvel that is a rolling symphony of mechanical parts meshing together to bring forth a piece of art on wheels.
Jesper Hald
Jesper Hald 2 aylar önce
Fantastic engine sound, and priceless reactions from You guys 👍 Love the wheels on the LFA… looks a lot the aero wheels on My Tesla (without any other comparison what so ever! 😂)
Jay B
Jay B 2 aylar önce
I’ve never seen this much unbridled passion and adulation by any reviewers towards a car, or should I say their idol. The emotions shown perfectly demonstrate why you chose this profession and it is a joy to see you sharing this experience with us. Thank you. Oh, and the car didn’t sound too bad either😉
My Bottle Has A Gun
My Bottle Has A Gun 2 aylar önce
It's amazing how the community reception towards this car has turned 180-degrees. From arguments over how it was barely faster than a GT-R back in the early 10's, to becoming one of the most desirable and amazing enthusiast cars ever made.
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim 2 aylar önce
It's because high revving naturally aspirated engines are one of a kind.
Rousseau 2 aylar önce
Remember when that idiot Jonny Lieberman at Motortrend completely trashed the LFA? Yeah, that was when I completely stopped watching anything with that dude in it.
Dee abee
Dee abee 2 aylar önce
@Jared Pearce i second this i bought my 15 gx with 11,700 miles for 36,500 and its prices around 39k with 35k miles
Sarang 2 aylar önce
@Toyota4Life factsss
mark schuder
mark schuder 2 aylar önce
@a n Did you call BMW reliable??
Rezo Spolsky
Rezo Spolsky 2 aylar önce
I am truly amazed by this emotional review. The LFA is absolutely mind blowing but so are your videos. You guys are on your way and I’m applauding you from Warsaw, Poland.
Adnan Awes
Adnan Awes 2 aylar önce
Those downshift sounds and reactions.... I rewinded a dozen times....maybe more....my heart felt that sound. This car sounds so damn beautiful....Wow! Great video. You guys deserve all the recognition.
micah ziemke
micah ziemke 2 aylar önce
This video literally gave me the chills guys. Absolutely fantastic review, and an absolutely sexy car. Major kudos to all involved with production, it was truly an experience to watch. Bravo!
Agustin Lidén
Agustin Lidén Aylar önce
Lexus LF A is a masterpiece from Lexus and I love the sound from the F1-V10 engine it sounds absolutely wonderful.
CB Media
CB Media 2 aylar önce
I was actually telling my friend two days that its my opinion the LFA has the best production engine ever made. I got to drive # 003, the first one publically available and that sound is something I'll never forget.
Loyal Hearted
Loyal Hearted 25 gün önce
@Sumukh nobody and I mean nobody is like yea I gotta have this car
Loyal Hearted
Loyal Hearted 25 gün önce
@NoRtHyY civic with those fart exhaust are terrible people who have them trust me nobody is going wow.
IDC Netwerk
IDC Netwerk Aylar önce
@Chamal de Alwis LFA just like other brands still cannot catch up with Ferrari. The sound of Ferrari engines are best in world and engines too
EuroDrift Aylar önce
It's so addictive sound because the engine is made by YAMAHA
B C 08
B C 08 Aylar önce
@W0o0dy I can look past the LFA’s lackluster numbers for a lower price point. For $400K it’s a flop….
Caroline R.
Caroline R. 2 aylar önce
Finally, an LFA review that goes beyond just the specs and “it sounds good.” You guys nailed the description of what really makes this angel special. Side note: I cried. Thanks for this guys🙏
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar 2 aylar önce
Absolutely next level guys!! Amazing amazing tribute to a car that deserves it and much more. Your story telling, production quality, camaraderie and articulation has just jumped up several notches. Keep up the amazing work. I would love to see a road trip or car race episode ala top gear. Imitation is the best form of flattery..Enhancement of an idea is the best form of seeing someone in the rear view mirror and saying “See ya!!”
Ian Franklin
Ian Franklin 2 aylar önce
This video is such a love letter to the LFA. Well done. I can't wait for people to watch this over the years and marvel at this machine, and also the passion of everyone involved in filming and sharing it with us :)
Flying squirrel
Flying squirrel 2 aylar önce
Wonderful work, all of you. I’m glad your sound guy got to see and drive it. I’m glad you included his reaction. What ana amazing car. It truly has a unique and truly emotional sound!
Simply Black
Simply Black 2 aylar önce
I kid you not, your review, along with the savagegeese's "Proper Goodbye" LFA review, have been the best 2 reviews of any car, period. That is first because the LFA deserves it, and part is because your passion allowed you to properly acknowledge it. My favourite brand ever, LEXUS. My favourite car ever, L F A
2taMMat 2 aylar önce
Thank you all for this video. Thomas & James - for true emotions, and passing as much sensations of this incredible car as possible. The whole crew - for creating high quality top level production. It was a pleassure to watch.
Machspeed 2 aylar önce
Love the emotions this car creates. Incredible
Tiago Almeida
Tiago Almeida Aylar önce
Just finished watching this masterpiece, I was smiling ear to ear and getting chills throughout the whole video. Thank you guys for doing this car justice, giving the fans what they needed and then some 🧡
ballerbattle7 2 aylar önce
When you have an engine tuned by a company that specializes in creating the best musical sounds- that's when you know this thing is something special.
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim 2 aylar önce
@Stray Cat You are correct. Toyota had no experience building high revving low reciprocating mass engines. Yamaha Motor Corp specializes in those (motorcycles) and thus the 1LR was born.
Sksum 66
Sksum 66 2 aylar önce
I would add ATVs to the basket, the most iconic one at least.
Playing With Horsepower
@Super Genius why don't you enlighten the world with your google wisdom mr ignorant. Lol...
Andre Els
Andre Els 2 aylar önce
Man your videos are incredible. Never thought a car video would make me emotional... But this one got me right in the feels. Amazing amazing work, thank you
Dayvid. 2 aylar önce
the effort and production put into these videos is unmatched, keep it up guys!
k1k2k37 2 aylar önce
Just the best video you've ever done! Amazing guys, I'm really happy for you! I just hope that somehow the stupid car industry remembers again what's truly important, cause 99 % of cars today can just go in the bin...
debovsky123 14 gün önce
A true modern classic car. "The LFA is so good that not even the people who made it, know how to make it again."- J.C.
Andi Goldberger
Andi Goldberger 2 aylar önce
When this came out everybody was laughing at it and calling it overpriced. The LFA aged like the finest of wines.
micky6633 5 gün önce
@Pwnage bro gtr34s in Australia cost 250k
CALI_ 2 aylar önce
Exactly! And everyone ignored the fact that it is an amazing car to drive…
Rafi Abiyyuanto
Rafi Abiyyuanto 2 aylar önce
@Dylan Kessler Yep, everyone was comparing this to the Gallardo back then as both had a V10 and always complained that the LFA is slower this and pricier that. But the thing about the LFA is one should see it like a Zagato-built Alfa Romeo, its an art on wheels that happens to obliterate the Nürburging time record
Napro 2 aylar önce
@Floki a lot of people called it overpriced. Don’t know about laughing at it though.
blackice214 2 aylar önce
@Pwnage Only reasons the GTR is holding its value is because they increased the new price by 45% over the years and the current market supply is pushing up all prices in 2019 you could be of bought a 2017 Spec for high 60s low 70s. Check out Porsche’s ,Top end Audi RS Models , C8s all have increased in value the past 2 years
QuantumS1ngularity 2 aylar önce
Ever since i saw the LFA for the first time i got that misterios F40 feel. It wasn't like any other supercar. From the beginning it felt special. Even just by watching a video and listening to the sound you can tell they focused on the development of the engine and then built the car around it. The engineers turned to Yamaha's professionals in order to tune the exhaust so it produces the most spine tingling sound possible. This is old school textbook Ferrari philosophy - build an astonishing engine and make it sound like angel and demon combined. No one builds cars this way anymore! This is the kind of car that captures the imagination and love of kids and turns them into car lovers for the rest of their life. The F40 and the Countach did it for my generation, the millennials, the LFA made sure this tradition will keep on. And i pray to every single god out there that it won't be the last of its kind .
Manny Rosado
Manny Rosado 2 aylar önce
Such a beautiful machine, very much unappreciated when was new.
uasinoby 5 gün önce
Editing in all your videos are great, but this one feels on just another level! Great visuals, perfect sound mixing, fun commentary, this was a treat! And, obviously, the LFA itself is a marvel
Nicholas Koscinski
Nicholas Koscinski Aylar önce
Very awesome episode, as always, and I have to say, a while back I came here for the cars but James and Thomas are so awesome I'd watch them drive literally anything, they could do horse drawn wagon reviews, I'd still watch. Btw, can you imagine the infinite occasions they would have to do "horsepower" puns? :D
Yuri 2 aylar önce
This brought familiar feelings that only Top Gear has given me. To the entire team of Throttle House.. Well done. Thank you.
MJRSouthpoint 2 aylar önce
Yep same here…this is the feeling “old” Top Gear gave me…and that I never thought I’d experience again honestly. These guys and their team on on too greatness!
Gre-Shane Adams
Gre-Shane Adams 2 aylar önce
which is nearly impossible these days...i felt it too
Tide Hunter
Tide Hunter Aylar önce
This is THE best car review I have ever seen in my life . Thank you for the content , it's a shame to miss this video for anyone who loves cars
Ray 2 aylar önce
so glad for you boys, experiencing my dream, you could genuinely feel the excitement in this episode
Calvin Banks
Calvin Banks 2 aylar önce
I am so jealous of you guys! That looked so much fun! One day, I will drive that car as well! I don't know how I will, and when. But I will continue to dream the big dream, and I want to feel a TRUE drivers car! Awesome review on a beautiful and underrated car! Thanks for showing it the love it deserves!
Jared Julian
Jared Julian 2 aylar önce
I don’t know why this made me emotional . I remember this being my dream car when I first saw the commercial for it . I would play Forza 3 and use this car and crank the volume up just to hear that sound it’s incredible. Thanks for the nostalgia and absolutely beautiful video . Cheers
Elvis 2 aylar önce
I believe Harrison gave 200% his energy for the sounds, and LFA totally deserves it. Another awesome episode guys!
Francisco Andrés Montes Torres
@YT Sux Let's hope so...
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 aylar önce
@YT Sux TH says they did let him drive it :)
Marie Pascale JHONSON
Marie Pascale JHONSON 2 aylar önce
range rover new model 2022 with integrated aircraft propeller trvid.com/video/video-F6Uyk5sazFo.html
Francisco Andrés Montes Torres
And still he did not get to drive it. :(
Ahuman 25 gün önce
10 years on, and this car still produces the best car content.
Matthew Shurvell
Matthew Shurvell 2 aylar önce
The downshifts along with the LFA at the end was great. Whoever thought of that deserves some praise.
Chad Gates
Chad Gates 2 gün önce
Thank you for making this incredible video, it made me so happy to watch it and the car is an absolute masterpiece. The part where Thomas sits there with a cigarette almost made me die laughing. But most of all, the respect you showed the car, the engineering, the build, quality, drive etc was so genuine and sincere that it made watching all the more special, as a viewer I felt a part of the experience which is a great achievement. Congratulations and please keep making videos, thank you again.
Adrian Weglarz
Adrian Weglarz 2 aylar önce
Wow! Amazing video and probably by far the best review video for the LFA I have seen. The symphony of the 1LR-GUE is just perfect and that’s what makes the LFA the car it really is. One day I’ll have it 😎
Chance Roberson
Chance Roberson 2 aylar önce
When a car review is getting you teared up, you know that Lexus and Throttle House both did a phenomenal job
bzzi 2 aylar önce
Oh man. I wasn’t the only one then.
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller 2 aylar önce
Adam W.
Adam W. 2 aylar önce
Same here
mark murimi
mark murimi 2 aylar önce
Michael Gakanga
Michael Gakanga 2 aylar önce
I think someone is still cutting onions
David Toledo 502
David Toledo 502 Aylar önce
When I feel emotional I don't know why I always think of this video and imagine myself driving an LFA. It brings me peace. This is where art, passion, and perfection meet. Thank you Throttle House.
Sayon Biz
Sayon Biz 2 aylar önce
This was so beautifully made!❤️❤️ I had goosebumps all over right from the start!😍
XXPaperCutzXX 26 gün önce
the 15 minute mark with Thomas brought tears to the eyes, for those who love cars and have a connection with the soul given to those cars by the engineers is something special not many will ever understand. People are forgetting that these are the final moments that we will ever have with these beautiful masterpieces the last of a generation driving into the sunset........ no EV will ever have the same feeling sure they're fast , sure they can be great looking but they feel robotic they feel dead inside
Oh hail King bobby
Oh hail King bobby 2 aylar önce
This is by far the best review you guys have ever done I felt as if I was right there too Your reactions, gotta love it Beautiful lexus lfa
Albon 2 aylar önce
My favorite car reviewing knuckleheads and my favorite car? This is the greatest day of my life!
Anthony Gray
Anthony Gray Aylar önce
@OfficialHoneZtAbe I agree
OfficialHoneZtAbe 2 aylar önce
@Hansen Naidoo growing up I was obsessed with the Supra, and when this was announced I felt like it was the new version of the Supra they made to take on supercars. Similar shape with the short rear end and long hood. A next gen Supra dialed up to 11 to take on lambos and Ferraris of the era. I feel like anyone who loved the MK4 back then got very excited about this car
Tovarisch 2 aylar önce
@Hansen Naidoo No, this is greater than the supra
HolyBlueBerries 2 aylar önce
I was fucking tearing up for them. I'm so proud of them to finally getting around to drive the LFA among Savagegeese
Hansen Naidoo
Hansen Naidoo 2 aylar önce
This is the true successor to the Mk4 Supra, to think the GR YARIS is made in the same factory!
Walter Ritchey
Walter Ritchey 2 aylar önce
Without saying a thing, the brief moment 9f silence when Thomas took off in the LFA told us everything a review needed to say.
Michael C Nyoka
Michael C Nyoka Aylar önce
10 years in development! It sure is a living legend.
gepokomaru 2 aylar önce
I work for the company that made the dampers for this car and the Japanese engineers really went the extra mile with its development, I suppose it’s the same with all the other components in this car. Also, hats off for the amazing quality of this and all of your videos!
Fish R Relaxing
Fish R Relaxing 2 aylar önce
This was amazing.. I’m not sure I could’ve have held back the tears so well at the end.. this too is the one car I’d take above all others.. while other cars pump radio noise into the cabin.. the LFA puts formula tech into a luxury car daily drover wo the need for a 7000rmp idol to keep from stalling lol.. funny the only other car I’d be so emotional about would be the latest ACR viper but that’s a toy not a actually car that can be driven to work and back like this one..
Kris Rifa
Kris Rifa 2 aylar önce
The day Throttle House surpassed "old" Top Gear in production, filmography, writing, engagement and emotion was today. I take my hat off for Thomas, James and the crew at Throttle House. This is some of the best 20 minutes of video I have ever seen, period. I have never had this much goose bumps from a review before, this was truly an awesome piece of automotive journalism 🤩Wow, simply wow.
Trash Llama
Trash Llama 2 aylar önce
@Bobby Thomas TG is no where near TH in terms of chemistry, camera work or sound quality LMAO!! I don't expect someone with a below room temperature IQ to grasp that though.
F L R S H 2 aylar önce
@Boris Šafradin Indeed .. he is just a normie he doesn't have a clue how things are actually done
Bobby Thomas
Bobby Thomas 2 aylar önce
@Trash Llama it definitely isn’t and it shows you have no idea what you’re talking about to say something so idiotic. You should look at your mirror and do some self reflection
Boris Šafradin
Boris Šafradin 2 aylar önce
Mate I get it, they hail the car that all of us love, and yeah, the Hammond bit on the LFA with all the animations and shit is quite bad, but these guys can't come close to Top Gear production in years and years to come. I get it you like these two, I like them too, the intro jokes are not bad, production is good, editing is good, but mate come on, not even close to surpassing Top Gear.
F L R S H 2 aylar önce
@Guest‏‏‎ ‎ it's not in the same universe as a tv show made by a billionain dollar company with multiple professionals and etc .. you think crew of 5 is better than 250 ppl crew ? A lot of normies in the comment section tho ..
TheAUDI Guy 2 aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful production boys, i"m just about tearing up in my seat from the pure elegance.
Toyota Truck Builds
Toyota Truck Builds 2 aylar önce
Amazing review! Jeremy Clarkson also said it was the best car he’s ever driven!
Martin Rónaszegi
Martin Rónaszegi 2 aylar önce
This is probably the best video you guys have made, and you make some damn good videos. I had to fight back tears. Bravo!
BKS 2 aylar önce
Guys.. .. .. That was your Oscar episode!!!!👌 Kudos to the both of you for an absolute "Masterstroke" on this one. It's one thing, and an (easy one), to know and Adore the LEXUS LFA..... But both of you guys Effectively and Fully conveyed to the viewer "exactly" what it felt like to drive that car!! That's a tall order to accomplish... Very well done boys. They should have a "Best Picture", for a video upload on a TRvid channel. "Best Production", and " " Cinematography" on top of that! "Truly nice work Poe....truly nice work..." -Cyrus the Virus (-Con Air-)
W0o0dy 2 aylar önce
@ThrottleHouse: I'm not exaggerating when I say we (the viewers) enjoyed that about as much as we possibly could. Thank you for the amazing video and the feeling we got from experiencing the LFA with you! This thing just touches the petrolhead in me so much it's almost scary. What a machine. Life goals! Although that may very well never happen I want to drive one.
Michael Gakanga
Michael Gakanga 2 aylar önce
Dreams are there to be achieved bud!
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas 2 aylar önce
Don't we all want to drive one lol
Oskar V
Oskar V 2 aylar önce
What a beautiful car. Hopefully it will live on as the masterpiece it is.
jafinest16 2 aylar önce
Absolutely fantastic video boys, I'd have the same reaction as your sound guy did. I always wondered what the L F A would be like if was a manual. 🤔
It's Just Happy
It's Just Happy Aylar önce
Never have I thought I’d cry at a car review video. Beautifully made, well done!
dudebro 7 gün önce
I remember when the LFA first came out I was super turned off by the price. Granted, most people can't get their hands on these but we can still have our opinions on what's acceptable or not for a supercar. This LFA was priced wayyyy too pretentiously. It probably should've been priced around $150k-$200k range but it went for over a million. I think the interior was designed really well but the exterior seemed too lazy for it to be priced as exclusively as it has been. But with all that said, I think it aged well and I find this car more intriguing now than before.
Eric Schmid
Eric Schmid 2 aylar önce
Gentlemen probably one of your best episodes hands down! As others have stated this episode literally brought tears to eyes as well. You can honestly see your passion and the love you for what you do. Keep up the great work!!
Casey 2 gün önce
I remember hearing about this online in my 20s, I used to google it all the time. I remember the LF-A being displayed as a prototype in 05 (I think) And I would just swoon over it. I remember when it was all scrapped and re built. When when the first one was made. In Australia, there are only 10 here. I've seen 2 of them in the flesh. This will always be my halo car. It would be a dream come true to actually drive one.
SkullDude5412 2 aylar önce
The most legendary car ever made in the automotive industry !
Captain TF77
Captain TF77 2 aylar önce
That click from the shifter combined with screams and drones from the engine… simply glorious
Rene Robes
Rene Robes 2 aylar önce
When Toyota sets its collective mind into creating a world-class car, it doesn't disappoint. If they had only treated the Supra to an all-Toyota effort. Great video.
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim 2 aylar önce
The MKV Supra has a lot of parallels to the LFA. Collaborative effort to build a sports car, widely panned as being overpriced upon launch. Wouldn't be surprised if the MkV hits legendary status like the LFA too.
Scrotum Monster
Scrotum Monster 2 aylar önce
@The Last chicken On earth It's a rebadged BMW Z4. So it *ISN'T* good. It's junk.
The Last chicken On earth
@luuqe it’s already good stop hating on the new supra
Bobby HEX'lrod
Bobby HEX'lrod 2 aylar önce
Not a supercar, but to your point I bought a 2021 Toyota 4Runner w/all bells and whistles in late 2020 during Covid. Never driven one. My first thought was WTF?! Not sure where there attention was, but my 2021 fully equipped 4Runner was/is less impressive than the 2008 Limited V6 AWD Hylander I traded in. When I did some homework it seems the 2008 Hylander (major overhaul) got A LOT of Toyota's development team's attention for various reasons, and it showed. So I feel your pain on Toyota's bias/neglect. (they seem to take the, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra a little too serious.)
Jack Ando
Jack Ando 2 aylar önce
Toyota designs things so meticulously that they literally cant afford to make sports cars fit their full standards and be profitable. the mk4 supra was a sales flop even if it was a glorious machine
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